i'm sure i'm not the first person to notice this

Stranger Than You Dreamt It excerpt
Michael Crawford

Little things I love about Phantom’s orchestration:

This might seem like a kind of random clip to pick, but there’s a reason for it, I promise. Listen closely to the second part of Erik’s tirade (from ‘Curse You!’ to the end) and you can hear what I mean.

The underscoring music is none other than the whole-tone scale used as a part of Don Juan Triumphant later on in the musical. We hear this at least two other times besides in the ‘opera’ itself–once as Christine and Raoul escape to the roof after Buquet’s death, and a couple times during the Don Juan sitzprobe. But this one has extra meaning for me; it’s got a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it feel to it, which is a shame, because I’ve always felt that it’s a brilliant tie-in to the Leroux novel.

If you’ve read it you’ll remember that when Christine removes his mask he goes absolutely ape, making her dig his fingernails into his face and what-not, but he also says that he is ‘a kind of Don Juan,’ and that ‘once a woman sees me, she belongs to me and loves me forever.’ I love this line and really think fits in both the creepy-terrifying and sad factors for this scene in the novel; unfortunately the line is never said in the musical. 

However, instead we get this underscoring, the first time we hear the Don Juan theme in the musical; the juxtaposition of the theme with the line ‘Now you cannot ever be free!’ is awesome from a meta-perspective, because it acts as a nod toward the original even without stating the line from the novel.

It’s the sort of thing you probably wouldn’t notice (or care) about if you didn’t have prior knowledge of the novel; it’s certainly not the sort of thing one picks up on a first listening. Heck, I don’t even know if this was ALW’s intention in using this theme here, but y’know what it’s still awesome.

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I've been smoking consistently for the past 3-4 years, aside from also doing psychs, so I'm pretty used to the drug world. However, for the first time the other day, I heard about how eating mango an hour or so before smoking can double or even triple your high and your experience. It supposedly helps the THC reach your brain faster. Have you heard of it working? I haven't had time to go test it, so I'm not sure if it's true or significant enough to notice. Any knowledge on it?

I’ve heard that too, yet I never have personally tried it but I have friends that said it has worked but it possibly could be a placebo.

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This is something that I've thought about before, and I'm sure I'm not the first to think about it, but it has to do with the people we see/read first and we are more inclined to root for them. And if someone goes against the person we're rooting for, we are more inclined toward hatred. I see this a lot in stories, movies, shows, etc. and I'm sure it happens irl too. It's something i want to look more into and maybe toy with in a play I'm writing. I think that's part of why HG is getting hate?

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. The same happened to Aidrian when she attacked Papyrus. But… guys. This is Undertale. Many of the characters will try to kill you when you first meet them but you end up befriending them anyway. I’d think you’d know how it goes by now. XD




also, thanks to @cuttlefishgarden for the gif that i used above and my resulting screenshot of it (sorry, i’m on mobile and have zero idea how to source you correctly on here)

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I'm thinking back to Girl Meets Rileytown and I'm like why is Maya so not attuned to Riley's feelings. Like Riley was bullied for weeks and Maya had 0 idea??? Are we to believe that Riley's personality started to change overnight and when Riley pushing Maya out of bed was the first indication that something was wrong. Like if my best friend was being harassed and went from a literal ray of sunshine to being visibly upset I'm sure I'd notice and investigate. Which brings me to my point...

(P2) Are they really close of friends as they claim they are? Like would I date a guy my friend dated? Why didn’t she notice the tears in Riley’s eyes and the tone of her voice as she tells him she sees him as a brother? Maybe she doesn’t have eq and can’t tell? I’m sure they are close but I blame the writing.

The writers want us to believe that Maya and Riley are closer than Cory and Shawn, but personally, I’m not buying it. 

I’m willing to excuse Maya for not picking up on the fact that Riley was being bullied, because it seems that Riley was trying to hide that from Maya. And for all we know she did a good job of hiding this truth from her. So I’m willing to excuse that, since there’s a lot that us viewers weren’t privy to.

As for the bit about Maya not knowing how Riley feels about Lucas….. Honestly, that pisses me off like you would not believe, because I don’t actually believe that Maya doesn’t know. Riley spent months complaining about the fact that Lucas hadn’t asked her to the dance yet and when Topanga asked the girls if there was an issue, Riley denied everything, while Maya said, yes, there is an issue, meaning she knows this is hard for Riley. Despite this, she still opted to go out with Lucas a day after him and Riley split up. 

Riley caught on to Maya’s feelings for Lucas, but Maya somehow deluded herself into believing that Lucas and Riley were like siblings, even though they want on a date together and Riley spent months worrying about Lucas not asking her to the dance. 

Honestly, I can’t fathom that Maya doesn’t know that Riley still likes Lucas, because you don’t get over a guy in like 3 days. So I don’t think she has a low eq. I just think she doesn’t give a fuck.