i'm struggling for a good name

  • Ino: Sai, it's time to name our baby boy! Now, in the Yamanaka family...
  • Sai: (has no idea how babynames work) Paintbrush.
  • Ino: No, wait, it has to start with-
  • Sai: Bookcase. Or a coffee table.
  • Ino: Are you seriously coming up with names based on stuff we have in our house?
  • Sai: ...Window.
  • Ino: (sighs, thinking) I'm just gonna call him Inojin. My womb, my choice.
  • ---
  • Chouji: It's a family tradition. The name should start with a Cho.
  • Karui: (trying to come up with a good suffix) Cho... Cho...
  • Chouji: (impressed) That's an excellent idea, dear!
  • Karui: ...Whatever...
  • ---
  • Shikamaru: (reading a scroll in the kitchen, not noticing what his wife is doing) Hey, I was thinking. We should choose a name for that baby of ours. Due to the Nara tradition, it has to start with Shika-
  • Temari: (struggling to stun a fresh fish for dinner, not listening) DIE!!
  • Shikamaru: Shikadai it is.

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Do you have any small things that can make you feel gender euphoric, or something like it? I'm struggling bro


-Draw yourself the way you want to look

-Make yourself a nametag (with pronouns!)

-Change social media names (where you’ll be safe)

-Put on clothes that make you feel good

-Take a selfie! (You can submit it if you want too!)

Anyone else want to add?

-Avin 👽

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Hiii I'm new to the fandom. I'm having a hard time remembering names (struggles) and I was wondering if u can describe each member's personalities? Thxxxx

sure thing ! (welcome to the fandom!!)


  • a nerd
  • TheQuietOne (hes not tho, not rly)
  • apparently possessive? (according to jinyoung)
  • very caring and thinks before he acts 
  • coco’s dad


  • oh boy where do i begin
  • hes everyones dad. idc who u are hes your dad
  • beautiful. oh my god, & he knows it
  • hes a really good leader (according to him, there’s no member that doesn’t listen to him)
  • a loser??? sometimes im just boy wtf you doing?? he looks lazy but hes actually hardworking & an angel
  • sleeps a lot like boy same


  • LOUD !
  • so, so, so caring and thoughtful & just generally nice to everyone he interacts with?
  • i mean, he translates all his instagram captions into 3 languages. what an angel
  • knows a lot about the world & social justice in general
  • very thick
  • has friends in almost every other group like?? everybody loves him how could you not


  • “i’m your mom”
  • petty as fuck like he literally never lets anything go
  • he likes to read and play piano 
  • kind of quiet ish too like mark?? i feel hes just not as outspoken as some of the other members
  • a gentleman
  • i love him hes so pretty


  • hes my bias so this might seem,,,,biased (LMAO)
  • if you were wondering if the sun could be personified, wonder no longer!!
  • hes loud. his laugh is loud. he sings loud. so much noise
  • very hardworking
  • so cute?? ppl say hes unattractive but theyre wrong?
  • coco’s mom


  • brace yourselves
  • “how do you know i’m not big?”
  • dabs so much theres a petition to change his name to “dabdab”
  • hype as fuck and wears heels that could kill someone
  • chopstick legs
  • i gotta stress this more…hse a meme ok a gd meme lsoer
  • i love him


  • dancing queen young and sweet only 19
  • tall as hell & seems like one of the older members but hes the maknae
  • sometimes he tries to be sexy and i & all other aghasaes drop dead
  • actually really cute and funny hes a loser i love him
  • please give him more lines

Oh! And one more thing! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: black women don’t owe white women sisterhood. We just don’t. You are not entitled to our support just because we are ‘all women’. Ignoring how racism affects black women isn’t good feminism no matter how many of your faves try to pretend otherwise.

Black women don’t have to be silent about our struggles in order to fit your white feminism mold. We don’t owe you that comfort.

Struggles of a Army Student
  • Army: You got the stuff?
  • ??: Hell yeah! I got song samples off from BTS's new album, underground footage of their new comeback and never before evidence that your ship is 100% real; You name it!
  • Army: Ayyyeeee, that's what up.
  • ??: But where my money at though?
  • Army: I got the cash right here Hyung, you know I'm good for it. Hand the goods over.
  • School: AH-HA!
  • Army: *Jungshook* You ain't my regular drug dealer, school?!
  • School: So you got money to buy BTS merch, but you don't got money to pay for tuition and textbooks?
  • Army: Shit!
  • School: *Talking into hidden mic* We got them boys.
  • Army: *Runs away* Fuck this shit i'm out!
  • School: Get back here! *chases after*

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hey there! in the past two years or so I have started to notice that I've been disassociating and having intrusive thoughts a lot. They make it hard to sleep and hard to pay attention in school. Is there anything I can do about it? I don't really even know how to tell the people I'm close with that I'm struggling with it because I'm ashamed of it.

