i'm sure there are people who have different ones


This just in: all of humanity is annoying.
Other highlights:

  • INTx’s are hot. Legend has it that while the rest of us evolved from the ancestors of apes, they evolved from dragons.
  • ENxP’s are certifiably crazy. In fact, we’re building an asylum just for you.
  • INxPs are the best. We’d count ENTx’s, but crazy villains don’t get to write history. Unless you’re The Joker. Are you The Joker?
  • ISTPs are dumb, but it looks like they still know more than the rest of us. What does that make us? *shudders*
  • xSFPs are forever an awe-inspiring enigma. Do they really even exist? Are they unicorns in human form? Both. Both is good.
  • ENFJs are the true masters of this world. In fact, we’re pretty sure, they are the Illuminati.
  • xNTJs are scary, but we’re into that. We’d wink if we weren’t scared of what they’d do to us.
  • An INFJ and an ENTJ walk into a bar. Which one is Satan? Which one is the Antichrist? No one knows.
  • ESFJs and ESTPs are basically the ones picked on because people have a crush on them. You’re stupid and annoying, but like… you single?
  • There is a difference between “boring” and “so boring.” Who knew? The xSTJs probably did.

Let us never forget these indisputable facts.


There are people whose work I greatly admire who just don’t write to my experience in any way. I don’t fault them for it; writers tend to create and write to their own experiences and to their own circle of friends and if they don’t have people in their lives who are ethnically diverse, then there’s never really much thought to making roles ethnically diverse. At the same time, there’s nothing to preclude a minority from being in those projects – 90 percent of the time – because they’re not about something that would exclude them such as language or a different experience of growing up.

  • Me: That series finale of Pretty Little Liars was bullshit
  • People: It was actually kind of great tbh, you're just a hater, I really liked it...I mean, except for the fact that they spent over an hour on the ships having sex and no one wanted to see it. And the explanation didn't really make sense and was totally rushed in the last 20 minutes of the episode instead of giving us real answers after making us wait for 7 years. And I mean, I didn't really understand why Ezra was kidnapped, and it was annoying that they didn't give Spencer and Toby a better ending. And how was it that after never being able to solve any mysteries Toby looks through a book of poetry and makes the connection that Spencer must have an evil twin (but didn't notice the difference when having sex with her) like that's not very realistic for people who can never figure anything out ever. Plus it's pretty boring that every single one of them ended up with their high school sweetheart and decided to spend the rest of their lives rotting away in Rosewood. And I really could have done without the entire Addison subplot I mean no one wants a backdoor pilot of the same show and boy Twincers accent was really awful so they probably should have done that differently and I'm not sure what they were thinking with Aria's wedding dress or why there was a dream sequence with Lucas tap dancing in a tux while Jenna rode by on a circus horse but like other than that is was like actually really fucking great though idk what ur talking about
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Bye

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Something I'm a bit surprised no one has asked: Do you have any ideas how you'll visually distinguish people who have been SQUIPped vs people that haven't been during The Play?

I’ve seen a lot of people using a blue effect around the eyes and recalling the circuits pattern of the squip… So I’m going to avoid doing that xD I want to make something different and unique (like the black goop effect for the squip, I think I’m the only one using that? I mean I’ve only seen pixel effect squips until now) So I’m still not sure how to do it but I’m gonna use black and white only for sure

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Can someone who works in a clothing store submit a clothes folding tutorial? Because i always feel terrible when i just cannot for the life of me fold things correctly and employees have to refold it! I'm pretty sure other people would appreciate it as well!

This is one I’ve posted in the past, but there are different methods. -Abby

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I think I might have autism, but I'm not sure how to be sure. Any advise?

Check out the #actuallyautistic tag here and on twitter. If you see someone who you think is cool posting in the tag, or you see a post that’s relatable to you, follow that person or blog.

Follow many autistic people. Read their blogs. Like their facebook pages.

Give different autism-related groups and pages a try. Google is good for this. Try “your city + autistic adults” or try doing a search for “neurodiversity” or “autistic adults” on facebook.

Don’t feel obligated to stay in any one group, to keep following any one advocate, or to stay involved with a community.

If anything makes your uncomfortable, doesn’t sit right, or just isn’t enough information for you, feel free to go elsewhere. Feel free to draw on many different sources. Take what you need.

Check out my playlist of Ask an Autistic episodes and watch any that jump out at you. If you feel like you relate and wanna know more, check out the linked resources I put in every video description.

