i'm surprised no one else thought of this

Scenarios if all of the boys lived together

-Everyone making a big deal when Vik comes out of his room.
-All the boys joke around and call Josh dad
-Simon, JJ, and Harry all pranking each other (constantly)
-Harry and Tobi being the only one awake during the day.
-Movie evenings so they spend time together not recording
-Someone remembering someone else’s normal food orders from another place.
-Simon yelling at Harry to chill with the 4 showers a day bc he’s taking all the hot water
-Random pizza nights
-The Cals coming over randomly to mess with them
-Sarah comes over with them, and plays piano with Vik
-Kay, Freya, and Emily coming over to hang out with the boys
-One of the boys’ family comes to visit
-Remembering other boys’ favorite sweets or cereals and getting them at the store
-Accidentally taking others clothes while it’s in the washer
-Tobi yelling at Vik to get some sleep
-Tobi not-so-secretly being the real dad of this family
-Random yelling to get items back from others
-Someone (*cough* Harry *cough*) stealing everyone else’s food, to the disdain of everyone else
-Random surprises with food
-Random rap battles
-“Odds on?” Being shouted a lot
-Along with “Oh my days.” “Oh Neil!” “What do you mean?!”
-Ethan’s laugh echoing through the house
-Harry’s yelling during FIFA pack openings waking Vik up
-Someone making tea for everyone else
-Harry losing his keys somewhere and just waiting for someone to open the door for him
-Harry getting a new chair every month, with everyone making light banter about it


lucifer ( season 1 ) starters
  • ( ep 1-6 )
  • You know why I pulled you over?
  • I like to punish people too
  • Your return to the underworld has been requested.
  • Let me just, uh... check my calendar. Yeah, here it is. Uh... the "7th of never" through to the "15th of ain't gonna happen".
  • How's that worth to you guys?
  • I'm gonna warn you against disrespecting our father
  • Our father's been disrespecting me since the beginning of time
  • You are a mockery of everything divine.
  • Why don't you tell me something?
  • How did she end up dying in a hailstorm of bullets and you get away without a scratch?
  • I think that's interesting, don't you?
  • Without the blues there would be no Devil's music whatsoever.
  • That's a hooker's name.
  • What's a hooker?
  • What makes you different?
  • I guess we both have our mysteries.
  • Well, I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
  • Sometimes it's easier to make intimate issues about something bigger than yourself.
  • I think you like me.
  • What part of the look on my face gives you that impression?
  • Why would I mess with perfection?
  • Every part of that horrifies me.
  • Well, if it's that stick up your ass, I'm afraid there's no one strong enough to pull that out.
  • Let me make myself perfectly clear. I will never, ever, ever sleep with you.
  • Playing hard to get. I like it.
  • Where did you get this dress anyhow?
  • What in God's name are you doing here?
  • I thought you didn't lie.
  • I don't always tell the whole truth.
  • Maybe next time I won't be around to save your ass.
  • Please tell me I'm hallucinating.
  • The good news is that whilst all dogs go to Heaven, you'd be surprised how many pigs are waiting for you in Hell.
  • Let's pretend for one second that you're someone else. Someone nice, someone mature.
  • Ooh, I love role-play.
  • I need your help like I need a third boob.

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thank you all for the words and the support. honestly i can handle him on my own, it just took me by surprise? which is insane, it shouldn’t have, because he ones linked me to a video of a girl in a wheelchair bullying someone else, and tagged it ‘thought of u lol’ 

so like

why am i surprised at all.

if my legs weren’t screaming in pain today i’d definitely be kicking his ass. as it is, he’s getting the cut direct, sO

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Hi! I love Julian Bashir, too, so thx for the great meta. DS9 as a show seems to have some weird issues with portraying abusive parents. Odo and Dr. Mora, for one. It forces an easy ending ("I forgive you") to a complex situation, which is uncharacteristic for the rest of the show. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on DS9!

Aw thank you! I wrote that up at midnight, I’m surprised it was coherent enough for anyone else to recognize my points. I do really like what I said. Maybe someday I’ll make it a little better said. My thoughts on Bashir’s genetic modification plotline, if anyone missed them. I talk ableism and emotional abuse tho fyi.  

Oh man, that bugged me so much! And you’re exactly right, that’s always been my problem with that. DS9 saw parents as perfect no matter what. It could only be complicated, not wrong. In some cases, that worked well — the Siskos, for instance. I love their dynamic, how Sisko never pressured Jake into Starfleet and encouraged his dreams without being weird about it. And Sisko’s father, too. 

