i'm supposed to be already asleep

Yuri’s favourite moments with Otabek are not the ones where they’re out on dates. It’s not when they’re failing to cook together in the kitchen. It’s not when Otabek shows up with gifts for no reason other than ‘I love you and thought of you’. 

No, Yuri’s favourite moments are the ones when they’re cuddled up in bed doing nothing at all, and they could be anywhere in any time and maybe it’s next week already, he’s lost track. Maybe they start to fall asleep, maybe they don’t, who can really tell between lazy kisses and stroking each other’s hair and cheeks and running their fingers down each other’s spines? 

Those moments, bathed in light from a sunset from the window, all alone with Otabek in near silence, are Yuri’s favourites. Nothing could be better. 

pll shippers as high school students before school starts again
  • ezria: *finishes great expectations* well now that i've completed dickens' works, i suppose i'm ready to move onto austen, maybe throw some fitzgerald in there. i can't wait to see the reading list.
  • spaleb: *frantically looks through notes* I DON'T REMEMBER WHAT A DERIVATIVE IS *chugs another energy drink and throws it over their shoulder* I NEED MORE CAFFEINE
  • spoby: my notebooks and folders are color-coded, my backpack is packed, and i just bought twenty highlighters in all different colors
  • haleb: *glances at the calendar* shit it's august already??? WAS I ASLEEP FOR TWO MONTHS???
  • emison: *has outfit laid out, outfit is on fleek* i'm so ready to be a flawless bitch this year
  • vandermarin: *diabolically planning how to take over the entire school this year* MWAHAHAHAHA
  • vandergomery: *skips the first day because yolo*
  • hannily: *covers their head with their pillow as alarm goes off* I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO THAT HELLHOLE

i took my Adderall 2day like i’m supposed to and drank 4 large cups of espresso but i’m still falling asleep on the couch while the food network plays in the background lmao

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Any advice for learning Kanji? I just started but it's a bit difficult.

I suppose it depends on what part is giving you the most trouble…?

At a beginner level though it might just be useful to go through words you already know and learn how to read and write them with the appropriate kanji. In general it’s best to include vocabulary in your kanji studies anyway since there are a good number of words that you can’t guess the pronunciation of with just knowing the kanji readings. 

Scarlet warm up’s and my drawing hand feels like it has a good time, plz don’t change. Posting because I kinda already getting sleepy and before I fall asleep again I’ll better post a WIP (Am I ever gonna finish that?? hrr)
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Wait can we send fic requests? Doctor/Rose Harry Potter AU, I'm having feels

Rose peeked out into the hallways before stepping out and closing the door behind her quietly. She was already supposed to be in bed but instead she was across the castle from Gryffindor Tower and was going to have to make it back in the dark without getting caught.

This is what happened when she fell asleep in one of the unused classrooms while simultaneously trying to study for her Charms test and avoid Adam who wouldn’t leave her alone.

She’d made it two corridors when she heard running footsteps coming towards her. Rose didn’t have time to jump out of the way before someone barreled into her, knocking them both to the floor.

He helped her up and gave her a wild grin. “Better run. Filch is on my trail.”

Before Rose even had time to respond, he grabbed her hand and took off once more, weaving through the corridors with practiced ease. They skidded to a stop in front of a door Rose didn’t remember ever seeing before.

He opened the door and pulled her in after him before closing it.

“Shouldn’t you lock it or something?” Rose asked, slightly breathless.

“No need. This is the Room of Requirement, Filch won’t be able to find us here.”

Rose looked at him inquisitively, finally taking in the fact that he was dressed in  a jumper and jeans and a leather jacket instead of his robes. She could see a blue and bronze tie sticking out of his pocket though.

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Ughhh I'm horrible at prompts!! I legit have no clue what to ask! I just want something with the twins. Maybe like them taking turns kissing Sam and Sam taking turns kissing them. I don't know just something cute with lots of kissing! Again sorry! I'm horrible at prompts! (Also I'm a huge fan of bottom Sam! So you are not alone)

He falls asleep in the backseat of the Impala on their way over to New York. Metallica playing low through the speakers of the car and Jensen and Dean murmuring low in the front seat.

Their father was already there and waiting for them. They were suppose to hunt a damn witch.

So when he wakes to small smacking sounds, he’s confused. Just these tiny noises with the soft shift on jeans on leather and against hands that have Sam blinking into the darkness of the car.


A faint whisper and more soft sighs. Sam freezes when he catches Dean and Jensen making out slowly in the front seat.

Jensen moans softly as Dean twists his head to the side, eyes closed. Jensen parts from his twin wetly.

