i'm sure people have already seen this

also, as a quick aside...

while i do try to support all headcanons, i really want to remind this fandom to try and be conscious of design choices. specifically, the races and skin colors you decide to give to characters when you design them. it’s been less than a day since the new episode came out and already a large amount of the john designs i’ve seen have been black men (mostly dark-skinned). i obviously support headcanoning characters as black but it’s concerning to me that so many people have immediately decided to design john, our pretentious cocksure devoid-of-positive-emotion megalomaniac of a Big Bad, as a black person, especially when their headcanons for most other characters are non-black or black but light-skinned.

like i said, i’m not trying to dissuade people from having black headcanons in general, i’m just trying to remind white people and other non-black POC to be critical and self-aware when creating our fan designs for characters.

(if any of my black followers feel that i’m out of line addressing this, please let me know)

thinking back to s1 and s2 noora it’s crazy how much she changed. In s2 she was strong and independent and the minute she started to fall for willhelm she lost her strength and has yet to gain it back.

what would have been great if noora’s season was s1 and s2 had been eva’s season and then she’d broken up with willhelm and we’d see her strength and independence.

we would have seen noora grow into the feminist that we know she is rather than see her lose those ideals and it would’ve been so amazing too see noora - an abuse victim who was only 17 with no parents in her life to grow stronger after what she endured with nico and willhelm, how inspiring that could’ve been for other young women. :///


This makes me happy

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I'm not sure I I've ever seen a movie or a tv show where a character was pan,I'm not even sure I've heard anyone say the word "pansexual" I've only seen gay or bi characters and now we have Even!!!!

SAME SAME!! i was just thinking about this in shower actually as one does. like. it’s already so so rare to get a canon bi character - i’m not talking about characters who have relationships / sex with people of multiple genders on tv because i feel like that’s sort of a thing writers do to create Intrigue. i’m talking about characters who actually SAY that they are bisexual OUT LOUD. it’s so fucking rare to get canon mga characters at all and now? we get a character who identifies specifically as pan?? that’s ….. that’s unheard of. i was really just gonna be happy to hear them say the words in season 3 but i’m just. i feel really validated as an mga person today and im celebrating 💗💛💙

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"Dating Edmund would include" please? Sorry if you've already done this, I've seen different people do this so I'm not sure if you already have. Thank you ❤️😄

I have not, thanks! 

Dating Edmund Would Include

  • Cuddling after he’s had a nightmare
  • Since he’s a night owl, long walks at night staying up with him until 2 or 3 am
  • Threatening to duel anyone who flirts with you 
  • Putting him to bed when he falls asleep at his desk after a long day
  • Counting his freckles 
  • Being the only one to here him sing
  • Washing his hair
  • Nose kisses
  • Bed head and morning voice (!!!!!!!)
  • Going swimming, he loves the ocean 
  • Beating him in chess
  • Practice sword fighting together  
  • Actually likes to dance at balls with you 
  • You do the cooking, though he tries to help
  • Love to make each other laugh 
  • Edmund loves to be alone with you, that’s when he gets handsy, normally he keeps his hands to himself in public 
  • Late night talks about funny things, with his doors to his balcony open so the cool night air and ocean breeze flow into the room. 

I just realized I hit 100 followers. :o I’ve been thinking of doing a giveaway thing that I’ve seen other daily blogs do. I’m just not sure what the rules should be, what time it should end, and how should the fusions be given out (randomly chose 3 people winners on the end date or everyone gets one)

I already have 3 Pokemon fusions drawn so that’s set. (unless I draw more, I haven’t decided) This is my first time doing this so any in put on this is appreciated. ^^

Blaise wasn’t sure what had him awake so early. Sleeping in a new place or the ever present deadline on his newest book, whatever it was he couldn’t sleep. So instead he found himself in the common area, worn book held between his fingers as he read over the words he had already read a thousand times before. He still wasn’t quite sure what to expect here at Bates but he was already impressed by the library that he’d seen earlier. It didn’t take much to win him over honestly.

He was pretty sure he was alone, so when he saw something move out of the corner of his eye he looked up from his book, a friendly smile on his lips. “Couldn’t sleep either? Or just a night owl?”