I think the writers genuinely don’t believe that anything is unforgivable in families. And while there’s some going for that, that only works when there’s consent in that. Not giving up family that’s made mistakes is one thing. Continuing and excusing parental patterns of abuse is something they just didn’t get. They didn’t think it existed. They wrote something a little ~edgy~ and left it at that because families are perfect amen. 

(I mostly get into Odo below the cut.)

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Random lyrics sentence starters
  • "Nothing is perfect, but your imperfections are quaint."
  • "Your love is worth it and for that I will wait."
  • "I drive you crazy, but you always return."
  • "Although you love me, sometimes you're mean."
  • "Things can get ugly, but we're still a team."
  • "I'm all yours."
  • "Maybe I'm just being selfish."
  • "I've got your hand, it's us against consensus."
  • "And I will burn the people who hurt you the worst."
  • "I'll protect you 'till the day I'll meet my maker."
  • "Don't fight me now 'cause you might need me later."
  • "I wanna see your eyes."
  • "So why'd you have to go?"
  • "I'm still trying to wake up from this nightmare."
  • "One more night alone I'll go insane."
  • "This is what I live for."
  • "Selfish, taking what I want and call it mine."
  • "I'm head of the class. I'm popular."
  • "Being attractive is the most important thing there is."
  • "I'll never get caught."
  • "Every boy in the whole world could be yours!"
  • "If I stumble, they're gonna eat me alive."
  • "Hard to be soft. Tough to be tender."
  • "If my life is mine, what shouldn't I do?"
  • "I just wanna be your friend."
  • "Is it ever gonna be enough?"
  • "I just wanna be your friend, why you givin' me a hard time?"
  • "I'm sorry for everything I've done."
  • "I can't have you and I'm only gonna do you wrong."
  • "I'm going to mess this up."
  • "From the second that I was born it seems I had a loaded gun, and then I shot a hole through everything I loved."
  • "There's always time to change your mind."
  • "I've got nothing left to live for."
  • "I know your type. You're all the same."
  • "In the beginning you intrigue, but the way you move, it terrifies me."
  • "You remind me of the things that I don't need."
  • "I'm kinda curious. Oh no, you got me already."
  • "We both know that it's over."
  • "You're talking like a stranger, so I don't know what to do."
  • "I'm callous and I'm cruel, to everyone but you."
  • "It's been awhile since I stared at the stars."
  • "You said that you'd always love me."
  • "Well I don't think that it's the end, but I know we can't keep going."
  • "Say what you mean and it turns to a fight."
  • "Chasing your dreams since the violent 5th grade."
  • "Trying to believe in your silent own way."
  • "Cause we'll be okay. I'm not going away."
  • "How many of our parents seem to make it anyway?"
  • "Headed to a red carpet, they won't know my name."
  • "Trying to find a way down the road we don't know."
  • "I'm gonna find my way back to your side."
  • "What if I said I would break your heart?"
  • "I just may be too crazy to love."
  • "Don't you think I was too young too be messed with?"
  • "I should've known."
  • "Maybe it’s me and my blind optimism to blame."
  • "I'll look back in regret how I ignored when they said, 'Run as fast as you can.'"
  • "You are an expert at 'sorry.'"
  • "I’m shining like fireworks over your sad empty town."
  • "Miss you terribly already."
  • "Miss your small hands in the palm of mine."
  • "I hope for your life, you forget about mine."
  • "Please forget me. You were right, dear, I am cold and self-involved."
  • "I'll write my loneliness in poems, if I can just think how to start."
  • "You want your independence, but you won't let me let you go."
  • "You think that you're the sun. The whole world revolves around you."
  • "I would wait a lifetime. I will wait for you."
  • "I don't care. I'm down for what you want."
  • "If we're talking body, you got a perfect one. So put it on me."
  • "Bite me while I taste your fingertips."
  • "You and I don't work out."
  • "We should just end it now before someone gets more hurt than they have to."
  • "Before I ever met you, I never knew that my heart could love so hard."
  • "Before I ever met you, I never knew that I liked to be kissed for days."
  • "Before I ever met you, I never knew I could be broken in so many ways."
  • "I miss you more than I thought I would."
  • "I found love where it wasn't supposed to be, right in front of me."
  • "Talk some sense to me."
  • "I wanna feel your touch."
  • "Pretending is not enough. I wanna feel us together."
  • "Just one last time again."
  • "You are the trouble I'm in."
  • "Puts herself on the front lines with no reward and takes care everyone else before herself."
  • "Thinks he takes her for granted but to her surprise, he needs her more than she needs him."
  • "She's not just another face."
  • "He acts like it's nothing but we all know the truth."
  • "It is about that she acquired someone who knows she's not a fool."
  • "I couldn't decide if you were the most annoying human being I'd ever met or just the best thing that ever happened."
  • "I made up my mind to just go with it."
  • "What's the worst thing that could happen?"
  • "We're not forever you're not the one."
  • "You and I could be the best thing ever."
  • "We're not happily ever after. We don't got what it takes."
  • "I shut the door and I don't look back."
  • "You still got me around your finger."
  • "Please don't fall in love with someone new."
  • "I promise one day I'll come back for you."
  • "You'll never forgive me, though I'm doing this for you."
  • "I'm not ready for you now, please don't hate me."
  • "Well, these days I'm fine - No these days I tend to lie."
  • "I'm sorry, I let you down."
  • "I'm sorry, I bring you down."
  • "Congratulations you are all alone."
  • "Your time will come if you wait for it."

