i'm surprised he's wearing a shirt

i can’t believe that i hadn’t noticed that until now but, this absolutely iconic blue plaid shirt mob #look?

it’s actually teru’s look.

i mean, he wakes up in teru’s apartment after the fight with koyama still wearing his battered white shirt, but right after he decides to go after claw, the next scene shows him wearing this. there’s no way he went home to grab a shirt in that space of time, especially considering how urgent the situation was. this nice shirt is teru’s shirt, no doubt.

some people miss the point that rashomon isn’t actually aku’s coat, he can use rashomon regardless of the garment he wears (i believe he tends to overdress in order to boost his ability) like. this kid wears a black coat to look intimidating. or because blood doesn’t tend to show up on black fabric. but please imagine: a white rashomon coming out of his shirt dress.
but anyway my favorite thing regardless of the misconception about rashomon is this:


  • viktor: what are you getting otabek for valentine's day, yurio?
  • yurio: *pulls out a long list* well, i've had a lot of ideas. He seems to really like motorcycles and those glasses he wears when he rides them, so i'm considering getting him customized motor biking goggles. there's also his love of skating to consider, so i could paint motorcycles on his skates as a surprise? he might not like those though... i was also thinking of getting matching boyfriend shirts?? also i was considering getting him on a body pillow for myself on valentines d

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don't you get bored with all the gucci? i used to get excited by harry's choices, now i'm as surprised as whenever louis wears adidas... but at least he's started changing it up.

how can you be bored? did you see what he wore today? a houndstooth vest. OVER A T-SHIRT. the other day it was custom made gucci (that is NOT A NORMAL HAPPENSTANCE FOR ANYONE OKAY). he wore the limited edition fuchsia sweatshirt only made for the japanese market. he picks the stuff you’d never actually consider and MAKES IT WORK. think beyond what’s right in front of you and you’ll find yourself having fun

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We should start a thread of all the awesome things calvin did for taylor for almost a year and a half, I'm not one for comparing relationships but if wearing a shirt with i <3 my gf written on it is considered better than traveling to LA only to watch your gfs show and then going back to Europe to continue your tour, fighting your significant other's wars, planting a tree that simbolizes your relationship, then we have different definitions of "relationship goalz"

how about a Calvin Harris during Tayvin appreciation post so we don’t make this comparing relationships:

- He traveled to see her on tour even with his gigs for 6 of her shows (?)

- He surprised her for some of those

- He planted an olive tree in her yard for Christmas and it was the best gift she’d ever received.

- He engraved a necklace with the date they became official on it and gave it to her for their anniversary

- She was so comfortable with him that she not only talked about him to her fans in Loft, but liked tons of posts about him on this website.

- Him congratulating her for her Grammy “Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend”

- Her being comfortable enough to go on stage and thank him for staying with her through her hectic life. “For the first time, i had the most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out and the crowds were all gone. I wanna thank my boyfriend Adam for that.”

- her being comfortable enough to post about her boyfriend on social media.


- “I’m in a magical relationship right now”

- the deleted post in which had the caption “watching Calvin Harris like 😍“

- him making her so happy

- 15 months and her longest relationship of her career

- him getting her to try a relationship again after 10 days.

- “an incredible cook and human being”

and i know i’m forgetting so much because that’s just how great they were so add more pls.

(this turned into a tayvin appreciation post, but i cannot help it after last night)

Actual Solangelo feelings first time they met at camp at Gaea war.
  • Will: *looks at some guy's back and before he says anything he realizes that guy was Nico di Angelo his "ex" crush and gets REALLY surprised cause NICO HASN'T BEEN AT CAMP SINCE A LOOOOONG TIME AGO* Nico?
  • Nico: *turns to see who in Hades name was calling now*
  • Will: *OMGS HE'S EVEN HOTTER THAN HE WAS THREE YEARS AGO I'M GONNA DIE LOOK AT THAT FACE I LOVE Y... wait, is that a hawaiian t-shirt what the hell* what are you doing here?
  • Nico: *wow this dude isn't ugly at all* what are you doing here you wanna get killed?
  • Will: *I ASKED FIRST ANSWER MY QUESTION* we are spying, we took precautions.
  • Nico: *... not ugly AT ALL* you are wearing black when the sun is raising, you pinted your face but didn't covered that blond hair of yours. It would be easier to simply hang a red flag guys.
  • Will: *did he just noticed my blond hair I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO DIE RIGHT NOW* *blushes* well...
Jimin scenario thingy :)

“Baby, I got us some matching T-shirts!”, he said as he walked to your room holding a few bags. “Do you like them?”, blushy cheeks and a smile showing, he opened a bag and revealed what he’d got. He looked so adorable and excited.

