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The very definition of cursed images

Someone Save Me

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Imagine Person A remembering something that Person B thought they wouldn’t remember.

So at sunday school this morning our youth pastor started off the lesson by asking how the ninjago movie was and my siblings and I (+ one of the friends I brought) all enthusiastically gave our praise and once we were done, upon learning that my older sister went, he asked her how she liked it and she said it was good. He then proclaimed that her opinion was trustworthy and would consider going to see it. I asked why my opinion wasn’t trustworthy. His response was “Well Lydia, I wouldn’t trust you about anything Ninjago because you’ve… what’s that word… ‘fandom’. You’ve come to that point in a fandom where you’re totally obsessed. Even if the show became trash, you would still like it. Right?” To which, of course, my response was yes.


It’s true that even in our practice match, all eyes were on Kageyama. To think they had another special setter…


“… how ardently I admire and love you” - 4/25 (part 1)

Aiba Masaki