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“[Ray] would stay up til like 6 am, just working on this arrangement, over and over, and he wrote this whole string arrangement.” - Gerard Way, about #singitforjapan

BATIM: I'm At Soup
  • Bendy: Hello?
  • Boris: Hey what's up?
  • Bendy: I need your help, can you come here?
  • Boris: Uh I can't, I'm buying clothes.
  • Bendy: Alright well hurry up and come over here.
  • Boris: I can't find them.
  • Bendy: What do you mean you can't find them?
  • Boris: I can't find them, there's only soup.
  • Bendy: What do you mean there's only soup?
  • Boris: It means there's only soup!
  • Boris: Alright you don't have to shout at me!
  • Boris: *walks out of the aisle*
  • Boris: There's more soup!
  • Bendy: What do you mean there's more soup?
  • Boris: There's just more soup!
  • Bendy: Go into the next aisle!
  • Boris: There's still soup!
  • Bendy: Where ARE you right now?!
  • Boris: I'm at soup!
  • Bendy: What do you mean you're AT soup?!
  • Boris: I mean I'm AT SOUP!
  • Boris: I'm at the soup store!
  • Boris: F**K YOU!
  • Jimin: from now on we will be using code names
  • Jimin: you can address me as Eagle One
  • Jimin: Jungkook, your code name is: Been There Done That
  • Jimin: yoongi, you're: Currently Doing That
  • Jimin: Hoseok, you're: It happened Once In a Dream
  • Jimin: Taehyung, you're: If I Had to Choose a Bro
  • Jimin: and Namjin, you'll be Eagles Two and Three
  • Namjin: oh thank god
  • Yurio, probably: Katsuki is complete and utter trash, he should retire
  • Yuuri: I agree

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Hi! I feel really bad about this since you just talked about people not demanding that fic writers write things so I'm going to do my best to be polite. I just saw the live-action beauty and the beast and with all the wonderful aus that you've written I would LOVE to see you write a beauty and the beast au for e/R! It just fits so perfectly. Anyway thank you for all that you've written I love all your fics so much and I hope you have a good day! 😘😘

First and foremost, this is absolutely the type of polite ask that you don’t need to feel bad for asking, so no need to feel bad, Nonny!

Secondly, I went and saw the new Beauty and the Beast last night and while I have thoughts™, now is not the time to share them (save to say that I loved it). As for an E/R Beauty and the Beast AU, it is indeed on the surface a tale made for E/R, which is why it’s perhaps not surprising that it’s been done before.

Not that that’s ever stopped me, mind, but it does mean that if I were to write a Beauty and the Beast AU, it’d have to be a different take on it than what’s already been done.

Now, the new Beauty and the Beast offers an intriguing angle in the form of the Beast’s new tragic backstory™ which makes the Beast’s role less tailor-made for Grantaire, believe it or not, and much more intriguing for our beloved Enjolras. Of course, that would leave Grantaire as the beauty, and as we well know, no one would ever accuse Grantaire of being beautiful (save for a very stubborn Enjolras). 

But what watching Beauty and the Beast last night (and the animated version again today) reminded me is that it’s not just Belle that has to learn to love the Beast – the spell states that when he (the beast) learns to love another and earns her love in return, the spell will be broken. And obviously most of Beauty and the Beast focuses on the latter portion. I think the new version took some strides towards showing the Beast learning to love Belle but, like, it’s not difficult to love someone who’s beautiful and a nice person. It’s just not.

So what if the Beauty started as ugly on the inside as the Beast was on the outside?

What if, instead of being cursed with Hugo’s conflation of ugly circumstances and therefore ugly appearance (giving you the side-eye, V. Hugs), Grantaire is handsome, conventionally speaking, but thinks – nay, knows – that he is beastly on the inside? And Enjolras, of course, though still capable of being terrible, is still the same good person who wants to change the world on the inside, but is of course beastly on the outside.

That, my friends, leaves us with a delightful possibility for a story – two men, both beasts, both of whom must learn to put aside their beastly nature in order to earn someone else’s love in return when neither thinks they really deserve it. That might well be a tale worth telling, even if it’s not quite a tale as old as time.

  • Yuri: *can't find Victor in a crowded room* Yurio, do you know where Victor went? I can't find him any-
  • Yurio: I got this
  • Yurio: *cracks knuckles* *uses hands as a megaphone* *takes a deep breath* yURI KATSUKI SUCKS ASS
  • Victor: *nonchalantly strolls up to Yurio* lol ya my ass
  • Yurio: ...
  • Yurio: ......
  • Yurio: bippity boppity back the fuck up

Prompto’s earliest memory of childhood is wandering through urban streets at  sundown, blood streaming, sticking his pants leg to his skin the entire way down to the ankle from a scraped knee.  He has no idea how he got there or what happened to him, but his heart can somehow tell that the hurt which pulls hot tears down his face comes from something much more serious than that small injury.  

