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“[Ray] would stay up til like 6 am, just working on this arrangement, over and over, and he wrote this whole string arrangement.” - Gerard Way, about #singitforjapan

  • Client: We are calling to cancel our 2pm appointment. Sniffles is better.
  • Receptionist: Oh, good to hear! Are you sure you don't a doctor to take a look just in case? We close at 4 today.
  • Client: No. He's better.
  • 5 PM
  • Client: HELLO?! We are on our way now. Sniffles has been vomiting all day.
  • Me: I'm so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we closed at 4 today, I'm alone finishing up paperwork, we aren't seeing appointments. Let me get you the info for the emergency clinic-
  • Client: We have been coming to you for years! I am coming down now.
  • Me: Ma'am. I understand you are worried but there is no staff here. You had an appointment and cancelled and now you need to go to the emergency hospital.
  • Client: I'm in the parking lot. You have to see me!
  • 7 PM
  • Me: ok. The radiographs are done. Everything looks normal.
  • Client: Why did that take so long?!
  • Me: I'm sorry you had to wait, I told you I am here alone so it takes a bit longer.
  • Client: So. Your saying I came for nothing?
  • Me: No ma'am. I'm saying based on my exam, the blood work, and the x-rays Sniffles appears fine. I can give him an anti-emetic and some fluids and-
  • Client: Unreal. Unreal! We came all this way and you can't find anything. He's sick! We're done. Let's go Sniffles.
  • Me: The good news there appears not to be a problem. I'll walk you up to the front and you can pay.
  • Client: 600 dollars?!
  • Me: That is exactly what was on the estimate. I had to charge you an after hours emergency fee plus x-rays and lab work. You signed for it all, see?
  • Client: I didn't know what I was signing! You took advantage of my grief! I refuse to pay. You knew how upset I was. I would have signed anything! You can bill my lawyer!
When Steph has had enough
  • Tim: This villain is dangerous.
  • Stephanie: Yeah, I know.
  • Tim: You sure you don't need any help?
  • Stephanie: I can handle it on my own.
  • Tim: But he almost took you out--
  • Stephanie: I can handle it.
  • Tim: Well, Steph, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
  • Stephanie: You should know, you steer the boat.
  • Tim:
  • Stephanie:
  • Jason: Oooooooooh. OOOOOOOH. BURN! Street kids, up top! *high-fives Steph* That's what I'm talkin' about!
  • Bruce: I can understand your desire to fight alone, Stephanie. Your family links you to this problem. But you cannot let your dismal background play into this.
  • Stephanie: Yeah, my dismal background with a druggie mom and a criminal dad and yet I still manage to have better manners than you.
  • Bruce:
  • Stephanie:
  • Jason: *slow claps* Two for one, today is my lucky day! You, you special snowflake, YOU are sitting next to ME.

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Hey! Do you think you could update the de-aged derek tag? I noticed that it hasn't been update in almost a year and i'm just really in the mood to read some fics featuring an adorable kid derek


Chocolate and Werewolves by AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle (1/1 | 3,939 | PG13)

Derek and Stiles have been dating for six months. Their anniversary just happens to fall on Valentine’s Day. Derek, understandably, proceeds to panic.

“This is what defines you, Stiles. The unexpected.” by limesnapdragon (32/32 | 77,464 | NC17)

“If someone had told him two weeks ago he would be on illegal drugs and hanging out with Derek Hale, he would probably have punched them. Life was funny sometimes.”

Stiles is about to turn seventeen and present, find out whether he’s an alpha, a beta or an omega. A lot is riding on it and Stiles is nervous as hell. He hadn’t expected Derek Hale, of all people, to be helping him out, but when you’re in deep shit and the guy’s handing you a paddle, what else are you going to do?

The Child Inside by nightlight9 (1/1 | 1,654 | G)

The witch had been hoping to turn him into something monstrous when she cast the spell on Derek; Stiles could have laughed at her attempt. The spell was crafted to reveal Derek’s true nature and to bring it to the surface, transforming him into whatever shape it took. She had been hoping that he was an angry monster inside, but Stiles knew better. Derek wasn’t a monster. Nothing about him was ever monstrous.