Okay, um…so here’s the speech. The zombie thing is a bitch. Your world shrivels down to a dot, you know this, and…All you think about is how to get your next meal, and keeping your secret. And…No one can really…know you. Now. Kissing, touching, sex, love, yelling at someone for stealing the blankets. Um, out of the question. Forever. But then one day I see this…Beautiful woman. She’s the only thing in color. Odd ‘cause she’s so pale. And then suddenly there’s hope again. That’s all I’m saying. Who knows if we’ll even like each other. But I like everything I’ve seen so far, and, um…What have we got to lose?

yet another thought

Assuming the next Gravity Falls episode goes the “Mabel has her own dream world where she’s living her endless summer days in the bubble” route, complete with pretend family and friends, the deciding factor in how she tells the real Dipper apart from the figment Dipper (and/or realizes something is actually really wrong) is because she sneezes and the figment Dipper doesn’t. 

Because the fact that Dipper brought up the whole “sneeze at the same time” fact AND THEN SNEEZED WITH NO FOLLOW-UP is just asking for a follow-up on the inside of the bubble with Mabel sneezing.  

When we’re all done? When we’ve resigned
In the long run, what do we leave behind?

I illuminate the stories of the people in the street
Some have happy endings
Some are bittersweet
But I know them all and that’s what makes my life complete

And if not me, who keeps our legacies?
Who’s gonna keep the coffee sweet with secret recipes?
Abuela, rest in peace, you live in my memories

Abuela I’m sorry
But I ain’t goin’ back because I’m telling your story

—selections from In the Heights “Finale” that pointed to themes LMM would explore further in Hamilton

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yeah true, everyone is presenting spark as the 'meme' team leader rn... but you know, your team leader got real qualities on his own as far as i've seen. He's shown to be fun-loving, enthusiastic, kind, close to his team mates... i'm sure new and cool headcanons will come once the meme hype dies down a bit, it's only the beginning after all

I like the headcanon that he hatches eggs like crazy and jogs everyday
papa spark

also the team valor rivalry with team instinct makes me think that Candela and Spark have friendly fights

and Mystic has been always chill with us (more than Valor at least) so they could be rlly chill chatty friendos

but if they dont do it, I WILL

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I'm sure you've already been asked this, but how did you feel about the season finale of veep?

The finale was bad and Mandel clearly didn’t honor the vision Armando Iannucci was striving for despite what he says in interviews.

Seasons three, four, and five have all been about getting Selina elected POTUS. Every season the scope widened and the stakes increased, making the show more exciting every spring that we tuned in.

I’ve seen reviewers use the term “failing upward” to refer to Veep. And they should because that’s a key part of what Veep is. These terrible people endure fuck up after fuck up and yet against all odds they managed to make Selina the most powerful woman in the world. Seeing terrible people succeed for the wrong reasons is an excellent way to satirize American politics because that’s what politicians do in the real world. Have you seen Donald Trump lately?

Another key part of Veep’s satire is the way that the drew attention to the problems within American politics. The gridlock and the inter-party politics and the nuance of law that kept Selina from doing her job. David Mandel completely fucked over the Constitution by paying selective attention the clauses he wanted for the sake of a big twist. While maybe I would grant him such artistic license if the payoff were better, but… it wasn’t.

Guess what, David Mandel? In a show like Veep big picture failures aren’t funny. They limit possibilities and lower the stakes and make every fuck up feel less important. One of my favorite text posts from tumblr user @seinfelds was one she made at the beginning of season four.

VEEP SEASON 1: selina doesn’t sign a card for the widow of a recently deceased senator because her team done fucked up
VEEP SEASON 4: selina inadvertently invests $60 billion of taxpayer money to fund a sector of the military that hasn’t been used since the cold war because her team done fucked up

Understand what I mean now? The second fuck up is infinitely more juicy because the stakes are high. 

David Mandel wrote himself into a corner and I wish him luck in finding his way out.

I googled Miss Stella Artois in google images, and multiple pics showed up, including this one of her in the same dress,

 which returned a link with her name immediately when I reverse-image searched it, so if they just wanted us to figure out who she is, they could have replaced the pic or at least added one that would make figuring it out easier, but they didn’t. 

They wanted us to find that one pic specifically which, as far as I see, is only on that flyer/ad, so it’s absolutely spot-on to think the ties to the other people on the flyer are important. 


