i'm sure someones already made something like this but

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Hello again. I'm not sure if you'll see this but whatever. 1. Thank you so much for seeing my question and posting some awesome Megamo x Ayano art. Made me so happy to see that you saw my question. 2. Do you have lots of art that you haven't shown us, your fans, yet. Like, when someone asks you to draw something, is it already drawn or do you draw it right before you post. 3. I would adore it if you would look through some of these sheets (if you're bored or have the spare time) (see next post)

Ok that,i have no reservations about you guys
but maybe oc is what I have not shown to you guys


I almost only drawn YanSim in these eight months

I saw someone who asked then I started drawing,because many people overlap their request…

So I can only reply to the latest ask

3.I don’t understand what is “sheets”

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kiss + enneads (wil)

@roanlxnds | send ‘kiss + someone’s url’ for ferus to kiss them | (accepting)


So he’d been worried. Very worried. A little bit sick with worry, actually, because they’d lost contact with Wil suddenly and the backup channel had been heavy with interference that didn’t seem normal which had made Ferus believe that maybe someone had hacked their transmissions or had gotten to Wil already –

And well, that sabotage thing was still possible, and something they definitely needed to look into, but the possibility that something had happened to Wil was eliminated because he’d just walked through the door.

Ferus wasted no time in going up to him, pulling him to him with an affectionate headlock, and kissing his temple out of sheer relief.

“You had us worried there”, he said, bringing his other hand up to hold onto Wil’s shoulder, moving back enough to look him in the eyes. “What happened?”

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Hey, i love your blog so much and i wanted to ask you something, i think someone already asked you that but i'm going to ask it anyway because it confuses me since i'm a kid. So, in Arthur they are all animals, right? And then Arthur has a dog. Like, a dog who can't talk, and i'm almost sure that he also has a friend who's a dog. This never made sense to me.

i always figured it was like. like y'know how we humans can have pet monkeys? something like that. they share a common ancestor but aren’t necessarily the same species