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Okay I’ve attempted to make a follow forever for quite some time now and honestly this took forever to make anyway?? But I’ve reached 1200 which I feel is a decent milestone so I wanted to make one of these to celebrate! :D I do want to preface though, because I’ve mentally said it over probably thirty times at least as I was making this that I truly am sorry that I’m the worst person ever at communication and literally I love to talk to anyone, but sometimes I genuinely forget and don’t look in my IMs for months on end and the next time I see it I’m like?? Oh wow they probably hate me for taking so long should I still reply?? Lolol, but yeah I’ll go ahead and do these but I’m gonna do the special shoutouts at the bottom ^.^ But honestly thank you and I love you to everyone who follows me and who I follow and I appreciate all of you and I know I forgot people so chances are even if you’re not on here I’ll still follow you forever??

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ONE DAY (Originally posted on AO3 - here!)


He looked up, and his dark brown glamoured eyes met Alec’s hazel ones.

“You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to”, Alec assured him, flashing him a gentle smile. His eyes were apologetic. “It was just something that popped into my head. We could just forget about it.”


Or, Magnus and Alec talking about their future during a lazy Saturday morning in bed.

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Hello! I'm a little nervous to ask this but I'm new to the Hannibal fandom or Hannibal in general and I've seen bits of amazing interpretations/analysis/meta here and there but I want to catch up with everything and don't really know where to start... Is there any masterpost or could you recommend me other blogs beside yours or just give me a general direction of where to look etc.? (I know this is a weird ask, I hope you understand what I mean and thank you for listening)

Haha, you shouldn’t have said “everything”! XD

My first and foremost recommendation is always #hannibal meta. Below are directions for how to look up posts before any date and time, which I recommend for getting back to the posts that came out while the show was airing. Usually, meta blossomed from right before the show started airing each season to about three months afterward, and then it would subside to lower levels with more speculation (and more drama XD) during hiatus. But you can find most everything still by just searching the tag, and it might be fun to read what people were saying as they were experiencing it. 

How to go to any date in general tumblr tags

just figured this out and i’m super excited~~~

So you know when you’re reading through general tumblr tags and the url looks like this (this is the url going one page back in that tag, from today, 3/30/2013):


Turns out the number at the end means something, and can be changed so you can go to the general tumblr tags for any date you specify.

For instance, if I want to go the one direction tag as of January 1, 2012, I would go to http://www.timestampgenerator.com, enter the date, and this number would be generated:


I replace the number in the above url with this number, to get this url:


And now I can see everything people tagged with “one direction” around the time of January 1, 2012. If you care about the exact timing, remember to specify your time zone (in GMT +/-x) and take note of the time zone that shows up by default on posts in dashboard mode (in xkit, you can set the time zone to your own with the ‘timestamp’ extension, other scripts and extensions may work differently).

What this number means (roughly) is the number of seconds that have passed since midnight January 1, 1970, GMT. It is also called Unix time and is a standard way of calculating timestamps for anything that is unix-based.


So just replace the example address above with “www.tumblr.com/tagged/hannibal%20meta?before=“ plus whatever number the timestamp generator gives you, and you can look at all the Hannibal meta that existed up to that date (I assume without posts or blogs that have been since deleted).

For fun, you could do it with #hannibal or with #hannigram, too. This could be a good throwback Thursday kind of activity.

Some blogs:

@22drunkb (she has her own masterpost, very organized, makes the rest of us look bad)

@genufa (I think she has a masterpost of just a few things, and then from there I suspect her tagging system is even worse than mine)

@existingcharactersdiehorribly (comprehensively tags, but I don’t think indexes…the mysteries of her tagging system have never been revealed to me)

A couple of the oldest meta blogs have deleted, so I can’t help you there, and there have been a few spectacular posts from people just wandering through, so the tag would be your best bet for that. 

Quite a few members of the fandom who are primarily fic writers or gif makers or artists or whatever dabble in meta fairly regularly. I don’t think I could give a comprehensive list without leaving people out, so I won’t try.  XD But you’ll see them in the tags or in the comments of the posts in the tags, so you’ll find them. 

Good luck and welcome!