Once you’ve done some of this for a while, your feelings will likely start to become more concrete. The more you learn about autism and other autistic people’s experiences, the more you will either say, “Yes, this is me, I am like them,” or, “Well, something’s going on and we have some stuff in common, but I don’t think I’m autistic.”

Both conclusions are totally fine. So is inconclusion- like, if you’re never 100% sure, that’s fine too.

There are still some days where (as I’m rocking and crying and spiraling into a total autistic meltdown) I doubt and ask myself, “But what if I’m not actually autistic?” It’s silly, but so many of us do it, and that’s internalized ableism for you.

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I agree with several of the points in the post you made about LoK (I was hugely disappointed when the non-benders' grievances were just kinda dropped), but I'm curious about what you meant by saying you'd write a female avatar with "female attributes and strengths" as opposed to just one who punches people. You obviously don't have a problem with female characters who punch people, after all.

Sure, but Anon asked me what I woulda done different and my brain jumped towards a more pacifistic, spiritual, and thoughtful character type. I could be just fondly remembering Aang because he was so great. Could be that a punchy-punch character was the superior, fresh departure. They just needed one that wasn’t… someone I so very much loathed hanging out with for thirty minutes every week. Enh.

They shoulda made Asami Avatar. How interesting would it have been to have this character born with Ultimate Bending Powers who actually is much more interested in machinery? Then she meets hot girl Korra who’s some kind of Water bending phenom who shows her the beauty and meaning of the art, and Asami is inspired to learn it not out of a sense of duty but because she’s fallen in love with someone for whom it means so much. She accepts her duty out of love and empathy, then more importantly later combines bending with her machinery to build badass things and WAR and SPLOSIONS.

Which would thematically work since Asami would serve as bridge between the old-fashioned spiritual stuff and the emerging modern world. Also she would have been a sophisticated urbanite sympathetic to Amon and the nonbenders, and could have had intelligent and interesting discussions with them and at the end of the series like, Democratic Revolution!

blah why am i even, avatar is about blue tallcats now

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I was wondering if you could explain what exactly a QPP is? I think I have an idea, but I'm not sure. Thanks!

Hello, Nonnie!

This is Quinn Anderson (@quinnandersonwrites), one of Riptide’s authors. They tapped me in to answer this question because I’m an aromantic person who has a QPP. :D I’m going to describe my experiences with being aro and having a QPP, which will hopefully help you understand the term. But keep in mind: my experiences aren’t universal. Other aro people may have had different relationships with their QPP or not have one at all. They also might be somewhere else on the aromantic spectrum than me.

To start, QPP stands for “queer platonic partner.” This term was coined because many people (myself included) don’t believe that simple “friendship” adequately describes the depth of emotion and intimacy that you feel for your QPP. Many aromantic people don’t experience romantic attraction–meaning that while they may be sexually attracted to a person, they don’t desire a romantic relationship with them–which can lead to them feeling friendship in a much stronger way.
Some believe that the Western concept of friendship fails to put enough weight on the importance of the people who are your friends. Society often treats friendship as temporary and secondary to romantic relationships. As in, your husband is supposed to be most important to you, followed by your family, and then your friends get shelved somewhere after that. For aromantic people, this is a ridiculous concept, because friendships are often your primary and most emotionally-satisfying relationships.

In my case, my best friend Teal is my queer platonic partner. She’s married to a man, and I have a girlfriend, but we both consider each other to be a primary relationship. I’m as important to her as her husband and am in no way considered secondary. Our relationship isn’t physically intimate, but it’s deeply emotionally intimate. When she has children, I’ll be considered an aunt to them and will help care for them. Our families are aware of the depth of our relationship, particularly her husband, who is 100% on board with our relationship.

tl;dr: QPP means queer platonic partner, you don’t have to be queer to have a QPP, and QPPs can have physical relationships, but they’re generally deep, intimate friendships.

I hope that answers your question! <3

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I'm sorry that you have to deal with Onethousandroaches and her friends. Hopefully once they get older, they'll get over this mob mentality and superiority complex they have. The whole I'm right you're wrong, shut up and agree with me bullshit. Literally always irritates me. Keep doing you, BB.

