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I need to make a notice here because not everyone checks my Twitter but I’ve come down with a really bad sickness for about a week now. I have one last group of charm preorders still to send and half of them were already packed and ready to ship but I got sick just before. I’ve been stuck in bed the past few days and I missed school as well. I’m hoping to recover soon and be able to send out the last group of preorders soon. I feel so guilty asking for your patience with all the delays. I never expected it would take me this long to get some out. Please do not worry if you think your package was lost if I haven’t contacted you. It’s just going to take some time. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery so I can get them all out soon. Thank you for waiting, I’m glad to see when the orders I’ve already sent out are starting to arrive. Take care of your health everyone.

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Any good The 1975 blogs to follow? I'm new to the fandom :)

Oh me oh my, okay! 

Well I have to suggest to you @the1975hqs because they are the best source for anything new from the band. After that, I have a few good friends in the fandom - @figuremyheartout-1975, @beenabandfor10years, @healysium, @benditlikebedford. Highly recommend getting to know them, they’re absolutely lovely. Also great blogs w/ super nice people are @undohann@trumanblck-1975, @acnematty, @mattyrambles, @weshouldbelovingsomeone, @somebodye1se, @with-somebodyelse, @drivelikeudo, @sammirose27, @gotaproblemwithyourtunes@uninformed-littletwerp, @uninformed-little-1975, @theballadofadamhann, @pinkrebel-the1975, @alicew04, @behiippiie, @pleasedontbenaked, and @iloverossmacdonald. I’m sure I’m missing other blogs I love a lot and I’ll probably remember them as soon as I send this ask and hate myself for not including them, but those are the ones coming to my head right now that my dash would not be the same without! Hope they treat your dash well, everyone is lovely <3 You can’t go wrong following any of them! 

Oh, and welcome to the fandom :)

Well, we’d expected to have moved into our new, slightly larger apartment by now, but as these things always seem to go, there have been huge delays. So l’ve had to improvise a nursery in what was, until a few weeks ago, my library. lf Alex gets at all restless during the night she has access to a few hundred really excellent books! "It’s very frustrating, actually. So the first thing I would tell her to take through life is, ‘Don’t trust builders’ deadlines.’

“The city of Alexandria was famous for its great library which was the font of all knowledge in its time. What knowledge would you and Iman hope to impart?” 

David Bowie, on the birth of his daughter Alexandra. 

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Hi! I was wondering if you know where Buffy watches Veronica Mars?

Well, I believe she owns the DVDs so she probably watches VM while she’s cozying up to Spike in bed. Although she’s lent them and they haven’t been returned yet…  if you see them around, make sure to let Buffy know, I’m sure she misses them! They look something like this. 

Thankfully, she has a go90 account and she can stream her favorite teenage sleuth, anytime, anywhere! (I’m sure she catches up on a few episodes while she’s waiting for vamps to show up during her patrols…)

30 Days of H2OVanoss

December 1st – Snowball Wars.

Based on the prompt: “I was having a snowball fight outside and you were casually walking by and oh my god I’m so sorry I accidentally nailed you in the face.” AU.


The snowball hit Jonathan on the side of his face, showering him in icy particles. He froze as he met the eye of the small child responsible, a wide grin spreading its way across his face. The girl squealed and took off, giggling loudly as she made her way back to the other kids.

It was the first snow of the season and all of the children had gathered for an epic neighbourhood snowball battle. Jonathan, who had never really been good at saying no to the little angels had been roped in immediately by a particularly cunning group of kids no older than 8, demanding that he build them the best snow fort in the world.

And so that’s how he had wound up where he was: drenched and covered in snow, his nose and cheeks bright red from the cold, ready to get his revenge.

Bending down, Jonathan scooped up a handful of snow in his numb hands and started to creep forward slowly, the satisfying sound of crunching ice beneath his feet.

“I’ll get you for that Ruby!”

He threw the snowball at the same time as the girl jumped behind a stranger in a red hoodie that Jonathan hadn’t noticed walking down the street. He watched in horror as the snowball sailed through the air and hit the guy square in the face.

The stranger stopped and blinked a few times as the snow dripped down his face. He shook his head slowly causing a small shower of white to go cascading down around him.

Jonathan’s brain switched back into action and he raised his hands, his mouth falling open in shock. “I-I’m so sorry!” He managed to gasp out.

