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@echollama asked: Hello there! For your outfit challenge, could we get Penny in F4 please?

Yes you may, you nice polite child! Forgive me for being so slow with these suggestions guys, but I’m still doing them!

Real talk though this would totally be the pajama shirt Penny would wear to her first sleep over at Ruby’s. Had she made it that far. ✧・゚: *

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Can you do the one where it's like person a: "sorry I'm late, I was doing stuff" Person b: "im stuff" For rowaelin?


I’m so sorry for all the late posts. I’m trying to catch up on all the prompts in my inbox right now. Please, forgive me HAHA. Please tho. 

“Where the fuck is she?” Aedion growled, pacing the length of the long wooden table in the meeting room. Everyone stared at him, their arms crossed as Aedion’s steps became more and more aggressive. 

Aelin had summoned literally everyone in her circle to this meeting from Dorian to Manon to Fenrys to, well, everyone. And, yet, she still wasn’t here. The excuse? Unknown to any of them. 

“She was the one who called this damned meeting and yet it’s been two hours since she said we were going to start.” Aedion stopped for a second to rub his face before pacing once more. 

“Calm down,” Dorian muttered from one end of the table, “She’s probably held up in another meeting. She is the queen after all.”

Aedion groaned, finally dropping onto one of the wooden chairs near the head of the table. 

“This is ridiculous. And why are none of us panicking? What if something happened to her and we’re just here being sitting ducks?”

“Because we know that she is more than capable of killing anyone,” Manon drawled out, picking her nails as she sat next to Dorian, “And if that fails, then there’s Rowan there to back her up.”

“That’s true.” Dorian muttered, more to himself than to the people in the room. 

Everyone around the table seemed to release a sigh at the same time as they slouched further into their seats. Chaol was beginning to doze off at one side of the table while Gavriel and Fenrys seem to whispering amongst each other - probably making bets about when Aelin would show up and what she was doing.

“For fuck’s sake, I’m going to go look-”

The door suddenly slammed open, a smug looking Aelin walking in although her cheeks were flushed and her hair was a mess (although you could see she tried cleaning it up).

“Sorry I’m late,” she strolled towards the head of the table, dropping onto the large wooden chair, “I was doing some stuff.” 

Aedion glared at Aelin and, if she wasn’t so daring all the time, she would probably be cowering right now. 

“What do you mean stuff? What stuff?” Aedion asked incredulously, “You asked to hold this meeting. What other stuff would you schedule at the same time-”

“Sorry,” Rowan suddenly stumbled in, running his hand through his silver hair with a smirk on his face, “I’m stuff, by the way.”

Aedion’s mouth dropped as Rowan had the audacity to wink at him. He took his place beside Aelin at the head of the table while everyone groaned around the table. Gavriel slapped Fenrys on the back as the latter grumbled, handing him a hefty sum of money.

“Alright,” Aelin sighed, giving everyone a smile, “Should we start?”

For You / Ieyasu x MC

Week 2


Whenever she asked him questions about himself, he always felt something cold move across him, as if he were iced from the inside, his organs and nerves being protected by a sheath of frost. In that moment, though, when the words slipped past her lips, he thought he might break, that if he said anything the ice would shatter and he would splinter and crack. So he waited until his voice sounded normal before he let the words fly:

“No,” he sneered, “I don’t need you anymore tonight. Or any other night. Know your place, kitchen wench.”

She took a long time to respond. “I’ll see you tomorrow then, milord,” she said, quietly, and though he didn’t look at her, staring hard at his book, he had felt her eyes on him the whole way, bearing down and heavy, until the moment she passed through his door and melted into the night.

The problem was that she was greedy for information: she wanted to know how he had been raised, and if he had any siblings, and who his friends were, true friends, and whether he preferred one flavour over another. And sometimes the air grew so hot not only with the questions she was asking, but the manner in which they were asked — honest, guileless and a little too foolish for a cook from Kyoto — that he felt strangled by their weight and frequency and inevitability.

She wanted to know so much; she wanted so many answers. And he understood it, he did— he wanted answers, too. He wanted to know everything about her as well, but while she had made her intention as clear as an arrow’s twang, he couldn’t bring himself to reciprocate, in part because of who he was, who he was meant to be, but also because he wasn’t sure whether it was worth the endeavour. If she was worth the effort.

