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about a quarter to nine, 1/3

or, the one where Wylan is struggling to pay his rent and plays music on the streets, Jesper dances and has no restraint and may or may not dance along to a cute street musician, and everyone is embarrassed at what these dorks get up to. {ao3}

It was February, another snowstorm had just hit, Wylan Hendriks was behind on his rent again, and apparently no one on this street had ever learned the values of tipping.

For all intents and purposes, the day should have gone well. He’d set up near a museum that was usually filled with tourists, but today it was curiously empty. Wylan had also started off with playing the violin, which usually worked in more “cultured” areas, but there was hardly anyone around to even hear him. The most attention he’d gotten was a few vaguely dirty looks and a disapproving glance from a police officer. However, the worst part of the day was the man who had walked up when Wylan pulled out his guitar and started singing, seemingly enjoying his performance… and then walked away.

All in all, he made a whopping three dollars.

Cutting ties with your rich father is, unsurprisingly, costly.

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  • James Potter to Why has prongs added evans? :
  • James: Lily you left your book at the house yesterday.
  • Peter: oooooo why was she at our house james. why.
  • James: she was studying with Remus you prick. Change the name of this group.
  • Sirius: No way you trashed our group by adding her. now you have to live with the consequences.
  • Sirius Black changed the group name to; James has a boner for Evans:
  • James Potter removed Sirius Black from the group:
  • Lily: what is going on?
  • James Potter removed Lily Evans from the group:
  • .
  • James: hey Lily you want to come over and revise?
  • Lily: you do a biology degree? I do history??
  • James: divorced. beheaded. died. divorced. beheaded. survived.
  • Lily: ...
  • James: I'm also ordering pizza for everyone.
  • Lily: I'll be there at 6.
  • .
  • Remus: Sirius you need to stop annoying Lily.
  • Sirius: what??? how dare you... Evans loves me
  • Lily: you piss me off Black
  • Sirius: betrayal...
  • Lily: i'm sorry but you took about a thousand photos on my phone of your newly done eyebrows and filled up all my storage.
  • Sirius: you should b honoured.... Remus would b
  • Remus: Sirius, I have to spend enough time with you showing me in person.. I really don't need pictures.
  • Sirius: you guys suck. I'm adding Jamie
  • Sirius Black added James Potter:
  • Sirius: you love my eyebrows don't you James?
  • James: of course Pads
  • Sirius: awwww see
  • Lily: but Sirius my phone isn't working because of your stupid eyebrows
  • James: fuck your eyebrows Sirius.
  • Sirius Black added Peter Pettigrew to the group:
  • Sirius: Pete, you like my eyebrows right
  • Peter: yeah i guess?
  • Sirius: haha! told you guys
  • Remus: ugh..
  • Lily: srsly
  • Peter: wait you've all been on a chat without me?
  • Peter: ...
  • Peter: hello?
  • .
  • James: Pete did you put my green jumper in the wash?
  • Peter: it was on the floor of the bathroom.. so yes I put it in the wash.
  • Peter: have you considered therapy?
  • .
  • Lily: hey can I come over and steal some of your food? I'm broke and hungry... plus your house is really warm for some reason?
  • Remus: Okay, but i must warn you James is doing shirtless karaoke in the sitting room with Sirius.
  • Lily: thats okay.
  • Remus: Is it now?
  • Lily: be quiet and come open your front door.
  • .
  • Lily Evans to; I guess she's here to stay then..:
  • Lily: oh my word Sirius I just looked... my eyebrows look amazing
  • Sirius: I told you. Say it. I'm a genius.
  • Remus: Oh be quiet Padfoot.
  • Sirius: Make me.
  • James: ugh guys take the sexual tension somewhere else pleaseeee
  • Sirius: gladly.
  • Lily: hahahahah
  • James: where are you right now?
  • Lily: coffee shop on the corner. Why?
  • James: because my house is no longer safe for my precious ears. I'm running away to find you.
  • .
  • James: oh my god shes so pretty
  • Peter: i know
  • James: and her eyes
  • Peter: I am aware
  • James: ugh and her hair
  • Peter: yup....
  • James: god she is so beautiful
  • Peter: so why aren't you telling her this?
  • James: don't be an idiot Wormtail.
  • .
  • Sirius: mooonyyyyyyyyyy
  • Sirius: moony my ray of sunshine
  • Sirius: light to my darkness
  • Sirius: hope to my dismay
  • Sirius: my brightest star
  • Sirius: mooooooonnnyyyyy
  • Remus: What.
  • Sirius: I love you.
  • Remus: ...
  • Remus: What did you do.
  • Sirius: I got jam on your jumper by accident... not a big deal i think i can clean it
  • Sirius: oh shit no i've made it worse
  • Remus: Fuck you do not touch anything I swear to God Padfoot. I'm coming home right now and stabbing you.
  • Sirius: I love you
  • Sirius: Remus?
  • Sirius: crap okay I'm hiding
  • .
  • Lily: Rem you're staring at Sirius' butt
  • Remus: He has a nice butt.
  • Remus: and nice hair.
  • Remus: damn I'm so gay for him.
  • Lily: I would hope so, you've been together for like two years now?
  • Remus: He has great eyes too..
  • Lily: James has nice eyes
  • Remus: :-) what
  • Lily: What? Me? What?
  • Lily: pretend i didn't just send that
  • Lily: my point is you're staring at Sirius' butt and the lecturer has noticed and is glaring at you.
  • Remus: oh shit.
  • .
  • James Potter changed the name of the group to; Party tonight and we are all going bitches get yourselves ready:
  • Remus: That's really how you're going to announce it?
  • Sirius: gets the point across, I like it
  • James: thanks pads
  • James: I've invited Lily too.
  • Peter: oooooooo
  • James Potter added Lily Evans to the group:
  • Lily: woo hoo party!!!
  • .
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'James got drunkkkkk af':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'Lily got smashed':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'and they totally kissed':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'like a proper snog alll nightttt longggggg':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'James wants to sleep with Evans':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'and now he finally knows Evans wants to bang him tooooooo':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'they in loveeeeeeeeee':
  • James Potter removed Sirius Black from the group:
  • Remus: He's not wrong though...
  • Lily Evans removed Remus Lupin from the group:
  • Peter: what no how did i miss this historical moment!!!!!
  • James Potter removed Peter Pettigrew from the group:
  • .
  • James: hey
  • Lily: hi
  • James: how you feeling?
  • Lily: okay i guess...
  • James: cool cool cool...
  • Lily: look about last night-
  • James: about last night
  • Lily: haha...
  • James: I'd do it again.
  • Lily: what?
  • James: I mean if you wanted to obviously! and not like drunk and sloppy like last night haha... but i would kiss you again... if you would want me to... I mean i know we're just friends and stuff but... you're really pretty is what I'm trying to say....
  • Lily: I'd like that.
  • James: what?
  • Lily: if you kissed me again.
  • .
  • James Potter added Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew to the group:
  • Lily: I'm still here.
  • James: :-)
  • Lily: :-)
  • This was inspired by another post like this i saw a while back, but now can't find, and from suggestion i recently got.
  • Send me in any other ideas!