-–&& Birthday Special ( Jupiter x Blake )


Blake would usually not slip out of bed before Jupiter woke up unless it was an emergency, or a special occasion, this one being one of the later. He was beyond excited, having being planning this surprise for months, he really hadn’t concealed sleep at all ( not that he needed to ), and as soon as Jupiter had fallen into a deep slumber, he’d being going quietly all around their bedroom, gathering their belongings in a few suitcases, as well as making sure that everything that he had being planning was completely settled.

The Sun was barely rising, the first streams of sunlight peeked through the curtains, and the excitement had taken over Blake completely, thus he couldn’t stop himself anymore, and he carefully crawled back onto the bed, laid down on his side next to Jupiter and propped an elbow on his pillow to hold the side of his head, his other hand slithering around his boyfriend’s frame to pull him closer to his body. “ Jupiter, “ Blake called for the sleeping man ever-so-lovingly, his head having lowered so that his lips could press on the side of the man’s head, and they slowly traveled towards his temple, following the line of his jaw until they left a lingering kiss on the corner of the man’s mouth. “ baby is time to wake up. “ He called for Jupiter once more, noses rubbing together as a wide grin curled Blake’s lips upwards. “ Wake up, Birthday boy. I’ve got a surprise for you. “

 △ 40 days ONE OK ROCK challenge: ▽ day 15/40 
A song you never get tired of hearing.

It’s Wherever You Are. Because I can listen to it always, no matter what mood I’m in. It can be either heart-warming or heart-crushing depending on how I feel. And I love each new live version of it. Like with time it gets better and better, has something new and surprising into it. Taka’s vocals also get softer and richer. The latest one from “Jinsei x Kimi =” tour beats everything else, seriously. I couldn’t listen to other versions of this song because they weren’t just good enough compared to that one. Taka’s vocal skills at it’s best (he was showing-off, really, but he totally has the right to imho) with just acoustic guitar. It has an even more intimate feel to it. 


“All the fans have never failed to surprise us with how dedicated they are so we just wanna keep getting better for them.”
You are, Harry. Happy 21st Birthday angel, may it be filled with bananas and legal drinks. ♥

Anyone else have a suspicion that Taylor is still on tumblr regularly, she just stopped posting and liking stuff cause she realized it was making the website all about getting her attention? Because we all know she creeped on people’s social media accounts without giving any clues before (see: secret sessions) so whose to say she’s not just doing that again? hmm…….. maybe this is a whole social experiment of Taylor’s. I wouldn’t be surprised…

