i'm sure plenty of people have already done the deciphering on this

size queen yuri plisetsky’s twitter brags

y’all, i thought about this headcanon while i was going to sleep and kept giggling about it and here we are??? i’m also obsessed with yuri being a size queen i literally cannot get enough of it. anyway, sorry for all of this??it got away from me hardcore??

read it on ao3 if u wanna

Yuri groans, buries deeper into his blankets to avoid the sunlight creeping into the bedroom. His skin aches, his head aches, his throat aches; upon further inspection, he realizes there’s nothing that doesn’t ache, which typically means it was a very good night

It’s all a bit hazy, only vague memories floating through the remnants of too much alcohol and the softness of sleep. Yuri recalls finally stumbling to the club after the pre-game at one of Otabek’s friend’s house. He remembers pocketing both of their phones while Otabek took the DJ stand for a set (or two, or three?), but past that…not more much than the burn of booze and wandering hands and, naturally, Beka’s lips, but that all was pretty standard for a night out in Almaty.

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