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  • What they say: I'm fine.
  • What they mean: Veronica Lodge is just someone who's trying to do better and be better and every time she takes a step forward she's brought right back by her fathers illegal and horrible actions. She tried to help Ethel in her time of need while no one else would. She made her feel at home with her family and provided some new friends for her to hang out with to cheer her up. She gets constantly judged for who her father is and is still pure enough to apologize for something she didn't do, and should not be apologizing for. She stood there and listened to someone say horrible things about her when she had absolutely nothing to do with any of it and yet she still only blamed herself. She was courageous enough to stand up against her father, and decided to not be defined by her fathers money anymore. She's a ray of sunshine that deserves all the hugs in the world.

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  • Griffin: If you're trying to get rid of some stress, maybe you should hang out with some 'good buds'...
  • Travis: Are you saying like their friend, Mary Jane?
  • Griffin: I'm saying like their friend, uh, Toker Grace.
  • Justin: Wait, I'm still confused...
  • Travis: Reefer Sutherland.
  • Griffin: I'm talkin' 'bout that dank herb!
  • Justin: You mean some of that Ashton Kush.
  • Griffin: Oh... Don't do that, though.

Whoops it’s midnight time for more Aliens
Tryna work out how their weird backwards bodies work, some evo history, you know, gross stuff like that
Mmm the gorilla-lizard-toad lookin fella on the bottom is a character from my good friend @socknessmonster ’s story tho, coz im helping them write a sweet sci-fi fantasy adventure
They’re a precious sack of meat but is still getting the hang of understanding humanoid facial expressions (how r they supposed to know if you’re happy if you can’t turn bright green and yellow????)


Run away with my heart
  Run away with my hope
    Run away with my love…

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Can I ask how exactly you play boardgames with spirits? I'm curious how you go about it.

Sure thing! SO for right now here’s my requirements for board games with spirits:

- div tools if one cannot communicate completely without them
- a board game that has a lot of chance to it and doesn’t require hidden cards or the like. I.e LIFE is ideal. Monopoly works well too in function. 

I’m planning to try board games with more complex requirements but since I’m still getting the hang of balancing everything I’m sticking to simpler games right now.

Right now I’ve only played LIFE which works out well because I handle all the physical aspect of moving pieces, handing out money, fanning out the cards for selection, etc. (Unfortunately, I highly suspect spirits have tampered with the spinner to get ideal spins. Sa, I’m looking at you.) The more involved parts that require decisions be made, I communicate with my spirit companions on what they want to have done. I.e. do you want to buy stock, do you want this path or this path, do you want to go to college or start career? A div method that has numbers works well for LIFE, especially for picking cards out for careers, salaries, and houses. (Though again, I’ve likely had spirits peek at the damn cards. Sa, looking at you again.) I personally also use shufflemancy because of the attitude that can come through on the answers. But as I’ve said, I lack the refined spirit communicating skills others have so I make do with a lot of div; you and others might not need to.

So the short of it is I handle the physical aspects of moving physical objects around but confer heavily with spirits throughout the game on what they want to do. Hence why right now games that require less strategy are what we’ve played but I am sure this method could easily be tweaked for more strategic games/those with hidden information especially for those with better communication skills than I. I hope this helps?

i’m extremely humbled that each & every one of you that follows or has interacted with jinx or myself still hang around despite my perpetually non-existent activity. you’ve made this a lovely and positive journey for me to not only give jinx a platform to flourish ; but to quell my writers block. pretty soon i’ll be archiving this blog & giving the makeup artist a much needed makeover but when i’m all finished on that front, i’ll make a post to let you all know!

under the cut will be an insanely sappy message because - in reality - i’m a closet emo.

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Also I’ve been distracted with school and books but I’ll try to finish the Amren portrait soon. After that I think I’ll just do some smaller, quicker pieces because I really need to work on getting faster with digital art.

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I dont want bts to become mainstream in america (bc honestly they're already mainstream in korea) but idk what I feel??? Like it was nice while it lasted being a part of this fandom almost no one knew about but now its gonna be all different I hope the fandom doesnt ruin their reputation you know bc there are always some assholes im so conflicted with myself bc they deserve all the recognition they get and when they get big in america they'll get big in europe and its too much for me to handle

It’s totally okay to feel this way I think. I mean it’s been a little overwhelming with everything that has been going on lately, and of course whilst we’re happy for bts and all the great things they are achieving, it’s easy to feel a bit nostalgic about the past… I know I do a lot sometimes. I think the best thing to remember is that they are still the same bts as they were when they debuted. They’ve stayed grounded and true to themselves since the beginning and that it is why they will always be my favourite group, and they will always have a place in my heart when I’m old and grey lol.

It’s totally fine to feel sad about change, but I don’t think much will actually happen during all this. I still think their popularity in Korea is their sole purpose (because why wouldn’t you want to be loved and respected by your own country?) so I don’t things will change at all and I don’t think the group as a whole will change either. Just think of it as more people falling for the group you love!

It does scare me when I think of them maybe attending the bbmas, but only because I don’t want people to be horrible about them or for them to look stupid. (Maybe I’m thinking too much about it, idk lol). But it’s okay to worry!

It’s a double edged sword when it comes to the popularity and especially seeing as the western world and Korean world are so different, but just remember, they are still the same people and I doubt that will ever change!! I think everything is just up in the air right now because of all the craziness about the bbmas. It’s okay to have conflicted feelings, but we don’t know what the future holds, so just hang on in there! I bet everything will blow over soon and just try to think of it as bts getting everything they deserve for creating such great and inspiring music !!!