whats-a-queen-without-a-king  asked:

Can you do a story about uma being a man eating mermaid and harry being a pirate because I've seen two versions of this in rp's but none of them are finished and I'm really curious about how this would happen. Happy fanfiction readers day 💓💓

Here you go, love! Happy Fanfic Readers Appreciation Day to you too! This is just Chapter one! I plan on writing at least one or two more chapters, so stay tuned!

Uma’s mother struck her across the face, “You listen well, daughter of mine, a man that is allowed to live is a man that will kill you later. Curse you for your foolishness.”

“He wouldn’t mom!”

“Oh so now you’re in love with him? With this pirate boy?”

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part three of the grindr au, based on a fic by @des-zimbits​ (read it here). sorry this took forever, guys. this part is a little longer at 3k (and I didn’t even get all the way through spring semester. help). rated t for language?

also um content warning for Jack’s internalized homophobia making him act like a real asshole. he sorts his shit out by the end the end of this part, but like. it might be upsetting in places. sorry.

part one. part two.

“So, what was your New Year’s resolution, Bits?” Ransom asks.

Jack knows it’s the traditional just-back-from-Winter-Break question, but he always hates this conversation. His own resolutions are never very interesting, and he hates talking about them. (This year he has two: to improve his shooting percentage by at least 10% in the second half of the season, and to increase his bench press by 50 pounds before the end of the year.) Historically, whenever Jack has told anyone what his New Year’s resolutions are, he’s only met with a frown and a short, “Oh.”

Bittle’s resolutions, on the other hand, will no doubt be terribly interesting and charm the whole team even further. Because that’s just how it goes.

“It was, uh.” Bittle laughs a little, rubbing back of his neck. “It was actually—to be a little less inhibited?”

Before Jack even knows he’s doing, he’s saying, “Less inhibited?”

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Beyond Memory
[The follow-up I meant to write for this and this.] ————— When Sam showed up at the door he was out of breath, “I’m sorry… should have waited ‘till morning… couldn’t quite tell on the phone … did you find Bucky or not?”

Steve just stepped aside and let him see the man sitting placidly at the kitchen table.  “He was here when I got home.”

Sam walked up and cautiously sized up the Winter Soldier – dressed in a stolen hoodie and t-shirt, hair tied up in an awkward ponytail and a sporting a ratty beard, he didn’t look like the same man who’d almost killed everyone 6 months ago.  “So *this* is why you’ve been taking on all those crazy missions and ignoring us?  Because this guy only shows up when you’re in danger?"  The Winter Soldier looked at Sam, and he felt a chill.  Same blank eyes, though.  They both turned to Steve.

"Yes.  It started with Philadelphia, the time with the robots."  Steve seemed surprisingly calm for someone whose long-lost and brainwashed best friend just showed up in his kitchen.  "He’s been getting me out of dangerous missions ever since.  I haven’t been able to track him down, until tonight."  Steve paused, then said drily, "He’s here to report that he hasn’t been able to find Bucky.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Need someone's advice on my situation. I'm 17 and on long island, and I've been waiting to get my septum pierced for months now. I live with my aunt and she finally said I could get it. But I'm not legally under her roof or anything; so we don't have legal paperwork for her being my guardian. (although she does have my birth certificate- with my parent's names on it). I figured I'd call where I want to go and ask them, but I know its not legal. Is there any way around it?

