i'm sure anyone with eyes can see that

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With reference to Camila not being able to come out. I know you say she's got other things to keep her happy at the mo, but I know from personal experience how damaging, soul destroying and all encompassing it is being in the closet. I'm worried it will become really overwhelming for her having to carry this big secret around. I know how hard it was for me, but for her, being in the public eye is such a huge weight on her shoulders I can't even imagine. I hope one day she can come out 😔

Oh trust me I know very well how damaging it can be sweets, I think anyone who’s ever been in the closet knows that. But let’s try to see the bright side here, I’m pretty sure most of the people of her entourage know, her parents, Ashlee… and that’s already a huge support system. 

What I meant by other things making her happy was that her newfound freedom in her music and her writing might also have helped take off a little bit of that weight, and that until she can come out and show us that part of herself, she has a way to put her feelings out there. It’s not ideal because she might have to cover up most of the true stories with male pronouns, but at least it’s something, something that she didn’t have while she was in 5H. That’s why even though all of this is really hard for her, I know she’ll find a way to get through it until it’s safer for her to come out.

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i want to say someone edited the lesbian novel part in gwen's wiki, because wiki's can be edited by anyone but if that's the case, the added part would have been gone by now, and i checked her wiki today and it's still there.

I’m sure it’s legit, I just can’t find it in the show and was hoping someone else could see it with their elf eyes.

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Can I ask you when Rosa tweeted that? I don't ship anyone but I'm very disappointed to see that. It was so childish.

You can find the tweet here: https://twitter.com/lanochecazador/status/677471061823352832

It looks like it was posted December 17th at 4:51 AM. Not sure what time zone that is. And it is very childish and extremely eye-brow raising that his girlfriend’s mother would post that considering Josh has been very vocal about his dislike of using social media against his friends loved ones, and bullying in general. 

Was that really necessary? Why tear down one of the best friends of you’re daughters “boyfriend”? Why create such discord? Jen has been a very positive voice for woman and equality in Hollywood. She stood up and spoke up about a very difficult issue and I applaud that! Jen is not the problem.    

Carmilla Realization - I'm not ok

Not sure if anyone has talked about this but right when I was about to turn on a movie this morning I was hit with a ton of Carmilla feels from yesterday because remember when Will broke down the bathroom door ….

So not only did Carmilla hear Laura’s “WORST. CRUSH. EVER” she also saw it. Can you just see Carmilla in the bathroom leaning against the door frame watching Laura with her seductions eye and a grin.

“Oh, Cupcake”