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“Aw, I thought you weren’t listening when I told you I wanted to wear couple clothing… You always surprise me, Park Jimin”, not even looking at the strange design of the T-shirts, you hugged him placing your arms around his waist. He kissed your forehead and smiled contentedly.

“Hey, you know you can always count on me, baby”, even though the room was warm and you felt hot, you kept holding each other for a long time. Who cared if you were sweaty? You could always take a shower later…

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(I’ve been looking for a more suitable gif, but just imagine you are Jin lol)

Domestic ryden part 2.1 because why not

Ryan likes Brendon’s sillinesses. It’s always making him laugh and Brendon’s faces are just adorable. Ryan calls him his beautiful idiot and kisses him softly.
When Ryan acts silly it’s always sweet. He seems so awkward and happy Brendon just can’t help himself and becomes happy too. All he can ever say is that he loves him.

Sassy Brendon is another thing. Ryan doesn’t exactly disapprove. Sometimes it can be irritating when Brendon goes overboard, and that’s when Ryan has to gently remind him he’s acting like a dickhead, but mostly it’s simply sexy. Ryan likes to slap Brendon’s ass or kiss his neck to see him lose his smugness for a moment. Brendon smiles shyly each time.

Ryan’s sass is inherently arousing for Brendon. Ryan looks handsome and confident, even though he’s mostly not fully aware of it. His dominant nature is showing in those moments very clearly and it’s almost arrogance. Brendon sometimes bites his lip unconsciously thinking about them alone. If, at rare occasions, Ryan gets bitchy, Brendon mocks him playfully and gets death glares, but it actually brings Ryan back to normal.

Sometimes, at random moments, one of them just stops whatever he is doing and stares lovingly at his husband in amazement. They stare realizing how beautiful the other man is, how lucky they are to have him.

They like to look at each other doing completely mundane, everyday tasks. It gives them a sense of safety and domesticity. Plus it’s a view reserved solely for them, like Ryan folding laundry or Brendon washing the dishes. It can look cute too. Both of them know each other long enough to feel comfortable even when they know they’re being disgusting like not showering for three days when sick.

Ryan laughs at Brendon straightening his hair, but then does the exact same thing and when Brendon points it out to him he tries to defend himself by saying that he has to since his hair is naturally curly and Brendon’s is straight to begin with. They ruin each other’s hair anyway when making out.

Sometimes they don’t bother with styling and Brendon runs his fingers through Ryan’s hair that begins to curl again. Ryan doesn’t mind. When Brendon lays his head on his lap Ryan plays with the raven strands mindlessly too.

Sometimes one of them is sitting on the couch or in bed and doing something and the other comes snuggling in, so the busy one eventually drops the thing with a gentle smile and they cuddle and kiss like the lovesick fools they are.

Over time Dallon, Spencer, Kenny, Ryan’s Dan, Ryland and Gabe get to know each other quite well, because Brendon and Ryan keep inviting them at the same time. It actually turns into a good gaming club, because even though some of them were not playing games before, they sure as hell like rivalry and destroying the other team becomes the main goal. Eventually everyone they know joins in at some point. The most legendary game is between ‘the tall guys’ squad and ‘the average height, you mutant giants’.

Brendon wears that red tux and Ryan is all like ‘You always looked good in red. That’s so you.’ Brendon starts to wonder which color does Ryan look the best in. Was it purple? Was it champagne? Black maybe? He honestly cannot tell, because clothes are the last things he ever notices seeing Ryan. Then he has an idea. Golden. From that moment on, he buys golden things for Ryan to wear, from little things like rings, to a whole suit and Ryan is reluctant, because Brendon is the one who wore golden before, but eventually accepts it and really looks beautiful.

They both sometimes find each other on the floor playing or cuddling with their dogs and there’s no surprise in that.

The only clothes they are actually able to share are shirts and leather jackets, because Ryan’s pants are like a mile longer.