Thanks for checking in hun, I certainly appreciate everyone’s feedback. While I disagree with onethousandroaches and hoenursey and the other pals they claim to represent who still have yet to come forward and speak for themselves, I do not think they’re bad people. We certainly have different opinions. But I’m willing to engage them in a conversation so we can discuss why we’re disagreeing and see how to make everyone feel more comfortable and understand one another. I’m not sure if that’s something they want to do yet, based on their replies, but we’ll certainly see! Thanks for the ask, let’s chat again anytime by either message or ask!

I feel like some of the similarities/differences/crossovers between autistic and ADHD people, are a lot like the similarities/differences/crossovers between bi/pansexual people and asexual people. 

In all four cases, there are: 

people who don’t think it exists

people who think it does exist but wish you weren’t so obvious about it

a lot of people who are one of those four things and pass for “normal” and it feels wrong

a lot of people who can’t pass for “normal” even if they try

a lot of people who are one or more of those things and aren’t sure which they are? maybe I’m one? maybe I’m both? maybe I’m neither? shit.

no but seriously it can be hard to tell them apart sometimes???? 

people telling you that you’re not permanently different! you just need to try harder! you’re just trying to be a special snowflake! (those people are jerks)

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"Dating Edmund would include" please? Sorry if you've already done this, I've seen different people do this so I'm not sure if you already have. Thank you ❤️😄

I have not, thanks! 

Dating Edmund Would Include

  • Cuddling after he’s had a nightmare
  • Since he’s a night owl, long walks at night staying up with him until 2 or 3 am
  • Threatening to duel anyone who flirts with you 
  • Putting him to bed when he falls asleep at his desk after a long day
  • Counting his freckles 
  • Being the only one to here him sing
  • Washing his hair
  • Nose kisses
  • Bed head and morning voice (!!!!!!!)
  • Going swimming, he loves the ocean 
  • Beating him in chess
  • Practice sword fighting together  
  • Actually likes to dance at balls with you 
  • You do the cooking, though he tries to help
  • Love to make each other laugh 
  • Edmund loves to be alone with you, that’s when he gets handsy, normally he keeps his hands to himself in public 
  • Late night talks about funny things, with his doors to his balcony open so the cool night air and ocean breeze flow into the room. 

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I see a lot of people talk about mary sues and they say different things a lot of the time. What IS a mary sue and how do I make sure I don't make one? im starting to write fanfiction and I'm really nervous people will call my ocs mary sues >A<;;;

This is quite a question to unpack, mainly because I have my own ever-changing definition of what a Mary Sue is.

Historically, “Mary Sue” is a reference to a Star Trek OC of the same name and codified the character trope: overly-perfect, lacking flaws, and having good relationships with all the writer’s favorite characters while anyone who doesn’t like them is shown to be wrong at best and villainous at worst. And while I think these qualities are still relevant in discussions of the Mary Sue archetype, I think what it all gets back to is simply… a flat, underdeveloped character.

Over time, different subsections of the Mary Sue have been identified, which might be what you’re seeing. But, as pointed out in this video…

… Mary Sues, as they were commonly seen when I was a young writer (generally following in the vein of My Immortal’s Ebony Darkness Demen’tia Raven Way), are far less prevalent in today’s world. Most young artists and writers have heard and/or seen enough about Mary Sues and how to not make them, that most don’t make these same mistakes.

So I’m going to advise you on how to write strong characters in general first, because it honestly doesn’t matter how implausible something is–in writing, you can probably make it work, as long as it’s internally consistent and thoughtfully written.

  • Your character should have realistic flaws stemming from their personality and/or past experiences that have an impact on them and the people around them. If a clumsy girl falls and her hot crush helps her up, did she even make an error? Also, this flaw shouldn’t disappear the moment the character is made aware of it. Habits are hard to break even when someone knows they’re bad. It’s also okay to let your character be legitimately wrong, and have that acknowledged in the story. Everyone makes mistakes! It doesn’t mean they’re a terrible person. (Unless you want them to be!)
  • Your character should take an active role in the plot. They should have stakes in the outcome of the conflict and motivation to get involved, even if they initially resist. This can come about in various ways, but it’s usually advisable to relate your character’s motivation to the message that you’re trying to get across.
  • Your character should grow and change. They should be challenged and have to re-examine their beliefs and motives, even if they are ultimately reaffirmed. Conflict is more than defeating the bad guy, after all. This goes hand-in-hand with giving them realistic flaws.
  • Show, don’t tell. If your character is exceptionally skilled at something, show them doing that thing with skill instead of informing the audience and then never actually showing them in action. If your character is the most dangerous assassin in the country, I want to see them assassinate someone!