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I'm starting to doubt that you even ship starco at this point considering the fact that you barely interact with the svtfoe fandom and even when you do it mostly has to do with janstar. Also I remember when you said that you'd be more active with the svtfoe fandom once it came back from hiatus but the doesn't seem to be the case as you seem to be still more preoccupied with Miraculous even though that show is on its own hiatus. I'm really sorry if this sounds mean but that's just what I noticed

Before I made this account, I had a blog called ask-mama-rivaille, it was an ask blog dedicated to Attack on Titan. Everything I posted and drew was from SnK. It was SO FUN lol but after huh I think uhhh 2 years I got bored and kind of annoyed because it was only Attack on Titan. I didn’t feel free to draw whatever I wanted…and that really sucks. THEN I WAS LIKE “DUDE THIS NEEDS TO STOP” so I decided to create spatziline aka the blog where I could be free to post whatever I wanted, didn’t matter what fandom.  


THE JANSTAR THING THOUGH. Let’s talk about Janstar. Since June 17th, 2015 <– date when I drew my first Janstar comic, I’ve been praying for a Janna and Star interaction. I WAS LOSING FAITH, ANON. I drew some fanart to keep me happy… For a long time though the Janstar tag on Tumblr had huh… 7 posts and 6 of them were mine. You know, the Janstar family was and is small, really small. SO THEN, AFTER MORE THAN ONE FREAKING YEAR OF WAITING OR HOPING, THE THING THAT I WANTED TO HAPPEN, HAPPENED. AND THAT’S NOT ALL, THE JANSTAR TAG HAS MORE POSTS! It’s LIKE huh…the feeling when you get an A on an advanced calculus test you didn’t study for. LET ME HAVE THIS MOMENT OF GLORY, I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT STARCO, I PROMISE. I’M JUST TOO HAPPY FOR JANSTAR. 

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Hi, I'm so glad this blog keeps posting (so many of those I follow are on hiatus…) Could I please request Nebuya seeking help from the Rakuzan team on how to treat women because he got an arranged marriage soon? The girl seemed very nice and Nebuya do not want to scare her away. I just love the Rakuzan team <3

We’ll stick around as long as there’s great things to write! ୧ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ୨

“Show off how strong you are!” Grabbing on to one of his forearms, Hayama flexed the muscles he had. A large grin was on his face as he continued with, “Ladies like that kind of thing, you know? She’s going to see how much of a great and reliable guy you’ll be for her!”

She was just sitting there and staring at the table, hands folded neatly in her lap. Whether she was actually paying attention to the conversation or not, Nebuya didn’t know. Not like he could blame her though; he had already stopped listening halfway through his parents’ story about how they’d met her parents years ago.

“Eikichi, you must work out a lot.” Her father’s sudden comment nearly caught him off guard.

With an enthusiastic grin, he nodded. Finally, something he could talk about for hours on end was making it’s way to dinner’s conversation. “I go to the gym every day for a few hours at least.”

Her father hummed in response and, out of the corner of his eye, he could see her look up as well. “How much can you lift?” The older man’s question was full of curiosity for his soon to be son-in-law.

Thinking this as his chance, Nebuya stood from his seat instead of giving a verbal response. The grin was still glued to his face as he explained, “I think it’d be easier for me to show you rather than tell you. I’ve been working out a lot and it’s really paying off.”

She was confused at first when Nebuya pulled out her chair with her still in it; was he asking her to move for a moment? The sudden weightlessness had definitely caught her off guard and the little shriek that left her lips caught everyone off guard as well. She definitely had not expected Nebuya to pick up her chair with her still in it. Despite the fact he was doing it so effortlessly, she still squealed for him to set her down immediately.

“You can’t just lift me up out of nowhere!”

Remind Nebuya to never take advice from Hayama ever again.

“Buy her something nice.” Mibuchi placed a finger on his lips, humming in contemplation as he thought about all the things a woman would love to get as a gift. “Since you two haven’t been around each other much yet, maybe something simple. Flowers would be nice.”

Nebuya felt a little awkward with the large bouquet of flowers in his hands. He definitely looked out of place; a burly man with a handful of posies and lilacs and dandelions and — hell, he had no idea what he had bought at the store or what they were called. He just knew they were expensive as hell and definitely more money than they were worth.

Would she have noticed if he’d just picked a few flowers out of his neighbor’s yard instead?

The sound of her front door clicking open had Nebuya in a bit of a panic as he hid the bouquet behind his back, wanting them to be a surprise. Hopefully he hadn’t crushed them in his quick movement.

“Oh, you came to visit today,” she said upon opening the door, voice laced with surprise. The way her nose crinkled, almost as if she were about to sneeze, had Nebuya staring in wonder of how she could be so cute.