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Betrayal starters
  • "I know you're hiding something from me."
  • "I trusted you!"
  • "I'm not angry. Just...tell me why."
  • "The truth hurts, doesn't it?"
  • "Tell me. What was I to you?"
  • "You shouldn't have trusted me to begin with."
  • "This has to be a misunderstanding."
  • "You're seeing someone else, aren't you?"
  • "Please...trust me one more time."
  • "I won't forgive you. I'll never forgive you."
  • "I didn't want you to find out this way."
  • "I trust you. Even if I don't understand your reasons, I still trust you!"
  • "Wait. I can explain!"
  • "I lied."
  • "How could I forget what you did?"
  • "You wouldn't understand."
  • "This is goodbye. Don't try and look for me."


Word count: 1291

You and Kai have the worst fight that makes him storm out and cheat on you

‘You’re such an idiot, Kai!’ You yelled as you threw a glass right into the wall, watching it shatter on the floor.

‘You’re no better! Just accept that I’ll never change! I’ll stay the same sociopath who killed his family. You always say you forgave me but when we fight that’s the first thing you mention!’ Kai stated, watching you get lost. You didn’t know what to say because it was true. You never fully forgave him for being like that, even though you should have because you should’ve supported him in everything, no matter what because even thought he had his bad days, he was always there for you.

‘Because it’s true, Kai! I… Just, get out!’ You screamed and ran to your room, slamming the doors behind you, leaving Kai alone in the kitchen. The moment you closed the bedroom doors, you sat down on the floor and leaned on the doors, dragging your knees closer as you wrapped your arms around them. A scream traveled through the house, making your body shake. This time you crossed the line and you knew this might be the end of your relationship with Kai, but maybe you both needed this. Get out everything and just scream at eachother so you can later work things out and forgive eachother. You heard Kai slamming the front doors, knowing he left somewhere where he will either kill someone or run through the woods and then come back. A tear rolled down your cheek as you quickly wiped it away and got up. You always tried to keep the feelings to yourself, you wanted to act strong and this was also one of those moments. You laid on the bed and covered yourself with a blanket as you stared at the ceiling, thinking about everything you and Kai said to eachother before he stormed out of the house.

Seconds, minutes, hours passed and there was still no sign of Kai. This was the first time Kai was out for so long. You had many fights but none of them was as bad as this one. Usually you forgave eachother after a few minutes, both realizing it was a mistake and that you were fighting because of a stupid reason. You thought this one would be the same, but after Kai not showing up, you knew something was wrong and that you both will regret fighting tonight.

You woke up and realized you were still in your room, not remembering at what exact time you fell asleep. You blinked a few times, waiting for your eyes to adjust to the dimmed light in the room. You got up and walked out of the room, your bare foot barely audible on the wooden floor that led straight to the kitchen. You poured yourself a glass of water and took a sip as you turned around and saw Kai sitting on the floor. You placed the glass on the table and walked over to him, kneeling down beside him.
His body was assembled into a ball, his head bent down, touching his knees. His arms folded in a weird way. You’ve never seen Kai like this so it was a really emotional situation to be caught in. His body jerked every few seconds as you realized he was crying. You swallowed hard and took a deep breath. Seeing Kai like this was very hard for you because you knew how emotionally hurt he was in the past and you tried to avoid hurting him like that as much as possible, even though sometimes you did just that.

‘Kai?’ You laid a hand gently on his arm and then brought it down a bit as you rubbed his back. He still didn’t lift his head up and he kept the position you found him in.

'Please, Kai, look at me. I'm… sorry for everything I did. I- I know I’ve been hard on you and it’s not fair of me to keep mention the exact same things when I should be there for you and I hope you can forgive me.’ Your voice trembled, trying to hold in your tears. Suddenly Kai lifted his head up, locking his eyes with yours. When you saw him, you eyes started watering. His eyes were red and puffy. He was crying this whole time. Some sort of fear entered your body, like you knew Kai was about to say something that was going to break your heart. He looked down again and closed his eyes, tears clearly visible on his cheeks.

'I’m sorry.’ He mumbled, his voice barely audible. You ran your fingers through your hair and sat down on the floor.

'I’m sorry too, Kai. I-’

'No, I’m sorry…for what I just did to you.’ He muttered, your heart suddenly beating rapidly. You swallowed hard and kept sitting, your body frozen and unable to move. You wanted to say something, multiple times, but you couldn’t find the words because you were scared. You were scared what was Kai about to say.