In regards to things that are generally considered Mary Sue traits:

  • Tragic backstories are fine, as long as they don’t completely overtake your character’s personality. I personally love tragic backstories, but you should be aware that they have been a little overused and make sure that you’re working the tragedy into your character’s actions and motives. Remember, not everyone deals with tragedy in the same way, and just like a flaw doesn’t go away immediately, neither does trauma. 
  • Special powers are fine, as long as they’re internally consistent with the world that you’re working in. Just look at Avatar: The Last Airbender–you wouldn’t call Aang a Mary Sue because he can bend all the elements, as that is consistent with the world’s mythology.
  • In fanfiction, having an OC that’s related to or friends with canon characters is fine, as long as you take care in writing the canon character believably. I have seen so many amazing fanchildren OCs, and what really elevates these characters and makes them more memorable is the fact that they have believable interactions with canon characters.

I invite you to look through some of my tags for more tips and advice, since this is a fairly short list of general tips.

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In reference to fake donations, I generally donate to people others have vouched for but tbh there'll always be a chance its fake, so when I have money I see it as I'm choosing to believe they need this, and if it turns out that's a lie then so be it. If you want concrete proof that every $ you ever give is spent right you'll always be disappointed. And if that means you don't want to donate that's your prerogative, but I'd rather donate to 5 peeps and have 1 not rly need it than donate to 0

Not to mention, people spend money a lot of “legitimate” things that wind up being worthless garbage and far less than whatever was promised. But the only people who can EVER be dishonest scammers are the poor & destitute people in the world who are scrounging by on some spare change and fluff. Yeah. Right.

I’ve talked about this before, but this is another instance of the kinds of images that are coined together under capitalist media. The overwhelming myth of “welfare queens,” the idea that people who are asking for money are always lying, always cheating the “honest people” in the world. Even though there are corporations that steal, and cheat and lie to people on a regular basis in order to take their money. But yeah, sure, it’s the one-off Tumblr blogger who’s asking you to donate $5 to their Paypal so that they can find a meal to eat who’s lying to you. Right.

- Mod A

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All these allistics are getting butthurt because autistic people want to have this one thing. Sorry, you guys can do something similar but it's not stimming. I think it's called fidgeting ect ect but please leave autistics alone when they tell you that things are wrong. If an autistic person says something is wrong and the only person getting mad at them is allistics... you see you problem I'm sure.

Using alternative terms other than stimming aside:

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s only allistics who are of a different opinion than you are bruh :/

This really is the last ask I’m answering about the whole dealio, I know y’all are sick of it by now ^^;; But anyway, like I said, I’m still gonna run this blog the way I always have! It’s not like it’s any secret or anything that I’m allistic, so if that’s something that you’re not cool with, I understand if you don’t wanna follow anymore! But at the same time I’m gonna keep on truckin’, so many people have told me how much this blog means to them that I wouldn’t even think about stopping here or anything! >:3 (I’m always down for growing and learning new things though so like. Like I said, if I ever step outta line on anything just let me know! ^^; )

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Hey, so how do you maintain relationships when having bipolar? I have screwed up many of mine but I don't know how to make them understand that I can't stop myself from pushing them away when I'm depressed. I don't do meds tho.

I’m not sure if you mean romantic relationships or just different kinds of relationships in general, so I’ll answer for both. 

There’s a quote I read that really resonated with me: “Build friendships so strong that they raise your standards for romantic relationships.” I think it applies to everyone, but more so to people who have mental illness. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve made a habit of decentralising my support system, so that I tend to rely on different people in my life for different kinds of support. Relying on one person for support – be it a partner or a best friend – seems to be the ideal, but I think that doing so runs the risk of putting a strain on the relationship. That doesn’t mean that we’re a burden, mind you. It just means that we’re human – and so is our (hypothetical) partner.

I think having a support system composed of people who also support each other is the ideal. I’ve been known to push people away while depressed as well, and my friends and family have dealt with this by trying to get through to me in ways that they do best, then they communicate with each other to see how I’m doing, which approach worked, etc.

That would be my best advice, I guess. Try to build a web of support. Connect the people in your life who matter the most to you so that when your swings come, they could rely on each other as well.

