i'm still shaking

Tonight was the best nights of my life. I still can’t process it, it feels like a dream.

Jennifer Morrison is really and truly the most genuine, down to earth and beautiful person I have ever met. I’m honestly still trying to process everything still, so I won’t write up all the details now, but my immediate reactions and some comments on what went down are on my twitter.

Jen was so so touched when I gave her the book. She loved it so much and was amazed at the effort put in. She looked through every page at the dinner & promised to read through all of it properly on the plane! Then I said that I know we’re not allowed photos but asked if it would be okay if I could take a photo of her with the book to show to all the people that participated. And she’s was like “Oh yes! Definitely! But you come in the picture with me too!"  And so I have a picture with me, her and the book. But that’s not all. Then she was like "Wait! I want one on my phone too!” SO THERE IS A PHOTO OF ME, HER AND THE BOOK ON HER PHONE.

But that’s not all.

Basically  the rule was no photos for the event, but Jen wanted a group photo so she got her friend to take it on her phone. The security guy tried to tell us off but she was like “No, it’s okay, it’s on my phone!” And then she asked us all to write down our twitter handles on a piece of paper for her. 

And then this happened:

Followed by this:

I mean, I can’t even process Jen tweeting me, let alone tweeting a picture of me, let alone it also being on instagram and me actually being in more than oneof her photos.

Then to top it all off (as if the night wasn’t already perfect!) I grabbed a really really quick (and very much frowned upon by security!) selfie with Jen! She was like “quick! quick!” so I look terrible and my phone through the chaos apparently switched to square mode, but SELFIE WITH JENIFER MORRISON, OKAY?

She left right after that in all smiles and waves saying she’ll see us tomorrow for the last day of comic con!

I’m completely overwhelemed, I’ll probably write up some more later but I had the time of my life and Jennifer Morrison is truly the light of my life.


“Shake it off. We’ve all been dead before.

taylorswift you are the most amazing person ever! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TONIGHT!!!!!💖💖💖 MY DREAM BECAME REALITY THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! The whole was just WONDERFUL! It was the 3rd concert of Taylor we(my best friend and me) attended (Speak Now,RED,1989). We danced the entire night, we screamed so loud and let me tell you I’VE NEVER EVER cried so much! I cried through so many songs in unbelievable! So my best friend but-youre-quicksand made Taylor an award for “the most amazing and beautiful person ever”. We wanted to give it Andrea, so Taylor would have it. We walked up to Andrea and asked if she could give it to Taylor. She said how much she liked the award and whether we wanted HER(Andrea) to give it to Taylor. We were like yes you. Again she asked ‘you want ME to give it to her?’. We were a little confused but still answered yes. Then she suddenly asked if WE wanted to give it to Taylor. And I swear in that moment I cried SOOOO hard and I really broke down crying of happiness. I’ve NEVER cried so much. We thanked her like 2728373737 times and hugged her! So we got the loft 89 paper and bracelets. We then continued dancing, screaming and crying for the rest of the show like we did before! THIS SHOW IS SO AMAZING BY THE WAY AHHHHH!!!! We even talked to some of her dancers and took pictures with them! So when we got into the room, we were SO nervous and almost cried again. After a while Taylor entered the room with Andrea. And let me tell you Taylor is like the most beautiful person I have EVER met. She is just flawless. First, we talked to Andrea (again, ahhh!!!) and hugged her (again!!!!). Then we talked about Taylor and our friendship because me and my best friend have been best friends for 13 years and Andrea was like 'omg that’s such a long time and it’s a sign’. OH SHE WAS RIGHT! After some minutes Taylor walked up to us and greeted us by saying “hey guys!” and I just don’t know HOW I was able to not start crying right away when she looked at us! She told us that she liked our outfits and hugged us(ahhhhhhh, she smells so nice!!!). My best friend gave her the award and she said that she loved it and wanted to take a picture with it!!!!! We took a picture and she signed our lithographs!! Then we talked about our personal lives and she gave us advice. I’m convinced that Taylor Swift is the MOST AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL person ever! And I got to thank her and hug her and it was just so beautiful to meet her and her mom(Andrea is also so beautiful and such a nice person to talk to!). THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS UNFORGETBLE NIGHT taylorswift, I will never forget you as long as I live. I love you, Nicole💖

Guys, I don’t ever do these so if I could please have your attention for a minute, I would be eternally grateful. Yesterday afternoon, a friend of mine died in a tragic accident in Big Sur. She was only 20 years old, and had so much to offer to the world. Her friends and family are trying to raise money for her funeral services, so if any one of you could donate even just $1, it would mean the world, and if you can’t, then please make du’a for her and her family. The link to donate is here: http://www.gofundme.com/ff2yjbyk

Words cannot express how much I appreciate it. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.