Fidget toys are pretty good for trying to stave off dissociating in school and for intrusive thoughts it’s always helped to refer to them like an annoying work partner. “F— off Craig. No one cares what you think Craig. Go away Craig.”

For dissociation you can also count your fingers, repeat the names of the people in your class, whatever it takes to remind you where you are and who you are. check the replies, I’m sure others have good ideas that’ll help.

-Lou the Lobster

Tfw u get into a really obscure TV show and there’s like no fandom and you’re sCREM BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT

Bonus: It has the same name as a really popular thing so every time you try to look it up it shows you that instead

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Sorry for the OOC ask, but... I'm struggling with pony names!! How do you get a 'ponysona' to be so perfect and all encompassing... when I make one, I'm happy with it, then stress that it isn't FULLY me... I can't get one I'm happy with. ;o;

DON’T APOLOGIZE, peeps don’t worry I’m just here enjoying my ponies I’ll worry about polish later when I’m physically capable of it. Right now we’re just all having a good time, talking about ponies, building up lore and worlds around them. This is a perfect question to hoof around with.

Let me answer flat out. I have no idea, Starcrossed was drawn on a goofy whim then never… changed. She’s just been exactly perfect for my personal sona and I could not be happier. SINCE I DON’T HAVE A GOOD ANSWER, WE’LL JUST REVIEW MY PROCESS! That way maybe you can try my tricks and see if you can’t find good ways to name up your ponies.

I’ve been… typing a lot lately. So as a precaution I’m going to put the rest under a read more.

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A few days ago I adopted a kitten, the first pet I had in a good number of years. His name is Harry (on account of the white lightning bolt on his forehead) and he's the best boy in the world. I struggle with depression and I find it hard to get out of bed before the afternoon but his presence encourages me to get up early and to take care of not only him, but myself as well. I don't know if this is a good ask, I just wanted to share because I'm so happy.

thank u for sending me this genuinely

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hi karma I'm trying to get into musicals (especially lgbt ones), do you have any recs? I know u always talk about them but for some reason i can't find names ajhsdghxh

Oh girl I have tons of recs!!! I’m gonna just list some of my faves and if any1 needs a bootleg for anything message me

Rent - 1996 rock musical about a group of struggling artists in the east village of new york city at the tail end of the aids crisis. It’s p good as far as representation goes with a lot of people of color and lgbt characters, including a black lesbian and a latina trans girl. A little disclaimer is that one character dies of aids and it can be rlly upsetting, but in general it’s a rlly good musical. There’s a movie version with not toooo many changes from the stage musical and there’s good some good bootlegs and a proshot or two

Spring Awakening - 2006 rock musical based off of Frank Wedekind’s 1892 play, Frühlings Erwachen, about a group of young teenagers in Germany who have a sexual awakening amidst an era where sex ed is withheld from kids, especially girls, in the name of modesty and the awful consequences when adults refuse to hear young people. There are two canon gay characters and there’s like… A ridiculous amount of gay subtext with other characters. It also deals with mental illness and a whole slew of other issues and it’s just really good. I would suggest watching the original broadway cast first, and if u like it watch the deaf west revival which was directed by Michael Arden and has an amaaazing cast, about half of it consisting of deaf and hard of hearing actors. They took the original concept and took it one step further to tell the story of how deaf people were misunderstood and treated badly throughout history and in that time period especially. There are two character deaths but neither of the gay characters die. Content warning for rape and suicide !!!!!!!!!! Be safe y'all

Fun Home - 2013 musical adaptation of Alison Bechdel’s (iconique lesbian cartoonist prolly most well known for creating the Bechdel test) autobiographical graphic novel about growing up a lesbian with a closeted gay father in a small Pennsylvania town in the 70s in the funeral home her family ran. Content warnings.. Her father’s suicide is a big theme and there are brief mentions of him having affairs with teenage boys in the past

Waitress - absolutely one of my favorite musicals!!! No explicit when lgbt rep but Jenna can def be interpreted as a lesbian and I am Passionate abt it. Written by queen Sara Bareilles and originally starring Jessie Mueller, Drew Gehling, Kimiko Glenn, and Keala Settle, Waitress is about a waitress/amazing baker named Jenna in a small Ambiguously Southern town who accidentally gets pregnant by her abusive husband and has an affair with her married doctor while trying to win a pie baking contest so she can get the prize money and escape with her baby. I saw it on Broadway with most of the original cast (all except for Kimiko Glenn, when I saw it Jenna Ushkowitz was her replacement) and it was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I also accidentally almost knocked Drew Gehling on his ass in the streets of Manhattan and was MORITFIED and I kno for a fact he recognized me later when he signed my playbill. Content warning for lots of mentions and depictions of abusive relationships (no graphic violence tho).

