i'm supposed to be on hiatus today


#heavy breathing

so today (4/4) is the tenth anniversary of the first episode of the ouran high school host club anime airing! (god it’s been ten years i feel old :’‘‘‘))

happy bday to an anime that’s kept me more than entertained over the last few years and still makes me laugh and cry to this day. remember to cherish your friends and family and good times in your life!

(shoutout to @starry-eyedandstormy for her patience while i struggled with this monster ahahahehe)

I’ll queue those meme replies for later on tomorrow. I didn’t work today cause mom was sick and my niece. But my mom’s fever rose and she’s having trouble speaking . Kept texting g me that her head hurt a lot. Once I checked on her for the 3rd time today goodness…. Mother’s temperature is very high. Dad is home now so he’ll be taking her to the clinic. Sorry for the suddenly​ disappearing from here and discord.

I haven’t seen my mom this sick. Usually she sleeps and in 3 hrs she is walking around the house. But today she’d wake up crying from the pain. So I just hope she gets better after heading to the clinic. If you can just keep her in prayer please?