If it’s illegal for you to get pierced without permission/consent of a parent or legal guardian, there probably isn’t a way around it…at least not one that doesn’t involve you putting your health and safety at risk as well as you putting someone else’s job/livelihood/career/business in jeopardy (more on that later).

The desire to get a piercing can be very, very strong. That is certainly something we understand. it can be a challenge to have the patience, and in-turn the maturity, needed to “war it out”. But, if you are 17, at the very most, you have 1 year to wait to get your piercing done; probably even less.  While a year probably seems like forever, it’s really not that long and that time will go by quickly. 

If you still want the piercing when you turn 18, then you will be even that much more certain about it and getting it done will be even more rewarding. If you don’t want the piercing at that point, chances are good it wasn’t really the piercing for you to begin with and you will have not spent the time, energy and money on something that you weren’t that into anyway. 

If you get the piercing done before you are 18, it sounds like you are going to have to do it illegally. Besides breaking the law (that will matter more to some people than others), you will really only have one of two choices for getting it done:

1) You will have to find a piercer/studio that will be willing to ignore the law/regulations and do it for you anyway. That might sound like a great solution, but we can assure you it’s not. There isn’t a singe responsible, ethical, professional piercer that is going to be willing to break the law to do your piercing. That means you are left with the irresponsible, unethical, unprofessional piercers. You might think, “So what? If they will do my piercing, that’s all I care about.”

Think about this: if a piercer is willing to ignore/overlook the law about piercing minors, what other things are they willing to overlook? Proper training? Proper sterilization of equipment? Proper cross-contamination awareness? Reusing needles? Proper and safe jewelry? 

Anyone willing to knowingly illegally pierce a minor is only interested in making money. Ignoring, or cutting corners, on all the things we mentioned above is another great way for them to lower their cost, and thereby make more money…which is clearly their main concern. 

While you might end up with the piercing you want, you might also end up with a poorly-done piercing with garbage jewelry…or you could end up with an infectious disease that could be with you for the rest of your life. Is the risk of harming your body for the rest of your life really worth it just  to get a piercing a few months early?

2) The other option is to get the piercing done by a responsible, ethical, professional piercer by misrepresenting your age (i.e., fake ID, lying about who your parents are etc). That might not seem like such a big deal either. 

Trust us, it is. Besides the potential legal issues you could create for yourself by misrepresenting your age, you are tricking someone who is trying to be a responsible, law-abiding professional into breaking the law. Even though it might be your fault for misrepresenting your age, it is still very likely they could suffer the consequences for unknowingly breaking the law. 

This might be something as simple as a small fine, but it could be as serious as having their license revoked, having their business fined severely and developing a bad reputation for their business. These are all things that could affect someone who has dedicated themselves to a career that allows them to support themselves, feed their family, pay their mortgage/rent, care for their pets etc. 

if you are willing to consider putting someone else’s livelihood and well-being at risk just so your can get what you want, then you need to sit down and take a hard look at what kind of person you are and what kind of decisions, you are making. 

So, after all that, we probably sound like somebody’s grumpy aunt who wants to keep minors from getting pierced. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We do a wide variety of piercings on 16 and 17 year olds. But, our younger clients are getting pierced by us lawfully and they are meeting all of the requirements set forth by the state as well as meeting our shop policies. Those clients whose parents/legal-guardians won’t consent for them to have a piercing done usually wait, because they want an awesome piercing done safely by skilled professionals. 

We love piercing and we want everyone who wants a piercing to get one. But, we want them to get pierced by an experienced professional who is going to do it safely and provide them with a great experience. 

If you wait until you are 18, you can choose exactly who you want to be pierced by. You don’t have to settle for the piercer that is willing to duck the rules and who is willing to potentially put your health and safety at risk. 

Hopefully you will consider the things we’ve said and simply wait until you turn 18 if that is the only legal option left to you. 

anonymous asked:

prompt: ian and mickey with a daughter

//so yeah this is really long but yeah here you go!//


‘What do you think it is?’

Ian looked away from the sonogram for a moment and considered Mickey’s question. ‘How am I supposed to know? Not as if I’m the one carrying it,’ he said.

Mickey rolled his eyes. ‘Fine, fine. What do you want it to be?’

'Can’t exactly answer that either. Another Carl or another Debbie…neither exactly sounds appealing. I love them, but…you know what I mean.’

'Yeah. I don’t really want a mini Mandy running around either,’ Mickey said, smiling at Ian. They were both quiet for a moment, returning their attention to the sonogram. Six weeks already. 'You know it’s going to be nothing like our siblings, right?’ he asked seriously.

'I know. And we’re going to be nothing like our fathers,’ Ian said, clasping Mickey’s hand meaningfully. He was talking mainly about Terry. Frank was a liar and a drunk, sure, but compared to Terry, he was practically a saint.

'I hope it’s a boy,’ Mickey said suddenly.


'Yeah. If we have a girl, she’ll be bringing boys home to fuck every five minutes. And I’d have to be protective and shit, put them in their places, scare them off. Dad stuff,’ Mickey explained. Ian burst out laughing.

'Are you planning on parenting like you’re in a nineties sitcom?’ he joked. 'She’ll just fuck them somewhere else, Mick. God knows we did it in some weird places,’ he reminded him.

