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*wyvern noises* (click for gr8 captions)


day 5: look both ways [obisaku]


a sort of labyrinth!au where sasuke is taken by the goblin king in response to an ancient promise from the uchiha clan. sakura decides to get him back. (thankfully, she has some fencing skills.)

obito never expected such a worthy adversary. as sakura gathers friends and courage, obito draws dangerously closer to making the worst mistake possible:

falling in love.


sakura impresses her labyrinth friends with her fencing skills. while she utilizes a fire poker that she brought along, sakura uses it as well as any sword.

cast is as follows: kakashi as sir didymus (really he even has an eye patch!), sai as hoggle, and naruto as ludo.

pjo language headcanon dump:

  • Nico is a linguist of sorts, he loves studying different languages - how they work and what makes them uniquely them.
  • Hazel studies and studies and practices Italian until she’s sure she’s got it, and then surprises her brother the next time they meet by greeting him in his mother tongue
  • Frank is so surprised the first time he freaks and starts going off in Mandarin and Nico is there quietly answering and reassuring him in Mandarin as well. He learns later that Nico has spent quite a bit of time in China.
  • Hazel tries to learn Mandarin from Nico and Frank but they end up verbally stumbling over each other at first - Nico has different words for some things and Frank’s pronunciation is distinctly from BC Canada which trips Nico up, especially because Frank grew up in a blended English and Mandarin environment while Nico learned it because no one around him at the time spoke English. Hazel does eventually get a decent grasp on the basics though
  • Reyna and Nico swap vocab and phrases in their respective languages, slowly getting a feel for the new languages together
  • one day Piper is over and Nico comes shadowtraveling in, Reyna isn’t quite sure what to do with the awkward atmosphere until she gets a genius idea, they spend the rest of their stays making a French-Italian-Spanish hybrid language that only they can understand. The icebreaker seems to work great as a few weeks later she hears of a prank they pulled off at camp half-blood. she can’t help being the tiniest bit proud.
  • Leo gets a kick out of Nico’s meager Spanish and takes delight in teaching him a bunch of curses that might send Reyna on a manhunt later
  • Nico and Reyna referring to each other as sorellona and hermanito. they know it sounds immature and childish to some, they couldn’t care less. 
  • Percy actually speaks moderately good Spanish, he picked it up during his childhood.
  • a greek demigod teaching Ancient Greek in new rome, a roman demigod teaching Latin at camp half-blood
  • children of Apollo being able to understand a song’s meaning despite what language it’s in and whether or not they can speak that language
  • Nico learning languages from ghosts while in the underworld
  • all of the multi lingual demigods having those disorienting days where they just say whatever word pops into their head first that fits the meaning they were looking for. it results in a lot of multilingual sentences and a lot of confusion and frustration for all parties involved.

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Hi! How would the Kou bros plan a surprise birthday celebration for their S/Os? (thank you for all your hard work! I check this blog everyday and whenever I see new posts I feel like the Rukh are happily flying out from my laptop omg)

Ren Kouen

  • Kouen’s plan for a party isn’t terribly cohesive, but it’s well intentioned. He gets their favorite food, their favorite dessert, decorates in their favorite color and favorite flowers. He wants this party to be a celebration of them, and picking their favorites is the only way, he says with a resolute nod.

Ren Koumei

  • Koumei arranges a simple affair, though he feels guilty for not managing something larger. Taking the day off work, he gathers his and his s/o’s family with a simple dinner and cake. He tells them he wishes he could have done more, not realizing how much it means that he took off work.

Ren Kouha

  • Kouha plans a massive party, nearly inviting half the country. He gets the entire Imperial Palace in on his schemes—maid sneaking in balloons, chefs baking at all hours of the night, everyone excitedly contributing to the massive surprise.

honestly, i wouldn’t have been surprised if adam took longer to think everything over and work out if he really wanted to pursue this, but i also absolutely love that he just goes for it, after only a couple hours’ deliberation, just decides to throw caution to the wind and trust himself and his own feelings, trust that this is real and he really wants it and that he’s not just playing with ronan’s feelings, and knowing they’ll figure out all of the rest later. because it’s them and this is important and they’re going to make it work no matter what.