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I just want to write a Thankyou note to you I just want to appreciate you for helping me master my writing skills For inspiring me For aiding me in developing fluency in English Helping me figure out how use fancy flowery English and yet not make the sentence too heavy For exposing me to ideas and aesthetics I was unaware of like seriously the reasons I managed to ace my English exams was none other then you So thank you for like literally exisiting

Anon…………there are seriously no words to describe what I felt when I read your ask, but shit, I’m gonna try, because you took the time to leave such a wonderful message in my inbox and you more than deserve the reciprocation.

I don’t consider myself a master of the language in any way; I mean damn, I’m still learning every day, and the fact that this hodgepodge of brit and us English (’COLOR’ STILL LOOKS SO WRONG TO ME) accrued over the years via video games, Bugs Bunny (it took me 10 fucking years to realize wtf the flag with the screw and the ball meant) and trying to copy the speech patterns and slang of my foreign online friends helped YOU is just… amazing to me.

And yes, I clearly still don’t know when to end a fucking sentence, PLS EXCUSE I’M WRITING FROM THE HEART HERE

I’m so, so glad to hear I played even a small part in helping you do better in English; languages are beautiful things, they open up formerly closed doors to us mentally, culturally and even in terms of job prospects.  Knowing that I contributed to furthering someone’s education is one of the most rewarding feelings in life, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for telling me this.

Please know that my inbox is open for discussion any time, whether it’s about ideas, linguistics or anything else you feel like sharing.  Even if it takes me a while to answer, I’ll get back to you, I promise.

Thank you again for sending this message, I hope you have a lovely day, you’ve certainly made mine.  Screw that, I hope you have a great YEAR.

Much, much love ♡ ♡ ♡    

P.S. If you ever need any tips or whathaveyou with future English exams, please feel free to drop me a message either via inbox or IM.  I totally get what it’s like to study the language as a foreigner and have been through the ‘official exams’ myself, so don’t hesitate to ask.  

P.P.S. Omg sorry for all the swearing, I always talk like that when I’m excited/flustered

Kimi no na wa ("I Love You" scene explained)

This brought me to tears! However a part of me hoped that they said “I love you” because it’s romantic, that’s all

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Day 3… Holy crap. Cross…

Honestly, I came upon something thinking about what to draw. I’ll explain it under the cut.

5 - WHAT IF…

Crossember Challenge by @byutak

Cross by @jakei95

Underswap by @popcornpr1nce

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Hideo Kojima ships Hannigram/Madancy? oh what a beautiful world we live in

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