i'm stupid :

  • Person: Urg. Yuri, why do you like Altin? He's ugly !
  • Yurio: I love him, even ugly!
  • Person: Hèè???
  • Otabek: ...
  • Yurio: Do not worry Beka, you look magnificent in my eyes! But if others say you are ugly, well I love you like that, I find you beautiful as you are!
  • Otabek: ..... *Blush* Yu ... Yuri ... *Heart Attack*
  • Yurio: Beka?!
Mental Battles with myself over fandoms
  • Me: I'm not going to be apart of another one Star Wars and The Outsiders are enough. I am not going to join another fandom no no no nO NOOOOOO ONES SLICK AS GASTON NOOOO ONES QUICK AS GASTON NOOOO ONES NECKS AS INCREDIBLY THICK AS GASTONS... ok I gotta stop or else imma be in too deep FOR EVERMORE...
  • Send help

has anyone else’s tumblr app been acting funny or has the website been acting funny?  i’m not just talking duplicate reblog.  i mean sometimes some of my stuff won’t even post.  or sometimes i’ll post something from mobile and it won’t pop up until a few hours (or few days) later.  i’m starting to think it might be my internet connection but i know there have been others who’ve been complaining a little about it so i just feel like maybe it’s the app or the site itself.

AU where dirk is investigating a bunch of mysterious disappearances that somehow have a connection to a cafe/diner. So of course he has to start frequenting it for investigative purposes, Farrah, it has nothing at all to do with him liking a certain employee named Todd
Until Todd goes missing or is in danger, in which case it has everything to do with him

I’ve always loved trees. I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately. I always thought of them as strong. Standing the test of time. Sometimes beautiful, by societies standards of beauty I guess…When they blossom in spring. Even though they are beautiful all year round. Thinking about how much they put up with, and yet they still stand. Outliving most. But does that make them strong? Do they want to put up with it all, or is it just something they have to grin and bear? They are used and abused and routed to one spot, watching the world go by. Being made homes out of. Putting up with stormy weathers, until they are done. There to give us life and for our needs. Just because they still stand, does that make them strong? Or just an unappreciated necessity living in torment?