Fan-made teaser trailer for the new season of Doctor Who. By the same wizard who made Wholock


The Lord of the Rings in 99 Seconds

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I'm wondering maybe lilo are so close now is because they cant be close to the men they love so they are sticking together to make sure each other are doing ok

I think there’s a certain amount of truth to that. After Liam was seen struggling here and there on tour, it seems like Louis stepped up the shenanigans to keep him distracted. Like I said yesterday, people don’t give Louis credit for just being a good friend. I think he’s a sensitive guy who cares. He and Liam have already been called out by their bandmates as the ones who like to have a good cry now and then. So for sure, I think they get each other on that level. 

That’s one reason why Liam is so supportive of Larry and is their go to shade throwing proxy. And never forget when everyone else treated the describe-each-other-in-four-words thing lightheartedly, Louis came straight from the heart and (with a cameo from Zayn) slayed us all.

And no doubt this wasn’t just for Liam. It was for Zayn too.

As Harry said…

…Louis seems to be a supportive dude. You just have to look beyond all the mud 1DHQ has been slinging.

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Hey Hannah! I'm not sure if you've heard of the video series Tropes vs. Women in Video games but you should check it out. If you've already seen it, can you tell me what your thoughts are? How do you feel when you play games that have those tropes/ sexualized women in them?

It makes some good points - not saying they’re all good points, or that drawing attention to it in this manner is an effective way to reduce/prevent it -  which were further illustrated by the fact that she was forced out of her own home by people who didn’t agree.

Around 90% of female characters I see in games are either sexualized or treated like girls instead of women. Only examples I can think of off the top of my head which don’t correspond to this are:

  • Farah from Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, she was cynical, witty and a total bitch - and displays exceptional courage at the end!
  • Ellie from The Last of Us - proves she’s not just a child and kicks some ass many times, probably one of the best female characters for a long time, mainly down to Ashley Johnson’s acting and the script writing changes they made when working with her.
  • Clem from The Walking Dead - she starts as a child with Lee, but grows into some kind of awesome sauce. Some of the endings of S2 are hilariously badass (one of them involves her aiming a gun at someone and saying ‘you might not be dangerous…but I am.’).
  • Lara Croft - most guys see her as their teenage wet dream, but a lot of women gamers see her as an early source of feminism. The first two games had some fantastic quips and presented independent women better than Destiny’s Child. Once she started becoming the predictable trope, however, she fell from this position.
  • Bayonetta - who uses her own sexuality to make men uncomfortable.
  • Mary and Anne from AC: Black Flag - historical and gaming proof that ladies can kick butt like the rest of them.
  • GLaDOS - can we count a robot who used to be a woman? I don’t see why not! Her psychopathic nature and sarcasm has made her a fabulous villain and sidekick.

Note that almost all of these are from games that came out in the last few years. It’s certainly getting better, but there’s always going to be individuals in companies that want to cater to their mass market - men - and so, unless men start speaking out or boycotting those games, it’s going to continue.

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I always have to wonder about the people who claim they liked Tom before Thor. He was very unknown at that time. Oh I'm sure that a few people could have seen him in Cransford or Wallander but really? There is no contest to try to claim you knew about him before Thor. Becausehiddles already tried that and was burned for it. Just admit you started liking him after Thor and stop trying to be an elitist.

Congrats, cowardly little gray face!  You get the prize for second most bizarre message I have ever received!  

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I feel sad that you don’t have my wonderful memories.  You don’t have my memories of that Christmas when my mom and my aunt watched Return To Cranford with me and how I excited I was that more had been made after the original series.  You don’t have my memories of being toasty in my bed and watching Wallander on lazy evenings.  

In light of that sadness, please accept the following as my attempt to soothe whatever nastiness life has dealt you, nastiness which you are now spewing over something so silly as when I first noticed an actor.

Let’s begin with a cup of tea, because tea is delightful and makes everything better:

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Next a sweet treat, which also makes everything better:

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I can’t forget some popcorn:

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Now that we have the food taken care of, have some snuggles, because I’m going to assume that you haven’t gotten enough of those:

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Of course a nice warm shower or bath does wonders for both the body and soul, as does some music:

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After all this, a nap is always a good idea:

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So thanks for the laugh and I hope things start improving in your life soon!

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