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#74 + Sterek, please!

74. “It’s been 10 years how do you still look so good?”

High school reunions are suppose to be an event where kids who were awkward in high school get to show off how successful they are. Stiles had spent most of high school looking forward to the fact that he would eventually be successful and he could rub it in everyone’s face. 

He had gone off to school in D.C., gotten recruited by the the FBI and the CIA, and eventually joined up with the CIA. He spent the ages of 22 to 26 working undercover ops overseas. 

It wasn’t a job he could brag about though. Most of his work was top secret, need to know only. 

His dad thought he was working for a bank that had him stationed in England. It was a great job, he loved it even if he did miss his dad. 

When he was 27 he was involved in a hostage situation in Tunisia. When he got out the CIA decided that he could stay stateside for awhile. He was excited until he realized that meant he would be able to go to his high school reunion. 

“Come on Stiles, you haven’t been home in years,” Scott said, “Not since my wedding.”

“I know buddy,” Stiles said, running a hand over his face as he tried to think of an excuse, “But we have a huge uh, thing at work. I can’t get out of the office.”

“Stiles come on!” Scott whined, “I heard that Derek Hale will be at the reunion.”

“Hard pass,” Stiles said, looking over his shoulder. It was habit at this point, making sure he had every exit covered. 

“Don’t you want to meet your goddaughter,” Scott said, pulling out the big guns to get Stiles back to Beacon Hills.

“Fine,” Stiles said after a moment, “I mean I have to clear it with my boss, but yeah fine.”

He could hear the smile in Scott’s voice, “Awesome! I’ll tell your dad.”

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whatever you do don’t think about even coming up behind isak just to wrap his arms around isak’s waist and stuff his hands into the pockets of isak’s green jacket. he pretends that he’s freezing, but this fucker wears like 10 layers at a time, he’s perfectly fine. but isak had been stubborn enough to get out of bed in spite of a cold, and had even just seen a slight shiver? whatever it was, he’s not going to risk his boyfriend getting sicker. so he whispers “halla baby” and nuzzles isak’s ear, and it totally interrupts isak’s train of thought as he’s explaining spideypool to magnus (even had converted him okay he totally gave isak a talk about iconic pansexual fictional characters). isak’s face turns as red as a tomato, and by this point his friends are howling with laughter, and although isak protests, he totally cuddles even back. 

The Influence Jon Has on Sansa's Storyline

Ok, time for some rambling by me. Something that I’m beginning to notice a lot is the growing influence Jon is beginning to have on Sansa’s story while in Vale. It is only when she begins to accept and grow closer to her Northern roots that we begin to see this influence.

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If you haven’t read this yet, you’re missing out on my new favourite AU

also like the whole idea of reading to show off is?? baffling?? where did that even come from? that’s right Alex I’m reading this book in the privacy of my home to win accolades from the cheering masses

step 1: Isolate myself for hours doing something other people aggressively don’t care about 
step 2: ????
step 3: profit 


THIS WAS JUST SUPPOSED TO BE A SILLY MEME THING AND THEN… What is wrong with me I have so much important stuff to do. Seriously. Argh.


Inspired by this thing:

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I need to stop being lazy and actually design things for this story. Like all the weird monsters that are supposed to be in the city, except I never draw them because no one designed them yet.

The designing will have to wait though because I definitely shouldn’t be doing this with the crazy amount of things for school I need to finish this month ._.

Home isn’t the town I grew up in, or the halls of an old school building. Home isn’t the bed I slept in every night. It’s not the faces of the people who were supposed to be my family. It’s not the street downtown where I told my friends the truth. Home is the people I love. It’s my best friend, who has been there through everything, holding my hand, doing the best she can. It’s the people who surrounded me and cheered me on as I bared my soul to the world and to my mother. It’s the people who were my real family, the ones who filled the gaps left by those who share my blood. Home isn’t a place. It’s people. And they’re all out there, looking for a purpose. I’m going out there to look for them.

You keep telling me to come home. I don’t know how to tell you that I’m already there, and that you don’t belong here.
—  EMJ // Never Coming Home

One thing I don’t understand is all the hate on rucas for being a “awkward” in the beginning…have you guys ever been in the seventh grade? Everything about that time was awkward, especially crushes and relationships. People had one day relationships all the time in my school because it was something you were just supposed to do. And then friendships were actually ruined because no one knew what a relationship was. No one knew how to be a boyfriend/girlfriend at that age. I honestly think that their relationship was very realistic???

Hey, i felt like being productive for once, so i finished this. I was supposed to finish it back in december but my brain wouldn’t cooperate

Hope it doesn’t suck, i’m on an major artblock rn

*Please do not use or repost my artworks anywhere. Thank you!

*crawls back to bed*

I got called racist at school today because I said T/ rump would only benefit white rich straight men and the whole class agreed that I’m terrible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rules: using the list below, create a fanmix for your sim-self, then tag as many blogs as you’d like to do the same!

01. a song that makes you want to fall in love   ♪  02. your favorite pump up song   ♪  03. your favorite song to rock out to ♪  04. a song that reminds you of summer ♪  05. your favorite cover of a song ♪ 06. a song you sing in the shower ♪  07. a song that reminds you of someone ♪  08. what you want your wedding song to be ♪  09. your favorite 90s/2000s song ♪  10. a song to heal a heartbreak ♪  11. a song that makes you feel relaxed ♪  12. a song you know all the lyrics to ♪  13. your favorite oldies rock song ♪  14. a song by your favorite artist ♪  15. a song that you like to fall asleep to ♪  16. a song that makes you feel invincible ♪  17. favorite song from a musical ♪  18. a song that makes you cry ♪ 19. a song that is from a genre of music you don’t usually listen to ♪  20. a song that reminds you of yourself

I’ll keep talking under the cut.

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Can I just say I'm absolutely in love with your blog. I have always viewed Drrr in a very psychological way & it's so nice to read your posts & stories. Very glad you're here with us, the way you analyze characters will never stop making me smile <3

I have been feeling a little down so reading this message (again) cheered me up a bit, thank you.

I’m very interested in psychology, have been since quite a while, around middle school, so that’s probably why my analyses and stories are quite psychological. To be honest I feel lonely sometimes because I don’t interact much here but thank you for the support :)

If you’ve always viewed Durarara in a very psychological way perhaps that’s why you prefer (?) Izaya, he certainly has a lot of psychology going on.

(( OOC )) A little venting under the cut. It’s nothing too negative, though—I just want to talk about it. 

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Take it in, take it all in
Mask the pain until the end of the day
Take it in, take it all in
You can never let them win

And yet they do,
As I enter my home
The place where I’m safe
The place where I’m alone
They win because as I take it all in
I never can seem to get it all out

So I take it out
On myself
Just on me
No one else

I take it in
Keep it in
Take it out on myself
Convince myself it’s the right thing to do

So inside pain continues piling
On the outside I try to keep the mask on
I try to keep smiling
But it only lasts for so long