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Preston pins Kyle to the wall, roughly kissing his neck. He was wearing a skimpy pink shirt that showed off his bra and stomach, and a pair of pink lace panties. "I'm gonna make you feel so fucking good~"

Kyle didn’t think Preston would ever warm up to him again. He was surprised by the sudden kiss, but wasn’t complaining for once. This was the only time he didn’t mind because admittedly he was getting used to Preston. Maybe even liked him a little. In fact he felt himself pull Preston closer, rubbing his large bulge up against his.

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I'm gonna FaceTime my long distance daddy tonight and he wants me to surprise him with something that little me would do... I'm drawing a blank! Help I need ideas!

If you have a tee shirt of his wear that and nothing else but his favorite pair of your panties. Put your hair up in a pony tail. While your talking to him color cute little pictures for him. And hum a cute song while your doing it. Be super cute for him (:

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I want kasamatsu to pound me mercilessly while i'm only wearing his knee socks and moaning 'senpai' all over again.

You slipped on Kasamatsu’s athletic socks and one of his dress shirts. It always brought you pleasure to surprise him when he came home from work, literally. You waited patiently at the door as the time of arrival neared.As you heard the lock turn, you grew anxious. The minute the door opened, you greeted him happily.

“Welcome back dear~!” you wore a big smile as he looked you up and down. “I-I’m…what are you wearing?” he faltered as his eyes ran up your legs, stopping at the exposed skin under his shirt. “It’s just more comfortable like this, plus easy access~” you winked at the last part and did a twirl. Kasamatsu’s face grew redder as you flashed your naked lower half.

“What would you like? dinner? a bath? or me~?” you sang the last part and tugged at the collar of his shirt. “Like I have a choice!” Kasamatsu growled as he yanked off his tie. He pushed you against the wall and pressed his mouth to yours. His tongue invaded your mouth in an instant. You moaned into the kiss and brought you hands to his hair. Kasamatsu shivered as you ran your finger through his short hair.

You pulled back for air and let out a pleasant mewl. Your sounds only drove him further as he felt the heat shoot to his crotch. Kasamatsu went to kissing your neck and nibbling softly on your skin. You felt a shooting pain as he teeth sunk a bit deeper to leave a hickey. He sucked hard at the bruised area, making sure the mark would set.

Meanwhile, his hands snuck under the hem of the dress shirt and glided over your hips. His fingers ran over your wet opening, causing you to shiver and buckle your knees. “Y-yukio…” you sighed out nearly falling to your knees. Yukio’s body pressed against yours, keeping you stuck to the wall.

His knee moved between your legs and rubbed deliciously against your dripping heat. You ground your hips against his in order to create some friction between your warm bodies. Kasamatsu groaned watching you desperately move against him. Your flushed face made him harder by the minute. He couldn’t bare it any longer and unbuckled his slacks.

“Ah!” you gasped as soon his leg left you, soon it was replaced with the tip of his dick. “Yukio…” you whined as he halted in his movements. “That’s not how you beg” he groaned out. Even so, you still sounded too sexy for him. The way you bit your lip and glanced to the side made him nearly lose it.

“Senpai…please fuck me” you whispered out. No sooner did you utter the plea, Kasamatsu slid into your depths. You let out a loud moan and threw your arms around his shoulders. Kasamatsu took hold of your thighs and lifted you up against the wall. On reflex, your legs wrapped around his waist.

In this new position, Kasamatsu began pounding into you at a rushed pace. Kasamatsu let out strained groans of your name, they mixed with your desperate pleas. “Faster! o-oh harder!” your voice came out as whines. You felt your orgasm creeping up on you, so you clung tighter to Kasamatsu’s body.

Kasamatsu made one more deep thrust before releasing his warm seed into you. The warmth brought about your own orgasm, causing you to limp in his arms. You both panted in desperate need of air. “Senpai~ you came inside me~” you mused cuddling up against him. Kasamatsu gave you a questioning look as you climbed onto him. “Are you trying to get me pregnant senpai~?” you saw his eyes light up and knew round two was coming.

  • Lafayette: I think Hamilton was right, sir.
  • Washington: Hmm. I'm surprised he hasn't marched in here to say "I told you so."
  • Lafayette: He wouldn't do that.
  • Hamilton: You're right, Lafayette. For once in your life, you're 100% right. I would never say that.
  • [turns around, t-shirt he's wearing has "Hamilton Told You So" on the back of it]

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Sakura is drunk, she throwns up on her shirt and faints, Sasuke has to carry her home clean her and change her clothes. Can you write a fic about how Sasuke will think and do at that awkward moment :D I think youre the best writer who can write about this sexual tension haha. Thx anyway :D

hahaha what sexual tension are you talking about?! 

