i'm surprised no one makes fun of me for this

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Describe Misha. (I'm trying to describe Misha to my bro… but I'm bad with words. He makes fun of me for liking him so much, so can you help me out?)

It is hard to describe Misha, because Misha is a surprise. Every moment of every day, he’s up to something new; but he enjoys that. He enjoys the shock, the newness—the adventure, and he enjoys bringing that out in other people. He’s that one crazy friend who always gets you to break the rules, and even though it scares the shit out of you, you always feel more alive when everything is said and done. Misha isn’t inherently “good” even with all the charity work that he does. He likes to tease people; he makes mistakes and will cuss up a storm. He’s lewd and has no problem with making everyone around him blush with the dirty, dirty things he’ll say … but you find that you’re grateful for all these “imperfections” because they all make him human. They make him approachable. They make him relatable; and that I think is what makes us love Misha the most.

He is like us … he’s goofy and nerdy and messes things up over and over again. He’s a giant child in an adult body. He opens his mouth and lets his brains fall out onto the floor, and sometimes it looks like modern art, and other times it looks like a homicide—but he keeps moving forward no matter the mess he left behind him, because he knows the ultimate goal is just to keep living. Misha keeps dreaming.

He’s relatable, yes … and that then makes us focus on him; and when we do, we see all the effort he puts into each and every day. He is always fighting, always trying to better the world, always wanting to make people smile, whether it’s with a kind act or a dirty joke. He does have his moments of complete, mature, adult responsibility and those inspire us too. He is a beacon to all of us who are struggling just to get by—shining through the fog and saying “Hey, people like us … we can be happy.” Yes, the man brings smiles to faces, but he also teaches people how to keep them there. He shows people how to find happiness within themselves; and that’s a talent that not enough people posses.

I think if you tell your brother that, then he just might begin to see why you love Misha so much.

hey it’s okay to laugh at yourself in an embarrassing situation because the moment you own up to it and laugh along then it holds no power over you

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I carry around a little stuffed animal rabbit which is a little embarrassing because we're supposed to be saving the world?? Anyways I was terrified for the THBs to meet me and notice the little bun because I was scared they were gonna make fun of me.. I'm technically an adult at this point.. I was pleasantly surprised when they all thought it was really cute, Magnus asked for his name (he doesn't have one) and Taako used his magic to make him a tiny rabbit hat. I feel like a dodged a bullet TuT


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The movie kind of feels like that scene where George and Harold are sitting around and making their comics and just having a fun time and laughing tbh, like the creators followed the same formula and it's rlly nice! (Tho it probably explains the pacing issue lol I wouldn't be surprised if you told me this is a first draft movie). I think one of my favorite bits was the sock puppet part where Harold was like: "You'll have a different haircut, and I'm wearing a suit for some reason, and-"

Yeah! I remember not being a fan of the fact that there’s no kids voicing them but now I understand why they did it. Their banters and improv were so funny and entertaining, I lost it when Harold stopped the story to rant about how much he likes dolphins

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I'm making a 5-colour tribal eldrazi edh deck for S's and G's. It's only intended to be a goofy deck but weird little cards like Spreading Plague should let it surprise people. Any ideas for cards, especially ones that will come out of left field?

Now follow me on this - because we are gonna come FAR out of left field.

While everyone is busy not taking you seriously and letting you durdle around - drop this (if we’re just here for fun - no one should care anyway). Then, Follow up with this:

Then - equip and watch the jaws hit the floor.

And if that’s too far out for you. Consider going for Near-Death Experience - THE IRONY IS JUST TOO MUCH.

-Mr. X

I miss Klaine.

Like, new Klaine. I miss the excitement of new solos/duets being announced (especially holiday ones) or getting behind-the-scenes pics of them in adorable outfits before an episode airs. I miss getting spoilers that would make me giddy for weeks (or even ones that would make me angrier than hell, as surprising as that sounds.) I miss the fun of watching them look at each other and then being able to swoon over their love. I miss their hijinks and drama and romance.

I just miss them! I MISS KURT AND BLAINE!


Thallen Week Day 4: Social Media AU

Eddie always reblogged stuff from hucklebarryallen and kind of had a little crush on the blogger behind it. Then one day, he spotted Barry in a grocery store and he mustered up the courage to ask for a picture. He thought he was lucky enough to meet his internet idol so he was even more surprised when Barry ended up asking for his url…and his number. 

Fic written by the amazing actualciscoramon coming soon!

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When I was younger my mother asked me why I was walking 'like a fat person.' I think because I was walking wide-legged like my legs took up more room than they did? surprise! i'm autistic, found out later, and quirks like odd ways of moving can be explained by that. so thanks, mum, for making me self-conscious about my walk and making me afraid of gaining weight. i haven't told anybody else this before, but i gotta let it out now somehow.

That is several layers of awful. I’m sorry she did that to you, one of the WORST things to do is to make fun of a child for the things that they do naturally.

It’s so easy for children to absorb that shame and never let it go.

If you can…let go of this. Your natural movement is fine, regardless of what she thinks. Everyone moves a little differently anyway, so screw the shame that people put on the movements of others.

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Dear Pat, my mother just got me Heavy Rain for my birthday because she saw that I was watching you and Matt's play through of the game in my YouTube history and I was so surprised by it that I almost burst out laughing. I held it in and when I did my ma thought that I really liked her gift so I didn't wanna say that she just gifted me one of the worst games I've ever seen. So, I'm going to be trudging through this travesty of a game, do you have any tips on how to make it I dunno FUN?

Get a friend. It’s way more fun when you’re MST3k-ing it.

  • tony stark: hey steve did you see this - one of the animal people from your old funnybooks you drew back in the day is showing up in tons of porn online
  • steve rogers: oh yeah tony, i've been in space dozens of times and met dozens of alien cultures, lived with and bonded with thinking robots, been allies with werepeople and animal folk of all kinds - i mean hell, do you not remember tigra? she's still doing good work - and traveled through times and dimensions
  • steve rogers: i'm sure totally going to be surprised by online subcultures such as furries
  • tony stark:
  • tony stark: why won't you let me make fun of you
  • steve rogers: check it out, nerd, i just bought video games on steam from my smartphone

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Most memorable kiss would have to be with my current boyfriend before we were going out. We had kissed before but still I'm that iffy "is this ok" stage. This one night we were out with a few friends and we were sitting slightly apart from them. I was finished my drink (which had ice at the bottom). So I got this fun idea to surprise him with an ice kiss. And boy did he like it! Seriously his reaction was the hottest thing ever! That was over a year ago and still makes me smile. :)

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Some photos of the reason why I’ve been kind of quiet for the past week or so!

I participated in the Nordic Cosplay Championship preliminaries at Yukicon last weekend. My costume of choice was Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and I had a lot of fun making a skit for a character and series that are very dear to me. A video of my performance can be found here.

To my great surprise, I ended up winning the contest and will therefore be one of the three Finnish representatives in the finals next summer! I still can’t believe this is actually happening and cannot express how excited I am to experience the upcoming journey! Time to start making plans for NärCon~

celeinia as Zelda
Stage photos by nyymix