'If it’s a girl, I won’t know the first thing to say,’ Mickey said quietly. Now Ian saw through his facade. He was insecure. 'I don’t know anything about girls, and neither do you because we’re both guys, and we’re both gay so it’s not like we know about women from fucking them like straight dads do,’ he said all in a rush.

'Well you used to -’

'Shut the fuck up, Ian, I’m serious,’ Mickey cut him off.

'Sorry. I was trying to lighten the mood. I shouldn’t have bought that up,’ he told Mickey apologetically.

'It’s fine. But don’t you agree?’

'No. Sure we’re maybe better equipped to deal with a son, but just because we’re not women and we’re not into women doesn’t mean we’re incapable of having a daughter. Ok? Don’t ever feel like you’re not enough. Don’t ever feel like you’re incapable of doing something because of who you are. If anything, everything we’ve been through is just going to make us better parents.’ Ian told him, kissing him firmly. 'There’s no-one else I would rather have a kid with.’

Mickey smiled a little. He still found it hard to do that, even after all this time. Show emotions that weren’t anger. Feel happiness. He had to let himself, it never came naturally.

Mickey slid into Ian’s shoulder and looked back at the sonogram. They were quiet, and he just listened to Ian’s heartbeat and felt Ian’s hands gently running through his dark hair. ‘Ian?’


'Do you know anything about periods and shit?’

Ian chuckled. ‘Well one time we shoved a tampon up Lip’s nose to stop it bleeding,’ he told him, grinning. Mickey looked at him, eyebrows raised. ‘Look, we’ll just figure it out if and when it happens. Yeah?’



'Shit shit shit,’ Mickey muttered, pacing the hospital corridor for the umpteenth time.

'You need to calm down man,’ Lip said from behind, taking him by the shoulders and steering him to the seats by the wall.

'Why won’t they let me in?’

'State laws, hospital protocols, cunt doctors. I’m sure you’re familiar,’ Lip said, causing a pair of passing nurses to flinch nervously.

'I’m the fucking dad too.’ Mickey whispered.

'Yes you are,’ Lip stated in agreement. 'I know that and Ian knows that. And the kid’s going to know it too,’ he told him.

Mickey looked at him, his eyes heavy with tears that Lip knew he was too proud to cry. ‘After everything…after getting shot, getting raped, getting the shit beat out of me…this is the worst. This shit is regulated, I can’t control it, I can’t do anything. I’m missing the birth of my child,’ he trailed off.

'You know I’ve never been worried about you and Ian?’

'What are you talking about? The fuck does that have to do with anything?’

'Never. Because with you two, the stakes have always been higher. You’ve always had to go through more and be more for each other. Maybe you more than him. When he told me you two were fucking, I was surprised, sure. But I wasn’t worried. When he told me he was fucking Kash - well, when I figured it out - I was worried, I was pissed. But with you? I knew from that first moment that you must really give a damn if you were risking it all to be with him. And time went on and you stayed together - for the most part - and I barely even thought about it anymore. If I was put through even half the shit you’ve been through, Mickey, I’d have given up. But you never did, did you? You destroyed yourself, you kissed him with a broken face, you searched for him, you literally carried him. When he got diagnosed, you were there with him and you’ve never left his side since. What I’m trying to say here is that I wasn’t worried when he was sixteen and I’m not worried now. You will be able to get through this because I don’t think there’s anything this world could throw at you that you couldn’t handle. You’re Mickey fucking Milkovich.’

Mickey hugged Lip on instinct, before he could stop himself. ‘Thanks,’ he said gruffly, masking tears. ‘And I’m sorry I beat you up that one time,’ he added.

Lip laughed. ‘Shit, I’d forgotten about that,’ he remarked, breaking off the hug and clapping Mickey on the shoulder. ‘Ian?’ he called out, seeing his brother at the other end of the hall. Mickey was on his feet in a second.

'What’s happening? Is everything ok? Has it popped out yet? Boy? Girl? Ian why aren’t you saying anything? Shit did we lose it? Shit we did, didn’t we? Ian talk to me!’ Mickey spluttered frantically.

Ian was smiling, smiling so wide and with so much love. ‘No. No Mick, we didn’t lose her,’ he told him gently.

'Her?’ Mickey gasped.

Ian nodded. ‘You’re going to have to learn about periods,’ he said, right before kissing Mickey with possibly more passion than ever before.

'What’s she like?’

'She’s amazing. Come and meet her,’ he grabbed Mickey’s hand and led him inside, casting a glance back at Lip and silently thanking him for being there, for waiting with Mickey. Lip grinned back.


'I love you but shut up,’ Mickey said to the howling baby in his arms.

'Mick, don’t tell our daughter to shut up,’ Ian said in mock disapproval, smiling at them. They were side by side in bed, Mickey holding Rose.

'Our daughter,’ Mickey echoed.

They’d lost count of how many nights had been like this. Just laying there at 2am in the dark, half wishing they were sleeping and half wishing to never leave that moment. It didn’t matter that Rose was crying, that Ian had baby vomit on his arm or that Mickey had a headache. They’d honestly never felt closer. And the love they had for that tiny six month old bundle that Mickey clutched in his arms was a love neither had been prepared to feel and neither could understand yet.