Nothing Everything Good Happens After 2 A.M.

It is 2am and Sasuke is walking up the steps to Sakura’s bedroom. He tries not to think about the dried vomit sticking to Sakura’s clothes and also his shirt. The thought makes him gag slightly and he pauses on the fifth step from the top. Sakura slips slightly in his grip and he shifts his weight a bit to re-hoist her back up. As he does that, he feels a slight bit of moisture hit the back of his neck and he prays that it wasn’t more vomit. 

Thankfully, it wasn’t and when he sets Sakura down on her bed, he wipes the back of his neck to see that Sakura had drooled on him. And to think, this was the girl he was about to marry in a week. 

Sakura begins to move in her half-conscious state as she attempts to get comfortable but Sasuke quickly grabs her by the wrist to prevent her from getting vomit onto her bedsheets. As he looks down at her, he smiles at what he sees. Her mouth is wide open as she sleeps in a very ungraceful manner, clearly now moved on from half-conscious to knocked out from a night of drinking. Breathing steadily, her chest rises in a rhythmic motion with her legs sprawled out like a starfish. Yes, this was his soon-to-be-wife. 

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I'm Angry.

Okay so over the past week, for the first time in history, the human race has been successful in landing a spacecraft on a comet. This will hopefully be able to tell us more about how exactly our would came about and that is super exiting. 

But imagine my surprise when I open up my laptop and find that Dr. Matt Taylor, one of the scientists on the Rosetta team, has been forced to apologise for the shirt he was wearing. A pretty rad shirt at that.  One that looks like this. 

The uproar, it seems, was because of the girls on his shirt. People started claiming that is was offensive and degraded women. This, as you can imagine, especially on the internet, had a snowball effect and resulted in poor Dr Taylor apologising for it. 

Now, as a feminist myself, I can’t see the problem with this shirt. The women aren’t naked, they aren’t portrayed as useless, they don’t look like sex objects. In fact, they look the opposite, The shirt shows the women as sexy, badass spy girls. They look rad. In fact, they look like characters from a comic. Actually, scratch that, they look cooler than comic book characters. 

The point is that this man, instead of enjoying what is a milestone in his life and in, well, history, is being abused by people for no reason. He should be celebrated, not beaten down. And the people who are abusing him need to back down and stop giving feminism a bad name. Seriously. If you can sexualise a teenage Target worker, why can’t this guy wear a shirt that not only empowers women, but was actually given to him by his female friend?  

Michael Clifford Bunk Smut
Hey, babies, it's Wren again. Decided to write a little Mikey smut a few days ago coz I was having serious feels, and Em said that it was good enough to get put on her blog, so here you goooo!

"Baaaabe!" Michael whined from behind the curtain of his bunk. You'd been on tour with the boys for about a month, and you could tell it was driving Michael crazy. You never got time alone together, and when you did, you never got past second base because one of the other boys wound up walking in. Michael had tried to get you in the mood while you were both snuggled up in his bunk, but you didn't want to get caught. You popped your head through the curtain to see Mikey with his arms outstretched, signalling you to come in & cuddle him. 

You climbed in the bunk beside him & he curled his arms around you. You lightly traced your finger around his black band tattoos and sighed. He picked up on this, whispering "What's wrong?" 
You wanted him. You wanted him so badly and you couldn't find a minute alone to have him, but you didn't want to admit that to him, it would just cause him to tease you in front of the guys. Not that you hadn't been doing the same thing, after a week of Michael being very touchy-feely, you decided you would wear your most appealing outfits during the day and at night, one of Mikey's t-shirts and lacy underwear.

And it worked. Whenever the two of you were completely alone, he would always try to initiate sex, but it was always interrupted. 
"I'm just tired, babe," You mumbled before kissing him lightly. He wasn't convinced. He moved so he lay above you, supporting himself on his elbows. Out of pure instinct, you wrapped your legs around his waist, which surprised him, leading him to kiss you more passionately and slowly grind his hips into yours.

It felt good. It actually felt REALLY good, but that little voice in the back of your head sparked up again. You listened to it and pulled away from his mouth. 
"I'm sorry," You whispered. "I want to, I really do, but what if we get caught?"
Michael chuckled, "Babe, we're adults, who cares?"
He rolled off of you and returned to his earlier position. 

