i'm still so happy he won


Yuri Plisetsky,
15 years old,
GPF gold winner 🏅

  • me: if yuuri had beat yurio, he would have retired after the GPF, though not necessarily happily. the way he was looking at yurio while watching his performance made it clear that he was still torn about the decision. but since he won silver he's determined to complete another season, and he gets to do so without worrying that he's taking viktor away from something he loves. plus the gap between yuuri and yurio was so small that they practically tied anyway. so ultimately, yurio winning was a good thing
  • also me: yuuri deserved to win, he deserved it so much, he worked so hard and I love him and he DESERVED-


진이의 ‘졸업 LIVE’ Behind the scene
학사모- 죠준 ~ 발싸 -☆


Jin’s ‘Graduation LIVE’ Behind the scene
Graduation ceremony - pull ~ your trigger -☆

trans: jhope-shi

Imagine the look on Daryl’s face when Carol hugs him. He thought that she didn’t want anyone around, including him. He’ll knock on her door, and stand there, cautious,  probably worried that she won’t answer, or she’ll tell him to go. Probably thinking that she won’t want to see him. But then she’ll hug him, and that will probably come as such a shock to Daryl. And it will make him so happy. 

And then, on top of that, imagine his face when she tells him she couldn’t lose him. 

Imagine how lovesick Daryl Dixon is going to be in 7x10. He will be looking at Carol with the biggest heart-eyes ever. 

I’m still shook from last night. After years of work, Phil finally won an award and he won it all by himself. But even if it was Phil who won the award, he still wanted to share it with Dan since they have done everything together, since they DO everything together. They really love each other deeply and everyone can see it. Dan and Phil truly are the definition of love and I am so happy for them, I really am.

Prince Phichit has graced us with his presence yet again, and it didn’t disappoint me one bit. even though it’s almost a week late, I still want to share these with you guys hgnnnnn

I bring you another 8 majestic frames of Prince Phichit (FP ver.)

Frame 1. addressing his majesty’s followers to the right

Frame 2. in the center 

Frame 3. to the left  

Frame 4. *whispers sexily* lend me your ears~  

Frame 5. I can show you the worrrrrrld~  

Frame 6. shining, shimmering, like my costuuuume~

Frame 7. ahhh I don’t understand. I can’t even see his whole face but this is so sexy ;A;

Frame 8. that jawlinnnnne!! 

The Choice: Chapter 6

 Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday. My roommates boyfriend is planning our spring break and he still won’t tell me how much money it’s going to cost me, so please say a quick prayer for my bank account. As always, feedback is super appreciated! I hope you like this chapter!

Warnings: Brief mention of violence, language

Pairing: Kylo Ren/Reader

Word Count: 1383

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

“…your thoughts are persistent in the force, Y/N. Can’t you feel it?”

You can, and you’re not sure if that’s a good thing at all.


You let out an anguished shriek as Kylo slams you to the mats again.

You’re huffing and puffing, exhausted from the intensely physical training you’ve begun. You weren’t exactly a martial arts master before arriving, and getting to the level of physicality Kylo apparently wants you at has been horrible. Snoke insisted that you be trained, which took most of the choice out of the deal. You’re not exactly sure that you would have agreed to it, but you’re too exhausted most of the time to contemplate the greater implications of your situation.

You’re not a fan of the First Order. It hasn’t exactly been good to you, and it makes you angry.

It works in their favor though, as anger leads to the dark side and all that. It just makes you angrier that it helps them, and the cycle feeds itself.

You hate the power that they have over you, and if it weren’t for your ever-strengthening bond with Kylo you would have attempted to escape long ago.

He helps you up off the mats, and you realize it’s finally time for training to be over for the day.

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ok so what if killua won’t let gon give him head anymore because one time he was doin’ it and it was g r e a t but gon like got really excited and happy cause he could tell how good he was making killua feel and he tried to talk and oops he bit killua. 

gon’s actually a little scared to let killua go down on him for a while afterwards because killua doesn’t get mad, he gets even.


“In the end, I wasn’t allowed to pitch until the end again. Even though I was given this jersey number… I am still not trusted as the ace. No matter the results, or the method… I won’t let anyone complain at all… my pitching that is acknowledged by everyone.”


A role model, passionate in music, dance and everything he loves
doing, a cutie pie to lighten up your dark days, gifted with
immense talent, honey-like sweet voice, a caring heart and one
of the most beautiful smiles imaginable. words won't simply
describe how much you mean to me but i deeply wish that after
all the hard work in these past 17 years you'll find the
strenght, passion and happiness to further continue this
meanigful journey - creating more sweet memories together with
family, friends and fans. always stay healthy and the cheerful
little Minbong we love so much. coming across oppa and Shinhwa
will forever be the best decision i've ever made;
a life-changing experience.
'M' - Shinhwa's cool guy - Minwoo...
... I love you ♡

I’m seeing people making excuses for what Lilo did and defending them (especially Louis) while also attacking Zayn?? for a HASHTAG that he immediately made it clear was NOT meant as shade??  The double standards in this fandom are unbelievable.   He looks actually HAPPY for the first time in months and all people want to do is tear him down.  

I still think this is a stunt but as usual I find myself hoping that maybe it’s not, and Zayn won’t have to return to this racist, entitled, ungrateful fandom.  He deserves so much better.  

Mourinho man… Watching him tear up like that, so extremely happy, is just beautiful. Shows how much he loves Chelsea - it’s “only” the league cup, and the man has won everything there is to win, yet it still looks like this trophy mean the whole freaking world to him. And him encouraging our youngsters to go ahead and lift that trophy…. Nah, this was just too beautiful.