“Y-Yeah.” He mentally cursed at himself; since when did he stutter in front of a woman? In an attempt to salvage his pride, he brought out the flowers in a hurry. As he presented them to her, a few of the petals fluttered to the ground. “I got these for you.”

It was like a chain reaction. The wind had blown, the flowers had rustled, and her eyes had widened all in succession. Nebuya thought it was a good sign until her fit of sneezing started, wracking her body with the sudden movements. With one hand she covered her mouth and with the other she closed the door a bit, keeping the flowers as far away as she could without actually shutting Nebuya out.

“T-That’s really sweet, but I’m actually pretty allergic to pollen.”

Now Nebuya had to ask Mibuchi for hypoallergenic alternatives to flowers.

“In the books and movies, the guy is always saving the damsel in distress.” Mayuzumi flipped through his book, looking for a specific picture he remembered that depicted the exact scene he was describing. “The girl always ends up swooning for the guy who saved her.”

The guy leaning over her was an annoying prick. Nebuya couldn’t even hear the nonsense he was babbling and he was already sure his opinion was one hundred percent fact. It didn’t take the burly man long to stalk over to his future wife, his large figure looming above that of the guy who was chatting her up and obviously making her feel uncomfortable.

“Hey,” Nebuya started, voice gruff and annoyed. “I don’t think she wants to be talking to the likes of you.”

The smirk that had been on the guy’s face dropped the moment he saw Nebuya, but not wanting to seem weak he put up a front, puffing his chest out a big to make himself seem bigger.

“I don’t think anybody asked for your opinion, man.” The guy bumped chests with Nebuya, pushing the taller man by only a fraction of an inch in the opposite direction. “Who are you to her, anyway?”

There was a growl in Nebuya’s voice as he answered with, “Her fiance.” And in a matter of moments he had the guy’s shoulders between his hands, causing him to wince in pain. Nebuya merely shoved him in a different direction and the force of the action was enough to make the guy not want to put up a fight.

Turning back to his fiance, Nebuya noticed a look of apprehension in her eyes. He hadn’t gotten too physical with the guy bothering her, but something in the way she was staring at him made Nebuya feel as if he’d just lost some points in her book. That feeling was only solidified when she glanced away from him, looking for an escape out of this awkward situation. She stepped away before he could speak.

“Thanks for that, but I have to go.”

In retrospect, Mayuzumi had never told Nebuya to actually follow his advice.

Taking his friend’s shoulder, Akashi looked into his eyes. There was a sincerity in his look, almost as if he knew absolutely what he was talking about. In a soft tone, he gave the best advice he could offer in this situation. “Eikichi, just be yourself.”

He was on the verge of giving up; nothing he did would ever snag her attention in the way he wanted. Gradually he noticed his efforts to impress her were starting to become less frequent. Even now, mere moments before she was supposed to come over for dinner, he was idling away in the kitchen without giving her a second thought.

“Shit,” he cussed as the sauce from the tasting spoon spilled onto his shirt. Never mind the fact he should have changed into something nicer hours ago.

He’d been so engrossed in cooking and making everything perfect — not to impress her, but because he’d been looking forward to eating this dinner for a while — that he hadn’t noticed the kitchen door swing open.

“It smells really good in here.” Her voice had been soft, but it still startled Nebuya into dropping his spoon into the pot of boiling food. She squeaked, realizing her mistake. “A-Ah, I’m sorry for scaring you!”

“It’s no problem, really.” Nebuya normally didn’t fluster, but she’d caught him way off guard. It wasn’t every day people walked in on him while he was in the kitchen; he was pretty sure most of his family didn’t even know he could cook a decent meal.

As he walked around the small kitchen, looking for something that could let him salvage the spoon that had been lost, she stepped in and asked if there was any way she could be of help. It made Nebuya’s brain falter for a second; was she actually volunteering to spend some time with him? Looking back at her, the confusion on his face was obvious enough that it caused her to let out a soft laugh.

“I really like cooking too,” she said with a smile — and boy was it a cute one.

Nebuya made a mental note to go to Akashi for advice first from now on.

Middle Ground is Listening to Yourself

I see a lot of posts that say you should NEVER push yourself if you’re feeling even slightly less than 100% okay. I also see a few posts basically complaining about the former that say people are never going to accomplish anything if they don’t get off their asses and pull themselves up by their bootstraps or whatever.

So I’d like to propose a good middle ground. I’m a writer who works full-time, which means any writing I do happens outside of a full workday. I’m more privileged than many, but I hope I can offer up one of the most important lessons I’ve learned. Maybe it can help somebody else out.

