i'm sure i'll cry a lot reading it

InnocenceYOI fanfic

An aesthetic board requested by @gwen-chan for her amazing fanfic Innocence! This one is a Military AU and I recommend it to everyone who likes the theme, both the characters and the story are very interesting and well written! <3

I waffled back and forth on whether to make this post or not mainly because there are so many posts like this floating around on Tumblr and I’ve honestly probably reblogged all of them but… 

I am very sensitive to feedback? I haven’t been getting many comments at all and they’ve definitely slowed so I was just looking at my AO3 stats (I know, bad me; it only ever makes me feel worse) and I realized seven people are subscribed to my one-shot collection. I smiled and felt good for a second before realizing that I definitely didn’t feel like that many people cared about whether or not I was updating anything. The last two I’ve posted have 0 comments and the one before that has 2 (from dear friends who get to have me talk their ear off about my fic all the time anyway).

Y’all, if you care if I update I need to know that you care. Please, please, please leave comments. Especially on fics like these because I can’t tell which chapter made you slam that kudos button.

I have another full length fic 90% planned out that I have been completely unable to find the energy to write because I feel like no one cares. And these fics are exhausting and taxing to write (I mean, I do enjoy it or I wouldn’t do it but an aromantic writing over 39k of romance… it’s a lot) so why do it if nobody cares, right? 

Fic writers write content for everyone to enjoy for free. We write without asking for money. I think it’s fair enough to ask that we get paid for in positive feedback. It takes 30 seconds to leave a “wow I really liked this and would love to read more!” If you want to get more specific, great! If not, that’s also okay.

Just. Comments are everything to me and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

aenyv  asked:

Seeing your art brings beauty to my boring, grey life. Really. You, blamed orange and many other artist are my inspiration to work on my own drawings, and writers like mungoe and gildarts make me yell at my phone when i'm reading their fanfics in the bed xD It's hard to imagine my life without You, even if I don't talk to any of You too much, I'm rather silent follower. Now in the LoK fandom so many good artist leave tumblr and I'm so sad... If it'll gonna happen in FT fandom, I'll cry to death.

This message got me like

Thank you so much, this means a lot! I’m not gonna promise to stay in the fandom forever because who knows? But I can be so sure that till then I’ll be contributing as much as I can :) Thanks for being a part of the fandom! Also Merry Christmas!!!