It takes a concerned citizen noticing him and calling the right numbers to kick off the flurry of activity that ultimately lands him in the orphanage where he spends the next few years.  He doesn’t remember much of that process either, just things happening too fast and people he doesn’t know asking him questions he cannot answer.  The only constants in those dozens of interactions with police officers, psychologists, and social workers is the guardedness of their queries into his unusual clothing and the eerie symbol blackened onto his arm.  But he doesn’t have these answers either so eventually the questions ebb away.

He’s glad when it’s all over, even if it means that for the forseeable future he’ll be sharing his space with the dozens of other children who occupy the home.  Though his clothes are no different from theirs now, they seem to sense that there is something off about him.  At first he thinks this must be because of the tattoo (whispered conversations abound wherever he walks, from which he only catches snippets, like ‘creepy skull’ and 'ugly snake’ and 'what kind of freak…’  before he tunes out), but the treatment persists even after he starts to cover it up.

He hears it again and again from the caretakers at the orphanage when they think he isn’t listening - that he is a 'hard case’… he even hears them warning off the occasional couples who visit, and even more occasional ones who seem to take interest in him, explaining that he has 'memory loss from apparent trauma’ and a whole host of other peculiarities like an utter lack of previous schooling that leaves him oblivious on how to do such simple things as add, alongside a paradoxical talent for calligraphy, though his impeccably clear and flourished handwriting is riddled with medieval archaisms of spelling.  So while the other kids are gradually adopted away, he lingers.

Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse - that he can’t be at once shunned AND singled out any more, one of his pictures comes to life.  By some blessing he was alone in the art room when it happened, scribbling a cheery yellow bird with the stub of a crayon when at once the wax-made creation sprung alive, hopping jarringly across the page.  That was enough to make his eyes widen, and he shook his head, sure that he was seeing things.  But then it sang.

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  • Judy: Are you alright, Mr...?
  • Nick: Nicholas. My friends call me Nick; at least, they would if I had any friends. So, did they give you a name along with all that fluffy bunny hair?
  • Judy: Uh... Well, I-I-
  • Nick: Are you always this articulate?
  • Judy: Judith! My-my name is Judith.
  • Nick: Judy, huh? I think I prefer Carrots.

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I'm afriad to open my heart up to people. Every time I do, it gets shattered like a brittle piece of glass. I've had nothing but heartache and I'm afriad. I'm afraid to fall in love with someone only to be broken hearted again. It hurts so much.

I used to be really afraid to too. You’ve got to pick the ones worth opening up to, I’ve realized that. Certain people care, and some fake it. The world has been like that to me, it’s not their fault, it’s shitty for sure but they have been living like this and I believe some people do things without realizing or they’re just assholes. I have done that to myself too at some point. I used to be scared too but I realized I also had to pick and choose people carefully, you need to do that, be careful with your heart. People will be your friend or date you for the wrong reasons even if they seem amazing, or sometimes timing isn’t meant to be, some sh*t goes down in people’s lives that they can’t explain either or you didn’t talk long enough to know whether it’d actually work out and jump into it. I needed to realize that before going into a relationship before anything. I stopped dating for at least a year before starting again and I got my heart broken so I stopped dating again, and then I found the person I am with now. Can’t help it. You just need to pick and choose, you are allowed. Your parents always said that but you didn’t listen, at least my dad did and it caused hurt because I ignored it because I wasn’t aware that I could actually ignore certain people when they liked me or I had a crush and acted on it without getting to know them. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt and I’m just telling you take your time. Heal. It’s okay. I love you. You need to choose the ones worth breaking your heart for. I cried for a week straight when I met my boyfriend, and he kept telling me he loved me, it’s okay. It might hurt but he loves me. He was so good to me and gentle with my heart. I knew but I was still afraid.

Kylo: Honey!
Hux: What?
Kylo: Where is my lightsaber?
Hux: What?
Kylo: Where…Is…My…Lightsaber???!
Hux: I put it away.
Kylo: I need it!
Hux: Uh-uh! Don’t even think about running off and killing your family again!
Hux: We’ve been planning this dinner for two month!
Kylo: But your stormstroopers are in danger!
Hux: My evening’s in danger!
Hux: “Greater good”? I am your husband!
Hux: I’m the greatest good you are ever gonna get!
Kylo: FINE!