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Here is a little something for all those nice supporters of art && artists out there :D You are the ones that keep us inspired and motivated! Anyway let’s go do a thing because you’re all so wonderful (well, most of you hehe) ♥

Reply to this post/reblog with an idea for a fanmade Mystic Messenger CG (funny, romantic, angsty, etc but nothing extremely explicit) in Cheritz style like the ones linked below:



CLOSED! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions ♥ I’ll work on them soon ^__^

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Hey! Omg I love your art!! It's sooooo cute! My favourite artworks of yours are the Miraculous Ladybug ones because I'm obsessed XD But I was wondering are you gonna do any Chloé Bourgeois drawings??💛

Thanks anon, I gotchu ಠ ε ಠ ♥

I really like drawing Chloe so I’m pretty sure I’ll be drawing more of her in the future :D

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Can you please draw Switzerland and Liechtenstein in your art style?

Liechtenstein: Brother, it seems someone has called us…!

(adm: Aaah I don’t think I made justice to Liechtenstein’s cuteness, but still, I hope you like it! ;w; <3)

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i guess you saw those people who were like "you can't hc a person as queer unless there are reasons your RUINING the fandom" (i think they were buzzkills too, i mean its just some harmless fun c'mon man)

All I’m gonna say is that for us queer folks, being able to see ourselves in the stories we love is so important—whether that be in canon representation, or through headcanons. It’s validating. It can even be therapeutic.

Because the positive stories about us are few and far in between. And when I say ‘positive’, I’m not talking about stories without conflict; I literally just mean stories where we don’t fucking die in the end. 

And even in those positive stories, it’s so hard to find one that doesn’t revolve around romance. Those narratives are important, to be clear, but there’s more to us than that. 

So let’s have a bisexual vigilante hacker who’s looking for clues about his past.

And let’s also have a transgirl who’s beloved by the dueling world, and wants her strength to be recognized by the person she loves the most.

And that transgirl? Let her have a gay older (step) brother who’s the Head of Security at the shadiest corporation around. 

Let’s have the local antag be asexual as fuck while he looks to destroy an entire universe for unknown reasons.

There’s no reason why these characters can’t be any of these things. There is no need for canon support, or anyone’s approval. 

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so it's more like a Harem verse, not actually poly?

If you want to think of it as “harem,” I’m not stopping you, but for me at least “harem” implies power imbalances between the person at the center and the people who love them, has some negative connotations, and invokes the idea of jealousy/competition among the “suitors.”

Polyamory, to my knowledge, does not necessarily need to mean equal romantic/sexual attraction among all parties involved, but it DOES imply that all parties are fully aware of what’s going on and consent to the relationship. Polyamory, for me, is associated with the image of a unconventional but functional and content family where everyone contributes in some way, which is what the relationship in this AU is supposed to be. (Polygamy, to my knowledge, refers strictly to the marriage and doesn’t have the same relationship connotations as polyamory)

Hope this explains my choice to label this as polyamory ^ ^

170310 Tae, Hoseok, Jimin CH+ Chatroom

* = typed in English

> No, someone made me a fool out of that game Rapmon hyung is.. (Tae)
> I won’t play it!!! I can’t!!! (Tae)
> hi* (Tae)
> I miss you (Tae)
> I’ll come back later, so let’s chat then (Tae)
> goon night* (Tae)
> d* (Tae)
> i’m chillaxing* (Tae? Hoseok?)
> rap mon me too soon soju call* (soon soju was typed in korean/Hoseok)
> let’s go all the way* (Hoseok)
> sojoo* (Hoseok)
> do u have recommendation? sojoo (Hoseok)
> I don’t know who are you, but it’s 4 AM in Korea. Go to sleep. Soju? What soju are you talking about? Who is this_Jimin (Jimin)
> The person that is sitting next to you right now (Hoseok)

trans: jhope-shi

A classic scene from a classic ytp…

But seriously please check out this guys channel he needs more attention.

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Do you know which game the gifset you just posted of the penguins vs islanders is from? I wanna watch it so bad

February 11, 2011 - Penguins-Islanders ‘Fight Night’ in which a record 65 penalties were amassed by both teams for a total of 346 PIM. Of those, 15 were fighting majors and 21 were game misconducts. There’s a wiki page and some youtube videos

Here’s the Gamecenter stats. Get an eyeful of those penalties

(The Isles won 9-3 btw)

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Could you maybe do a drabble where Roy & Kori show up and give Artemis & Bizarro a 'How to Care For Your Red Hood' list of instructions? I'm pretty sure rule #1 on the list is 'When in doubt, call Alfred at ###-###-####.'. I can just see Kori, completely seriously, telling Arty Jay prefers stuffed bunnies to teddy bears for sleeping, or something equally embarrassing, lol!

