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I'm pretty sure I realized I kept reblogging your stuff without really following you, and so I checked your blog and also saw how sweet you are and I followed you. Only BTS blog I follow (along with your NamJin one) tbh. I appreciate so much what you do as a Jin stan ! <3

;;;;A;;; this is so sweet and i’m just really really thankful that you follow me and ahhh just thank you so much!!~~~ i have no words to tell you how happy this made me ^^~~ 

why did you start following me?

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Was the camping diamond scene worth it? Every week I play as much choices chapters I can to make sure I have enough diamonds for diamond scenes in TRR and by the screen shots I think nothing really important happens with the Li's but I'd trust your judgement enough to waste diamonds 😂

Wow thanks so much for trusting me with your diamond investment! Unfortunately, I don’t really do group diamond scenes so I skipped this one and therefore can’t help you ahahaha 😅 

If anyone out there did the diamond scene, would appreciate it if you can let us know in the comments! 😊


So my friend @pinkpompadourghost was posting various versions of this meme and ended up editing it. I don’t know what else to say.

original bottom image credit - XxAzulxXel

Here is a little something for all those nice supporters of art && artists out there :D You are the ones that keep us inspired and motivated! Anyway let’s go do a thing because you’re all so wonderful (well, most of you hehe) ♥

Reply to this post/reblog with an idea for a fanmade Mystic Messenger CG (funny, romantic, angsty, etc but nothing extremely explicit) in Cheritz style like the ones linked below:



CLOSED! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions ♥ I’ll work on them soon ^__^

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Can you do a fic where the sides want to make Virgil laugh so they try different things but only tickling him works?

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairings: (not sure how to tag it, so) LAMP, Moxiety, Analogical, Prinxiety
Warnings: None

Summary: The Sides compete to hear Virgil laugh.
A/N: Pun source
Edit: Alternate Ending

Tagged: @existental-crises​​ @here-to-vent@jordisama

Patton had made the realization a week ago: none of them had ever heard Virgil laugh.  Snickers aside, he’d never actually laughed in front of any one of them. Patton had presented his finding to Virgil, looking for some kind of solace, but instead he’d just gotten a noncommittal shrug.

“Yeah? So?”  He said as he lounged on the stairs, pulling at the loose threads of his sleeves.

“Sooo we’ve gotta hear you laugh!  I bet it’s a wonderful laugh and I’d love to hear it sometime.”  Patton looked into Virgil’s eyes hopefully, shoulders tensing in anticipation as Virgil leaned closer.  He opened his mouth and after a short pause, spoke softly into Patton’s ear.

“Say something funny and maybe I will.”

Patton’s shoulders slumped in defeat. “Well I’m loads funny!”

“Sorry, Pat,” Virgil said, leaning back on his elbows, sounding entirely unapologetic. “It’s gotta be funny in the moment or it isn’t happening.  Or–” he gasped, “what if I can’t laugh?”  He said mockingly, covering his mouth with false disbelief.

“Oh, stop it, you goof,” Patton said, swatting lightly at Virgil’s knee.  “We’ll hear that laugh sooner or later, just you wait.”  Virgil shrugged again and Patton turned on his heel, stomping away to start planning schemes to make Virgil laugh.

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Hey! Omg I love your art!! It's sooooo cute! My favourite artworks of yours are the Miraculous Ladybug ones because I'm obsessed XD But I was wondering are you gonna do any Chloé Bourgeois drawings??💛

Thanks anon, I gotchu ಠ ε ಠ ♥

I really like drawing Chloe so I’m pretty sure I’ll be drawing more of her in the future :D

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Can you please draw Switzerland and Liechtenstein in your art style?

Liechtenstein: Brother, it seems someone has called us…!