Learn to listen to yourself. It will take trial and error, but there are days to push and days to pull back. Sometimes, the pattern won’t make sense. It will not match anyone else’s either, necessarily. Be kind to yourself.

Yesterday, I worked 12 hours, no lunch break, came home, and wrote 4k before going to bed. I was physically exhausted, but pushing myself mentally to write felt good. I had a lasting energy high from the long day and I let it carry me over into a productive evening.

Today, I worked a 7 hour shift with a long lunch. I’ve sort of half-heartedly written like 400 words. My body is still sore from yesterday, but today is also just a bit of a more tired day. I’m listening to a bunch of covers on youtube and mostly chilling out. I can feel that if I push myself right now, I’ll just be miserable and hate everything, so I won’t.

That doesn’t mean you should aim for 4k after a 12 hour workday. It doesn’t mean you should take a break after an easy day. This time last year, I was in a really rough place and taking a 4 month hiatus. Sometimes that’s what your mental/physical/emotional health is telling you. Sometimes, you just need to give yourself a little push. Be your own running buddy: you wouldn’t push your buddy to the point of injury and severe pain, but you also wouldn’t be running buddies if you never went running. Find a middle ground.

TL;DR, please listen to yourself. Learn when to push, learn when to chill out. Neither extreme is both healthy and practical.

It’s been one year since I first experienced One Direction

Today marks one year since I first got dragged to a bloody One Direction concert and I wanted to say a few bits, I don’t know what, really, but I had to.

I was looking through my old whatsapps conversations earlier that I’d had with my friend who took me. I was looking for a specific conversation about Harry (more about that later) but I found SO MUCH that I want to show all of you (below the cut, but I have a bit more to say first)

I’ll probably do another gushy post when I hit my Tumblr anniversary but thank you so much to all of you for making this fandom bearable. I first kept up to date on things on Twitter and when I joined Tumblr, I was a self-proclaimed “Larry fence sitter”. I followed a big load of Larrie blogs (some of which I suppose I still follow) and despite saying I wasn’t going to be a Larry blog and saying I was gonna mix it up a bit, get rid of some of the Larries and pull back from the whole Larry thing for a while, it never really happened. Just as, when I started to become interested in the band, I said I would take a break from bingeing on them and I never did go a day without living and breathing these four boys. 

Anyway, it didn’t take me long at all to fall of that fence. I got far more than I bargained for when I looked into this little conspiracy and thought the larries were a bit loopy at times and completely misread the situation and the larries. There were a lot of comments by me I passed by in my whatsapp scrolling that made me cringe. It wasn’t easy to see how sceptical I used to be.

(what follows is an essay. With subheadings and everything, so you can even skip whole sections if you want)

(This whole post is entirely UNNECESSARY but I had to get it all out for me)

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freckldbellamy  asked:

Hi. Your blog is lovely. I was just wondering if you could rec your favorite bellarke fics?

I’m sO GLAD you asked!

I hope you’re ready for this (** = a favourite…..who am I kidding, they’re all favourites…)

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I’ve watched it an embarrassing number of times now (and I’m watching it again) and yet it still leaves me grinning like a fool each and every time. That’s true for most episodes since B&B got together, but the S7 premiere has a very special place in my heart.

I still remember watching the sneak peeks for the first time. They came out overnight while I was asleep and then I rewatched the kitchen and ILY scenes 3954895 times on my crappy phone while I was getting ready in the morning for school. LOL.

Seeing B&B have breakfast together at Booth’s place was just the most amazing thing because it meant they spent the night together! In the same bed!

And Brennan was being super adorable

and we are all Booth in this moment, basking in how precious she is!!! And then they kiss! And there’s no mistletoe or angst and it isn’t a coma dream or flashback! :O 

No further comment necessary ;)

And it’s the first time we see them say ILY to each other, without that pesky atta-boy/atta-girl qualifier, lol.

Also, sigh, this moment still makes my heart flutter. Booth’s ‘I know’ is everything!!

Although they do have a pretty serious fight in the episode and some harsh words are said. In the end, they do actually talk like adults (what a novel concept on tv, lol) and the resolution scene in Brennan’s office is lovely. And so sets the trend of wonderful make up scenes for B&B that will follow in later seasons ;)

Imo, this episode sets up B&B’s relationship so perfectly. It’s a new start for them TOGETHER. And they only get better and grow even more as a couple after this :)

But who could have imagined that the episode was just a very small taste of all the epic stuff to come? If someone had told me back then that we would get F I V E seasons of B&B as couple, I would have laughed my head off. That kind of insanely good stuff doesn’t happen in tv land….?! Well it does if you’re a B&B fan :)

Gosh, can you believe that we’re heading into S11 and we’re going to see B&B with their SECOND child???!! (whaaaattttttt??????) I can’t wait! :D

( BONUS GIF, just because.)

