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Jude: It’s real quiet out here, you know. So much different than San Myshuno. And there are so many more stars..
Hadley nodded in agreement, her eyes casting out over their surroundings.
Hadley: I know it’s only been, like, a day, but do you like it? The quiet, I mean.
Jude: Mm. Yeah, I do. There’s not a lot of people around, no prying eyes, you know? Still…
Hadley: Still..?
Jude: I don’t know, it’s kinda silly.. It’s only been a day and a half but I’m kinda lonely out here, by myself. I love this house, I love the scenery, and you’re not too far away. But… I just wish I had some company, I guess.
Hadley: *thoughtfully* Well… they have an adoption center in San Myshuno, don’t they?
Jude: Fuck, Hadley, the last thing I need is a kid.
Hadley: No no no, not a kid. Christ, J, a pet. Johnny and I’ve been talking about getting a cat… maybe a pet would be good for you, too.
Jude: Hm. Maybe you’re right. Gimme the address, I’ll go over there sometime this week.

  • Destiny Player: Man, I'm so excited for Destiny 2! I love all of the changes they made and I'm so compelled by the story they have presented to us so far!
  • Some fuck from reddit: Uh, don't you mean Destiny 1.5? It's basically glorified DLC. We still don't know what the Traveler is, but at least the reveal trailer had more story than the original Destiny am I right? Anyway, I'm gonna shit all over this thing you enjoy now



the cutest and most precious friendship (ft. excited kenta) ♡

Pledis always freaks me out

My expectations of Fenris based on what I’d seen of him on tumblr, prior to playing DA2:

The Reality:

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Hello, could you please please give a quick highlights of the 1st hour of the bbmas? I missed the first hour. :( Also how many times, ballpark, do you think BTS were onscreen? Also, Jin was srsly giving the softest kisses all of yesterday, goodness.


Ok, so it’s like what - like 14 hours since the BBMAs ended and I’m still FUCKING FLYING HIGH anon, IT WAS SO EXCITING TO SEE OUR BTS ON FUCKING E ONLINE AND FUCKING NETWORK GODDAMN TV HOLY BALLS, so forgive me if I seem a little all over the place cause I am STILL just a fucking mess over all of this.

Ok, just a few highlights from the BBMAs pre-show that I can remember through the fog of excitement

- Fire comes on for the first time and I shat my pants.  Fire comes on for the 2nd time and I shat my pants.  Fire comes on for the 3rd time and I shat my pants.  Fire comes on for the fourth time and I shat my pants.  FIRE COMES ON AT LIKE EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK IT’S UNREAL.  

- Like 1 minute into the official magenta carpet / arrival deal I hear SCREAMING.  THE SCREAMING GETS LOUDER.  I instantly know BTS HAS ARRIVED.  

- The first time they showed them on TV it was everybody getting out of the limo and they all just - BOOM THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD CAUGHT FIRE.  

- It was NUTS anon, E! Online was doing a backstage thing and then there was also the official billboards backstage feed, and then Twitter was going NUTS, and also V APP, I didn’t have enough devices I needed like 14 more computers to keep up with everything.  

- When they came on E! and were interviewed, ON TV, that I was watching ON MY TV WITHOUT MY COMPUTER?? I couldn’t believe it.  They LOOKED SO GOOD THEY DID SO WELL.  I can remember just being like, holy shit this is surreal for me, wonder how they feel holy shit.  The thing I remember most was their faces when the E! people showed them all the fans lined up for them for HOURS, all of the boys looked so MOVED and HAPPY!!! 

- During the E! Online interview Jin was so happy he did a little dance and it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen him do which is SAYING SOMETHING BUT HOLY BALLS he was excited (they all were) 

- That first hour was really nonstop, SO MANY PEOPLE DID INTERVIEWS WITH THEM, every time I refreshed there was another interview or Photo, it was just crazy like - I’ve been SO !!!!!!! INTO BTS for FUCKING YEARS now and to have fucking american media keeping up with me (I’m american btw), giving me content I JUST!!!!!! Couldn’t believe it.  Was so surreal (tbh I didn’t know who half the people who interviewed BTS were, just knew it was BTS’ time to SHINE)

- Speaking of time to shine Namjoon was amazing, he held it the FUCK down and really did such a good job….I’m a native english speaker and there’s no way I could have done even half as good of a job as Namjoon did.  The rest of the guys did great too, really seemed like everybody was involved, just, they ALL did so well.  

- and the FANS - ARMY kept going the WHOLE TIME - The feeds on E! News and on the BBMAs were pretty much SOLID BTS - like - those feeds were scrolling and you’d only see ARMY on there fucking shitting their pants OR people who didn’t know BTS (yet) shitting their pants over them it really did feel like - BTS stole the fucking show from the VERY BEGINNING. They even brought up how ARMY crashed twitter several times voting I mean…

- Just seeing them there, just SEEING THEM ON THAT MAGENTA CARPET, they looked - they were just glowing, they were SHINING STARS, and the whole country fell for them the FUCKING. SECOND. they got out of that car and I started getting super fucking emotional then and I’m still emotional now because BTS DID THAT AND WE HELPED THEM DO IT AND !!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO !!!!!!!!!!! 

