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Even thougn TJ is Gay, and he says that every now and again he sleeps with a woman because he loves boobs and he has to make sure that he is Gay, do you think that he would possibly fall in love with a woman? Not necessarily romantically, like 100% but maybe really love someone if they were close friends that messed around here and there?

Okay, well. *opens can of worms* lol If he falls “in love” with someone - that is romantic love. So do I think he could, as you actually described, love a woman that he’s, let’s say, fucking around with? Like - they become dearest of friends and sometimes roll around in the sheets and he feels love for her? Sure. I could see him deeply caring for anyone, no matter what gender.

TJ is a bit of a mystery, tbh. I mean, Jack Benjamin in Kings - he sleeps with women to gain favor in the sight of his father or the press or whatever - to gain something politically from it. I don’t really think he ever enjoys the sexual act itself, when he’s with a woman. TJ on the other hand, definitely seems to partake in sex for the enjoyment factor - either with men or women, although, he does clarify he has sex with women to “make sure.” I think he enjoys it, tho. Lollipop girl anyone? uhm Maybe he’s bi? idk Maybe he’s not. I can’t really say for sure. That’d be a question for the writers of the show. I think, tho, that from a fanfic standpoint, you could write him as bi w/o it being too much of a stretch. But that wasn’t really your question, was it? lol Um, yes, I think he could love a woman, whether he’s romped with her or not. I think TJ has a great capacity for love…if only someone would be kind enough to love him in a GENUINE way. ffs (now, I’m tearing up….sigh)

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