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So, do you still think that Olicity will reunite in the midseason finale, even after Wendy's interview where she says they might "not necessarily" reconcile this season? I guess Antonio is directing it! Also, big thanks to Fanmommer for putting that stupid bf storyline to rest. At least we know it is a short-lived thing now. It's getting pretty gross to watch. I'm thinking the bf is a symptom of Felicity's PTSD. Anyways, thanks in advance!

Well, first of all, I second the thanks to @fanmommer for writing that post. She did what the PR department and showrunners couldn’t do– give us a little hope.

I’m about to go on a rant. I apologize in advance because this goes completely beyond the question that you asked, but I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for awhile.  

This may have a negative beginning and middle, but it has a somewhat positive end, so be sure to stick around for that. 

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I turn 19 in about 2 months so I am young, wild, and free. Meaning, I can make a few risks in my life and still be okay. I WILL risk EVERYTHING to even be in "breathing the same air" distance of one of the boys. I get mildly jealous when ppl meet the boys, go to concerts, etc but at the same time I'm so happy and it makes me think that hopefully one day that will be me haha

Well don’t be a creep and don’t run in front of a bus :)

Can I tell you a thing to give you some hope?

Young Lorna lovelovelovedddd the Backstreet Boys.  Young Lorna grew up very poor, but had a kind, wealthy uncle, and thought it was the best day of her life when she got to see the Backstreet Boys Into The Millennium Tour from a million miles away in 8th grade.  Fast forward through icky Black and Blue times, through my affair with *NSYNC, through high school, to the beginning of my early adulthood.  BSB had taken a 5 year hiatus at that point, a couple of them had gotten married, one had a child, but they were ready to get back together.  They did a tour called “Up Close and Personal.”  When my bff and I found out about it…I was like NO I CAN’T GET OBSESSED NO NO NO.  It was at Promowest (Now Lifestyles Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio) which is a TINY TINY TINY venue.  I agreed, and it was general admission so we went the night before to camp out.  We slept outside in line (not much sleep lol) and by morning rush hour, people were yelling at us out their windows asking what we were doing.  

We named ourselves the Sunrise Crew, and somebody happened to hear that they were giving away meet and greets on the radio.  We called to try to win, not expecting we would, but we DID.  (We were in battle on our old Samsung flip phones with the people behind us in line haha.)  We won 2 passes.  There were 3 of us. Nobody would budge all day, I had kind of thought, since I’d been a fan for much longer, friend number 3 would give up one of the spots for me.  My bff deserved to have it because she discovered them over in Germany before they’d even had anything released here.  I sucked it up and gave up my spot for my bff.  Later they went in, and happened to mention to the DJ that I surrendered my ticket up to her AND HE LITERALLY SENT THEM BACK OUT TO GET ME TO LET ME IN TOO. *cries*  So we met them, and I had front row for the first time in my life.  It will be 10 years ago in April.  They are still touring and releasing albums, and they just had a movie come out.  Kevin left for a couple years, the 4 toured without him, and then he came back. Now all of them are married, and 4/5 of them have children now.  It’s amazing and so beautiful to see.

That was the first time I met them, and on the drive home, I was laying in the back seat and falling asleep, and I remember laying there and I started crying thinking about how 8th grade baby Lorna would have never expected life to get better, let alone get that GOOD.  They were the biggest boyband in the world. They just SHOWED UP at TRL and so many fans wanted to literally just stand outside the building that they shut down times square.  I didn’t think I’d ever get to meet them.  Fast forward a few more years, I’ve met them several times because they offer AMAZING and affordable (for a working adult) VIP packages now.  I’ve been on a cruise with them.  I stood in the clear water of Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas while Nick rode around next to us on a Sea-Doo.  On the cruise, they had a pajama party night and played sleepover games.  They played Truth or Dare and one of the boys dared Howie to get up on the bar and imitate dry sex with a pillow.  He did it.  Years before that, Nick held my hands and looked me in the eyes and thanked me SO GENUINELY for still being a fan that I was uncomfortable with it when it first happened because I didn’t know how to deal with it.  I looked into AJ’s eyes and fistbumped him and congratulated him on his engagement.  I’ve met some of their wives, and Brian’s son.  I’ve gotten to thank all of the boys for helping me survive some of the worst and hardest years of my life.  None of these have been instances where I’ve stalked them, they’ve all been meeting opportunities, because the boys and fans are SO MUCH MORE MANAGEABLE AND ACCESSIBLE and in-tune with fanservice. (Trust me, there are still plenty of assholes in the fandom, but there are less and they can be dealt with.)