Ian turned on his side and placed his hand on Mickey’s arm. ‘I love you so much,’ he told him. Mickey looked at him, the corners of his mouth twitching.

'I love you Ian,’ he returned after a pause. It still took him a moment sometimes. Ian knew why and he didn’t mind.


'Rose, why have we been called in today?’ Ian asked his daughter.

'I don’t know Daddy,’ she said truthfully.

'What have you done? You hit someone? You mouth off?’ Mickey fired the questions at her.

'I don’t think so,’ their six year old replied.

'How can you not know? Has your fist been in someone’s face or not?’ Mickey demanded.

Ian took his hand to calm him down. ‘Rose, whatever it is, we won’t be mad. You can tell us anything. We’ll work through it, as a family,’ he told her. Mickey made an odd sound from next to him. ‘You ok?’ he murmured. Mickey nodded, not looking at him.

She thought for a moment. ‘I really can’t think what I’ve done, I promise,’ she told Ian, her eyes wide with worry.

'Ah, you must be Rose’s parents?’ came a cheerful voice from behind them.

'Yes. I’m Ian,’ he said, extending his hand, smiling brightly. He knew they had to get off on the right foot before facing whatever it was that Rose had done.

'Mickey,’ he said, also shaking the woman’s hand.

'Pleasure. I’m Miss Cooper, Rose’s teacher,’ she introduced herself, 'thank you for taking the time to come here today,’ she said, sitting behind her desk.

'Of course, it’s no trouble,’ Mickey said carefully, trying not to curse.

'Well let’s get right to it, shall we? Rose is doing so well. I’m thrilled with the progress she’s been making,’ she told them. Ian and Mickey were stunned.

'She’s not in trouble?’ Ian asked uncertainly.

'Of course not! Gosh is that what you thought this was? No, not at all!’ the teacher reassured them.

Rose was grinning up at her fathers, triumphant.

'Here is a story she wrote, it’s just wonderful…and they’ve been building robots in art class, hers is that purple one on the table behind you. And these are her workbooks - almost perfect scores in math quizzes and spelling tests. And Rose, tell your dads what you did in history yesterday!’

'I recited all the Presidents, in order,’ she said proudly.

'You make them learn that?’ Ian asked incredulously.

'No, not when they’re six! She just knew. Must have learned it of her own free will,’ Miss Cooper explained, smiling at Rose.

Ian read what his daughter had written, carefully and neatly in soft pencil, telling the story six children living in a house with no parents. On the last page she’d drawn them. A tall girl in shorts with messy dark hair, two boys of equal height, one in jeans, the other with a solid crayoned block of orange hair, a girl with a ponytail and red lipstick, a boy with no hair holding a baseball bat, and on the floor at the end was a toddler wearing a nappy. His fingers traced the red haired figure. He looked at her, a lump in his throat. ‘This is great,’ he told her softly. Rose smiled and silently pointed to the corner of the page. She’d drawn a little house with one window. A girl with a nose ring and pink streaked hair was what first caught his eye. Next to her was a shorter figure, a boy with a shock of black hair in a tank top. They were staring longingly at the big family above them. Ian felt his eyes tearing up and then he just hugged his little girl as hard as he could. ‘I love you,’ he told her.

'Ok,’ she said. The adults all laughed.


'Did you hear that?’ Mickey said, putting down his coffee mug.

'Hear what?’ Ian asked. Another scream.

'That,’ Mickey told him.

'Shit,’ said Ian, running upstairs, Mickey behind. 'Rose? What happened?’

The bathroom door unlocked and Rose came out, still in her pyjamas. She looked pretty shaken. ‘Um. Nothing,’ she said, averting her eyes.

'You were screaming. I thought you were six weeks old again, never mind sixteen,’ Ian said her. He still couldn’t believe how long it had been.

'I said it’s nothing. Please let me go to my room. Please,’ she said quietly.

'Fine. Go. You can tell us whenever you’re ready?’ Mickey called after her. She shook her head and shuffled off. He turned to Ian. 'You think she’s pregnant?’ he whispered. Ian hadn’t even thought of that. But Mickey had grown up with Mandy. He shrugged, glancing after his daughter. Then he saw. He nudged Mickey. There was blood streaked on her pyjamas. As soon as she was in her room, Mickey groaned, looking terrified. This had been his worst fear sixteen years ago and it still lingered.

'Ian I can’t. What the fuck do we do? I don’t - what are you doing?’ Ian was going into their bedroom and opening the closet.

'Fiona gave me these back when Rose was thirteen or so. I put them away and forgot about them…I figured she had to have started by now, you know? Just figured it out on her own and not told us. We should’ve done something. How could we have been so fucking careless?’

'We kept putting it off. And I think we were in denial that she was growing up. But yeah. We should've…I don’t know, something.’

'I’m doing something now,’ Ian said, heading towards Rose’s bedroom. He knocked. 'Can I come in? You decent?’ he asked gently. Mickey was trying to pull him away furiously. 'We can’t avoid this anymore Mick,’ Ian told him as they entered. She was sitting on her bed, laptop open. Ian gently closed the lid and sat beside her. But before he could say anything, Mickey began.

