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I have a request, or could just count as a question instead; but I'm kind of curious to see feral!Adrien's reaction to a sick Marinette, even more so since I don't think he'd ever come across someone sick before with humans keeping to their homes when sick. So I'm curious on what he'd do and how he'd respond.

…. You just… totally went there didn’t you?

You’re right that Adrien hasn’t had interaction with other humans, so he wouldn’t notice it at first. It’s Plagg who does.

Plagg is the one who notices most things before Adrien. Whenever Marinette makes her way from the camp, Plagg’s ear twitches before Adrien hears or sees her, even though it’s Adrien who sits staring at the direction she would come from. It’s always Adrien who jumps up when she does arrive, though; Plagg usually just yawns and stays comfortable in his perch in the trees.

But one day when the weather is cool and gloomy, Plagg actually lifts his head and sniffs the air. Adrien follows his example, but picks out nothing amiss except for the impending rain. When the awaited sound of shuffling leaves come, it’s much louder and conspicuous than usual. Marinette finally stumbles into the clearing and Adrien bounds up to her, standing up to his full height before giving her a sweeping bow.

He greets her with a perfectly executed, “Good afternoon, My Lady!”

Adrien might not be able to always speak in long, properly full French sentences yet, but he makes sure he gets that one right, if only for the face Marinette makes whenever he does. Her expression is always somewhere between impressed and amused and also unimpressed. (Alya says it’s called, “endeared”. (Marinette only rolls her eyes. (Alya says that one is called, “in denial”.)))

“Lend me your arm for a minute?” she asks the moment Adrien takes his seat beside her.

“Okay,” Adrien readily agrees, holding his arm out. This isn’t new, he thinks: Marinette has already done lots of sketches–“studies”–of him before. But instead of inspecting the exact curves of his muscles as she usually does, she instead ducks her head under his arm and leans her head on his shoulder. Adrien very nearly jumps.


“Is this okay?” Marinette asks.

Is she kidding? This is so very okay!!! Usually it’s him who leans on some part of her and he has to ask her especially when he wants to curl up on her lap and even though she does say yes most of the time he still celebrates it when she says yes and now she’s the one asking and she’s the one leaning on him and WHAT IS HAPPENING????

“It’s okay,” he says.

“I’m sleepy,” she mumbles.

“Sleep,” he tells her.

He hesitantly puts his arm around her shoulders.

She smiles, then closes her eyes.

Around them, the jungle is still.

Hours later, Adrien wakes to Plagg nudging him urgently. Something is wrong. On Adrien’s shoulder, where there should be the gentle warmth of Marinette’s cheek, there is an alarming heat on Adrien’s skin instead. Adrien tries to wake her. She doesn’t. She shivers, her breath coming in rapid puffs as the delicate wrinkle between her eyebrows tightens. Adrien has seen this before. He’s seen animals breathe like this right before they- Before they-

No. No, nonononono.

“Marinette! Marinette, wake up, wake up, MARI–”

She emits a quiet whimper, too similar to the sound Plagg made that one time when he was seriously wounded and bleeding, and Adrien feels a numbing coldness shoot through his veins.

What does he do? What should he do, what’s he supposed to do– he knows how to take care of Plagg– Adrien just needs to make sure he’s warm and he has water nearby and Plagg always licks his wounds clean but Marinette isn’t doing that humans don’t do that do they does she even have wounds what’s hurting her what’s hurting her?

Plagg snaps a growl, snapping Adrien out of the maelstrom of his panic. In one powerful leap he climbs up on a tree branch, before pausing to look back down at Adrien, making sure that the human boy is paying attention. Then he launches to the next branch, cutting through the jungle’s understory and towards Marinette’s camp.

Marinette’s camp, where the other humans are.

Adrien catches Plagg’s meaning. He gathers Marinette up in his panther pelt and forces his limbs to stand. As thunder rumbles above them and raindrops fall from the sky, he runs after Plagg.

“You’ll be okay,” he whispers to the precious weight in his arms, “please be okay.”  

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Hey may I am you something? How does someone get noticed and popular like you? I've been trying a lot but nothing seems to ever work. My art never gets noticed and I'm starting to get desperate. Please tell me how to get noticed!

Okay from what I have noticed a lot of people get popular on youtube or tumblr by doing the following: 

A. Appealing to children. Yall are gonna dislike this one, but the majority of people who have time to be involved fans of things are underage. Typically around 12-14. The majority of my audience probably falls in this range, and as such I tend to tailor my content towards that. AKA I do a lot of ship videos, since 12-14 year old fans like to squeal over them, and I do a lot of edgy shit, since 12-14 year olds are typically pretty edgy. 