Imagine Woozi resting his head on your thighs while you run your fingers through his soft hair.


15.06.17 ~ 30°C ☀️ 

 Hey, I’m back! 

Finals are officially over!! These are all the flashcards I used to prepare for exams throughout the semester. I’m so glad school is over lol. Even though I still have no idea what to do with my life (career wise), I’m excited to see what the next school year brings. Senior year here I come~

🎧 There’s nothing holdin’ me back- Shawn Mendes

carry on summer headcanons part one!!
  • Penny peer-pressures Baz and Simon into going on a group holiday

  • after much dispute, they decide to go to America to visit Agatha

  • -packing is… a problem. Baz packs too much to fit into one suitcase, so he ends up having to carry around two more stuffed  backpacks, one on each shoulder  (which leads to a lot of jokes. ‘what have you got in there? the rotting carcass of a dragon, in pieces?’ ‘yes’)

  • meanwhile, Simon packs so little that he runs out of socks after two days

  • Penny turns out to be uncharacteristically deathly scared of flying but neither she or Baz have mastered the spell of teleportation (should I stay or should I go) further enough to cross countries

  • so they end up taking the plane .

  • Baz convinces Simon to try the pumpkin mocha breve before the flight

  • it results in Simon violently throwing up all over Penny during the take-off.

  • despite being so terrified of flying, Penny is so pissed at Simon for being sick all over her favourite t-shirt!!! that she moves seats to the other side of the plane

  • Simon has been learning the ukulele, so he spends the entire flight writing a sorry song to Penny

  • Penny is still pissed af but how can you be mad at your bff who writes cute songs for you amirite

part two coming soonn


I’m so excited for the Emmys & I’m here for the nominations! I won’t even be very mad bc so many favs are nominated but can’t help but be upset Call the Midwife has been over looked again ! Hopefully someday Ctm will get the recognition it deserves!


Reblog if you are:

1) Super excited for yet another installment of this wonderful show

2) Planning to move/adjust/completely sacrifice your sleep schedule so you can binge-watch it within 24 hours of its release 

3) Moving at least one event in your schedule to accommodate said binge-watching :D

4) Re-watching all of Season 1 and 2 before-hand to refresh the story-lines in your mind 


5) Really, really hoping every Paladin makes it through this season alive.

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Victuuri Parks and Rec AU


  • Ever since Yuuri Katsuki moved to Detroit, he has wanted to leave a positive, lasting impact on the city. It only makes sense that he’d take a government job – the parks have litter, the citizens don’t use them – something needs to be changed.
  • Phichit Chulanont’s boyfriend, Seung-gil Lee, falls into a pit on a lot that was meant to be turned into a figure skating rink.
    • Phichit is outraged that nobody has done anything, so he goes to a city forum, where his eyes land upon a Japanese employee who wants to make a change. Yuuri promises, fervently, to get rid of the pit and build the figure skating rink. This is the start of a lasting friendship.
  • Yuri Plisetsky is an intern in the government who hates the government. Hates it. With a passion. They don’t get things done, there’s too much red tape – but the job pays well. He’ll admit that. When he sees Yuuri with his big smiles and bigger ideas, an immediate rivalry (but also a subtle admiration) is born.
  • JJ is another employee in the Parks Department, but it’s a running joke that nobody remembers his name. DJ? LJ? MJ? Something-J?
  • Their boss is Yakov Feltsman, who has a heart like a coconut (hard on the outside, soft on the inside). He keeps a careful eye on all of them, and though Yuuri’s excitement exhausts him, he secretly admires the young employee.
  • Yuuri and Phichit get to work on the figure skating project on Lot 48, but everything changes when the government shuts down and it’s announced that budget cuts will have to be made.
  • Enter Victor Nikiforov and Christophe Giacometti – they are renowned for their abilities to slash budgets and slash hearts. Christophe does the sweet talking; he’ll meet the employees, wink at them, send their thoughts aflutter. Then Victor comes in. He’ll fire who needs to be fired, then return to petting his beloved poodle and smiling sweetly. Nobody can figure out if he’s innocent or malicious; he is a walking enigma.
  • When they’re just looking at a list of names on a sheet, Victor and Christophe think that they’ll need to fire Yuuri Katsuki. It doesn’t seem that his job is vital, even though it also says that he’s doing a good job. So Christophe goes to his office, does the sweet-talking, and then Victor enters.
  • (Victor doesn’t fire Yuuri.)
  • (He says they’ll make cuts elsewhere.)
  • Christophe is confused, briefly, but it doesn’t take him long to understand. They end up getting an extension and staying in Detroit to continue helping the parks department there. They find budget cuts elsewhere and don’t fire anyone.
  • Together, the team eliminates the dangerous pit on Lot 48 and they build a figure skating rink: Katsuki Kastle. Yuuri insists that the Kastle with a ‘k’ is cheesy, but everybody else loves it, so he goes along with it.


Yuuri is Leslie, Phichit is Ann, Seung-gil is Andy (but they stay together and he’s not as excitable), Christophe is both Chris and Tom Haverford, Yurio is April, JJ is L/J/Gary, Yakov is Ron.