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My headcannon is that Kayn prefers to call Jhin by Khada because nobodies does, so it sounds more special xD haha

Jhin why you have so many colors!!!!! Plus I noticed some mistakes, because I think actually uses the other hand for that gun… ooh well 

Anyways, hope you like this guys, I’m not very good with comics and I apologize if I have grammar errors, I feel like I’m starting to forget a few things cuz I’m not using it at all, except from here xDU.

Should I keep doing comics like these?

Bonus: This was just meant to be just a simple doodle but I was talking to my friend and ended up as a tiny comic.

Give me a character that isn’t a “geek” or a “nerd” with asthma. Give me a track star that has to use an inhaler. Give me an Olympic swimmer that has to work harder and harder to breathe because their lungs need to be trained for the vigorousness. Give me a ballerina, a baker, a flourish, a cyclist. Give me ordinary people from all walks of life. Give me a character that isn’t portrayed as weak because their lungs didn’t form fully when they were born. Give me someone who was the best at what they did and then asthma was formed, and then show them working harder and harder to get what they have always wanted. Don’t tell me you can’t, because we exist in the world, and it’s not fair to pretend that we’re only stuck in one corner of an entire cinematic universe. Put us in books, give us a voice.


I wanted to make lantern or candleholder with gateroom window design for a long, long time. I’m so pleased with myself now.

Also my last ever Vinesauce fanart. Sorry if you followed me for that, but some comments Vinny made last stream just put a damper on my wanting to take time to make fanart. I was gonna cut back anyway, but it’s just stopping. Sorry.

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anonymous asked:

What kind of music do you use when writing fight scenes?

When I pick music for fight scene writing it usually (1) has a high BPM and (2) isn’t super cheery (because it just doesn’t work for me if it is)

This first one played quite a bit while I was working on this last chapter (the clapping portions especially):

However, if it’s a really important part of the fight scene where there isn’t a lot of movement happening and I’m writing a character’s thought process or a description then I switch to something much slower and usually instrumental.

When you wake up and have a momentary scare because “malarked” is gone and then you realise that he’s still there but with his forgotten @hillbillied url…


     You know why I’d leave you alone?
               Because I care about your feelings more than mine.

@ofblankexpressions: my late christmas present for you lanie!


          Gundam flashed a toothy, sinister grin at his psychic friend as he sat down in the seat next to him. “It…looks like it will be a most enchanting future today, then.” Enchanting…didn’t sound quite like the correct word, yet the breeder also found it difficult to keep character around his closer friends.

          His left arm, his bandaged arm, extended out towards the top of Hagakure’s head, and tugged on one of his dread locks for a moment to create a bride. Four of Zodiac Hamsters crawled over and began to make a nest within web of hair. The bell rang…..

Hey everyone! Just a note to say I unfortunately cannot accept fic prompts these days… I already have too many fics in progress and tons of Tale of Years one-shot/outtake requests.

And I still gladly accept the latter! ☺ Please just understand it’ll take a long while.

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