B. Consistent storyline/schedule. You’ll notice that the videos of mine that have the most views are parts of a series. Ask blogs also tend to do well if they have a set schedule and update very frequently, honestly you don’t even need to be that good. Like I’ve seen a lot of people who I’ve honestly thought are not that talented get extremely popular because they do really popular fan comics and update a lot. Same goes for undertale comic dubs. I’ve seen a lot of people who are bad at making videos and bad at acting in general thrive because they chose a series no one else had seen and stuck to it. That brings me to the third thing actually

C. Do things no one has seen yet. You’re not going to get popular by releasing worse versions of things people have already done. This applies moreso to youtube I think, getting to the series first is a BIG part of getting popular if you’re not a very well known youtuber. Like I’m gonna hear some of you say “buT YOU DO SERIES PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY DONE WHY AREN”T YOU FOLLOWING YOUR OWN ADVICE” well let me counter that. I currently have around 240000 subscribers, so most of the views we bring in now are directly linked to the popularity of our channel, and not necessarily the comic itself anymore. Don’t get me wrong, the comic is a huge part, but we are a pretty huge channel. However, I got popular due to underline, there’s really not much denying that. I loved the series, and I still am fully indebt to the creators for being such amazing people, because they truly got me to the place I am now. This is because everyone had done underline part 1, but no one had continued it. I did, and that alone got me around 20k subscribers. 

D. Actively try to improve. It honestly doesn’t matter if you start out weakly, or if you don’t really know what you’re doing or how to do it. Take a look at my first videos, they were AWFUL. Everyone starts out not really knowing what they’re doing. Don’t let that deter you from actively trying to become better. And remember, the best way to do that is practice. Sure you’ll get some haters in the beginning, but try not to let that affect you and push forward, I promise you its worth it! 

E. Sometimes there isn’t a secret to success/Focus on your own work. Sometimes people will just like something that you think is absolute trash, and you’ll ask yourself ‘how on earth did they get popular??’ but the internet is a weird place, and people can just spontaneously become popular sometimes. If their art/content has worth to someone, you can’t deny that. And because of that, I recommend not getting super invested in that and being like ‘THIS PERSON IS POPULAR BUT IM NOT???? THEYRE GARBAGE THO? I QUIT’ like just try to focus on your own work and don’t get too caught up in other popular blogs/content if you dont have a similar format. If you do however, I actually recommend keeping an eye on them and see what they do, since it can be really fun to do some crossovers or possibly get to know them.

F. Make friends. that one’s pretty self explanatory. 

ANYWAYS this was my very long and very indepth guide to my “secrets to success”, although the important thing is to not get too caught up in this kinda stuff and just have fun making your content. I wish you all luck~ 

also the only reason I really gave such an indepth answer is a lot of yall have been asking me similar questions, so I thought it would be nice to sit down and fully explain. 

Chapter 136

People. People, this chapter was so good!

I can’t really explain why I feel this way. Perhaps there are people out there who will say “But there didn’t happen much in this chapter!” and I will absolutely agree with them. And disagree right in the same breath. Because while we haven’t even switched places or perspectives much, while there hasn’t been a fight or a sudden revelation in this chapter – there was so much in there.

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[Ask RPedia] How to Play a Jerk Without Being a Jerk?

Anonymous asked: Hi! I’m sorry if this might sound a bit desperate, but can you help me how to rp an astute, ruthless, and controlling character? A good example would be Tywin Lannister, because my character’s personality is very similar to him. Though i’m always conflicted whenever i rp because I don’t know if I would offend the other roleplayers, nor do I know how to approach people with a character like this. Help? T_T

Hey! Don’t worry I'm definitely here to help. Even if I am literally like a year late on this one, it’s actually something a lot of people have issues with. Don’t worry, we’re actually gonna do it now! So under the cut is how to RP what amounts to an asshole without pissing people off. First part will be HOW TO, and second part will cover HOW TO WELL.

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hi, i'm semi new to the twd fandom but i'm crazy about richonne jesus christ i love them so fucking much lmao but i'm curious to understand why do people think richonne is so close to being cannon in 6b? because from what i've read it stems from rick+andrea getting together around this in the comics and people have said that richonne has a similar dynamic to rick and andrea so i was wondering how is the richonne relationship on the show similar to rick and andrea's relationship in the comics?

Hi, I actually haven’t read all the comics yet, so I’m not the best person to answer the second question. However, I have my own opinion for the first one, even as just being a part of the tv audience, so let me share that?

From the very beginning, Michonne’s story arc was about her missing her family, not being able to move on from her boyfriend’s and her son’s death. She was lost, didn’t trust anybody, and as she said she “was gone for a long time” until Andrea brought her back. (Until Rick brought her back. Until Carl did.)  She used to miss Mike so much, she still talked to him despite him being dead. When we see her with Judith for the first time, we see her cry and hold her closely, clearly missing her baby son. But we learn the fact that she had a son few more episodes later when she finally shares that with one person - Carl.