Of course, Stiles hadn’t really expected this outcome either.
In which Derek is de-aged and Stiles takes care of him

A Wrinkle in Time by LoveActually_rps (1/1 | 2,894 | G)

“But Deaton, how do we change him back?”
“I don’t know, Scott.”
“Does this potion contain wolfs bane?”
“A little.”
“What?! But he's… he is… ” Stiles watched as Scott struggled for the correct word, totally freaking out, and gestured at the twitching blanket in Cora’s hold. “… so small,” Scott murmured after a beat.
Stiles let out a heavy sigh. He strained his neck to get a better look at him, his lips curving a little when the two tiny hands peeked out from the edge of the blanket and tried to grab a gleaming stud on Cora’s dress.
“Aha, d’you like it, baby bro?” Cora cooed at the baby, rounding her painted lips for unnecessary cuteness, as if that would work. He might be a baby, but in there, somewhere, he was still Derek Hale for god’s sake.

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Hi can I request for a friendship spell? I'm a very introvert girl n doesn't know how to initiate a conversation. I want to attract new friends, In fact I have a few people in my mind but I never really had a good talk with them. I don't have any bad intentions for them. I just want that they initiate the conversation with me first. I'm aware of the fact that friendship can't be forced so If we develop a good understanding surely we can be friends so just attraction of specific people.

friendship/conversation attraction spell:

find something that represents yourself, preferably small. 

eat some strawberries while you say this chant:

with friendship on my mouth, i know
i attract friends and conversation
these seeds i plant, discourse i sow
this spell will draw my friendship’s foundation. 

save some of the seeds, place them, the object that represents you, and some rosemary in an envelope/sachet. keep it in your pocket for when you are in the same area as the people you want to be friends with. 

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Have you had experiences with people saying your commission prices are too high? I charge a full body for 50$ because I put a lot of time into it, but people always ask and compare with other artists who charge from 20$-30$ for commissions..It's really discouraging and I don't know what to do, or just stop taking commissions..I'm not sure if you can answer this, but thanks for reading anyway :)

Your prices are perfectly fine! The people who whine about commission prices are also the people who don’t understand what commissions mean to most artists. For a lot of us, it’s one of the only ways we can support ourselves financially, especially if we aren’t in a position to get a job outside of what we do online. Because of that, in order to make a decent amount, you /have/ to charge what’s proportional to the amount of time you spend on a drawing, as well as the level of finish.

It is a valid point that if you’re starting out, pricing lower is a good idea just so you can form some sort of commissioner base. But I always raise my prices incrementally after a couple commissions, based on demand. Never settle for any price lower than what you would earn for it through (at the very least) minimum wage. I price all my stuff at $22 per hour and then I adjust the value within that range.

The trend of critically low prices is one that has yet to die out in the art community, especially among hobbyists and people just starting out with commissions. If an artist isn’t in the budget of the commissioner, then that’s not the artist’s problem. Don’t let people dissuade you from earning what you worked hard for.

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Im pretty sure I'm a cis girl, but before trans marco i was... I was transphobic. Although I would never admit it, I didnt understand why you would ever decide to be trans, you know? But Marco has kinda made me get it. And now i've started to question my own gender, as some things that she does fit into what I feel. Im honestly just so exited for trans marco to maybe be canon some day, so that more people can have experiences like all of us.

I get you. Like when I was a kid, I had a lot of internalized transphobia that having something like Marco would have really helped with.

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43., Spones :) Only if it inspires you!


“I informed Jim of our intention to pursue—”

“Yeah I heard you Spock! Just—” McCoy tried to calm his voice, aware that he was maybe overreacting, and that his office was not as soundproof as he would have liked, “—don’t you think we should figure this out first?”

“Leonard last night you kissed me, and insinuated that this is something you desire to repeat. I merely followed regulations to ensure that we do not break any rules.”

“Don’t you think it’s a bit early to be making this official to Starfleet? I mean—”

“I apologise Leonard, my understanding of human relationships is clearly still lacking. I incorrectly assumed that this was something you wished to pursue.”

“No Spock, it’s just—”

Spock stood up, clearly not interested in the rest of McCoy’s attempts to explain. “I need to report for my shift.”

“Spock wait…” McCoy pleaded, but Spock had already opened the door leading into medbay and any further discussions would only cause a public scene.

McCoy sank back down into his chair as soon as the door closed behind Spock.