'It hurts me and I'm… I hope you can forgive me.’

'What did you do, Kai?’ You whispered, your voice shaking. He came closer to you, sitting only a few inches from your body. At first he hesitated, but he blurted it out.

'I…cheated.’ He whispered so quietly you barely even heard what he said.

'Can you… say that again?’

'I cheated on you.’ He stood up and kicked the chair with his leg, making it break. 'It’s eating me alive and I can’t change it! I can’t even explain how sorry I am. I’ll do anything, anything I can to fix this.’ He knelt down in front of you, taking your hands in his but you jerked them away and placed them behind your back. He looked at you wide eyed, knowing this wasn’t going in a right direction.

'Please…’ He begged, placing his finger under your chin as he lifted your head up, locking his eyes with your eyes.

'There’s nothing here you can fix, Kai.’ You said it, a little too calmly, making tears fall down Kai’s cheeks again. He started crying, placing his hands on his face.

'How could you do this to me? I thought we were ok, I thought… we can get through this like we always do.’ You mutter, your voice shaking as you started crying really hard, your cheeks stained with tears. Kai cupped your face and kissed your tear stained lips, but you weren’t returning the kiss. He pulled away and looked at your face, calm and it was unable to read your face expression, but deep down he knew you were breaking from the inside. He knew he just broke your heart and that he was going to lose you.

'Please, I can’t lose you. You’re everything I have. I need you, baby. Please.’ At those words, you stood up and looked down at Kai, still on his knees.

'It’s over, Kai. I guess you’re gonna have to find someone else because we, we don’t exist anymore. It’s just you. And there it’s just me. And there’s no going back.’ You said as you turned around and walked away, straight to your room, closing the doors behind you. As soon as you closed the doors, you threw the lamp across the room and dropped down to your knees.

'No!’ You screamed out, tears falling down your cheeks and onto your shirt. You felt like you were gonna pass out, like a part of you was just ripped out of your heart and your body and it hurt as hell. You’ve never felt more alone and the thought of never being able to be in Kai’s arms again, made your heart ache.

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*Sobbing* Dearest Mercy Mains, I (A rein main) am deeply sorry. I TRY SO HARD, to keep you alive *HICCUP* BUT THeY Just kill you. EVEN though I smash my hammer into Winstons dumb monkey skull and scream "STAAAAAHP", he still manageS TO KILL YOU. I'M SO SORRY PLEASE forgive me. Love, THE BFG <3

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Drifter, is not totaly your fault for what happened that day, you know? You did what you did because of what these "selfish bastards" did put you through because of their stupidity. Sure does not justify what happened next, but still... Please stop blame only yourself, we all make Choices and Mistakes, and they could have chosen to let you live in peace. You suffered a lot in the past and I'm sure you suffering even now, so Please Forgive Yourself

Drifter: Oh, are you kidding me? Of course I toss them some of the blame.

Drifter: But that doesn’t mean I tried getting on my feet and doing something about it. I just suffered quietly, miserably waiting for it to go away when I could have done anything.

Drifter: Yeah, there’s nothing I can do about it now. I’m trying to put it behind me. But… it’s not like it was just a few years that I was ‘evil’ and all that. It was like, centuries that I spent ruining lives and mentalities. I’d become power hungry, just like all those people who pushed me to turning into that at all.

Drifter: How the irony hurts.


Here’s the main dude, the best Guardian Deity, inspiration and son, Nishinoya Yuu!! Two versions and with his hair down because I haven’t figured out how to draw him yet!! Thanks for the suggestion, anon!