(adm: Aaah I don’t think I made justice to Liechtenstein’s cuteness, but still, I hope you like it! ;w; <3)

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My main problem with LoK is the Avatar state, to be honest. In Last Airbender, the Avatar state was a last resort, almost undefeatable power, while in Korra it's just a small power boost. That said, the characters and the antagonists are amazing, and I love LoK to bits.

I guess I hadn’t thought about it before, 
personally i think it has more to do with the differences between Aang and Korra. 

Aang is a pacifist, he is shown a lot as not wanting to really use extra force when he doesn’t have to. So while I could be wrong here I think it comes down to that Aang just never really uses his bending for fighting when he doesn’t have too. On top of that, his early experiences in the Avatar state weren’t really good ones?
1. He froze himself for a 100 years
2. He went into it after finding out about the destruction of his people
3. That general tried manipulating him into it by messing with Katara
4. After going through unlocking all his chakras, when he finally does get them all he almost gets killed
I think the reason it feels like the Avatar state was used as a last resort a lot more in airbender is because for Aang that was his literal, last resort. 
Even in Lok, his fight with Yakone, he doesn’t use the Avatar state to attack him, doesn’t use it until he takes away his bending. 

Now Korra, I’m pretty sure came out the womb ready to fight, by the time she arrives in republic city she has had years and years of training and was already this power house of a bender and hadn’t even learned to airbend or being able to tap into the avatar state. 
In Korra’s first scene of book 2, she uses the Avatar state to boost her speed so she can beat the the kids in a race and Tenzin gets upset about it. 
So I think it makes sense that Korra would figure out a way to integrate the Avatar state into her bending to give her a boost when she needs it. 

I guess for me I think it comes down to that Korra is a lot more liberal with her use of the Avatar state where Aang was more reserved and only used it when necessary 

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yuuri sometimes calls victor "sweetheart" and "babe" without consciously thinking about it, like when they wake up and yuuri doesn't wanna move yet so he'll cling to victor and mumble "babe no, come baaack," or when victor's coaching him and he goes, "one more time from the sit spin, yes?" and then yuuri takes a last swig of water before nonchalantly replying "sure thing, sweetheart." it gets victor right in the gut bc it's so casually affectionate, they're just a domestic pair of dorks

don’t ask me how or why i thought of this but  imagine Optimus Prime sitting in truck mode, with Agent Fowler, observing various humans and Fowler can see that Optimus is scanning some of them and making the odd “Hmmm” noise… finally Fowler is like “what is it Optimus?” and Optimus says “I am trying to determine which people are lying and which ones are telling the truth.”  Fowler, confused, says “Well I dunno scan their heart rate or something?” and Optimus says “No, Agent Fowler, I am observing their hip motions… I have heard that hips do not lie, but surely some hips do lie?” except Agent Fowler can’t reply because he’s too busy choking on his drink

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What are some of your favorite sheith fanfics?

Basically everything by @arahir. Personal fav is this one http://archiveofourown.org/works/12122589/chapters/27493293

And another recent one I love:
http://archiveofourown.org/works/11296776/chapters/25274988 by @phaltu

Hope you enjoy and leave nice comments!

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Do you know any pining Keith & oblivious lance fics!! I'm a total sucker for those! Also just pining Keith is fine! Thank you!

yess for sure omg - Karri

pining keith tag

Courting Blue’s by Kitsune300 (1/1 | 2,479 | Teen And Up)

Keith had almost given up hope at one point. He’d started swimming upwards and when Shiro asked where he was going, he replied. “To go beach myself.” Shiro had dragged him back by the tail and yelled at him to stop being a baby.

Love Like You by vaziah (2/? | 25,475 | Teen And Up)

Keith wouldn’t say his luck is utter shit. His life has been peaceful- sometimes painfully. He has a roof over his head, food on the table, good grades, and potential for some pretty sweet scholarships.

He’s good. His life is good.

But sometimes his luck has the habit of all but literally handing his ass to him.


