i'm sure other people have made the distinction before

boringvevo  asked:

Hey there! I wanted to ask for some help. I'm having trouble writing an argument in my story. I haven't written any arguments before, and no matter what I do, it just sounds wrong. Any advice? Thank you!

Great question!

First of all, make sure you know what each character wants from the argument. Why are they arguing? What are their motives? What are the stakes? 

Then you need to look at each character’s voice. How have you made their voice distinct from others in regular dialogue? Apply that same voice to the argument. Everyone has different argument styles and so will your characters. Some people are calm and collected, other people yell at the drop of a hat. Determine the argument styles of your characters.

But the most important piece of advice is to read the argument out loud. By saying the dialogue out loud, you should be able to hear the parts that sound clunky and wrong. Once you’ve zeroed in on what isn’t working, rewrite it differently and repeat until you’ve found something that you feel fits the characters. 

But that’s just the dialogue. An argument is so much more than just words. Remember that people move around while arguing and make gestures. If any of your characters have a nervous habit, maybe they would be doing that movement in the argument. Think about how your characters move and how being angry would exaggerate that movement. 

If all else fails, grab two friends (or however many people you need for the argument) and get them to act it out for you. It might help you to pinpoint what isn’t working.

Also, this is your first time writing arguments so don’t be hard on yourself! Just keep plugging away and you will end up with something that works! Writing is rewriting. Don’t be discouraged!