Falsettos - 1992 musical with an amazing 2016 revival. Comprised of two of the three one act musicals William Finn wrote from 1979 to 1990, following the story of Marvin, a Jewish married man who realizes he’s gay. The first act of the musical is the second installment of the original trilogy of one act off beoadway shwos, March of the Falsettos, which introduces Marvin, Whizzer (his lover), Trina (his ex-wife), Jason (his son), and Mendel (his psychiatrist/friend). March of the Falsettos shows Marvin attempting to create a tight knit family with his ex wife and his son with the addition of Whizzer and Mendel (who hangs around more and more as relationship with Trina progresses). Act 2 is called Falsettoland and picks up after the events of March of the Falsettos in the year 1980 and introduces two new characters, Dr. Charlotte and Cordelia, Marvin’s lesbian best friends next door. Content warning for a character death.

I have endless more musical recs where that came from so literally just hmu for more


The stages of explosion

I’ve always loved when Avi does like, “Wait for it.”
And then there’s Mitch with sassy hairflip

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon sentence starters- Chapter 1
  • "Something strange must be afoot... On this here planet!"
  • "Where am I...?"
  • "I feel like someone was calling me... but I'm not sure."
  • "What's going on? I can't remember."
  • "Huh? Why can't I remember anything?"
  • "I'm parched. I need to find some water..."
  • "Whew... okay, calming down now..."
  • "What? What's the deal all of the sudden?!"
  • "S-somebody help!"
  • "Woah! What did I do to you?! Ow, sorry!"
  • "I'm (NAME)! It's alright now, so just calm down."
  • "I'm a-struggling..."
  • "What are they followin' you for? Did you cause them some kind of trouble?"
  • "Why, your childish pranks even got me caught up in your mess, I reckon!"
  • "How come you can't listen to your elders?"
  • "Now, are you tryin' to test my patience?"
  • "Consarn it. You sure did drag me into a fine mess! And me havin' nothin' to do with any of it!"
  • "That sure is a hard pill to swallow, all right..."
  • "Good luck to you, friend. Fare the well."
  • "Ah, consarn it all! Don't go looking at me with them baby-doll eyes!"
  • "I can't hardly leave a child here all alone in such conditions, no sir."
  • "I calculate I'm plump outta options. You could come to my place..."
  • "Wha-? Why, you sassin' little so-and-so!"
  • "I invite you over outta the kindness of my heart, and you turn up your nose like that?"

So Aragorn had a son named Eldarion and several daughters. Right, where is all the fic of Legolas and Gimli being their gay uncles who are terrible influences and spoil them shamelessly? And awkward teenage Eldarion, the youngest of like seven overbearing sisters, being taken on a “quest” by Gimli and Legolas, which is just them killing remaining pockets of orcs and hitting up the shire for good eats.

I wish I could tell you-

…that home was never a place for me. It was your arms, your warmth and the laughter and softness in your eyes when you looked at me.

…that you were always enough. Enough for your people, enough for your family, enough for me – we never wished you had been different. You were perfect, with all your imperfections.

…that you were beautiful. It was the gray in your hair and the scars on your body; the hum of your voice and your laughter in the air; the touch of your fingers and gentleness of your lips.

…that you were powerful beyond imagining. Your embrace could soothe the demons inside; your voice could conjure stories of ages long past. Fighting those demons together made us stronger and although they never left, they became easier to bear.

…that you were always worthy. No one ever doubted you as much as you doubted yourself and you did better by us than you ever thought you did. You were good. You were worthy.

…that I will never forget. This I swear – as long as I live, they will know. They will know about the king they lost, the friend, the uncle, the brother. And in thousands of years they will still speak your name as a ward against the shadow and there will be nothing left but love.

This I swear.