The man in red turned slowly to face him and Jonathan gulped. Underneath the snow that speckled his face the man was gorgeous. His sleek black hair was styled in a faux hawk, his shoulders were broad and his arms were so muscular that Jonathan had no doubt that the guy could snap him in half if he wanted to.

Ruby peeked up at the stranger with a small smile on her face. “He got you!” She sing-songed, tugging lightly on the red hoodie. The guy grinned back down at her, revealing a set of perfectly straight white teeth and slightly chubby cheeks that made Jonathans stomach swoop.

“Do you think we should get him back?”

Ruby nodded enthusiastically, “Yeah!”

The man in red caught Jonathans eye before grinning again, bending down to scoop up some snow into his hands. Jonathan took the small window of opportunity and bolted behind a nearby tree, laughing loudly as he did. There was a soft thud as a flying snowball hit the tree trunk above him.

“This means war!” He cried, launching two snowballs after one another, first at Ruby and then at the stranger. Both missed their marking, causing the stranger to burst into a fit of laughter. Jonathan pouted and the man took advantage of his distraction to throw a well-aimed snowball at Jonathan’s head.

Jonathan sputtered and wiped the snow off his face before deciding to take a different approach. He stepped out from behind the tree and ran directly at the guy in the red hoodie, figuring that the element of surprise would give him the upper hand.

As he ran his foot caught on a slippery part of the road, causing him to lose his balance and tumble backwards. He landed on his back rather ungracefully with a loud “Ooft” as the air left his lungs.

The guy in the red hoodie reacted immediately, racing to his side, only to slip on the ice himself, landing directly on top of Jonathan.


Jonathan gasped as the strangers full weight landed on top him and then began to laugh hysterically. The guy on top of him joined in rolling to side and staring up at the sky as he caught his breath.

“Dude you should’ve seen your face!”

Jonathan snorted, “You’re the idiot who slipped over straight after the watching it happen to someone else.”

“Oh yeah?” Came the reply, “You’re the idiot who can’t throw a snowball to save his life.”

“Oh no you didn’t!” Jonathan rolled over to find himself face to face with the attractive stranger and he faltered for a second, his cheeks heating up and flushing an even darker shade of red. He watched as the guys brown eyes scanned his face, taking in Jonathans flushed cheeks before reconnecting with his crystal blue eyes.



The stranger gave a small smile, “I’m Evan.”

Jonathan returned the smile, shivering slightly. “I’m cold. And Jonathan. My name’s Jonathan.”

Evan chuckled softly, pushing himself into a sitting position. “You wanna go grab a coffee to warm up?”

Jonathan sat up as well, brushing himself off. “Sure, but I’m buying. I owe you for hitting you with that first snowball which was a total accident I swear.”

Evan reached over and brushed a few specks of snow that Jonathan had missed out of his hair, enjoying the way the younger guys cheeks flushed as he did. He was absolutely adorable, all flustered and nervous giggles and Evan desperately wanted to get to know him better.


Hello everyone! So to celebrate 1 year (and a belated 4k follower goal) on this blog, I wanted to do a follow forever. Thank you so much to everyone I’ve had the honor of speaking with and befriending, and to the content creators who bless our eyes with their  beautiful work. I’ve come to know and love so many of you, and I’m very thankful to have met you ♡

I tried to keep this list as condensed as I possibly could, my muscles are still tense from restraining on making this miles long. 

Special Mentions:

Members of @pastel17net & @jihanetwork I’ve spoken with in their respective chats. I adore talking to you all and I really love how much of (cringes) family we’ve become through our conversations. I really don’t know how bored and bitter I would be if it weren’t for you guys. I truly do appreciate and love all of you, and I’m so glad to have met you all.

@joshsua @saltyjeonghan @cutiecoups & @oo-ji / @woozai -

I REALLY don’t know what I’d do without any of you. The amount of love and comfort I have with you guys is sickening. Thank you so much for all the advice, tolerance and joy you guys bring me. I feel like each of you anchor me and I can’t even find words to convey how appreciative I am for you all. I’m so glad a 13 member meme group helped us meet. 

