i'm still shaking

I just met Dan and Phil and it was the best moment of my life their hugs are so nice and Dan said my flower crowns were pretty and when i forgot to turn my front camera on he did a little “boop” when he turned it on and ohmygod i’m not okay and can’t wait for the show tonight!!!
// i’ll post more later atm i’m too shook to type anything


“This family has philosophy. Look at our Belle and our little Samson. They start looking at their mates at school, thinking all they need is some fancy trainers or the latest toy and they’ll be happy. Of course, we know it won’t last. ‘Cause next week there will be something else. And the bottom line is; it counts for nowt. Then they learn what’s really important. Somebody who feeds them, someone who will stick up for them, listen to their worries, praise them when they do well and give them a rollicking when they’re out of line. They learn what love is.”

per aspera ad astra // a playlist for commander shepard - first human spectre, savior of the galaxy, legend. (listen)