i'm sure it has

just another evidence to why 12 is totally in love with clara

in before the flood, there is this scene where bennett tells lunn to confess his love to cass:

Bennett: Tell her that you’re in love with her and that you always have been. Tell her there is no point wasting time because things happen and then it’s too late. Tell her I wish someone had given me that advice.

and we watch as lunn confesses, but here is the thing:

this scene is shot from two angles only. the first one is cass listening to lunn

and then there’s the other angle, which shows both their faces from the side, more clearly, a more pleasing shot

but they didn’t shoot this part right from the middle!!!! I mean, if this is a very tender and personal moment, why do we see the doctor back there? he is CLEARLY listening to them, and basically taking lessons but he never had the balls to say those things to clara lmao


the scene we get basically RIGHT after this one is..

also have these ones because I like these.


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