  • Kurt: Finally I get some alone time with you on the couch! I feel like I haven't seen you in days.
  • Blaine: You keep telling me to never say no to June...
  • Kurt: Well, you never know who she might introduce you to that could help us in our careers. I mean literally all her friends are rich and famous. By the way, I'm upset with you.
  • Blaine: Why?
  • Kurt: Because you haven't filled me in on any of the gossip! You spend six hours a day with her and I have yet to receive one text being like "hey, I'm talking poverty with Bono" or tales of lunch at Balthazar with Karl Lagerfeld or Condi Rice.
  • Blaine: It's not like that at all, it's just me and June.
  • Kurt: Wait, is she being inappropriate because I draw a line.
  • Blaine: What? No. Gross. Not at all
  • Kurt: Then what is it?
  • Blaine: Umm well, we're planning a show. It's just like a one night only showcase.
  • Kurt: Oh my god, that's amazing! Why didn't you tell me?
  • Blaine: I just wanted to make sure...that your part was more fleshed out.
  • Kurt: I get to be in it? I thought she hated me.
  • Blaine: She doesn't hate you.
  • Kurt: You're such a sweetheart! Okay okay, I'm sorry - I didn't mean to ruin the surprise!
  • Blaine: It's okay.
  • Kurt: Oh, I'm not going to ask you anything else but I'm dying to know what I'll be doing. Oh, I love you so much.
Ezra’s message of hope

I no one going to point out the fact that Ezra’s message of hope not only was heard by the princess of Alderaan, but also caused an increase in rebel activity, changed protocols so the rebels were more active in the first place (”The protocol has changed.”), and inspired a massive prison break-out? I mean, Ahsoka flat-out says “We didn’t want that hope [Ezra] to die.” Hello???? Is… is no one else even worried about this? Shouldn’t Ezra now be Imperial enemy #1??? I just had this thought and I’m surprised yo evil genius people haven’t even considered this. Sorry for any feels. (No I’m not)

anonymous asked:

When it comes to sex, what do you think Nagisa might be shy/embarrassed about? What about Rei?

For starters, I think both of them would be a mess on their first time with each other, for sure, regardless of whether or not they have any past experience. Nagisa would act like he totally was in control until they got to the bed and he’d be like, “So you studied up on how to do this correctly right, Rei-chan?” Which of course he did, but Rei will still panic. 

Rei’s insecurity would totally be performance anxiety, lasting consistently for like the first year of their relationship and then only sporadically from then on out on bad days where the sex just doesn’t work. He takes himself way too seriously and will not be prepared for the give-and-take test-and-try aspects of literally every sexual encounter he’ll ever have. He’ll want it to be perfect and will die when he stumbles over the clothing on the ground, accidentally slips the bottle of lube out of his hands, or, like, hiccups in the middle of doing it. Because sex is stupid like that and totally not perfect and he won’t be prepared for that. When Nagisa cries after the first couple of times they do it, he’ll initially convince himself it’s because he failed his partner no matter how many times Nagisa swears that it’s because he’s overjoyed to finally be with Rei. And GOD FORBID he ever have an issue getting hard, even once. That would be the end of the world for him. 

Nagisa wouldn’t have one BIG thing like Rei, but a variety of little, silly things. He wouldn’t think of them until they presented themselves. He never worried about the fact that his moans might sound strange until he pretty loud in bed, and had no telling of whether he sounded sexy or like a dying seagull. He doesn’t like that the first few times they’re together, he can only stand having Rei inside of him for so long, and never thought he’d be that sensitive. And he can get shy suggesting a new kink he wants to test out with Rei, and will pretend he’s joking about it to gage Rei’s interest. 

But perhaps what’s important is what they’re not shy about that they thought they’d be. Nagisa thought he’d be ashamed of his small figure when he was with his partner, but with Rei he feels beautiful for the first time. Rei might think he’ll feel dirty or different after his first time, but he’ll only feel closer to Nagisa and that their love is more beautiful, and that’ll be a pleasant surprise, too. Because no matter what these two are insecure about, they’ll work through it, together. 

Awesome question anon! If anyone else has any other headcanons feel free to share.

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You're my best friend and I'm in love with you. 5 sentence prompt

This time it’s different.

The soft tone with which he first voiced those heavenly three words remains: loving, relieved, like a breath of air that has been held for far too long.

His eyes still carry that warmth mixed with lightness, gazing into hers like if nothing else matters but them two; many more thoughts written in them than the ones rolling off his lips. 

It sounds and looks quite the same, taking her by surprise too… yet it’s different: they are ready.