In the comics, Michonne actually had two daughters, but the show runners decided to change it to only one son for the show. In my opinion - to make her bond with Carl stand out even more. And it’s obviously a very deep one. After Michonnne knocks on the door where Rick and Carl spent the night in After, Rick laughs against the door and then with a smile tells to Carl “It’s for you.” Right in the first episode of season 4 we can see they already created some sort of bond to start with, she knew he would be happy about her bringing him comics and she even knew which kind. Throughout the entire season, we can see them getting closer - laughing, sharing secrets, playing games. In Claimed Rick asks her to be Carl’s best friend and she eagerly agrees. I wouldn’t hesitate to say she took on the mother role for Carl during this time, even let him sleep on her lap after the traumatic experience in A

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apologies if someone's already asked you this, but - do you think any of the inners could have done uranus and neptune did, and pretend to betray usagi?

In reference to events with Galaxia!

I think there’s two ways to look at this. And I know you said “could”, but I want to address the “would” part first. Given similar circumstances facing Haruka and Michiru, WOULD the Inners pretend to betray Usagi?

On that, I would say no way. Even Haruka and Michiru didn’t go into their meeting with Galaxia with this as their top plan. It was a desperate attempt to snatch victory from what they saw as inevitable defeat. The Inners were dead, Usagi was alone (never a great state for Usagi), and their best efforts to defeat Galaxia didn’t even phase her. The entire world was at stake, and there was nothing anyone could do.

That’s the key. Haruka and Michiru did not believe they, Hotaru, Pluto, and Usagi could win.

The Inners wouldn’t be beaten down to that point, not even if positions were entirely reversed and they’d seen the Outers killed. Maybe their attacks were rebuffed, maybe things looked dire as hell. But they BELIEVE in themselves and Usagi. They believe that together they can defeat anything. Pretending to betray Usagi is accepting that standing with her cannot result in victory. And yeah, just no way.

But let’s set that aside. WOULD they? If they believed it was their best (only?) chance to win?

We’ll start easy. Minako could. Whatever else anyone – particularly Usagi – thought of her, Minako could take it. Minako’s practical. Minako remembers what loss – huge final end of everything loss – feels like. But while I say she could take whatever the others thought of her, I think that if they believed, genuinely in their hearts believed that she’d betray them, it’d kill her. Another secret Minako must keep.

Also easy is Mako. I just can’t see any scenario where Mako would lose faith enough to be able to turn on her friends. Mako would be yelling with her dying breath about how anyone could. Mako would believe in the power of her own two fists to beat the enemy into submission before she’d stop believing in any of them. Even if she WANTED to pretend to betray them, she’d fucking suck at it. Mako for Team Good Guys, always.

Ami is a lot more difficult to decide. I think she could, though. I think she’d have to absolutely have no faith left at all. Ami, at her most logically detached. The thing with Ami that we see consistently throughout the series is how she never loses sight of the bigger picture. This isn’t just them (if it were just them, I don’t think she’d ever consider standing apart from the others), it’s every living thing on earth. They know what Galaxia is capable of, there’s no question what she’ll do if she wins. Ami checks the numbers again. WHEN Galaxia wins. Ami’s heart sinks, because math doesn’t lie.

REI YOU DO VEX ME ON THIS. I keep going back and forth, which is a rare burst of Rei-centric indecision from me. The problem is the idea of “could” and “would” again, which feels a bit cheating since I already covered it, right? Thing is, I believe Rei COULD pretend to betray Usagi and the others. “Making The Hard Choices” is Chapter Three of The Rei Hino Handbook. She isn’t going to be swayed by what anyone would think of her for it, not even Usagi. At the same time though, I just can’t think of a scenario, not even this one, so grave that Rei would admit defeat. Because “Telling The World To Go Fuck Itself I Will Never Give Up” is Chapter TWO in The Rei Hino Handbook. Rei has utter confidence in herself. She believes in her friends without hesitation. She’s had faith in Usagi’s capacity to rise above herself from literally their first moments.

I’m not sure it entirely feels i’m answering there, but it’s the most honest response I have. Rei COULD. I just don’t think Rei ever be brought to the point where she WOULD.

Of course the hitch in all of this is Usagi. Part of what sold Haruka and Michiru was that Usagi herself wasn’t sure. There is absolutely no part of Usagi that’s going believe any of her girls are just “Okay, evil now!” Which opens up another facet where Usagi (who is a little quicker and craftier sometimes than given credit for) catches what’s going on and is part of the plan. BUT ANOTHER TIME PERHAPS AS THAT IS ALL A BIT OUTSIDE THE SCOPE OF YOUR QUESTION.