And to think the day had started so well. He woke up thinking about how soft and willing Spock’s mouth had been against his own, smiling when he realised it wasn’t just something he imagined this time. Fuck.

Spock busied himself even more than usual during his shift, making sure he didn’t have a moment spare in which to dwell on his embarrassment earlier. And the embarrassment still to come when he would have to approach Jim and explain his misunderstanding.

Fortunately Jim was sympathetic, albeit confused, and didn’t pry or ask for further explanation. Spock headed to the labs after his shift, intent on leaving just enough personal time to meditate before bed.

It seemed his meditation would be cut short though, because upon arriving at his quarters he found Leonard sitting outside his door, attracting puzzled looks from passing crewmembers.

“Leonard what are you doing here?”

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“It was unnecessary to sit outside my quarters, there are other ways of contacting me.”

“Can I come in?”

“If it is brief, I must meditate and sleep.”

Leonard got up and followed him inside. Spock walked a respectable distance away before turning around, hands firmly clasped behind his back.

“If you are concerned about my earlier admission to Jim, rest assured that it has been rectified.”

“No Spock, that’s not what I wanted.”

“What did you want?”

“Spock, I don’t want to fuck this up.”

Spock wanted to tell him that it seemed that was exactly what he wanted to do, but he bit his tongue.

“I don’t exactly have a good track record with these things,” Leonard said, taking a few steps forward. Spock stood in place, allowing the distance between them to close. “I just wanted to make sure this is what you wanted, and that you were serious.”

Seeing Leonard so earnest made Spock soften his voice. “I though you would have inferred that from my actions this morning, I would not have made a declaration to Jim if I was not serious about it.”

“I freaked out Spock. I haven’t had a relationship—” Leonard took another step forward, “—or much of anything for a really long time. I just wanted some time for us to take it slow and figure it out, you know… without anyone prying.”

“I understand. I should have consulted you first, I apologise.”

“Don’t, I shouldn’t have overreacted.” Leonard stepped right up to Spock, hands cautiously finding his waist. “Are we okay?”

“Yes,” Spock smiled before leaning forward. And when they kissed Leonard’s lips were just as sure as they’d been the previous night, and just as breath-taking as Spock had imagined long before then.

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It's explained in the manga that she got drunk because of some cursed alcohol and violated her little sister, and because of it lost her title of goddess, and it's inspired by something similar that happened to Quetzalcoatl, he got drunk during a feast (I think Tezcatlipoca tricked him) and then had intercourse with his little sister Quetzalpetlatl, and feeling shame and regret he set himself on fire the day after, or just went into exile I'm not sure. Hope it helped you understanding more.


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I identify as bi but I know I have a preference for girls. Lately I've started to develop some doubts, also after reading some "thought I was bi" posts on this blog (which I love btw), and I think I might be a lesbian. I mean...I don't really know. I've had crushes on boys before but thinking about having sex with a guy just makes me so...Uncomfortable. I know I am attracted to men too, though. But I like girls better. So I don't really know if I'm bi or lesbian and it's all just so confusing.

Hey sweetheart! I’m not 100% sure if you just needed to vent (which is fine!) or if you were looking for advice (which is also fine!) 

We’ve given advice in a similar situation here, if that helps some! LINK 

Either way, the way you feel is definitely understandable, and it’s completely okay to be struggling with this. It doesn’t make the way you feel about girls any less real. I can’t tell you 100% ‘yeah you’re definitely (this identity)’, but I can tell you that this is a SUPER common way for lesbians to feel before they realize that their attraction to men isn’t genuine. 

We’re sending you all our love while you figure this out, it’s really tough! Just know that there’s no rush at all, you’ve got nothing but time. :) 

Gemini & Pisces
  • Gemini, sitting down with Pisces at the park, takes a glance at him: Hey Pisces, I have something to tell you...
  • Pisces, gives her his full attention: Go for it
  • Gemini, sighs while placing a hand on his shoulder: I've been thinking about this for a long time now, and I'm not sure how to say it softly so I'm just gonna be blunt about it.
  • Gemini: I've been in love with you for almost 3 years now, and while I've tried to repress it, anytime I see you with another girl, it- it just makes me heart hurt. I really don cherish our friendship, and I understand that you may not like me, too. I just needed to get this off my chest...
  • Pisces:
  • Gemini, tries to not break character:
  • Pisces, scoffs a little while smiling: That's so gay...
  • Gemini, laughing her ass off: I'm sorry, fam, had to see how you would-
  • Pisces, kisses her check: Dumb ass.