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What are your thoughts regarding the phandom's narratives about Dan's mental health? I agree completely that it isn't our place to speculate or diagnose, but these tropes are so prevalent - fics and comments painting Dan as a mental case and Phil as the one who "saves" him. I'm sure Phil's constant presence and love and support has played a role in Dan's current openness and comfort in his own skin but it's not all on Phil. What do you think fuels this very one-dimensional view of things?

Hollywood. Society. The generalizations of neurotypical people who don’t have the perspective or insight to view mental health as anything but a situation that one person is capable of saving another from. 

It is a very nuanced thing, that line between ‘supporting’ and ‘saving’ but that extends far outside of fic tropes. One person does have the power to make a difference in another person’s life, but it’s more about the kind of encouragement and enabling that a support system can provide. And sometimes it isn’t even that the person is trying to be a support system, sometimes it’s just that they exist. Sometimes you need something to hold onto, one thing that feels right and good and gives you a reason to get through each day. Fans unironically say that Dan and Phil saved them all the time; but the truth is, it’s the fan themself finding something worth holding onto in Dan and Phil’s content - it’s not Dan and Phil themselves executing a purposeful action. 

In fic, it makes for an appealing story for a lot of people. In real life, it’s dangerous to put that kind of responsibility onto someone else. Expanding this far outside the scope of phandom - I’d rather see it like people who are good in your life, people who inspire you and give you hope (whether they’re celebrities or youtubers or people actually in your life) are tools that you make the decision to utilize to help you make it through a day, rather than someone to whom the responsibility of saving you gets assigned to. 

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@the anon who reported a person for having a similar art style to Sebbi's. It's bound to happen. There are millions of people in the world and there are gonna be similar art styles. Unless they're directly tracing Sebbi's work or reposting it as their own I'm pretty sure it's fine. Plus those people can take inspiration from certain styles and drawings. Some styles are a mix of a few different ones. So I don't really think reporting that person was a great idea.

The signs as things people told me that changed my life
  • Aries: "Failure does not shape you; the way you respond to failure shapes you."
  • Taurus: "It's not about what you look at; It's about what you see."
  • Gemini: "Your actions aren't you."
  • Cancer: "Confessing something you did wrong will cost something, but concealing it might cost everything."
  • Leo: "Words are fucking tsunamis but people splash them around like they're fucking puddles."
  • Virgo: "But without the dark, we'd never see the stars."
  • Libra: "Don't go searching for the perfect one, be the perfect one."
  • Scorpio: "Holding grudges is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."
  • Sagittarius: "I was so focused on putting you back together that I didn't notice that you were ripping me apart and now my hands are cut and bloody but I'm not sure if it's from holding your broken fragments or mine."
  • Capricorn: "We all are going through hell, just at different levels and different devils."
  • Aquarius: "Stop drowning for people who wouldn't even get in the damn water for you."
  • Pisces: "Sometimes you just have to go through a lot of hell to get to heaven."

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My old psychiatrist is writing me a letter confirming gender dysphoria & recommending me to get HRT. My question is... how do I find someone to prescribe me T? Can I go to my regular doctor aka the one who makes sure I'm UTD on shots, treats me when I get a cold, etc? Or will I have to go through someone completely different? How do I figure out who is a Good doctor to go through? I looked through your FAQ and other pages but some of the answers were... a bit confusing srry!!!

Jay says:

Most people go to their regular doctor first, who will give you a referral to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologist will prescribe your HRT and monitor your hormone levels.

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So do fictives come about for any particular reason? Or are they alters who have basically taken on that personality themselves? Sorry I'm pretty sure you've had a ask about fictives before, but I think I have one I just don't know as communication is off and I don't really know what a fictive essentially is. Thanks for your help and I'm sorry if I sound really rude!

It’s different for different people!

Some fictional introjects come about because the trauma/events that split them off are related to the character. For example, if one is religiously abused they may form a fictive of an angel character. If one’s trauma takes place near a media source, like if someone only read one series of books during hospital visits, they might form a fictive from the series. 

Some fictives form to ground the identities of already formed alters. For example, a nameless alter splits off. They ground their identity in that of a fictional character to stabilize the system. They might take the name of a character, personality traits, etc. 

Fictives are internal representations of a character, and they’re not always 100% like the character. Most fictional introjects lie on a spectrum between being “only a bit like the character” and “exactly like the character.” I hope this makes sense! They’re really just like any other alter.