i'm still trying to work on better stuff

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Oh my! I know how you feel so much! I feel kinda frustrated with my art since the characters I drew still look pretty stiff. I'm still trying to improve my skill on expressiveness since it's one of the most important factor to deliver depth of the story mood. Your art style is definitely one I can look up to and motivate me myself to do better! I'm gonna work hard! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Ah, that is definitely true. Pinning down the right expressions is very important for story telling. It helped me a lot to actually do gesture studies as a way of loosening up. Like one of my issues was I was getting to hyper focused on details and it made me tense and so my art was all stuff. It was a good way to remember the flow of action and trying to get that feeling right in what I was doing. Also they can be pretty fun once you relax. I just looked up a bunch of photos like “running”, “jumping”, “soccer” etc, it was super helpful!

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I don't mean this as a downer, but sometimes I look at your McHanzo stuff and I just get teary eyes because its so cute and just Im envious of what they have bc I came out of a toxic relationship and tried dating again but it didn't work. So i'm trying to work on myself a bit more while graduating I still get a little lonely and weepy over all this precious beautiful fluff you draw. Its just so cute.

oh no! i hope things get better for you! i draw couple art to cope with my loneliness, so i feel you, my friend

#you have any tips on expressions??#because your art is very expressive and I love that @words-not-working-for-mouth

Well, thank you :) tho I have a long way to go with expressions but I can try and give some tips. Nothing like a full on tutorial but like, little things. (please excuse the poorly drawn circles, this was done pretty quick)

like for example, these are pretty good expressions on there own, but you can push them further by tilting the face a little bit. like this:

It puts more emphasis on the expression when you do it this way and also you can get more emotion in a way, if that makes sense. 

Also little things can help your expressions too, Like adding little smile lines and creases by the eyebrows.

See, it creates a more realistic feel, even if it’s subtle.

And another thing that’s important to remember is squishing and stretching your face. You don’t want to leave the face stagnant because then it just looks weird. You can only create so much expression without stretching/ squishing the face.

I find this part really important, I usually draw all my characters with a stretch/squished face before anything else because it pushes the face and the expressions too. 

I mean, there’s a lot I could say about this, but I’ll be honest, I’m not the best at giving tips. But just, working from references is great even if it’s just your own face and practicing a lot helps too. Like drawing little circles and experimenting with different expressions. 

Like this is something that I did because I got bored and I’ll be the first to admit that some of these aren’t the best but, it was practice. and it’s nice because with just the circles, you can focus more on the expression and less on the face shape (which is an important part of expression but when you’re just practicing it’s nice to keep it simple)

So, yeah, I hope these tips are good enough. :/ Just, experimenting and stuff is good. And also, don’t be afraid of making “ugly” expressions, because very few expressions are perfect and the more you can push the expression the better. 

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Hi! I'm really impulsive. I usually combat this by stating my impulses out loud which deters me from going through with them. Any other tips to help battle my impulses? Thanks!

Oh, neat idea! I’m adding that to my arsenal!

My impulsive stuff is usually with money, and I just avoid the things I tend to over-spend on or I try and walk away and then come back after 5-10 minutes if I still want the thing. Avoiding works better, TBH.

Followers, what works for  you?


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Hello love! Fellow studyblr here! First off, I really enjoy scrolling through your blog!! 💗I'm having a bit of trouble with flatlays, and I wonder how do you make them look so amazing? My background is always off of my general setup is off. How does one get better? Thanks! ❤️

Hi love, thank you so much!!! My flatlays, amazing? :’D ahh that makes me so happy, I feel like I still have no idea what I’m doing with them, I just try stuff and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t :’D but here are some tips I’ve kind of discovered lol:

It’s good to choose a color scheme and stick to it while choosing the things to include - generally it’s better to keep the number of hues low – let’s say about two or three colors. You can obviously do a rainbow flatlay, I’ve seen these and they look amazing :D but I’d keep the colors in the same value – either do a vibrant rainbow flatlay, or a pastel one, but don’t mix these together. Or pick one color and include things with different values – go from light in one corner to dark in the opposite.

On placing the things and general composition (which I suck at lololol) – there should always be one big thing to which the attention should be drawn – that’s usually your journal spread, but it can be a book or your new backpack you want to showcase, or whatever. If the photo is about your spread, make it so that you can actually see the spread. You can position the things around it so that they point towards it (like pens). If there’s another large thing that you want to include, make sure it doesn’t steal the attention of the spread. Usually, eyes are drawn towards contrast, so if your whole flatlay and spread has been in nice pastel tones, but you put a black thing in the corner, everyone will see only the black thing because it just screams I’M HERE LOOK AT ME (that’s the thing I’ve talked about in the colors section). You can use that to your advantage if you want the eyes to be drawn to the main subject though ;)

And lastly, your background should be smooth and preferably have only one color. If your surface is wrinkly or not smooth, the things you place on it will be crooked and it will drive you nuts to try to position them :’) (even bedsheet isn’t a great surface for flatlays – trust me, I tried, I failed). Tabletops are great for flatlays. If you’re not happy with the color of your table, you can take a big paper and put your props onto it.

Hope this helps!! Seems like I had some things to say about this even though I still feel like I’m not that good when it comes to flatlays :’D it’s just really fun for me – if you’ve never tried to do a flatlay, definitely go for it, it’s soo satisfying ;D

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I don't know if anybody has asked you this, but do you think you would ever release the Boggly Woods textures?

Umm I did it kinda rushed and I’m not sure I really want to share the textures at all. Like for one I would probably have to put more effort since I still haven’t changed a bunch of things like the bridges and houses, etc and I’d need to fix some things like the floor texture.

I did change the “weeds” to look better and changed the rocks so far. I’m not sure if I’ll put more time into this since I want to try to work on other stuff maybe with City Folk or another game if I can think of something.

Have this for comparison of the textures.

fenris is borrowing his hat

I’m sorry I haven’t been doing much art lately. I’m trying to get back into the swing of it after a few rough weeks. But feeling a bit better now, so I’m planning on working on requests and commissions over the next few days.

Drawing these fellas always cheers me up :)

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do u ever struggle with confidence? i'm intimidated by everything man. you're killing it in skating and with bianca chandon, you're a nike-sponsored pro. but do u ever still feel like a nobody? i feel like if i get everything i ever wanted it'll make me confident/happy.

Dude, everyone feels like that!

I’m very hard on myself. I honestly think most of the stuff is bad that I’ve done. It always could be better, but that just means, working harder on ideas and executions.
Try learning to be more focused on your goals and learning from mistakes. It only makes you understand yourself and the things around you.

Theirs no failure in science, only progression and stepped forwards to the end goal.

I might of fucked up on that quote.


I really like the colours and fabrics and layers of Mori and Lagenlook fashion, but what I don’t like is the lines. Mori seems to mostly be ‘I’m so tiny I look cute and elfin in giant sacks’ - which does not apply to me - and lagenlook seems to revolve around ‘forget a waist exists under these clothes’. I’m pretty hourglassy and I like that, I am feeling more comfortable with my body now and I would like my waist to exist as part of my look. Still having fun trying to assemble stuff that works for that…

So I’m kinda looking for a look that doesn’t say ‘Lost little princess starving in the woods’ so much as… ‘I’m not lost, I meant to be here, thank you very much. Also, foraging, not starving’. With a hint of ‘better not cross me because I might either curse you or hunt you down’