Do I even remember how to drabble? Let’s see. 


Jason took one look at his couch and shook his head. “No.”

Artemis and Kory looked up from the list Kory held in her hands. Artemis smirked at him.

Kory smiled. “Jason, it’s good to see you. I was just taking Artemis through the list.”

“I hate the list,” Jason replied wearily. “You know I hate the list.”

“It’s necessary.” Kory cleared her throat and pointed to the next item. “Eight hours of sleep a night is ideal. Too little and he becomes injury-prone. Too much makes him cranky.”

“Kory, please.”

Her smile widened. “Hush, Jason.”

The front door slammed and Roy and Bizarro came into the living room.

“Jaybird!” Roy flung an arm over his shoulders, exchanging grins with Bizarro. “This guy is so handy! We just upgraded your security system.”

Jason opened his mouth, but was distracted by Kory pulling a teddy bear out from behind her with a flourish.

“And this is Teddy.” She held it out to Artemis. “He is Jason’s most prized possession. He won’t blow up a safe house if Teddy is present.”

“I’ve never seen that thing before in my life.” Jason scowled. “You’re lying.”

“It’s a cute bear,” Artemis told him, lips twitching.

Jason took a deep breath.

“Can share shelf with Pup Pup,” Bizarro added.

“Nope.” Jason shook his head and turned to leave. “I’m done with all of you.”

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Lmao @ harry stealing liam's spotlight on this dreaded zexit day (unintentionally obviously but still)


Okay, not really though, I’m not laughing at you. However, the stunts and album releases amongst the members of One Direction couldn’t be more blatantly linked together even if they tried. 

Let’s go back one year from today…

A year ago we were thinking back to a year before THAT day as it was the anniversary of the day Zayn bid everyone fuckin adieu and spiralled this band into a narrative so ridiculous that actually retelling the series of events makes sound it even more insane in hindsight.

SO. The 25th of March, 2016:

Zayn’s album comes out

Louis does a pap walk

This isn’t the first instance in which Zayn and babygate were linked, as Zayn was also the first member of 1D to acknowledge that Louis’ baby had apparently been born, but did it in the strangest way possible via liking some fan’s tweet about it.

There are plenty of other instances in which early BG and Zayn’s album were constantly linked. @mellygrant and I spoke about it extensively here. But that was 2016 and just for reference.

Now here we are in a year we were so optimistic about, but instead of a year free of drama and full of new music, we’re getting a brand new revamp of Babygate, this time with a different member of One Direction. But first, back to Zayn and Louis. 

Zayn’s new album is being released under Sony, which is the parent company of Syco. It’s been vague as hell whether or not Zayn’s Mind of Mine was produced by Syco, but in the early releases of songs on iTunes Syco was listed in the credits of the track. Louis hasn’t made a public departure from Syco and seeing as he’s still showing up on Simon’s reality shows, it’s safe to say he’s still linked to that flaming pile of garbage. 

Even their beards work together, and if that isn’t the biggest, “Hi, I’m a red flag!” that Louis and Zayn’s teams are still working the two of them off of each other, then I don’t know what is. 

Now here we are on the 25th of March 2017, and we have Louis at Ultra festival just as Zayn is releasing his first single from his new album. And just as everyone’s getting all excited for Louis’ performance you have Liam’s IG announcement of the birth of a child via Instagram and I can only wonder to myself why Instagram has to be the place where dreams go to die. Is IG the only way to announce stunts and babies? 

Then MINUTES later, Harry “I love all the babies” Styles not only ignores yet ANOTHER birth of one of his bandmate’s first child, but sends the internet into a frenzy with another heaux aesthetic wiping of all his profile pictures and posting ominous blank white photos again.

And life for a fan of One Direction continues to be a constant stream of wtfuckery.

THEN we get Harry’s dramatic ass advert on ITV

So many questions. Why is he wet? Why is he emerging from what looks like a giant wardrobe? What is THIS

Why is it all smokey? (You know why…)

So now we have yet AGAIN another Babygate/solo album in tandem with each other and I’m just like 

I’m sure if I start back-pedalling enough to look at times when Harry/Dunkirk/Another Man news was concurrent with Liam babygate news there will be some unsurprising links, but I’ve got better things to do like drink and play more One Direction-themed Cards Against Humanity so for now I’m gonna Zayn. 



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Omega!Hux and Alpha!Kylo had a meaningless one-night stand years ago - back when they were Lieutenant Hux and Apprentice Ren. They never even exchanged names. Years later, when Kylo Ren comes on board the Finalizer, he meets Hux's child - who is exactly the right age, has all-too-familiar eyes, and a Force Presence that /burns/ like the rising sun.

Kylo has never met an omega before.

