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Will Troubled Birds captions ever cease to delight? I think not.

BATIM: I'm At Soup
  • Bendy: Hello?
  • Boris: Hey what's up?
  • Bendy: I need your help, can you come here?
  • Boris: Uh I can't, I'm buying clothes.
  • Bendy: Alright well hurry up and come over here.
  • Boris: I can't find them.
  • Bendy: What do you mean you can't find them?
  • Boris: I can't find them, there's only soup.
  • Bendy: What do you mean there's only soup?
  • Boris: It means there's only soup!
  • Boris: Alright you don't have to shout at me!
  • Boris: *walks out of the aisle*
  • Boris: There's more soup!
  • Bendy: What do you mean there's more soup?
  • Boris: There's just more soup!
  • Bendy: Go into the next aisle!
  • Boris: There's still soup!
  • Bendy: Where ARE you right now?!
  • Boris: I'm at soup!
  • Bendy: What do you mean you're AT soup?!
  • Boris: I mean I'm AT SOUP!
  • Boris: I'm at the soup store!
  • Boris: F**K YOU!

nonotimetoulouse  asked:

Hello hello, I love all the things you make and I had a question you've probably been asked before. Lately I've been paralyzed by self doubt and fear of failure before I sit down to make creative things, and I can't get anything done. It's like I can't see the end product, and I just feel like it'll never be exactly how I want it to be. I'm not sure if it's lack of motivation or just a by-product of being in art school, but it's tiring. Hope that makes sense? Any advice?

not ever doing anything is worse than failing!!!! nobody cares if shit isn’t perfect. 50% of my entire job is just desperately trying to get people to pay attention to me at all. it’s not a big deal. especially if you’re in school. you’re literally paying out the ass to explore. so get shit wrong, get a bad grade (lol how do you even really assign specific grades to art other than for following instructions and acknowledging feedback but ok) and generally feel free to fuck up as much as you want because that is exactly the place to do it at.

also, “failure” is just research for whatever you do next. it’s only a failure if you never try anything new again. 


Josh talking with his mother about her suicide attempts:

The third time, you tried to kill yourself, there was, like, a day where we didn’t know if your stomach had been pumped in time. If it had been pumped in time, they assured me you would be fine. But if it hadn’t, you were gonna die slowly over two weeks.

If It Makes You Happy

pairing: lucas/maya

words: 1.4k

summary: maya will do anything to ensure riley’s happiness, but lucas doesn’t think that’s very fair. ski lodge au i guess

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blender-chan  asked:

I just thought of a good example to explain to people about overload (I'm sure it's been done before but maybe you could say this to your friends.) Imagine a computer who had too many programs and webpages all trying to run at the same time and it got overloaded. Now the computer is not responsive and it's shooting sparks all around it. The only thing to do is to wait. Trying to open MORE programs (shouting) will make it worse, and putting a cap on the cpu it can use (restraining) will, too.

This is actually the best example I’ve heard. I like analogies, thanks for the tip!