I’ve just started watching brooklyn nine-nine and two episodes it already got me hooked

Nordics as Online Articles

Denmark: His Hair Is Lego But His Skills Are So Good You Wouldn’t Even Notice

Sweden: My Wife Left Me With Nothing But An IKEA, So I Started This Catalogue

Norway: These 13 Sticks Of Butter Believe Nothing Is Delicious-er Than Being Bitter

Finland: 21 Painfully Real Struggles For Every Santa Claus

Iceland: A Man Is Knitting Tiny Jumpers For Baby Puffins

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Hi! My name is Ellen and i'm at university in Antwerp. But i'm really struggling with all the studying.
I keep putting studying for my last resit exam off. I just don’t have the courage to get started on it, I know I won’t be able to get through all the material in time. Which is all my fault btw cause I keep putting it off. These exams are really not good for me, I get all panicky and crying and all cause I fear I won’t make it, fear I’ll fail the course :( what should I do?

Hey, sorry it took me so long to answer!

Studying isn’t an easy thing to do, and it’s definitely different from high school because you really do have to commit. Cramming everything in on one night is also quite difficult to manage though there are some who can. 

Some things that might help you stay on task:

  • Write everything in a planner. Schedule the time that you will study. So say your last class ended at 2:30. Give yourself about an hour break and then at 3:30-5:00 write what you will study/accomplish. 
  • Have a reward system. So say you’re studying from 3:30-5:00. Work really hard and focus on the subject for 30 minutes. Then take a 15 minute break, watch some movies, eat some candy, lay in bed and do nothing; then get back to it in the same pattern till 5:00!
  • Make a study group. If you’re having trouble in a specific class you can ask your classmates if you could hangout and work together. Sometimes just being in an environment where people are working will make you want to work too.
  • Change up the environment. Maybe always studying in your room is stressful or too distraction. Try going to your schools library or study rooms, or even empty classroom (if you’re allowed to utilize them). 
  • Listen to classical music. Unless you really hate classical music of all type I would HIGHLY recommend listening to classical pieces by Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, etc. They’re really soothing and not too distracting and it stimulates your brain in new ways!
  • See your peer tutor. Your peer tutor will help you work and maybe give you new ways to see different problems. They can help give you tips on how to study too!
  • See your professor. If you are really struggling during exams, go see your professor and ask for possible extension. Explain your difficulties and how you’re struggling; most are willing to listen and help you in any way that they can!
  • Big Goal = Big Reward. So you have an exam coming up, set yourself a realistic goal that you think will be challenging yet attainable. Say you want to get an 87% on your next exam. Study hard and when you get your grade if it’s 87% or above reward yourself big time! Go get your nails done, go get a message, go to a museum, attend a party, buy a new sweater, etc. A good reward that you want and is not out of your price range. If you get 86% and below don’t give yourself a reward, try to examine where you went wrong and how you could do better next time and pick yourself up and try again. 

I hope that somewhat helps! Exams are stressful but you really have to study ahead and as for help when you need it! Just remember to breathe and remember you’re spending a lot of money on college! Good luck! 

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"my coworker did it." despite the explanation, eren continues staring at the cute black cat ears carefully drawn onto levi's name tag. actually, there are even little whiskers on the sides, and the bottom of the 'L' has been extended to resemble a tail. eren's face feels like it's on fire. "it suits you," he says, struggling not to pass out. levi appears conflicted, eventually replying, "good to know." eren nods, says conversationally, "you'd make a good cat", then wishes for a quick death.

“it’s what i originally wanted to do before i became a waiter,” levi replies.

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omg hey! Please please can you do a post about how to email professors? Or if you know good advice I'd love to know! I'm struggling w that 😁😁

Of course! I generally follow a pretty standard format, although I’m not sure how much I can help you since I’m only in high school- I’d assume it’s pretty similar, though.

For the subject, I’ll either use the name of the class I’m taking, or the specific assignment or problem I’m writing about (for example, AP English Language, SOAPSTone, or absence), before following this format:

Hello [name of teacher],

Here’s where I’ll write a little bit about what the basic problem is, and make sure they know who I am and what class I have.

Then, in the main part of the email, I’ll address the problem and ask any questions I have. It’s usually the longest part of the email.

Thank you,

[full name]

I find it’s pretty useful to have a standard format if you get nervous about writing emails, so this is essentially my template. Also, be careful about which abbreviation you use to address them! Check whether it’s Ms, Mrs, Miss, Dr, or whatever it may be. 

Good luck, and I hope this helps you out! Feel free to message me if you ever need advice or there’s anything I can help you with right here

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Can I request an Akashi tied up, begging to be fuck, while his s/o does't even let him cum, (he finaly agree to be the one tied and now he is suffering in the good way) if I'm blind and the ask box is not open it's okey u.u

Ah, shoot, I may not as good as everyone since this would be my first smut in here. D: 

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