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What type of Plushie would Reaper, Lucio and Soldier get their S/O as a 'hug this when i'm away, hopefully it'll help' gift

i have 90 billion plushies so,, this would be a good gift for me

Reaper: a stuffed owl, mostly because its face looks like his mask and he secretly loves owls

Lucio: obviously, he would get them a frog plushie. no explanation needed. (the frog is wearing headphones)

Soldier 76: after a lot of thinking, he’d end up going with a classic valentine’s teddy bear. what can I say, he’s a cheesy romantic

Shawty With You

Lol guys I am so sorry for this. I promise I was gonna post a 30 Days fic but then I saw maidjimin wanted a height difference fic and this has been floating around in my head for a couple days now…It’s really short but I couldn’t resist. Also, I really should stop making cheesy ass titles but I CAN”T HELP IT (yes it is from jikook’s christmas day fight me). Please enjoy!

Jimin knows they’ll bring it up eventually. How could they not? It is quite comical, he has to admit.  

“So, we’ve noticed something in BTS’ two years since debut.” The MC announces. They all nod and smile.

“Oh really? What’s that?” The MC turns to Jeongguk and smiles.

“Jeongguk-ssi, you gotten quite a lot taller since you first debuted.” Jeongguk smiles and laughs like he’s supposed to. It’s not untrue. Jeongguk has become like a giant in just the past year.

“In fact, we even have this picture of you and Jimin-ssi before your debut.” A picture of them flashes up on screen and Jimin has to resist the urge to cringe. It is indeed them, before their debut, in their Graduation Song music video. God they look like babies! But Jeongguk is relatively Jimin’s height in the picture.  

“Look how close in height you too were back then. And look now! Jimin-ssi looks so tiny compared to you now.” They have Jimin and Jeongguk stand next to each other just to compare.  

Everyone is laughing at their height difference and Jimin hates it. He knows they aren’t intentionally making fun of him for his height, but it only increases his insecurities. Jimin goes to sit back down but is surprised when Jeongguk sneaks his hands around Jimin’s waist and pulls Jimin in front of him, resting his head on top of Jimin’s.

“Aw, don’t make fun of Jiminie hyung. I think he looks cute. He reminds me of a teddy bear.” He sqeezes around Jimin’s middle like a little girl would hug her favorite stuffed bear. Jimin blushes an incredible bright red and brings his hands up to cover his face. Jeongguk leans down and presses his lips against Jimin’s ear.

“Sorry.” He whispers, like he knows how uncomfortable Jimin is at the moment. He puts his chin back on top of Jimin’s head for a picture and Jimin thinks, that for once, maybe he doesn’t mind being so short.

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Hi! I'm new to your blog, but so far I enjoy what you post! Especially your reactions! Heheh ^.^ Idk if your taking requests.. But can you do Exo's reaction of when they finally come home and find you (gf) fast asleep with the big teddy bear they bought for you to keep you company while theyre gone on tour? >.< lol I hope that makes sense..


     Thanks so much!

               I’m glad that you enjoy my blog and like the reactions.

I hope you enjoy your reaction.



Xiumin: “aww y/n is so cute when he/she cuddles with stuffed animals”

Luhan: *is extremely happy when he sees you*  “y/n actually cuddles up with the teddy bear I got him/her”

Kris: “that teddy bear is twice his/her size”

Suho: “that teddy bear looks like it could suffocate y/n. It’s so huge”

Lay: “who gives their boy/friend the best gifts in the world? that’s right, me, because I’m fabulous”

Baekhyun: “he/she likes my gift. I knew the teddy bear was a good choice”

Chen: *cuteness overload*

Chanyeol: “maybe if I dress up like the teddy bear, y/n will cuddle up to me instead”

kyungsoo: “aw how adorable”

Tao: *smiles when he sees you cuddled up to the teddy bear*

Kai: *laughs at the sight but loves that you enjoy his gift*

Sehun: “look at how big that teddy bear is compared to y/n. AWWW MAHHH GAAAWDD!”

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Y-you simply l-look a-adorable I m-may say! S-so I m-make you a s-stuffed animal B-bear!! *holds up a stuffed teddy bear which looks like it's about to fall apart * I-I'm s-sorry!! I-it n-not the best, b-but I w-worked hard to b-be p-perfect!! It's o-okay if you d-don't want it , I u-understand!! *Sweating nervously throughout the whole thing*

anything made with this much love deserves to be treated like gold.

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I like big Boris and I cannot lie. You other homie's can't deny. That when a teddy bear walks in with Boris and Oleg on his waist, and a Hermes Vahz in your face, you get sprung. Wanna pull up tough, cuz you notice that Boris was stuffed. Deep in the body sparkle au naturel he's wearing, I'm hooked and I can't stop staring… # thiscouldgoonfurther,andi’mnotevensorry

You 👏🏼 are 👏🏼 my 👏🏼 hero 👏🏼


When she first started spending time with him, she became worried that she would do something and he would realize she wasn’t the girl for him. She began hiding parts of herself from him, always living in fear that something that she had tried so hard to keep locked away would slip through anyway and he would look at her and wonder to himself what the hell he was doing with her. That she liked Disney movies or still had a stuffed teddy bear in her room or made up silly dances to songs on the radio or just liked laying down some days and finding shapes in the clouds. She was younger than him and she tried so hard to show to him that she was old enough, tough enough, cool enough to be the girl a guy like him needed. She wanted to prove to him that she was the best thing to ever happen to him.

- from the sequel to House Call

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I'm crying at that quite from Geno. God bless his girlfriend getting weird ass presents like tigers

hahaha right? The best part is that this is normal for him. Oksana did an interview years ago that he picked her up at the airport with a teddy bear so big it was sticking out of the sunroof in his car. Another one of his exes posted a photo of a huge stuffed giraffe he had given her on Twitter or Instagram. And now Anna gets a giant tiger. Apparently dating Geno is like being 16. He’s just a guy who likes to show his affection with stuffed animals.

Another commonality is huge amounts of flowers. He sent Anna an extremely large bouquet of roses earlier this year (complete with his number in the middle). And a couple years ago he sent his ex Katya a bouquet of Peonies so large that the photo looked like she was in a florist shop.

Whether it’s in love or life, Geno just likes to go big :)

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can you imagine Luke restoring your beloved childhood teddy for christmas bC I'VE BEEN THINKING OF THIS A LOT AND I WANTED TO TELL YOU BC I LOVE YOUR BLURBs AND I'M AWKWARD AND I LOVE YOU TBH HAVE A NICE DAY


okay so just imagine telling Luke that you found your teddy bear from when you were like seven that you were inseparable from but it’s stuffing was gone and it was missing an arm and an ear and omgomgomgomg he just kind of played it off like “oh that’s cool” but on the insiDE HE’S PLOTTING TO FIX IT FOR YOU ANd then you set what’s left of it on the counter and go upstairs to shower and you come down and it’s gone and you kind of ignore it ok flash forward to Christmas and you guys open all of your presents together and he gives you like this gorgeous bracelet and you guys are drinking hot chocolate in your pajamas and being cute as fuck and then you’re like “I think that’s all of them” and then Luke’s like “nope I’ve got one more thing and then he gets up and when he comes back he tells you to close your eyes and you do and then hE SETS THE BEAR IN YOUR LAP AND THEN YOU OPEN YOUR EYES AND IT’S ALL STUFFED AND SEWED AND LOOKS BRAND NEW AND THEN YOU CRY AND THEN YEah you know where I’m going with this and if you don’t that means you’re 10 so gtfo my blog