ASTORIA Lyric Starters
  • "Never after will suffice."
  • "It's gonna be a long year."
  • "Tell me I survive."
  • "Bite my neck while you say his/her name, I will scratch your back to forget her/his face."
  • "Ever just say 'fuck it'?"
  • "Might as well say 'fuck it'."
  • "Let's all say 'fuck it'."
  • "Is it bad enough to call it off?"
  • "I can't help but want you too."
  • "Don't say you don't miss me that much."
  • "Don't say I don't still make you blush."
  • "God, I like it rough."
  • "You got me freaking out."
  • "You should see me now."
  • "Don't you want to kiss me someday too?"
  • "Let's dance!"
  • "Tomorrow's a day away."
  • "I'm just so good at fucking up."
  • "Just come back to bed."
  • "I thought you might be here."
  • "I've been broken, but I'm better everyday."
  • "What if we could find a way to try and heal?"
  • "What if there was still a little bit of hope?"
  • "So nice to see you here."
  • "It's been, what, a half a year?"
  • "But that's not what I came for."
  • "This means war."
  • "I'm calm, I'm sure of it."
  • "You should come over."
  • "We don't have to talk of where we go from here."
  • "This last call could be all we can do for each other."
  • "We'll toast what could have been."
  • "To my dearly departed."
  • "You could say you're kind of bored with this."
  • "I don't want you leaving me now."
  • "You say I'm a mess."
  • "Or you could just shut up and kiss me."
  • "Don't say to me you should stay away from me."
  • "I don't know why I just can't get away from myself."
  • "I've been away too long."
  • "Who do you love?"
  • "I won't stay away too long."
  • "Nothing will ever change if you never choose."
  • "I never thought we would be here again."
  • "When did we both get so afraid to speak?"
  • "We just can't let this go."
  • "Maybe our future's so bright, it fucking burns like a wild
  • fire."
  • "Maybe the truth hurts so it's easier not to know."
  • "I wanna hear how your heart speaks."
  • "This should be the time of our lives."
  • "I've been so lost without you."
  • "God, I miss you."
  • "I'm here to remind you what's lost is never gone."
  • "You will forget me not."
  • "I'm not ready for what's to come."
  • "I still need you, my friend."
  • "Life's too short, but the end is long."
  • "I can't try if you won't."
  • "Please just let me go, my dear."
  • "Get up and face me."
  • "It's about fucking time now."
  • "Can you find forgiveness in a dear old friend?"
  • "This is our goodbye."
  • "I hope you know I don't blame you my dear friend."
  • "Always will love you still."

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1. Thank you so much for creating this blog. -gives out cookies- 2. Relationship headcanons with licht please?

(*looks at cookies* I can only hope these are not oatmeal raisin. *Starts eating them before you can respond* Also coming right up! - Mod Leo)

  • He will be the one to ask you out. It will probably involve him talking about how much of an angel he is and how lucky you are to have fallen for him
  • Do not expect much PDA from him, and on the rare times he does it will only be hand holding.
  • Puts the Sun in Tsudere. Literal emotional cactus but he will try very hard to work on getting his feelings out without yelling at his significant other
  • Normally he only yells when Hyde does something and he’s still fuming from that
  • You have to go to all his concerts it is mandatory. He doesn’t care if you fall asleep halfway through just as long as you are physically present it puts him at ease.
  • Probably considers going to his concerts a date. Will probably take his significant other out to a fancy restaurant with a piano. Will kick the guy who is on the piano off so he can play it because that guy was obviously not doing it correctly.

“i like you.”

yoongi tilts his head to the side, surveying his roommate with a meticulous gaze. after a significant lapse of silence he starts humming, as if in deep contemplation, both his eyes squinting as he continues to scrutinize the tall, lanky boy towering by his side of the bed.

the juxtaposition of the entire situation, with tiny min yoongi pretty much intimidating the skyscraper that is kim namjoon into a fidgeting mess, could be deemed funny if not for the fact neither of them are even close to laughing. in fact, namjoon is starting to look extremely constipated the more he stands there with yoongi’s eyes boring holes into him, but he doesn’t waver nor flinch throughout the entire ordeal.

“well, i think you’ve finally got it.” yoongi finally remarks, unable to stop the twitch at the corners of his lips. namjoon’s shoulders immediately slump in relief, a smile of his own spreading across his face. “you still kinda look like you’re about to shit your pants, but at least it’s a step-up from looking like you did shit your pants.”

yoongi.” namjoon groans, trying for an exasperated look, but he ends up laughing anyway, taking a weak swing that yoongi dodges easily. “look, i’m being serious. i really, really like this person, and i don’t wanna fuck this up. just be honest with me, okay?”

yoongi pulls a face, scrunching his nose as he takes his turn at taking a swing. he lifts himself off his bed for a moment, resting his weight on his knees so he can land his fist against namjoon’s shoulder. namjoon doesn’t try to dodge it though, just catches yoongi’s fist with his own hand, his fingers running over yoongi’s knuckles.

