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I know the show doesn’t have immediate plans to bring Cote back, but they should at least admit that the Russian/Sergei Mishnev storyline from the season premiere perfectly sets up a return of Ziva David. 

For those who don’t know, Mishnev is a mercenary terrorist trying to avenge Ari (after all these years, right) by going after who he thinks murdered his good friend, which is NCIS and specifically Gibbs.

But who really killed Ari? Ziva. 

And what was one reason they gave for her leaving? She wanted to repent for all her sins, of which killing her step-brother was a biggie.

Soooo, I can totally see an episode where Mishnev is back and creating hell for the team, except this time stateside, and they’re in the squad room really stumped about his motives.

Gibbs stabs a finger at the plasma where a fuzzy picture of Mishenev is displayed and says, “Figure out what he wants with us. Now.

Just then, Ziva walks off the elevator in a great jacket, hair wild and stunning, and announces, “I believe I can answer that for you, Gibbs.”

And the team is so surprised to see her that they’re speechless, with Ellie like ‘who is this person?’

But Gibbs doesn’t miss a beat. He looks her in the eye, a smirk hooking the corner of his mouth. “Well, what are waiting for, David? What does Mishnev want?”

Ziva smirks, too, and replies, “To kill me.”

And it kicks off a three-part arc of them working to bring down this guy with lots of badass!Ziva and the team being The Team again. Plus there’d be plenty of time for Ziva to reacquaint with everyone and achieve some closure with Gibbs and Tony and her demons. 

And even if she has to leave again at the end, at least it wouldn’t be in tears. It would be because she’d doing good somewhere, righting wrongs like this one. She’d make promises to keep in touch with everyone, and Gibbs would tell her that he might need her again, to which she’d say, “Anytime.”  

And she and Tony, who absolutely gave in to their passions earlier in the arc after a close call with Mishnev and his men, will make plans. They realize now that there is no one else for either of them, but until their time comes to be together, they’ll make it work long-distance. Because what they have is worth the effort. 

I don’t see why all that isn’t possible. *shrug*