“What about Sammy?” Jensen whispers and Dean grunts, licking along his twins neck.
“He’s tired, let him sleep,” Dean breathes.

Their silhouettes dance in front of Sam’s eyes, he should tell them he’s awake but maybe Dean just wants to be with Jensen.

“You actually saying you want to leave Sam out?” Jensen breathes hot into Deans mouth, shuddering when his twin grips his hip hard.

“No. Of course not. Just don’t think we’re up for a grand round of fucking at four a.m.” Dean whispers, licking back into Jensens wet mouth.

Sam is half hard in his sweats at the sight of his older brothers groping and kissing each other.

“W-we don’t have to fuck,” Sam whimpers.
Dean freezes, Jensen chuckling as he pulls away to look back at Sam with green, gleaming eyes.

“We can just…touch,” Sam nods, sitting up and getting up on his knees to lean over the front seat.

“Or kiss, baby,” Jensen laughs softly as he nuzzles Sam’s neck.

Dean smiles lazily and motions for Sam to climb over the seat. Its easier for him to go up there instead of the both of them clambering into the back with him.

Jensen saves him from hitting his face on the dashboard with a firm hand around his neck and Dean pulls his legs the rest of the way over.

He gets lain out across their legs, his ass in Deans lap and his head in Jensens.

Sam leans up to kiss Jensen softly, nipping at his bottom lip playfully. He gets a mouth full of tongue next and Dean groans softly as his hand moves up under Sam’s shirt.

Jensens’ arms wrap tight around Sam as they kiss more intensely, their breathing coming harsh out their noses.

“What about me?” Dean mumbles, thumb brushing Sams left nipple.

Sam breaks the kiss with a gasp and shivers, looking over at Dean.

“Sorry,” he pants.

Dean hums and spreads Sam’s legs before sliding between them, nosing at Sam’s neck.

“Smell so fucking good, baby,” Dean murmurs, slipping his hands back under Sam’s shirt to rub at his nipples slowly, no real intent, just a comfort.

But Sam squirms anyway, mouth open and staring up at Jensen. The other twin watches as Sam wraps his legs around Deans waist, crying out brokenly when his brother pinches at his hardened nubs.

“Love you,” Sam shudders, saying this to both of them and Jensen cooes, putting his fingers through Sams hair as Dean sucks marks onto his neck.

“We love you too, baby boy,” Jensen smiles, bending over to kiss at Sam’s swollen lips.

He sucks hard on Jensens tongue when Dean rucks his shirt up under his arm pits so he could swirl his own tongue against Sam’s chest.

They’re not getting off much on any of this, even though he can feel Jensen half hard under his head and Dean against his leg, humping him without knowing.

Sam loves them both, more than the books he reads, or the documentaries he loves to watch, more than knowledge, and their father. He loves them because they’re better than the stars, the moon, the sun, than love itself.

He can touch their soft, perfect skin.

“D-dean,” Sam’s voice is muffled again when Dean takes his turn to over take Sam’s mouth.

They can make his body light up brighter than the sun and all of the things like it. His twins can make him smile even when he has to patch them both up after a hunt.

“Just love your mouth, Sammy.”
“Just love you, love you.”

He drowns in their praise and the way they always come home to him, here in their car. There in another motel where they add their own stains.

“Jensen,” Sam looks up at him with watery eyes because sometimes he gets overwhelmed.

Dean kisses softly at his collarbone and Jensen shushes him with a hand in his hair.

“We should get back onto the road,” Dean whispers against Sam’s neck, resentful.

He can tell that they don’t want to stop, but their Dad is waiting.

“You need some sleep, too, Sammy boy,” Jensen smiles.

Sam whines as he unwraps his legs from Deans waist and lets his brother sit up to start the car.

But he stays there and snuggles into the hard muscle of Jensens stomach as they drive off.

When he wakes its to both his brothers singing softly and he’s on his stomach, his crotch against Deans and his face in Jensens, but faced toward the foot well.

“Oh, darlin’, darlin’, stand by me,” they both sing to some song on the radio.

Sam can smell the dust and breathes the dry air, knows they’re in some desert land. The Impalas engine revs comfortably.

Sam keeps his eyes open just a little, they flutter when he feels fingers in his hair and another hand dancing along his spine.

“Go back to sleep, Sammy.”

This got out of hand lmao.

My sister is out of her mind because of a decision I made. Did you ever stop for one second and think about what I might be going through?

Laurel Lance being self-centred, yet again, in 4x05

I am 100% done with this character.