We Can Be Heroes, Just for One Day by spacegaykogane (1/1 | 4,917 | Teen And Up)

“I’m in love with you!”
Lance froze, the teasing smirk that had twisted his lips falling, now.
He blinked. Keith looked up at him expectantly, eyes filled with desperation and rage, and something else Lance couldn’t bring himself to decipher.
For once, he had nothing to say.

A classic scene from a classic ytp…

But seriously please check out this guys channel he needs more attention.

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i guess you saw those people who were like "you can't hc a person as queer unless there are reasons your RUINING the fandom" (i think they were buzzkills too, i mean its just some harmless fun c'mon man)

All I’m gonna say is that for us queer folks, being able to see ourselves in the stories we love is so important—whether that be in canon representation, or through headcanons. It’s validating. It can even be therapeutic.

Because the positive stories about us are few and far in between. And when I say ‘positive’, I’m not talking about stories without conflict; I literally just mean stories where we don’t fucking die in the end. 

And even in those positive stories, it’s so hard to find one that doesn’t revolve around romance. Those narratives are important, to be clear, but there’s more to us than that. 

So let’s have a bisexual vigilante hacker who’s looking for clues about his past.

And let’s also have a transgirl who’s beloved by the dueling world, and wants her strength to be recognized by the person she loves the most.

And that transgirl? Let her have a gay older (step) brother who’s the Head of Security at the shadiest corporation around. 

Let’s have the local antag be asexual as fuck while he looks to destroy an entire universe for unknown reasons.

There’s no reason why these characters can’t be any of these things. There is no need for canon support, or anyone’s approval. 

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hey yumikuri is gross bc ymir is like 75

yeah wow ur so right how could i have been so naive ymir is totally mind and body 75 years old its so obvious thank u anon i now finally see the light

shut up she’s 17 and you damn well know it.

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so it's more like a Harem verse, not actually poly?

If you want to think of it as “harem,” I’m not stopping you, but for me at least “harem” implies power imbalances between the person at the center and the people who love them, has some negative connotations, and invokes the idea of jealousy/competition among the “suitors.”

Polyamory, to my knowledge, does not necessarily need to mean equal romantic/sexual attraction among all parties involved, but it DOES imply that all parties are fully aware of what’s going on and consent to the relationship. Polyamory, for me, is associated with the image of a unconventional but functional and content family where everyone contributes in some way, which is what the relationship in this AU is supposed to be. (Polygamy, to my knowledge, refers strictly to the marriage and doesn’t have the same relationship connotations as polyamory)

Hope this explains my choice to label this as polyamory ^ ^

170310 Tae, Hoseok, Jimin CH+ Chatroom

* = typed in English

> No, someone made me a fool out of that game Rapmon hyung is.. (Tae)
> I won’t play it!!! I can’t!!! (Tae)
> hi* (Tae)
> I miss you (Tae)
> I’ll come back later, so let’s chat then (Tae)
> goon night* (Tae)
> d* (Tae)
> i’m chillaxing* (Tae? Hoseok?)
> rap mon me too soon soju call* (soon soju was typed in korean/Hoseok)
> let’s go all the way* (Hoseok)
> sojoo* (Hoseok)
> do u have recommendation? sojoo (Hoseok)
> I don’t know who are you, but it’s 4 AM in Korea. Go to sleep. Soju? What soju are you talking about? Who is this_Jimin (Jimin)
> The person that is sitting next to you right now (Hoseok)

trans: jhope-shi

cuteheartz replied to your photoset “I don’t think I’l ever be over the fact that Burr once lit himself on…”

please do one of Washington and Alfred oh gracious one

I don’t usually take requests but. It’s the revolutionary war. I have to.

Basically, Washington had like 50+ dogs, and they were named stuff like “Sweet Lips” or “Mopsey” or “Drunkard”.

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Fic thing: Everyone loves Yuuri, Just Ask

send me a made up fic title and i’ll write a fic for it

Everyone loves Yuuri, Just Ask

Like… Was that even a question?