'Rose. What’s happening is totally normal. It happens every month. You can use these, they’re called tampons, or there’s towels. If these aren’t right, here’s twenty dollars, you can buy whichever kind you need. I’m sorry we didn’t talk about this sooner. We love you,’ he said, speaking very quickly to a stunned Rose, and then got up to leave.

'Oh my god! Oh my god, no!’ Rose shrieked from the bed. 'That’s not why - you guys thought - oh my god!’ she said, laughing uncontrollably.

'Your - pyjamas,’ Mickey said, confused and awkward. She blushed.

'Shit, sorry,’ she muttered. Her turn to be embarrassed. 'I was screaming because…I can’t say,’ she told them.

'Rose, are you pregnant?’ Ian asked her, automatically returning to their earlier assumption. She laughed.

'Seriously?’ she asked, gesturing to the boxes of tampons. Ian sighed at his stupidity. 'Besides, I’m seeing a girl right now,’ she said casually.

Her fathers stared at each other.

'Why didn’t you tell us before?’ Ian asked.

'I wasn’t sure. I’m still not,’ she explained. She shrugged. 'It was a…surprise, when it all happened. I like her a lot. I don’t know if it’s just her or if it’s girls. I like guys a lot too. I’m trying not to get too caught up in it,’ she told them.

Mickey stared at his daughter. This girl who reminded him of himself in so many ways. But she had accepted herself and she was more certain of her heart at sixteen than he had been back then, and later. And she had better parents than him. He’d prove it, he knew, as he went to hold her.

'I’m so proud of you,’ he said.

Rose hugged her father back. She knew his life had not been easy, but she didn’t know the full story. There were questions she’d asked over the years that had been met with awkward attempts to shy away from the truth until eventually she’d just stopped asking. She knew they were both covered in scars. She knew she only had one set of grandparents. The picture she had in her head of her parents’ lives was in bits and pieces. Maybe one day they’d tell her everything, maybe they wouldn’t. Ultimately she didn’t care. She knew they loved her, she knew they did. Nothing was ever faked in their house and nothing was ever hidden. Well. She was going to hide their surprise anniversary party that Lip had just told her about on the phone. But nothing else.

'Is something burning?’ she asked after a moment.

'The pancakes!’ Mickey exclaimed, bounding out of the bedroom and thundering down the stairs to save their breakfast.

Ian laughed. ‘Breakfast foods,’ he said simply. ‘Are you ok?’ he asked her seriously.

'Yeah. I’m good,’ she told her father, smiling.

He ruffled her hair. ‘It really is ok, you know? To be confused, I mean. You have the right parents for it,’ he said, smiling. She nodded. Ian kissed the top of her head and turned to leave.

'I really love you guys a lot, ok?’ she called out. Ian smiled. She didn’t say it often. She was like Mickey that way.

He nodded. ‘I know. Love you too,’ he said, closing the door.

'Thanks for the twenty bucks!’ she yelled as he walked downstairs. Ian grinned to himself as he entered the kitchen to see Mickey scraping black discs from the hot plate.

'Gonna have to start a new batch,’ he said.

Ian went up behind him and snaked his hands around his waist, kissing his neck. ‘I know it wasn’t needed, but what you said up there was amazing.’

Mickey leaned into his touch. ‘It felt really…parent-y, you know? I never - I never thought I’d get to have that,’ he murmured.

'I can’t believe the boy who wouldn’t let me kiss him twenty years ago is still with me now,’ Ian said. 'Hell, has a kid with me.’

'Not so much of a kid anymore though, is she,’ Mickey said. 'And I still can’t believe I ever stopped myself from doing this,’ he turned around and kissed Ian. They were familiar with each others lips now, but their hearts still jolted like they did when they shared their first kiss in that driver’s seat.

'I love you, Gallagher’ Mickey told him. Ian smiled. No hesitation now.


