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A list of things I will do for my med students as a resident that my residents have not done for me
  • check in with them when a patient dies to make sure they’re doing okay
  • write them comments on their evals, especially after spending 80 hours a week for a month with the same people
  • like literally any comments
  • at all
  • so that my MSPE won’t be practically empty
  • despite working my ass off all month with a smile on my face regardless of how miserable I was

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tumblr does let you search multiple tags at once! how you do it is putting the first tag then the second one with a # before it E.x "Pastel #stim"

I’m. My mind is blown to pieces. Since the heck when did they start letting you do that?? And how have I not heard about it?? Am I still in the same universe?? fjkdsjgkgfg

Well, that aside, I sure am glad that’s a thing! Even though I didn’t know until now, better late than never ! ^^;;

Sanrion Modern Hospital AU:

“That poor girl” Cercei said to him when he arrived “She was driven mad by her father’s death… She’s not quite there anymore. But she’s a Stark and my son’s fiancee, it’s my duty to make sure she’s well cared for”.

Tyrion wasn’t sure at first, the girl seemed closer to lost than insane and in her rare lucid moments, she even talked with Margaery, her nurse. But one night, Sansa avoids taking her medication and the person his sees trying to escape the Lannister hight security mental hospital is far from crazy. 

Tyrion is more than willing to help but… how can he get her to trust him?

Ok, so it turns out that I started this blog when I was watching the Sky Island saga. And all this time, I didn’t care too much about the spoilers, so I didn’t blacklist anything and I’ve been reading a loooot of things about the current arc in the Manga here (and another million things, I’m just to lazy to avoid spoilers). And one thing that attracted my attention, was all the issue with calling Sanji a Vinsmoke or not. I couldn’t really opine, so I decided to wait until I caught up with the manga and read it by myself.

Five months later, I reached that point, and I only have some chapters left to read. And in the very first moment the Vinsmokes were mentioned… just watching Sanji’s reaction, I already knew who was right in all this controversy. That’s all I needed to opine. And I’m totally unable to understand how could anybody defend the Vinsmokes and, even more, call Sanji a Vinsmoke. I mean, have you read/watched One Piece properly? One of the most important things in this story is the idea of what is a family. The strawhat crew itself is a family. Or just think about Whitebeard pirates. Or Ace, Sabo and Luffy. Or Nami, Bellemere and Nojiko. Ace and Whitebeard. Franky and Tom-san. Law and Corazon. And Sanji and Zeff. ZEFF. THE ONE WHO SAVED SANJI’S LIFE AND RAISED HIM, YES, THAT GUY. Zeff is Sanji’s family. Those people who treated him like trash when he was a child? Those persons are nothing to Sanji. If One Piece has tried to teach us something, it is that family is not about blood. Biologically? Sanji is a Vinsmoke. But if you have understood One Piece, only a bit, you amply know that he isn’t one of them. And when you call him a Vinsmoke, you are underestimating all the pain and trauma that Sanji has been carrying in his back all this time just because of those people. And if he has canonically stated that he’s not a Vinsmoke more than once, maybe you should reconsider your point of view.

So, it’s your choice. Think it twice and be a bit empathic.

does anyone get mad when they do something and someone else does the same thing but it’s so much better than yours? and then you get irrationally mad and upset but you shouldn’t be? because it’s not just your thing, you didn’t copyright it so other people can do it too but you’re still mad? does that happen to anyone or just me?

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“Trouble, no. No, I don’t do trouble well. I mean– I’m not in trouble…  If you could just stay over there.” Robbie muttered, pushing himself up and off the ground, he hated the idea of anyone seeing him like this and he was sure the woman had better things she could be doing than watching a grown ass man make a fool of himself. 

“It’s not that I think you’re one of them. I just, I cannot take any more chances today.”