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Four months ago, Gansey and Ronan kissed.
Four months ago, Ronan almost died.
Now it’s New Year’s Eve, and they’ve run out of ways to not talk about it.

pre-series, 7k words
content warnings in notes
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Remember when I said I would cut out your favorite emblem into MDF? 

GUESS WHAT I JUST DID. @nightpiercer my gift to you, my friend.



Sadly, this is not the one I’m going to give you, on account of it’s various flaws, but once I perfect this thing I’ll send it! 

I’m planning on selling these as custom commissions! I don’t know a price, so the benchmark is probably gonna be around $15 per pendant? Leave a suggestion for what the price could be in a reply or reblog!

Want a high resolution version of your favorite emblem (And the possibility of having it laser blasted into medium density fiberboard and sent to you for $15)? Leave a reply on or, more helpfully, reblog my original post!

[!!!] Seventeen will have their first world tour <2017 SEVENTEEN FIRST WORLD TOUR ‘DIAMOND EDGE’> starting July 2017. 

The boys will tour 13 cities including Seoul, New York, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. More details will be released soon.

- Admin Leen

You Know A Show Is Good When...

You’ve already had it spoiled in many parts, pretty much know ALL the plot twists for the current episode that hasn’t even aired yet, but will still watch on the edge of your seat giving it your full attention.
I’m not even mad that Disney Channel spoiled it for me by releasing an early Mack Chat, I will be anticipating momentous scenes tonight (and I now know there will be some!)😄💖

themeyouneverwanttobe  asked:

With Mark now paying more attention to fan games- and enjoying playing them- how are you guys coming along with yours? I'm super excited about it and it would be great if Mark would actually play your game!

Man I would be so excited for Mark to play ours once it’s finished! And it’s getting super close to being done, which I know I say a lot, and the amount that I think is ‘close’ is always changing, but we are really coming down to the wire now.

The base game is actually done tbh

Right now we are working on the bugs and fixes and we are about half done with that! We are also waiting on a little bit of art and music as well, but hopefully that won’t take too much longer either! 

It’ll be better once one of our artists is done with finals in a week or so.

We will probably do a quick round of testing on the second half of the game once we get all the bugs we found fixed, and once we get through that then we’ll be able to release it!

I’ll stop rambling about it lol I just love talking about our game so much, I’m so excited. It’s really been a labor of love working on it for nearly 2 years now. Which sounds ridiculous lol

Let me know if you have any more questions about the game~


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I just hit 100 followers!! It’s my first milestone and I’m so very excited! Thank you so, so much to all my lovely followers!! You are all wonderful and amazing and I hope there’s something in this chaotic whirlwind of a blog that makes you smile. I know you guys definitely make me smile. And also a huge thank you to everyone who has supported my art. All your kind comments and notes make me ridiculously happy, even if I’m usually too awkward to say anything.

To thank you all for being so kind and wonderful and to try to get to know people a bit better, I’m doing celebratory doodles! If you would like a doodle, just send me an ask/reply/comment/carrier pigeon (feel free to ask on anon if that’s more comfortable for you) with your request and I’ll try my best. They can be fandom-related stuffs or calligraphy/lettering quotes or general non-fandom-y things or anything you want (within reason). I’ll do at least the first 10 requests I get and possibly more depending on how quickly I can get them done. :) You guys are the best!!

Light the Match || OPEN

Ophelia could still be considered a newcomer to the town, her and her husband only having moved in three months ago. They were still trying to unpack all their boxes and move their furniture in the right places. They chose this ‘town of ash’ because if the landscape. It had a beautiful forest landscape, which had great opportunities for her career. She hadn’t engaged much in the social scene because she was just trying to adjust. However, this challenge to find the mystery house in the middle of the woods seemed like an interesting opportunity. Not only could she meet some of the locals, but Ophelia never back down from a challenge and she would not stop until she found the damn shack.

Ophelia was sitting beside the fire next to her tent. She would have brought her husband with her, but he insisted he had grades to pat, and there wasn’t any Internet in the middle of the forest. He trusted her to go alone though; he knew she’d be alright, she always was.

Ophelia heard the snapping of twigs and turned her head. Looks like the chicken she was cooking over the fire was going to have to wait because those footsteps didn’t sound like any animal she’d heard. Her eyes drifted to the cab of her pickup, where she had her concealed carry underneath the seat. A woman alone in the woods could never be too careful. “Hello?” She called out, standing up. She slowly walked towards the noise.

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“–My parents are throwing their annual memorial day get together this weekend…” While usually Natasha would have been excited for such an event, the idea of not having her brother Nikolai around to keep her company was zapping away her enthusiasm. “I know that it may not necessarily be your idea of a good time or anything, but there will be really good food and drinks there. Don’t make me beg you to come because at this point it’s so not beneath me.” She chuckled softly as she scanned the other’s face, hoping they would agree to it without further persuasion.

We’ll Keep On Being Together

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa 

Verse: Modern | Rating: T | Word Count: 1.6k

Summary:  When you’re in love with your best friend, is it weird? Yeah. Definitely weird. ’S not like Eren and Mikasa know anything about that, ha. That’s crazy.

A/N: Yo, yo, yo! This fic has been a long-time coming. In the beginning, I had no idea where I wanted my first Eremika fic to go. Did I want to stick to something canon or go with modern? As you can tell, I went for the latter. Modern AUs are always a joy to write, and given the universe these characters live in, I honestly think they all deserve a break. I gotta admit, with this being my first Eremika multichapter fic, I’m really nervous but I’m also excited! I got great feedback on Tumblr when I asked how many would read an Eremika fic of mine if I posted one, and that’s been my drive to get this fic finally up. There are multiple pairings in this fic, but, of course, the primary focus will be on Eren and Mikasa.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.



“Don’t be stubborn. Try it!”

Mikasa presses her lips together, shaking her head in defiance and leaning away from the spoon.

Eren gives her a look, stepping closer. “C'mon, Mika. My baking isn’t that bad.”

“Eren.” The raven mildly gestures to her apron. “I’m covered in flour.”

A heartfelt snicker. “Sorry. But hey, you agreed to help. Now, c'mon!” And he lifts the wooden spoon again. “It’s good, I promise.”

She stares at him for a long beat of silence before she finally gives in and sighs, leaning forward to close her pink lips around the spoon. Eren grins, although it’s clear he’s trying not to do too much or look too smug about it. He’s watching her face, searching her stormy hues with his teal ones, and the longer he stares and studies her the warmer Mikasa’s cheeks become. She takes her mouth off of the spoon, darting her tongue out to run it across her bottom lip, and folds her arms across her chest.

Eren waits.

“…It’s good,” she says finally.

He does a mini fist pump and whispers, “Yes!” to himself; she smiles and rolls her eyes, grabbing a towel to wipe the counter off.

“Only because I helped you.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Eren Jaeger!”


The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Alphabet Challenge:

F is for Flirting

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InkTober 15 - The Devotion

“Whether for vital information or for moral support, these talks seemed to give Dorian the strength to continue his fight.”

I am not okay. I haven’t even played the Dorian romance yet and I am still NOT OKAY.