//The end.//

  • Warning: Possible spoilers for the end credits scene of Ant-Man. Just some dialogue that popped into my head and refused to go away until I wrote it down. I know nothing about the end credits scene beyond what that website posted, so this is just me brainstorming.
  • -------------------
  • INTERIOR - Dark and dilapidated warehouse. STEVE AND SAM have just walked inside and are looking around to get their bearings.
  • SAM: (whispers) Look, I don't know how many horror movies you've seen since coming out of the ice, but this place has GET OUT NOW written all over it.
  • STEVE: We had horror movies in the 40's.
  • SAM: Not exactly the point I was trying to make.
  • There's a sound and Steve puts his hand up, halting Sam. He nods toward the back corner. Sam has his gun out and Steve tightens his grip on his shield. The shadows shift and a figure begins to take shape - someone is tied to a chair, seemingly unconscious. Steve moves closer, hopeful but cautious. The figure groans and his head tilts back, revealing ...
  • STEVE: Bucky.
  • Steve rushes forward and kneels next to the chair and his friend. Sam make a feeble attempt to grab his shoulder and hold him back. Bucky rouses as Steve starts trying to undo his restraints. He's groggy and injured. He squints at Steve, his gaze unfocused, foggy.
  • BUCKY: Steve?
  • STEVE: Yeah, Buck. It's me. We're gonna get you out of here.
  • BUCKY: (starting to struggle) Shit, Steve, it's a trap.
  • SAM: Oh, we know. Try telling him that.
  • BUCKY: They're watching. They knew you'd come.
  • STEVE: We can take them.
  • BUCKY: No, you can't.
  • SAM: Thanks for the vote of confidence.
  • BUCKY: (glaring at Sam) They caught me.
  • Steve's struggling with the restraints, they're heavy duty, designed for super soldiers and he hasn't had any luck getting them undone. The chair is bolted to the floor and Steve lifts up his shield to crash down on the bolts just as the warehouse doors crash open and a swarm of HYDRA goons fills the space. A man steps forward. He's wearing a mask painted to look like a skull and he's covered in armor and modified weaponry.
  • CROSSBONES: Shoulda listened to your pal, Cap. Now it's too late. I've been waiting for this for a long time.
  • Sam grabs Steve's arm and pulls him to the side as Crossbones unleashes a barrage of gunfire from guns mounted on his armored arms. They hide behind some boxes in the dark corner.
  • SAM: (whispering) I say we call in backup. Stark?
  • Steve glances at Bucky at the mention of Stark's name. He's still, eyes on the man stalking toward him.
  • STEVE: (shaking his head) No, not Tony. I ... can't explain right now. Just not him.
  • Sam pulls out his phone, quickly scrolling through numbers.
  • SAM: (typing out a text with their location) Okay, I know a guy. He's close by and he can infiltrate the area without them knowing, which is helpful since it looks like our asses are about to be captured.
  • STEVE: Fine. Contact him.
  • SAM: (hitting send and holding up his phone to show Steve the message) Already on it.
  • Crossbones has made his way to Bucky. He points a gun at his head, digging it into his temple. Bucky glares up at him, defiant.
  • CROSSBONES: Come out come out wherever you are ...
  • Steve closes his eyes and clenches his shield to his chest.
  • CROSSBONES: Count of three and what's left of your friend's brains will be splattered all over the floor here. One ...
  • He pushes the gun harder.
  • CROSSBONES: Two ...
  • STEVE: (stepping out from the corner, hands raised) Fine. Enough.
  • CROSSBONES: You think I'm stupid? Birdbrain, too. I got a special score to settle with him.
  • SAM: (Appears, arms also raised) Who the hell are you?
  • CROSSBONES: (Gun still pointed at Bucky) You don't recognize me? I'm hurt.
  • STEVE: Rumlow.
  • CROSSBONES: One point for the boyscout.
  • SAM: The mask is a good look. Imagine it comes in handy with the ladies after I dropped a building on your face.
  • CROSSBONES: All progress comes with pain. Isn't that true, Cap?
  • He walks behind the chair and rests his hand on Bucky's shoulder.
  • CROSSBONES: Shit, your pal here can fill you in on how HYDRA can help you be all you can be. His brain's a bit scrambled now, but we'll have him fixed right up in no time.
  • He bends down, next to Bucky's ear and loudly whispers for the other men to hear.
  • CROSSBONES: What you say, asset? Ready to complete your mission? Eliminate good ol' Captain America once and for all?
  • SAM: (to Steve) Told you he never shuts up.
  • STEVE: You and your men can surrender now. This doesn't have to get ugly.
  • Rumlow throws his head back and laughs, when a sudden shout from one of his men draws his attention. The guy flies back, slamming into the wall. He's down, unconscious, no sign of what knocked him out. Three more guys suffer the same fate before anyone even thinks to fire a gun.
  • Steve, taking advantage of the distraction, slams his shield into Rumlow's head, denting his mask and knocking him out. He crouches next to him and starts looking for something. He finds what he hopes are keys to the cuffs and tosses them to Sam. Sam rushes over to Bucky but hesitates when the man looks up at him.
  • SAM: I let you go, you aren't gonna try and kill me are you?
  • BUCKY: Not plannin' on it.
  • SAM: (unlocking the cuffs) That's not exactly reassuring. You okay to fight?
  • BUCKY: (Pulling himself out of the chair, ignoring his injuries) More or less.
  • SAM: (Handing him a gun and muttering under his breath)Goddamn supersoldiers.
  • He puts the cuffs on Rumlow and then pulls two of his remaining guns from their holsters. Now Sam, Steve, Bucky and their invisible friend are all fighting - making quick work of what's left of the HYDRA foot soldiers.
  • The fight is over and our heroes are left standing. Bucky's holding onto his ribs, breathing heavily. Steve takes a step toward him but Bucky takes a step back.
  • BUCKY: I'm fine.
  • SAM: Sit down before you pass out, Mr. I'm Fine.
  • Steve watches as Bucky goes back to the chair, practically collapsing onto it. He wants to go to him and bombard him with questions, but there's work to be done first.
  • STEVE: (To Sam) Call Hill. Tell her we need a containment crew and transport for 30, one high level.
  • Steve glances around the warehouse.
  • STEVE: And one other thing ... care to introduce me to your friend?
  • SAM: (laughing) Oh, you mean Scott. Been meaning to tell you I was looking to recruit him. Thought he'd make a pretty good Avenger.
  • STEVE: We'll see. Is he invisible, or ...
  • Suddenly a man appears in a silver colored metal suit and helmet. Steve almost stumbles back.
  • BUCKY: What the ...
  • SAM: Guys, this is Ant-Man.
  • Bucky snorts a laugh and Sam looks over his shoulder at him and glares.
  • STEVE: What man?
  • SCOTT: (pulling off his helmet) Ant-Man. Look, I know it's a, um, interesting name and everything. I sort of didn't get to have a say in the matter. You know that whole 'Greatness thrust upon them' thing? Apparently that also counts with superhero names.
  • SCOTT: (holding out his hand) Anyway, Scott Lang.
  • STEVE: (shaking his hand) Steve Rogers. Thanks for the help.
  • SCOTT: Anytime, Captain.
  • NEW SCENE - SAME WAREHOUSE - A convoy of Avengers Initiative vehicles pulls up outside the warehouse, visible through the windows and doors. MARIA HILL enters with the people she brought with her to clean up the mess. Bucky and Steve are hidden in the back corner.
  • STEVE: Two years, Buck. Two years.
  • BUCKY: Guess I'm stubborn. Wonder who I could've learned that from?
  • STEVE: Fair enough, but I don't want to chase after you anymore.
  • BUCKY: And I don't want to be chased anymore. I think I'm done running. But I'm not ready for that. (nodding toward the agents)
  • STEVE: I got a place. Off the books. Only Sam knows about it.
  • BUCKY: I know. Brooklyn.
  • STEVE: 'Course you do. It's near the old neighborhood.
  • BUCKY: You think that's a good idea?
  • STEVE: I've had the guest room ready to go since I got it. We can sneak out the back of this place.
  • BUCKY: I'm still fucked up. Rumlow wasn't kidding about my brains being a mess.
  • STEVE: And you want to keep handling that on your own?
  • BUCKY: You're not gonna give up, are you?
  • STEVE: To the end of the line.
  • BUCKY: Seriously? You're a sap, Rogers.
  • STEVE: You're the one who said it in the first place.
  • BUCKY: If you say so ...
where the heart is;

