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Louis - Eleanor who? - Tomlinson
  • “What is your inspiration when writing songs?”

 Louis “I would say life experience”


Who would they take on an island? They can make three names. Zayn answer “Obviously” his girlfriend, Danny and Louis

Louis “OBVIOUSLY I’d take Pablo.” Then Mario the monkey and someone from East Enders.

  • Who we are: Our Autobiography Audiobook

Louis: part 1part 2, part 3 (x)

  • Interviewer: “Who would you gonna bring with you on tour?”

Liam: “The Mrs”

Interviewer: “Same for you, Louis?”

  • Anything else apart from death [rumours]?


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Aka, those times Louis had the chance to say something about his girlfriend, but didn’t do it.

And that one time he did it.

I liked India, but I just felt like a lot of people there didn’t get Hinduism.

white woman, in Boulder

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