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Me: *Watching The Worst Witch on Netflix* Wow, this is pretty much exactly like Harry Potter/Hogwarts except they’re all girls. I freaking love it, but it’s a total ripoff 

Me: Looks up the book series its based on and sees that it predates Harry Potter by more than Twenty Years.



❝ I want to be in it. I want to be in the game. I want to stay here longer. I want to stay with these guys. Give me the thrill of the court.

                                                                      I want to fight.  ❞

影山 飛雄 for the amazing @09kageyama

  🎉 The happiest happy birthday to you Pam!! 💕💕


My Pathetic But Adorable Big Brother, Hiro: Part I

Older bro!Hiro & Younger bro!Tadashi AU

Prologue Here, Part 2 

AHAHAHAH it finally starts, at a snail’s pace….

After tonight’s travesty at the Emmys, it’s only fair that the Grace & Frankie writers make Grace/Frankie canon.

For morale.


                                             “She’d felt it before,
                                              she felt it now: the pull to fall in with him,
                                              to fall into him,
                                              to lose her sense of self.”


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