He’s been told that they smell divine; like the most forbidden of fruits, where biting into one would mean eternal damnation of the soul for giving in to such a tempting creature. Their very skin is meant to glisten with lusts and wants, their needy heats setting them apart from the rest of the galaxy. They’re rare, craved by alphas and envied by betas. A true prize, worthy of a budding knight like Kylo Ren.

Mating has never been high on Kylo’s list, not even when he presented as an alpha when he was in his late teens. Alas, he finds that, on this night in a tacky bar in a dusty town, Kylo’s needs have gotten the better of him.

He moans, delving back in for another kiss off the pretty redhead he’d managed to pique the interest of at the bar before he’d offered to serve him drinks back at his accommodation. Kylo had smugly accepted. After only a few shots and cocktails, Kylo has the redhead pushed back against the nearest wall, consuming his lips in a desperate kiss.

“You’re beautiful,” Kylo whispers, tasting the remnants of their last fruity shot on his partner’s lips.

“So I’ve been told,” the redhead replies, pushing Kylo away from him for a moment.

Kylo watches eagerly as the other begins to strip, his nimble fingers unfastening the button of the high collar of his jacket before shedding it.

And it’s then that Kylo smells it.

“You—you’re an omega,” Kylo gasps, taking in the seemingly glowing form of the other, lapping up every inch of his pale skin.

“Aren’t you lucky,” the omega says, sauntering forwards, making sure every twisting movement is exaggerating the curves of his body; the sharpness of his hips, the plumpness of his ass, the perkiness of his nipples. “A night with an omega.”

The omega is suddenly upon him, chest pressed against the front of Kylo’s dark robes, his hand rubbing the front of the alpha’s pants. Kylo gasps, growling, before hoisting the omega up until his long legs are wrapped around Kylo’s hips and they’re back against the wall, kissing as though their lives depend on it. Unable to help himself, Kylo buries his nose in the omega’s neck, and feels as though he’s elated.

The omega already smells of sex, as though heat is radiating from his skin, but there’s a uniqueness to his scent that Kylo has never sensed before among anyone. Kylo picks up the scent of ash, as though the fire isn’t just in the omega’s hair colour but in his heart too, flickering away, threatening to burn anyone who comes too close. But underneath the threatening layers of heat and fire, the omega smells sweet; like a freshly baked pastry drizzled with a fruity syrup and covered in sugar, just begging to be liked before being devoured by its hungry customer.

Kylo drools.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Kylo growls, feeling the omega shiver in his hold. “I want to see beneath your beautiful.”

Yes, alpha,” the omega whines, craning his neck upwards to allow Kylo better access to the hot underside of his jaw. “Please. Fuck me.”

Lost to the intoxicating magnetism of the omega in front of him, Kylo doesn’t bother to ask the omega for his name. It’s a fling, a quick fix for the needs of his inner alpha. It’s the best fuck he’s ever had, but it means nothing.

In the morning, Kylo dresses and leaves before the omega has a chance to wake up, feeling that his sexual urges have been satisfied but there remains a coldness in his chest as he walks towards the door, his heart even jumping when he hears the omega whine softly in his sleep.

But regardless, Kylo leaves, returning to his shuttle and leaving the town before the planet’s sun has risen.

What has happened is irrelevant, and Kylo knows he’ll never see the omega again.

Whether he’s content with that is another matter entirely, and one that he quickly pushes to the back of his mind before he returns to Master Snoke.

Keep reading

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can u manage to list the songs that jk played in his recent v live?

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hi! i just played your little visual novel and i was SO COOL!!! I feel like i know tamashi a little better now, as well as the universe he lives in. also i saw that two of your other OC's where there too, and i was wondering, are they also gonna be a part of the comic? also where is the background music from? THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO MAKE THIS VISUAL NOVEL AND SHARE IT WITH US IT REALLY IS AWESOME!

OH MY GOSH THANK /YOU/ FOR PLAYING!!!!!!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ The universe of the little visual novel, even though it has the same title, has nothing to do with D.Gray-man! (Oh well, Tim is still there! I couldn’t come up with something to substitute him!!! I really like that Tim is Tamashi’s best friend ;u; But I’ll think of something eventually!!) The thing is that The price of a soul isn’t a single story. My idea was to finish the comic first! And then go about the next project which also involves Tama! I was exploring the idea of introducing game-ish parts in a comic, along with interactivity and choices to explore. For that I thought of little Tamashi as a traditional rpg hero: a sword, a brave heart and a purpose. 