There’s no evil twisting his arm, forcing the sentiment out loud; and there’s definitely little hesitance in Felicity before she lunges towards Oliver, one hand pulling him down to her, the other clawing at the emerald leather covering his wildly beating heart as their lips finally meet in a kiss years in the making.

kngfishergrl  asked:

I've been seeing a lot of meta saying that there's been foreshadowing regarding Lucifer's return. If the writers do bring him back, what direction do you believe they'll take the character? I'm hoping they don't make him the Big Bad, bc that 's gonna be S5 all over again, anyhows he and Michael ought to have at least screamed each other hoarse about their issues while locked up down under. What say you?

tbh I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Sam ends up being the one to finally take Lucifer out. But while my objective side acknowledges the narrative justice, my Samifer shipper heart is screaming in agony at the very thought of it.

I’m gonna start off here by adding more rambling about that foreshadowing, since I haven’t done much else but flail incoherently about it til now. Somewhere or ‘nother at the beginning of his run Carver said outright that the archangels’-true-vessels plotline had been wrapped up and wouldn’t be revisited. References to Michael and Lucifer have been scant in the Carver Era but objectively speaking I have to allow that’s fair. Kind of a sore subject, other things on their mind, etc etc. Still, they have come up, increasingly so (yet still sparingly) since Cain’s introduction.

I don’t like to speculate too much about which direction Show will go (who’s still sore that there was no Camp Chitaqua last year? THIS GUY) but they’re setting up an inevitability here just as they did with Dean’s descent into demonhood.

The King of Hell can’t remove the Mark of Cain. Neither Castiel with his fading Grace nor Metatron with all his knowledge can remove it. The Men of Letters, symbolically the crown jewel of humanity’s knowledge of the supernatural, have no lore to remove it. So neither Hell nor Heaven nor Earth can get Dean out of what he’s gotten himself into – yet there is a way.

There’s been a lot of talk from TPTB about Sam going “darker and darker” to try to help his brother, even as Dean descends into a similar darkness, and now even a blurb that someone from Sam’s past will make a comeback (which is generally never a good thing lbh). “The river ends at its source” is the only reliable clue we have about a solution, and to me at least its meaning is clear as glass: only the source of the Mark – Lucifer – can remove it.

It also brings to mind the prophecy Castiel cited in 4.16: The righteous man who begins it is the only one who can finish it.

To be honest I don’t think they will make him the Big Bad again. They’ve already done that ~1.5 times. What would make more sense at this point would be to treat him like they do Death: there just long enough to make it clear that he’s ancient and powerful beyond comprehension and rightly fucking terrifying, thus drilling home how desperate and severe the situation is that reaching out to him is the only remaining recourse.

The big trick is, they can’t risk popping him loose, now can they? Though I’m not sure how much he’d be able to do from the Cage in the first place. It took one Hell of a ritual, involving mass murder of innocents and desecration of holy ground, for Azazel to even establish a brief two-way communication. There is another way I can think of, but I have my doubts that they’d go that direction….