You lay that way for about an hour, and Michael had drifted off into a comfortable sleep. But you couldn't. He was right, you were both consenting adults, who cared if you were having sex? You turned to look at him, he was adorable when he slept. Actually, he was adorable all the time. Thankfully for you, Michael only slept in his boxers, which made access much easier. You slipped your hand into them and gently started pumping him, feeling his cock grow and get harder in your hand drove you totally crazy.

He started to stir. He was shifting around and moaning in his sleep. You weren't totally sure how he'd react, but you couldn't imagine it would be in a negative way. His eyes fluttered open and a smile quickly formed on his face when he saw you with his cock in your hand.
"What changed your mind?" He giggled. You didn't answer him, you crashes your lips against his, feeling him whimper against your mouth.

You were already soaked, and you didn't want to waste any more time, you'd both waited long enough. You pulled Mikey's t-shirt off your body and slipped your underwear off, Michael's fingers quickly found your clit while he wriggled out of his boxers.

He moved on top of you and slid into you, evoking a growl to pass between his lips. His thrusts started softly and gradually became harder, you buried your face in the crook of his neck and started to suck and nip the skin. His moans became louder as he reached his orgasm, and you could hear a small "What the fuck?" Coming from Luke's bunk, but at this point, you didn't care. Your orgasm snuck up on you, and ripped through you mercilessly, forcing you to dig your nails into Michael's back, leaving some very deep scratches.

Michael's teeth sunk into your shoulder when he released, and slumped over on top of you. 
"Oh my god, that was fantastic!" He breathed and cuddled into you, you both quickly fell asleep, still sweaty and extremely satisfied.

The next morning, you and Michael went through to the sitting area to find the other three boys giggling and whispering. 
"Oooh, Michael! Harder!" Calum imitated you in a high voice.
"Hey, fuck you, man," Michael said, slapping Calum across the back of the head. "At least I'm actually getting laid."

Look at this jacket’s magical fabric. It’s black, but it’s DIFFERENT SHADES OF BLACK!! How is that even humanly possible?!?! Black is black: It doesn’t come in different bloody shades, that is just not possible. 

Then whyyyyyyy??? Could it be that the jacket is made out of different fabrics? Then it would work! But it’s clear they are not different fabrics!!! IT’S THE SAME ALL THE TIME AND IT’S SO CONFUSIIIIING!!

This is yet more evidence that Thomas Hiddleston is not human, but a divine being sent from above to torture us poor mortals (and our ovaries).

I applaud your efforts to exit your fashion confort zone and wearing such a risky and otherwise colourful ensemble, however. I mean, it’s not just the fashion forward pattern of the jacket, but also the REALLY SURPRISING CHOICES OF SHIRT AND TIE. 


Also look at those adorable curls atop his head. They are so perfect and round.

I bet he sleeps with fucking hair rollers.

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Sorry I'm a new follower and probs you've mentioned this already but which one is the shirt you gave to G? It's so cool he uses it!!!

dis one

its got the cereal monsters on it….and yeah i was surprised when i saw him wear it bc it was a Christmas gift in 2012 and i never saw him wear it so i was beginning to think Lindsey had kept it lmao (bc i sent her a parcel with gifts for her, G and Bandit) but then he wore it for a whole month in January/February this year and i was so excited hahaha

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Ace was walking down the sidewalk, shivering slightly as she pulled Sans' jacket closed, wishing she'd thought to wear a sweater instead of a t shirt. "Oof!" she said after accidentally ramming into someone. "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention!"

Hannibal blinked in mild surprise when the young woman ran into him. He narrowed his eyes in annoyance until she apologised. “You may want to be more careful, Miss.” Hannibal said calmly, evenly, no trace of his annoyance whatsoever. “After all, the streets are dangerous and I would hate to hear that something had happened to a pretty young woman walking the streets after dark.” He told her.

“Where, pray tell, are you going so late? Home, I hope.” 

Perfect Nightmare (Chapter 1)

TITLE: Perfect Nightmare


AUTHOR: leavetherestunspoken


GENRE: Drama, dark, romance

FIC SUMMARY: Iona moves to London and falls in love with a handsome man called Loki. But she soon finds out he’s not everything he seems to be.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: None for now, but future chapters will become dark. 


She wasn’t sure how things ended up this way.

Never in her life did she think she’d be forced into love.

Never did she know she’d encounter The God Of Mischief.

It was her perfect nightmare.


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