♡ = people I adore! (most likely people I’ve had a few conversations with)


@95linenet  ♡ @jeonghanetwork​  ♡  @jihanetwork  ♡ @joshuasnet  ♡  @junhuinetwork@pastel17net  ♡   @pastelsvtnet   ♡  @seventeenet  

# - J

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Love your blog and your ficlets!! Is there ever a part in the books where Jamie says to Claire something along the lines of "God gave you to me"? I thought there was but I'm not sure!

Hi anon! Thanks, glad to have you reading!

I can think of a few times where Jamie says or thinks something along those lines…Readers, let me know if I’ve missed one!

Dragonfly in Amber: “Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, and God! I loved her well.”

Voyager: He turned his face slightly, so his lips lay against my palm, and his hand came up, groping for mine. His fingers were cold, too, and hard as driftwood soaked in seawater.
“I tell myself so. God has given ye to me; how can I not love you? And yet — I keep thinking, and canna stop.”

The Fiery Cross: The Bible did say it, Thou shalt be one flesh, and what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.
He had survived such a sundering once; he could not stand it twice, and live.


Okay but the progress of Carlos from my first time cosplaying him (dates on the pics if you click them)

there was a time i wasn’t hot as carlos, and the various phases of Carlos I went through too, the mowhawk weird one was fun ngl

the first time I did him i think was right before my Freshman year of Highschool… and now I’m in my senior year, and damnlos if you would’ve told first picture me i’d look like last two pictures me I’d think you were lying to me

Yoshimura's Sports & Attire
  • Shopkeeper: Hey there! You're Tadashi's brother right?
  • Hiro: -nods-
  • Shopkeeper: I haven't seen him lately and he usually comes in every month. What's that kid up to nowadays?
  • Hiro: Tadashi's... been really busy with school. He hasn't been around for a while.
  • Shopkeeper: Well the new shipment just came in last week and its selling like hotcakes. I'm set a few things aside for him, but there's no guarantee. And tell him that we miss our best customer.
  • Hiro: Yeah.. I'll be sure to let him know.
one direction // preference // the voicemail he leaves you
  • harry: hey babe, just wanted to try and chat to you because i miss your face. i've had a huge day today, like the band had tonnes of rehearsals which isn't much different to usual because you know how hard we're pushed when it's time for tours, but anyway it was so full on and i'm exhausted and i wish you were here so i could wrap your little body up in my arms. anyway, i'm rambling... do voicemails have a time limit? they probably have a time limit. so you should call me back because i miss you lots. oh and i h-
  • zayn: hey babe, you must be out or something because i'm pretty sure it's afternoon for you over there at the moment. i mean you could very well have fallen asleep on the couch watching tv and left your phone in the kitchen so you didn't hear this call. anyway. i love you gorgeous and i'll see your lovely face soon. i think it's three weeks now until i'm back? hopefully they'll go as fast as the last few months have gone. for me anyway. oh well, call me when you can. love you.
  • louis: hi babe! sorry to call so late, i don't know why i thought you'd be up at four in the morning. i think it's four there right? i should've googled that. anyway, i wanted to ring and have a quick chat but you're definitely all wrapped up in your bed asleep so i'll let you do that. just give me a ring in the morning so i can hear your voice. i've been really missing it lately. so much so that sometimes i just sit there and imagine you saying a sentence because i can hear your voice in my head. wow, i sound crazy. anyway, call me back tomorrow when you've rested. love you babe, bye!
  • niall: hey there babe. sorry for the early call but i have a meeting that popped up for when we planned to chat so i don't know, let me know when you can call and i'll let you know when i can call, yeah? i miss you like crazy. i had a dream last night that you were just laying with me and i felt like shit all day because i woke up without you there. i dunno why this tour has been ten times more harder to cope without you. i think i'll book you some tickets up to the next show and you can come and spend the week with me. sound good? anyway, i'm talking a bit of shit because i guess it feels like talking to you. okay, okay i gotta go. bye, i love you!
  • liam: hi babe, just wanted to ring to chat but you seem to be a bit busy at the moment. gotta say i couldn't stop smiling after hearing your voice in your 'leave a message after the beep' thing. really missing my girl. i'll see you soon though, four days until i'm back yeah? that'll be incredible. plus it'll be a few weeks that we get together and i've been looking forwards to that all year really. anyway hope you're doing well, i haven't had a chance to reply to your text yet because the rehearsals and recordings were insane but yes, buy yourself a pizza babe. and eat a slice for me. love you gorgeous. bye!
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