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The best time to write is clearly when you need to sleep.
  • Doorbell: Ding dong!
  • Homura: Go away, I don't have any candy for trick or treaters.
  • Doorbell: Ding dong!
  • Homura: I said I don't have any candy!
  • Doorbell: Ding dong ding dong ding dong!
  • Homura: PISS OFF!
  • Homura: ((Wrenches her front door open))
  • Homura: WHAT THE HELL DO.......you......
  • Homura: You.... you're Gertrud. You're a witch.
  • Gertrud: Ich verlange Süßigkeiten
  • Homura: What?
  • Gertrud: Ich verlange Süßigkeiten
  • Homura: N-No, I heard you the first time. It's just-
  • Gertrud: Ich ver-
  • Homura: Why the hell do witches even speak German anyway?! What the hell is up with that?
  • Homura: Wait, before that...
  • Homura: KYUBEY!
  • Kyubey: Yes Homura?
  • Kyubey: Give it Halloween. That's the entire point of trick or-
  • Homura: NO! It's not some little girl dressed up like a witch, it's an ACTUAL witch!
  • Kyubey: So? Give it candy.
  • Homura: I don't even HAVE candy!
  • Gertrud: Wie unerhört!
  • Homura: What the hell is going on?!
  • Gertrud: Sollte nicht gefickt mit dem Gesetz der Zyklen, Narr!
  • Kyubey: Ah. I see what's going on.
  • Homura: What? What's go-GYAA!
  • Gertrud: ((Picks up Homura with some vines and slams her into the floor))
  • Kyubey: I believe it is customary among humans to say at this point in time "I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going."
  • Kyubey: Well, if I must.
  • Kyubey: ((Hands Getrud the entire jar of sugar from Homura's kitchen))
  • Gertrud: Gut genug.
  • Gertrud: ((Crawls away))
  • Homura: What is happening. Why is it happening to me.
  • Kyubey: It seems you broke the law of cycles too hard and now there are witches again.
  • Homura: Damn.
  • Homura: I can't feel my legs, can you get the first aid kit?
  • Doorbell: Ding dong!
  • Kyubey: It doesn't look like it's Gertrud.
  • Homura: Who is it then?
  • Kyubey: A trick or treater.
  • Homura: Tell them to piss off.
  • Kyubey: Yes. Let's have the cat rabbit thing do that.
  • Homura: ....FINE, I'll do it then.
  • Homura: Useless little....
  • Homura: ((Opens her front door))
  • Homura: We ain't no candy so kindly piss the fu-
  • Homura: .......
  • HN Elly: ((Computer monitor shows a picture of candy next to a question mark))
  • Homura: .....
  • Homura: Hold on a sec.
  • Homura: ((Slowly closes the door))
  • Homura: KYUBEY!
  • Kyubey: Yes Homura?
  • Homura: WHAT THE HELL?!
  • Kyubey: You broke the law of cycles REALLY hard Homura.
  • Homura: No I didn't! Not THAT hard!
  • Kyubey: You literally ripped god in half.
  • Homura: .......
  • Homura: The law of cycles should just suck it up and walk it off then.
  • Homura: What the hell do I do? I don't have any candy left!
  • Kyubey: Do you have anything sweet at all?
  • Homura: Uh.... I have some grapes?
  • Kyubey: Then give her those.
  • Homura: Kyubey. I'm not going to be that one guy who gives grapes out on Halloween. Who the hell does that?!
  • Kyubey: You will, if you don't want to get your ass kicked by another witch.
  • Homura: .........
  • Kyubey: Well obviously. Who the hell gives grapes out on Halloween?
  • Homura: GOD DAMN IT!
  • Doorbell: Ding dong!
  • Homura: Fantastic. Who is it this time?
  • Walpurgisnacht: OH HO HO HO HO!
  • Homura: NO!
  • Homura: NOT YOU!
  • Kyubey: You'd be okay if it was Sayaka with Oktavia then?
  • Homura: ........
  • Homura: Just.... Just shut up Kyubey.
  • Walpurgisnacht: OH HO HO HO HO!
  • Homura: Look Walpy, I seriously don't have anything to give. Not unless you want some grapes.
  • Walpurgisnacht: OH HO HO H-.........ho?
  • Kyubey: I thought you gave the grapes to Elly.
  • Homura: What? Like hell I'm giving her the whole bunch! I just gave her one.
  • Kyubey: ......And you're surprised she got angry at you?
  • Walpurgisnacht: Oh ho ho ho?
  • Homura: I got nothing. NOTHING! Just this goddamn bunch of grapes!
  • Walpurgisnacht: ......
  • Homura: I can't believe Walpurgisnacht leveled my house.
  • Kyubey: I can't believe she let you live.
  • Homura: Well, at least the front door is still standing.
  • Doorbell: Ding dong!
  • Homura: ....You have GOT to be kidding me.
  • Doorbell: Ding dong!
  • Homura: You know what? Screw this. Screw. This.
  • Doorbell: Ding dong!
  • Homura: ((Kicks the front door off it's hinges))
  • Nagisa: ......
  • Homura: ....Oh. Hi Nagisa.
  • Nagisa: ((Just staring at Homura, mouth wide open))
  • Homura: Uh....
  • Nagisa: ((Starts tearing up))
  • Homura: Oh god. Uh, don't cry please. It's annoying and I hate it.
  • Kyubey: You're terrible with kids.
  • Kyubey: Actually I'm really good at making girls do what I say.
  • Homura: Wow, really? That's actually-.... WAIT. YOU BITCH!
  • Nagisa: ((Starts bawling))
  • Homura: N-No wait, it's not like I was talking to you or anything!
  • Nagisa: ((Crying))
  • Homura: Please stop crying. It's loud and annoying.
  • Nagisa: ((Crying))
  • Homura: I'll give you a grape if you stop crying?
  • Nagisa: ((Crying harder))
  • Homura: Just take the grapes and piss off! Go cry somewhere else!
  • Nagisa: ((Maximum crying))
  • Homura: Kyubey, what should I do?
  • Kyubey: Run.
  • Homura: Huh?