Who doesn’t, in their right mind, love Yuuri Katsuki?

The whole Russian team loves him. Even Lilia, who doesn’t show her affection so often, was caught smiling at Yuuri one day at practice to everyone’s surprise. Even Yuri, who liked to act like he hated everyone, went straight to Yuuri when he’d gotten that video game he was waiting for so long, excited to let him know about it.

And it wasn’t only the Russian team. All competitors had great respect for him, and more often than not Victor would see them complimenting Yuuri after his performances and asking for advice. Journalists were especially eager to interview him because Yuuri was always so adorable it was guaranteed people would watch his interviews. Everywhere Yuuri went he’d bring out the best in people.

Truth is: everyone loves him. There’s nothing to dislike about that lovely boy. 

Except that Yuuri doesn’t seem to think it that way. 

And that was fine, Victor reasoned. Yuuri has his own reasons to think he was not that great (even though he was fucking wrong), reasons that got out of his hand to deal with, that made it not so simple for Victor to show Yuuri that he was the greatest gift to humankind since the invention of cream cheese. But that didn’t stop him from making Yuuri notice how much he was loved. 

“Yakov isn’t one to spare compliments,” he commented one day as they were heading back home. “In fact, I don’t think he compliments me nearly as much as he compliments you. You’re so talented, Yuuri.”

To what Yuuri would blush furiously, attempting to hide his face under his thick scarf and change subject to what they needed to buy for dinner. 

“Hey, Yuuri,” Victor heard Mila call him from the side lines when she arrived for the evening training session. “Thanks for helping me out with homework yesterday. That formula you taught me made so much more sense than the one I was previously trying. You’re a genius!”

And Victor could practically hear Yuuri’s hands waving dismissingly as he stammered that there was no need to thank him.

“Yo, Katsudon,” the other day Yuri popped into the dressing room as they were about to leave for lunch. “That game you recommended me was really sick. I beat it overnight. So cool!”

“You what?” Yakov yelled from the corridor.

And Yuri joined them for lunch while blabbering excitedly about said game, smiling and laughing at the impressions Yuuri exchanged with him in a way Victor had never seen before.

So why was it that Yuuri couldn’t see the positive effect he had on people?

They laid in silence one night, Victor in Yuuri’s arms, each of them recollected to their thoughts when Victor broke the silence.

“You’re an angel, you know?” He blurted out, causing Yuuri to stir under him. 

“Vitya…” Yuuri had a smile in his voice, smoothing Victor’s bed hair as if to say yeah yeah.

Victor brought Yuuri’s band to his lips and kissed its back, “I’m serious,” he murmured, brushing his lips and inhaling his scent with eyes closed. “You’re the best thing to ever happen.”

Yuuri breathed a short laugh, kissing the top of Victor’s head and humming noncommittally. 

“You think so?”

“I’m sure of it,” he rolled on his stomach to look at his fiancé, a soft smile playing on his lips. “You’re a ray of sunshine in a long, cold winter.”

 “Oh, my god,” he chuckled, cupping Victor’s face between his hands. “OK, Shakespeare, what do you want?”

“I want you to love yourself like I love you,” Victor kissed his palm, voice playful and daring. “Or… Maybe just a tenth of how much I love you. And I love you very much, you know…”

“You do?” Yuuri smiled, shimming closer to Victor, who made a soft sound of agreement. “How much?”

Victor paused for a moment to think, fluttering his eyes shut as he gently kissed Yuuri’s hand. 

“More than… More than Yakov loves screaming.”

“That’s… A lot, indeed,” Yuuri breathed, brushing the pad of his thumb on Victor’s cheekbone. 

“More than JJ loves himself.”

“Wow, Vitya,” he laughed, kissing his lips gently. “I’m not sure I can imagine how much love that is. Care to give me an example?”

Everyone loves Yuuri. But no one loves Yuuri as much as Victor.