“eugh, you’re gross when you’re in love.” yoongi shakes off his hand, the same faux look of annoyance on his face. namjoon splutters, cheeks going pink, but yoongi doesn’t take the opportunity to tease him anymore. instead, he looks him straight in the eye, voice unfaltering even when the words taste bitter on his tongue. “i don’t even know why you had to ask me for practice. whoever you’re confessing to, i know they’ll like you back.” this makes namjoon’s face grow even pinker, and yoongi ignores the urge to smooth a finger over his skin, as if wanting to see if the color would smear right off of him, considering how vivid it is even in the dim light.

“i mean,” he breaks eye contact at this point, fixing his gaze on namjoon’s sock-clad feet. “you may not be as great of a catch as i am, but they’ll have to make do, right?”

there’s a pause that follows after that, then namjoon laughs, but softer this time, less forced than earlier. “yeah, i know that.”

yoongi blinks, looking up at namjoon once more, but before he can even ask what the hell that meant, he’s already taking a deep breath, puffing his chest out in a show of exaggerated confidence.

“well,” he nearly shouts, his hands balled into fists by his sides. there is a look of immense determination on his face, and yoongi thinks, wow, he must really like this person. “i’m gonna go. confess, i mean. here i go. wish me luck.”

yoongi grins, a stiff little thing that hangs precariously between his cheeks. he doesn’t wish namjoon luck, just gives him a thumbs up that namjoon accepts all the same. but when he’s halfway out of the door yoongi decides not to be too weird and follows it up with a “don’t forget to bring a condom!”

the sound of namjoon stumbling into the hallway is enough to wring out a genuine laugh from yoongi. but then all too soon it dissolves into nothingness, replaced by a rather grim scowl as he tries to ignore the odd twist in his gut.

the truth is (and this is the absolute truth, not the truth that he tries to fool himself with, but the real one that’s been gnawing at the back of his mind ever since namjoon had made it known he was crushing on someone), yoongi may or may not be a little, just the tiniest bit, very, very mildly jealous.

despite this honest self-assessment, yoongi still cringes. that dreaded j word always makes him feel like that hopeless third wheel in any shitty k-drama, looking on in disdain when the two main characters end up together. what’s even worse is that it’s not hard to imagine– namjoon with a pretty girl clinging to his arm, or maybe with a cute boy, smiling and blushing as they lace their fingers together.

this is how yoongi spends his first five minutes of isolation, alternating between breaking and nursing his heart when he hears footsteps drawing nearer and nearer until namjoon’s face pops in again. yoongi doesn’t even have enough time to look like he’d been back to working on his paper, his laptop still on the same spot he’d pushed it aside when namjoon had first come in, so he merely blinks instead.

“back so soon?” he says with an eyebrow quirk. he looks at namjoon hard and long, but his face gives nothing away. “well?” he tries to grin, as malicious and teasing as possible, but this time his cheeks don’t quite cooperate, so when he continues he looks just as serious as he sounds, “how’d it go?”

namjoon shrugs, stepping into yoongi’s room again. he has his hands clasped together, fingers pulling at each other in a sign of extreme nervousness. yoongi frowns and doesn’t quite understand, but just when he’s about to vocalize this namjoon speaks up again.

“i don’t know,” he mumbles, just loud enough to barely reach yoongi’s ears. then namjoon walks closer, his steps careful and almost cautious as he stands right in front of yoongi, looking down at him with a nervous smile. “but i’m about to find out soon.”

then, with an exhale that seems to let everything go, namjoon says, “i like you, yoongi.”

it takes approximately half a minute of blinking and open-mouthed gawking before namjoon’s confession sinks in and oh. oh.

this time yoongi’s cheeks are pulling up almost of their own accord, making him smile in the way that he absolutely hates, all small teeth and pink gums, but now he finds that he couldn’t care less. not when namjoon’s standing less than two feet in front of him, jaw tense with nerves and hands still wringing together.

it’s a repetition from a few moments ago, with yoongi tilting his head and humming in contemplation, namjoon towering over him but looking strangely small in the way he’s waiting in bated breath.

“you still look like you’re about to shit your pants,” yoongi concludes with an air of finality, lifting a hand up to take one of namjoon’s hands in his own. their palms press together as perfectly as their fingers fit in between each other, and this knowledge makes yoongi feel terribly, wholly pleased. he looks back up at namjoon, knows that he’s blushing just as much as the bumbling, adorable idiot, and realizes that he’s totally okay with that. “but i like you just the same.”