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I've done some soul searching and thought it through, and I've only told a few friends, but I'm pretty sure I'm somewhere underneath the ace umbrella. I'm bad at self analysis and recognizing my emotions, so I'm still a bit doubtful and hesitant, but I had to tell a larger audience in some way. So here it is world or just ace jokes depending on if you feel like answering (no pressure guys you do enough). I'm ace and I'm okay with it! Proud even!

Welcome fellow proud ace!

Originally posted by yandereatheart

I’m so glad you learned something about yourself with your soul searching.  Always know that it’s ok to be doubtful or hesitant, there is no rush when it comes to understanding your feelings :)

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

(there is no escape for you now, one of us one of us)

me: *comes out to church friend as aroace*
me: *almost has anxiety attack waiting for them to respond* *nearly throws up*
me: they’re not gonna get it and this is my only hope of an irl friend understanding why this is hard and confusing as an lds person
friend: “hey I totally understand you I never told you but I feel you on the physical part like It just doesn’t do it for me sexually I guess and I don’t really care about sex also I’ve had feelings for girls so”

So plot twist the friend I felt like I needed to talk to about this/come out or whatever is literally aspec and biromantic so I guess I was worried for nothing?

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I've confided in about 4 people I trust in telling them I'm almost 100% sure I'm ace and 2 of them don't think I really am and ask the typical dumb questions like "well how do you know if you've never had sex?" And the other 2 I think don't really believe it's real but still try to support me. So basically I don't really have anyone I know who I truly believe accept my asexuality and understands it as just how I am.

This is an old ask, but I’m really sorry that happened to you. You deserve better friends and the support you need.

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Wait, you're the actually the nicest person on the internet I feel loved just watching you interact with your followers bless u and ur art endeavors you're literally amazing!! so excited to creepily watch as an anon fan!!! my traditional punctuation skills go amiss when i get nervous and talk to someone who's cool so i apologize for all the runons!!

ohhh oh nooo this is the kind of disarming thing that makes my heart sing. I’m so glad you think this way? I’m not sure I do anything special other than appreciate everyone who has been supporting me and my work for so long now. I can’t say it in enough words, my followers are the reason I’m now able to make art my job instead of my second overtime ‘no sleep’ job and I can’t ever express enough gratitude for it. 

Aside from that, I’ve been blessed with kind of the most amazing people in the world as far as following goes. I despise drama with all my heart and I’ve always felt like the people who come to me and talk to me are very like minded in that sense? I’m so grateful that people are understanding of why I don’t like to engage in fandom fighting and I’m so grateful we’ve managed to make this an overall pretty chill spot to just have a good time with our fandoms and art projects.  

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I'm not sure that I understand #1098 just the last line, like the police report



The last line, “On a related note, is there any way we can get these things to stop building fucking bridges?” refers to the wendigo creatures who had built a bridge to lure Becky and others across the river and into the reservation. It was there that the wendigo creatures could have access to the campers. You might also notice that the bridge had mysteriously disappeared the next day. Although not confirmed, I think it’s safe to assume that the wendigo creatures had removed the bridge to keep the campers there. 

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I just realized a parallel, but I'm not quite sure how to word it, so bear with me. When the Enchantress reveals herself to the Prince, everyone, including all of his lovely lady-friends, runs away. He had to face his transformation abandoned and alone. Jump to the end of the movie, where the Beast is initially alone, scared, and heartbroken. Then Belle appears and is with him as he dies, feeling loved and hopeful. Then he transforms with only one person present, but who is Everything to him.

Oh, this is such a cool parallel, and I think I understand what you mean.

Each transformation is just an outward expression of what has already happened internally. There are many biblical parallels here as well. 

-The first transformation is an isolating process. By not having love in his heart, the Prince has already isolated himself from the world in the ways that truly matter, which fits nicely with my previous discussions (here and here) about how the prince sort of loses himself through the dance. In the same way, becoming the Beast is just a reflection of him already losing his innocence, his goodness.

What’s intriguing to me is this question of whether or not the enchantress really hurts him or helps him by changing him. In removing his humanity, the enchantress apparently strips him of his ability to save himself, forcing him to see that he needs help. 

