i'm sure i'll cry a lot reading it

aenyv  asked:

Seeing your art brings beauty to my boring, grey life. Really. You, blamed orange and many other artist are my inspiration to work on my own drawings, and writers like mungoe and gildarts make me yell at my phone when i'm reading their fanfics in the bed xD It's hard to imagine my life without You, even if I don't talk to any of You too much, I'm rather silent follower. Now in the LoK fandom so many good artist leave tumblr and I'm so sad... If it'll gonna happen in FT fandom, I'll cry to death.

This message got me like

Thank you so much, this means a lot! I’m not gonna promise to stay in the fandom forever because who knows? But I can be so sure that till then I’ll be contributing as much as I can :) Thanks for being a part of the fandom! Also Merry Christmas!!!