Initially, I thought of this as also a DGM story in a different world and context: he’s traveling because he’s heard of an academy that trains heroes, and he!! wants to be one!! To be a hero you need to bond your soul to a weapon and he’s got his father sword! That’s the only thing he knows about him, the only thing he has left. Except that, along the way, he bonds his soul to a different sword which becomes his protector:

I found myself thinking what if the only thing Tamashi knows is his father was a great hero during the big wars, but he never got to know him? He only inherits his too-huge-to-brandish katana and Timcanpy, who's’ been looking after him since he can recall. What if little, very little Tama decides he wants!! to be a hero!! like his father!!! so he can be worthy of brandishing his sword!! And then I thought what if! the weapons of each hero are, indeed, souls that can adopt human form. What if the white sword he bonds with by mistake is actually, Allen, who adopts the shape of a small wooden sword so Tamashi can handle him, a welcoming, kind soul who immediately grows fond of our boy AND THEY LIVE ENDLESS ADVENTURES (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

The problem is the copyright issues though… it might be counterproductive to set these long-term projects in my future when I don’t really own part of the characters. So since the visual novel is going to be an official project- and even though it has Tim in it- I had to stick to original universe/characters. I developed the VN with the idea of this RPG Tamashi in mind! So I’m not really sure The price of a soul is going to continue on the DGM world/with DGM characters or once I’m done with the comic Tamashi will jump onto his own story! (it makes me sad, though, because I really really really like him with Allen, Kanda and Lavi)

ALSO THE OST IS FROM JOURNEY!! It’s the game that made me want to take everything I was doing one step further!!

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Hey, do you know any fics with POC drarry?

Hello anon!!! I feel like I’ve definitely read more POC Drarry fics than the ones I’m about to list, but I’m not sure if it’s usually stated explicitly or if I just kinda always imagine POC Harry by default? Either way, I think we definitely need more POC Drarry and if anyone else has any recs please leave a reply!! :) 

Harry Potter and the Future He Doesn’t Really Want, Thanks. by Seefin (70.5K) It was addictive, the feeling of Draco Malfoy telling him things in a soft voice early in the morning. Harry felt like he was taming a wild animal, or petting a cat that hated everybody else. This train existed outside of time, that was the only explanation Harry could come up with as to why Malfoy was actually having a civil conversation with him right now.
Unnngh, this fic is just so lovely and slow and sweet, and it really transported me! I felt like it was a movie or something??? I don’t know, just it really had #ambiance, just like literally every one of @seefin‘s fics do! I loved everything about it, from Harry’s intrusive dreams of the future, to Luna’s plant-filled apartment where he’s staying, to my brotp Draco and Pansy, to all the random meetings, to LITERALLY EVERYTHING! poc!harry 

Wild by seefin also contains poc!harry and it is fucking amazing as well! You can see my rec for it in this list of slow-burn fics :)

The Devil’s White Knight by angryspaceravenclaw (64.5K)- When Harry wakes up in an alternate timeline–a timeline where Voldemort was defeated long before the first war–he discovers everything is different. His parents, his godfather, his friends–and him. Harry must deal with the consequences of who he would have been if he had been raised by his parents, and figure out where he stands with his casual hook up, Draco Malfoy.
This fic was really interesting!! It’s one of the only “everyone lives” AU fics I’ve ever read! I generally stay away from those fics because it just seems like cheating or something, but in this one Harry retains all his memories of going through the war, so it was really nice to watch him be reunited with all the people he lost! And his relationship with Draco was really compelling as well!! poc!harry

Volunteers by Anna Fugazzi (52K)- Harry, Draco, and a volunteer position that was supposed to be quick and easy.
Soooo this fic doesn’t actually have (explicitly) POC Harry or Draco, but it does have POC DRACO’S WEE LITTLE SON AND HE’S ADORABLE!!! It’s not epilogue compliant at all, and both Harry and Draco have oc sons. The fic is mostly about Drarry volunteering to organize a Beltane festival together, their sons being friends, and them being dads. I just love a good dad fic, okay?!?! And this was the first and ONLY time I have ever seen *ANY* POC Malfoys, and I didn’t realize how amazing it would be until I happened upon it and my heart stopped and I gasped and then couldn’t stop grinning. 

so like I saw that some people were interested in being in a group chat with me and some others, so like reblog or like or send me something if you wanna be in it too 

this is so awkward I’m sorry I’m very VERY awkward

Also let’s just be friends and tag eachother in stupid stuff yea? 

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I was so torn between these two caps:


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idk if any1 talked about this yet, but i just saw ks full penguin pic and he also has his penguins on a little island/glacier/land. did they all draw their pics at one time and the camera man goes to each member? because idk if he saw ji first or vice versa. none the other members had their penguins on land and with other penguins. only ji and ks. great minds think alike.

(2)  haha well maybe one other memeber but not as detailed

I’m actually not sure about that anon?? I think they all drew them at the same time? 

I just know that Nini drew the penguin with 4 little penguin babies, and Soo with 2 xD so maybe they need to have a discussion about that lol :———–)