i'm sure this happens more than twice right

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Please talk more about the nights rinharu spent in Australia.. its never enough, I'm also pretty sure they spent more than one night mhmm and i still can't believe this ep happened oh god

ahhhh oh my gOD. they DID spend more than one night. and every night, they probably got more comfortable (bolder) than the last and they’d probably seriously end up completely in each other’s arms by the last night. FUCK imagine on the first night, right? rin doesnt have his pillow so he can’t really sleep very well. he’s tossing and turning after the talk they just had and he’s probably freaking out in his head like “wtF i told him i admire him TWICE fkn chILL MATSUOKA…”. haru next to him is oddly calm and extremely exhausted considering he hasn’t slept well in the last few days. but. on that night. he feels like he could sleep for ages, and peacefully. except. rin’s next to him rolling around and huffing and haru’s finally so sick of it he just turns around n calls out his name w this tone that’s kinda just like “will u STOP”. n rin just kinda glares at him and haru gives him this look thats like what’s wrong n rin explains he cant sleep and haru teases him about the pillow thing. they have a little whisper-yelling argument where haru’s like just take my pillow n rin’s like no! i can’t do that then u wont have one! and haru’s like w/e i dont care. and rins like but i DO. so haru just huffs, super annoyed n just wants to sleep, n he rolls onto his back and tugs rin over. rin’s like whAT THE FU C k ar eu doing!? n haru just slings rin arm over his stomach and lays his head on his chest n he’s like. now i have a pillow. u have a pillow. n i am a pillow. shut up. go to bed. rin’s just like. w h a t. stunned stupid. then just blushes like mad n grumbles abt how stupid n simpleminded haru is. they both go to bed. the end. AT LEAST FOR THAT NIGHT……. the next night, haru only has to open his arms for rin to just slide right in and… yeah. yeaaaah. fuck my life.