i'm still trying to get into the swing of things

I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things, so as a further apology, have a super cute unicorn.

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KNK SCENARIO - Making out with Heejun

REQUESTED: Yes from a sweet anon 💕

A lot of us like to believe the maknae of the group is innocent and sweet but that is so far from the truth with Heejun. He is absolutely not afraid to show himself off. He’s very confident in himself and has a lot of very manly tendencies(despite being a giant scaredy cat.) I can see him sweeping you off your feet(metaphorically and physically if need be. Look how strong he is!) 

I can imagine he is curled up next you and he’s teasing you about who’s the better kisser and he’d insist he’s the better kisser. He’d get really close to you smiling a huge smile cause he knows how nervous he’s making you. He’d be inches away from your face and you can feel your face getting warm. Heejun would place a hand gently on the nape of your neck and you’d instinctually fall into his grip. You move with one another but he’s taking the lead. In his mind he has something to prove. 

You can feel him get closer he wants to be as close to you as possible. Nothing else matters in the world but the two of you. When he finally releases you from his hold, you are both panting it felt like every movement was preplanned and intentional. As much as Heejun is confident in himself and your bond together, he never wanted to cross the lines with you regardless of how intense it got. Morals mean a great deal to both of you. Both of your futures are important in the gran scheme of things. 

He’d look you deep in your eyes again and asked if you were okay with continuing. If yes he’d proceed to kiss with fierce intensity not only on your lips but, your neck and shoulders too. Maybe leaving behind a mark or too. If not, he’d pull you into his arms and play with your hair until you fell asleep. He might tease you a little saying he was right about being a good kisser. Overall this moment was very special and will most likely happen again as apart of your new routine. 

Here’s another little snippet from “You’ll be Back”!!!! Bill’s making sure Ford realizes all the horrible things he’s caused, albeit unknowingly… This part’s actually sort of a redo!! There used to be another young Stan scene in this part (the part where he gets thrown out!) and it had Ford helping him and stuff, but I kept on thinking it was a little bit too out of character because he’s still mad at Stan, so this happened!! Less of a quick forgiveness and more of a “stAN YA KNUCKLEHEAD WHAT ARE YOU DOING” It sort of shifted from going through memories he’s already experienced to seeing how his pride and bad decisions affected those he loved!