But then, does the spell really strip him of his free will? Or does the spell simply expose his need to be saved? The spell–as much as it is an entrapment–is also freeing in many ways, because it forces him to look where he would not have looked otherwise, i.e. the heart. And perhaps the reason all those people at the party “abandon him” is because they were never really his friends to begin with. However, his staff–his true friends–stay. And yes, they are “punished” along with him, but I also think many of them would have stayed regardless. So what seems cruel may actually be necessary; they each had a lesson to learn through becoming objects as well. 

-In contrast, the second transformation is a kind of communion. The change back into a man is not necessary for either Belle or the Prince to love, and yet that’s the very reason the change happens at all. It’s simply a way for Belle and the Prince to come together, as he becomes the man she’s always seen. This time, the change is an expression of acceptance and unconditional love. 

Another thing I find compelling about this is the inverse prodigal son story playing out. Unlike the parable, the Prince doesn’t have to go anywhere. He stays, while Belle is the one who leaves. In losing her, he finds himself again; he finds love. And that’s what Evermore is all about. 

Anyway, those are my thoughts. I could talk about this all day. Thanks for sending me this message!

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Can you explain why organizations such as FCKH8 and autism speaks and other ones you've mentioned are bad? I'm just curious as I don't really pay attention to those organizations, so I don't really understand what they do wrong... or right. ..

Sure thing, I don’t blame people for not knowing. (I had a feeling someone would ask eventually, actually)

  • FCKH8 namely profiteers off of whatever is popular at the time. As their ads present, they advocate using hate which is never effective. Despite their claims they donate very little if anything to charities, and have had marked incidents of racism, sexism, transphobia, and ace+pan erasure. Plus they’ve stolen from artists which is wonderful! This is a recent masterpost I’ve seen, though I’ve had issues with them for a long-ass time.
  • AutismSpeaks namely has issues with how they handle autism that’s fairly disrespectful. While not donating a lot to begin with, they also treat autism as if it’s some grand, terrifying burden which furthers the misunderstandings of it rather than educating people. It’s all a ploy to get more donations. Here’s some sourced info.
  • Susan G. Komen I feel a bit more personal about since my dad died to cancer (not breast cancer, but still). While they do donate a bit more than these other groups (which isn’t saying much), they’re essentially donating directly to the pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical companies however have no interest in cancer research: this may sound tin-foil-hatty but it’s really kinda common business sense. Curing cancer would destroy their business. So, cancer is never going to see a cure in conventional medicine, and the Susan G. Komen foundation will preserve that.
    That aside, they’re also criticized for sexualizing the disease (save the boobies etc.) which is fucking stupid, as if tits are more important than the human lives affected by the disease. More reading.
    EDIT: HOW COULD I OF FORGOTTEN TO MENTION? Susan G. Komen has also sued other charities for just using the word ‘cure’ in their slogans, regardless of their relation to breast cancer  research! (Not that SGK would ever endorse an actual cure themselves)
  • PETA I hope is obvious. They’ve largely been criticized both for their attention-grabbing displays and a for-profit approach similar to FCKH8. Many of the animals they “save” are euthanized due to it being more cost effective. They’ve even come out and confessed that they do euthanize animals (though of course spun it to make themselves look better) but they’re predominately for-profit.

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this might be a dumb question but i never understand what maggie meant by "refugee face" like that's such ??? idek what's she's supposed to be saying

“He had a refugee’s face, hollow-eyed and innocent.” (kavinsky)

hmmmmm you know what, i’m not entirely sure! (academics, help?) er I guess it’s *possible* this is a hint he and his family are refugees? (though I think it’s much more likely he immigrated). so maybe then it’s just the *essence* of a refugee in his face - someone vulnerable, worn, in need of others’ compassion and assistance, perhaps. but idk; ‘innocent’ is a bit at odds with……… well, kavinsky lmfao

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you're so right about all the drama! if i ever become famous im deleting my blog and staying out of fan discourse like a mature person!!

I honestly don’t even think it was a maturity thing, like I totally understand why she would want to defend her character, especially when she already has a presence on this website

I just think what she didn’t and maybe should have realized is that there’s this website is so prone to mob mentality, so people took what she said and used it to attack the people who had posted it