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Ayyy got tickets for The National!! I’m so happy I can’t wait see those dads and get alcoholic beverages thrown at me again (though maybe I’ll bring goggles this time. last time on the el vy tour i got some in my eye and it burned like a motherfucker - it definitely wasn’t wine). Anyways - there’ll be a small dadapalooza reunion with @waste-land @friendsandfiends and ofc @minotaurtears and me, except for different dads and without shitty festival bullshit this time!!!

all i want to do with my life is animate rockstars, is that too much to ask 

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Hey so like, this is starting to act like a personal tumblr and not an ask. Is it possible for the sake of your mobile followers to answer personal questions privately or on another tumblr? Like, I don't have blacklist on my phone but half of those weren't even tagged. Please I'm begging you. I stopped following several other askblogs that devolved into this. Now I just have you and one other left.

Not going to lie, this ask made me really sad. 

I am human, not a robot that cranks out imagines and writing all the time, I have to interact with others too, who often give me feedback and encouragement to keep writing.  I’m sorry, but I can’t control where my followers send in personal asks, and some even don’t know that I have a personal blog. Personal asks mean as much to me as headcanons because they’re a nice break and a great way for all of us to have a good time, which is what this blog is about. I know that I can’t make everyone happy, but shouldn’t I do what makes me happy too on my own blog? 

I do my best with tagging, but I’m on mobile half of the time and if you’ve ever answered an ask mobily, you would know that you can’t tag anything. If someone wants to start a discussion on my personal blog, then that’s fine, or if they want to start it on Skelltales, that’s fine with me too. I am not going to change that, and if you don’t like it, you can always unfollow. 

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I never saw nobody jumping at each other's throats trying to fucking analyse Niall's lyrics, why is it so hard to do the same for Harry (and Louis too btw). The album isn't out yet and we can't even fucking enjoy what he is given us. We are killing ourselves honestly, putting some many expectations out there and some people take it as if it was real, unable to take some distance. This is crazy. (This wasn't directed at you specially Blue!)

I think, again, this is because of the honest part and the first feel songs. People expect an album like that and well now we know why those songs were first lol but I’m just waiting, I want to hear the songs just as much as before, Harry obviously worked super hard because an album doesn’t involve only lyrics, the sounds we had so far sound amazing and I think he’s going to kill it. That’s where I’m at at this whole thing. I’m too tired for any more discount haha


     You know why I’d leave you alone?
               Because I care about your feelings more than mine.

@ofblankexpressions: my late christmas present for you lanie!

Future Trunks + Tropes (part 1)

Beware the Nice Ones

Break the Cutie

Combat Pragmatist

Cool Sword

Hurting Hero


Pallet Challenge 4

More brotherly fluff for me to obsess over.

Sai wouldn’t let me finish this because it crashed suddenly, but I printscreened the result I had. Also, I wanted to try out my new textures in Sai, so this is not cell shaded like the rest. I mean it’s still the right pallet, so it’s not a bad thing?

Clexa College AU pt. V

First four parts can be found here: 1, 2, 3, 4

By Thursday, Lexa had come to terms with the fact that Clarke would be at least one of her classes every day. It was uncanny. Lexa, who’d put off core requirements until her Junior year, sat in the back. Clarke was always up front. It only took her a half-hour before she showed that she’d caught up on all their reading and was answering questions.

Lexa wanted to roll her eyes at the eager girl, but she found herself somewhat impressed. Lexa considered most Intro Sociology discussions to be a form of hot air pollution that she could zone out. But she couldn’t stop herself from listening to Clarke. In fact, Lexa couldn’t stop looking at Clarke.

Not that Clarke ever noticed. Lexa made sure of it. She’d tinker with her phone as Clarke was walking in and she’d rush past her as soon as class ended.

They even got through last night’s weight training avoiding each other. Clarke paired up with Echo and Lexa made sure to keep Octavia, Anya and their closest teammates busy at the other side of the gym. 

Lexa noticed Clarke glare at her once and saw Anya shoulder check Clarke on the way to the lockers, but it didn’t seem to matter. Lexa was learning that Clarke was strong.  

Clarke had been dreading Soc. class. She first looked for Lexa, as she’d learned to do at the start of all her classes. The girl was busy preparing her desk in the back. Then she found Finn up front, gleefully kicking around the one of the rolling desks that was meant for her. Clarke sighed, looking at Lexa again. The start of class was the best time to observe the stubborn girl because never looked up. Now, she was typing on her phone. 

Clarke took her seat. “Good morning, sunshine,” Finn said, words teasing.

Last night, they’d been up late watching a show. Finn moved closer, making his intentions clear and Clarke let him kiss her. Back at Ark School, Clarke remembered wanting to kiss him. But in college Clarke had decided her friendship with Raven was too valuable to waste on Finn. Then college-Clarke had a bad few days and couldn’t stop thinking about her kiss with the commander. So she’d kissed him hoping to wipe it all away. Ugh, Clarke thought, wanting to bury it away. “Morning, Finn,” Clarke said, less enthused. 

It had been short. They’d talked about it after. She’d explained that she wasn’t interested. So why is he this chipper?

“I slept really well last night.”

“Finn, don’t make this weird,” she replied.

“Make what weird?”

“Last night,” Clarke explained.

“What happened last night?” he smirked.

“Ugh, forget it,” she said.

“I did,” he smiled, recalling their conversation. He clearly hadn’t. Lucky for Clarke class was starting.

Clarke knew that Lexa stared at her during class. She could just be being paranoid, because she could never catch her, but she could always feel it. That morning she could feel Lexa’s eyes on her skin like the start of a sunburn. She knows, Clarke thought. She gave  Finn a kick so his chair would roll further away and slumped for the start of their lecture. The thought made Clarke unhappy. First of all, it was impossible for Lexa to know anything about Clarke and second, Clarke didn’t want to care, even remotely, what the her ‘antisocial jerk’ of a team captain thought.

Clarke bolted out of class when it ended. She beat Lexa out the room for the first time that week. When she got to her dorm she found a package laying against her door. Clarke, never patient, tore it into it immediately. 

Inside was a new Grounders jersey. It didn’t have her name on it yet, but Clarke felt a small thrill holding the soft green and brown fabric. She was starting to find her phone to thank Kane when she noticed the notecard that had fallen to the floor in her haste. 

The handwriting is sloppy, but careful and Clarke instinctively knew who it belonged to:

Clarke, I know we have our differences, but this team is like a family. Call me if you ever need anything.

Under it was a phone number followed by Lexa’s signature. 

Clarke bit her cheek cradling the card. She didn’t know what to do. 

She propped it up on her desk for hours while she went to lunch and did her homework before she finally programmed Lexa’s number into her phone.