i'm still really upset

the mother deserved better

i wish i could explain what it feels like to have to unravel a lifetime of learned thoughts and actions and question yourself so thoroughly and deal with the uncertainty that comes with examining compulsory heterosexuality and how it has affected your life. how it makes you doubt yourself. how it makes you dismiss parts of yourself, or not even notice them at all. and how much work and effort and reflection and confidence it takes to overcome it. it’s a fight. i’m proud of everyone who’s dealt with it in the past or is currently working through it and exploring who they are, and of those who will go through it in the future. it’s not always an easy thing to do but it’s so, so worth it in the end.


make me choose » Merlin/Arthur or Merlin/Gwen requested by disneycastleismymindpalace

Me to my husband: So what’s the worst thing the comic book writers could do to Captain America?

My husband (smirking, unaware): Turn him into a Nazi.

Me: *stoically staring at him*

Him: ….

Me: *continues unflinching stare*

Him: No… no… it can’t actually be.  There’s no way they’d really…

Me: *impersonating the uncaring abyss that stares back at you*

Him: WHY??????


I know you think this is stupid and it probably is…But, I don’t care. All I wanted to do today was lay down and cry, but we don’t get to do that. So beat up on walkers if that makes you feel better. I  n e e d  to do this.

I’m not necessarily religious or anything but I just have this head canon of Beth being in heaven, 
and Hershel, her mom, and her brother just great her hugging her telling her it’s alright. 
Then Lori’s there and talks about how she made it so far and thanks her for taking care of Judith, Carl, Rick.
Then there’s Merle who talks about how she gave his baby brother hope and how much Daryl loved her.

And then just like she said to Carl about there mom’s they watch over everyone. 


G/tprom2016 couldn’t have come at a worse time!! I’m so late and I’m so sad that I missed the chance to talk to you guys (。•́︿•̀。) Anyway heres a quickly and poorly drawn Edith and Colin (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