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GHaGB Adventure Tales pt. 3

Ggggg sorry this took so long *sweats* Creative block coming from everywhere, but chapter four shouldn’t take long at all (hyped to write that one)

Hope you guys are in the mood for some action. (another reason this took so long *sweats*) Warnings for some blood.

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ask-takaandsaki asked:

Hey Laika, Saki told me we should message you and ask you to, like, I dunno, ease off or something before you kill us. Or me. Definitely me. Maybe you should let me jog the 5 mile runs or something...

“Hmm… I suppose since we’re looking to maintain and not necessarily develop cardiovascular strength, we can tone down the routine slightly.”

“We’ll make it 7 miles.” 



lilyintheashes replied to your post: anonymous asked:If you had to cho…

"I better be getting a damn good breakfast in bed the next morning. With an extra strong glass of orange juice, if you understand what I mean." ((How on earth would they even manage that. Like, Lud and Lily would have to be on opposite sides of him.)

“I don’t cook, so you’d be asking Ludwig for that one. Good luck with that.”

“But for once I actually don’t understand what you mean. Alcoholic?” 

the signs and their favorite cartoon series
  • Aries:Bob's Burgers
  • Taurus:Bob's Burgers
  • Gemini:Bob's Burgers
  • Cancer:Bob's Burgers
  • Leo:Bob's Burgers
  • Virgo:Bob's Burgers
  • Libra:Bob's Burgers
  • Scorpio:Bob's Burgers
  • Sagittarius:Bob's Burgers
  • Capricorn:Bob's Burgers
  • Aquarius:Bob's Burgers
  • Pisces:Bob's Burgers



"The truth is, they didn’t ask me to introduce you. I asked them if I could do it. I was gonna talk about how I owe you so much, how you stood by me through all of my failures, and I stood by you through all your terrible outfits… But when I got up there, I got pretty emotional. To make it up to you, I’d like to read you the speech now."