i'm sure i'll get hate for this but whatever

Why don’t people understand cultural appropriation is an American thing? In other countries like Italy, France, Germany, England, Ireland, basically all of Europe, Asia etc. it literally isn’t even a concern. Honestly, political correctness in general is mostly an American thing. Yelling at people from other countries about it won’t get you anywhere because they honest to goodness don’t grasp what you’re saying. A lot of them just think you’re saying they’re being racist and their reply is going to be “no I’m not! I swear I love all races I just really like this style/trend/whatever” because it literally isn’t an issue where they come from. You’re asking them to accept, understand, and adhere to an idea that they’ve never even encountered and isn’t a thing where they live, because it’s a thing in another county. I’m not making any stance on cultural appropriation or stating my opinion, I’m just explaining why people in other countries probably don’t understand what the f you’re talking about when you bring it up.

it honestly… bothers me a lot when people hate on Hamilton like I know the fanbase is ~problematique~ or whatever but you have to understand I am a multiracial latinx person who writes a lot and grew up in a poor family, and Lin Manuel Miranda is a multiracial latinx person who writes a lot and grew up in a poor family and maybe it actually helps me to see someone like me who actually fucking made it for once because lord knows in over thirty years of life he is literally the first person like me who I have seen make it like that, maybe I never see anyone like myself and it’s nice to see that for once without “oh the thing he made is shit” constantly attached to it

  • Fanon Historia (Christa): Cute!! ymir. Wow, I'm polite and sweet and happy!! ymir. Do you need help?? I can help, of course I can help, I'm loyal and hard working and sweet and I'm a little badass he he~ ymir. Enthusiasm!! ymir. Let's attack that titan!! ymir. Everything wrong with my life is because Ymir is not by my side. ymir. I just want everyone to be okay and safe!! ymir. Smiley face. Happy. Help. Happy. Smile. Goddess. Cute. Happy. ymir. ymir ymir ymir ymir ymir ymir ymir ymir ymir ymir
  • Canon Historia: I want to die but I don't want anyone to know I want to die because I want everyone to like me because I've been starving for affection my entire life and I just want to feel things and be happy but I don't know how so I fake it and nobody noticed except Ymir, who called me out on it, and Eren, who didn't pry and probably didn't understand fully what was going on, and I miss Ymir but my depression doesn't stem from her absence and probably will not be cured by her presence, and I hate myself for not being able to stand up for myself or feel things or make real friends and I wanted to die so badly, but I wanted it to be meaningful, and I was willing to let other people die to fulfill that wish, and I want to be my own person but my entire life has been psychological hell and don't know how to claw myself out so I just sit and wallow in it and let things happen because I don't have the willpower to stop them and without Christa I'm not sure how to function so I act distant and empty because my identity is skewed and my mind is muddled and I don't know who I am anymore. (note: i also really like ymir a lot but at this point does that need to be said? it's not important rn)