(agents of shield // skye/ward // gen // ff.net // ao3)

// in which Skye has a child who grows up trying to deal with her parents’ seriously messed up relationship.

(part ii of home is)

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mwspear96-deactivated20160209  asked:

Hey brother. I've been a Christian for about five years now, and I always hear people say that we have to surrender everything to God, (heck, I've even preached it myself.) Although, I'm not sure how to actually do that. I've been living for myself for so long that it seems like an impossible task. How do you actually surrender everything to God? Do I just need to pray more? I know there's no formula for it, but I would deeply appreciate any input. Thanks, it means a lot.

Hey dear friend, thank you for sharing your concerns: it really is a scary thing to think about “surrendering to God.” It’s a very Christianese thing to say, and I think it carries a lot of unnecessary baggage that we might need to dismantle before finding true surrender.

The thing is, it seems that some of the church-culture has taken on an “Epic Hollywood” type thrill-seeking, and it assumes “radical” is the same as selling all your stuff and moving to a third world village and living off indigenous worms. The word “surrender” is sometimes abused to mean “your life only means something if you give up everything and become a pastor and evangelize in a hostile forbidden city.” While it’s true that God might uppercut you into a completely crazy situation for His work, Jesus also said to count the cost. It means to know what you’re getting into. It means that we surrender our abilities and gifting and resources to the appropriate place for a sustainable daily sacrifice.

Having a romanticized view of surrender inadvertently creates a lot of disillusioned twenty-somethings who feel they’re never doing enough for God. But you can surrender right where you are. You can surrender your time to the church nursery, or an elderly neighbor, or a shelter nearby, or answering questions through a blog. We can’t save everyone as much as we’d like to, and I know the world has so many hurts and deficits, but God created you in a particular way to heal your corner of the universe. That can look like moving to Uganda to serve at an orphanage for the rest of your life, or bringing your medical degree to one of many Mercy Ships, or mowing your neighbor’s lawn and washing their car. It doesn’t have to look like Hollywood. It can be eye to eye, in the ten foot space around you.

A last thing. Everyone is already surrendering to something. Your mind, your voice, your time, your affections: they’re all going somewhere, not perfectly, but passionately. When you sit still without a phone or laptop, your mind is wandering, and the things you’re preoccupied with are usually the most important things in your life. Part of surrender means deliberately reminding yourself of what matters, of the bigger kingdom than the world, that your life is meant for more than collecting and being entertained, and that Jesus means to speak life through you the same way that he spoke into you.

This is tough to do, because we are each fallible frail squishy human beings who are easily distracted by the latest, loudest emotions. But surrendering yourself is that daily choice to listen to the pulse of the Creator, to get in tune with His goodness, to remember there’s something at stake here in the world: the souls of your brothers and sisters and your larger community. Surrender means I must set myself aside a lot of the time, because I’m so busy looking at myself, that I forget to see what God has done for me through Jesus – and it’s by beholding His beauty that I can begin to move in His grace to give grace. Surrender means giving up what you never needed anyway – your pride, bitterness, lust, apathy, and envy – and replacing these with the joy and truth and discipline of Christ. It will initially feel like sacrifice, but it’s the best deal there is. Every other master says “Serve me or die,” but Jesus is the only master who says “I will die to serve you.” And so we serve him, by His grace, the best we know how.

– J.S.