TL:DR - One Direction’s story won’t be exactly the same, but we will likely be able to come across them again sometime in our lives.  It’s amazing to me to see BSB post pictures with their kids on Instagram and share their lives with us like that when they’re not obligated to.  Can you imagine when it’ll be Louis and Harry?  It’s so beautiful.  I can’t wait to see 1D’s future after things slow down.

How Deep Is Your Love: I'm An Olicity Fangirl

One of the benefits of being an older fangirl is the benefit of experience and a touch of wisdom. I’ve had my fair share of pairings over the years some were simple, others more complicated. But it is because of my love of television and experience with shipping couples that I can take in the big picture and look for signs. Another benefit of being an older fangirl, is my steadfast belief in my cause, whatever that may be. Once I love something, my heart never strays. I’m an all or nothing type of girl. I know there are those that do the fickle multi-shipping thing, but I’m too set in my ways for multi-shipping. I may tolerate things on the path to my OTP, but I will never lose focus on my endgame.

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I love seeing people coming down from their highs and starting to realize that this is not the worst thing that could happen. And also that Oliver is still Oliver. He makes stupid decisions, but that’s the point of his journey.

He will never get rid of his burden from the island and his previous days. He can’t; and as much as he tried, he can’t. Not fully. Remember this is still the guy who suffers from mental illness. He’s not always going to make right decisions. The past 6 months with Felicity changed him for better yes, but he will never be able to completely shake it off.

And also.. yes, he is lying to her, I get it. But that’s not the worst thing that can happen to a relationship. He didn’t either leave her or even contemplated leaving her. He didn’t cheat on her, or betray her, or chose someone over her. No, he still came home to her. He begged Samantha to tell Felicity, he begged her not to keep this away from her. He knows that this can’t go on forever and that he will have to tell her at some point. And yet, despite that, he’s still snuggling up with Felicity, ignoring the blissful fact that this is gonna crash and burn at his feet. 

He’s desperate, guys. His whole life just changed and he’s scared of what will happen. He knows he can’t loose Felicity. Barry’s words put doubt in him, I’m sure. He told him that they broke up when she found out. Do you really think Oliver ignored that warning? No. He can’t contemplate life without Felicity by his side so he chose to do what he know the best: keep secrets and pray that he won’t loose her. It’s not going to be that easy but he’ll realize that soon enough. If you need any more proofs, just think about the fact the he wants to propose to her next episode. He knows that this will bite him in the head so he’s rushing to propose to her, to have her with him forever, to make sure he won’t loose her. Kid or no kid, Oliver never has and never will doubt his life with Felicity. That I am sure of. 

If you think that this decision was easy for him, you’re lying to yourself. I bet you that he’s going to be thorn about this for as long as she doesn’t know. And when he loose her, he will do everything and anything to win her back, to earn her trust again. Cause that’s who Oliver Queen is. He makes bad choices, he has ups and downs, but he makes sure that he owns up to them. He makes sure to fix things and he will. This is his journey guys. This is his setback. Now that I think about this, I don’t even think this is a character regression. Okay maybe a little but Oliver, regardless of how happy and trustful and at peace he is, he won’t be able to reach that mindset in which he’s fully able to make wise decisions, to open up and to trust people closest to him, that quick. His catharsis to say, just began at the end of season 3. He’s not gonna be a changed man just because there was a 5 month hiatus. If it were that simple, what would be the point of having another 2 seasons. 

This is the story of Oliver Queen reaching peaceful and happy life. Season 4 so far was only a glimpse of what could he have once he gets rid off his burdens. Did we all think that this was it? That these months of bliss and happiness were finalized version of content Oliver Queen? Probably and now that I think about it, it was a naive thing to do. It’s only episode 8 of season 4. There are many more things he will have to face and go through in order to get his happy ending. Will he ever able to get rid of his burden? I don’t know. I believe, that his instinct to bottle up and take it all by himself will always be carried with him. But I also believe he will learn to control it. 

He will get happy ending with Felicity, we just need to be strong and patient enough to get it. Just buckle up, and please, by all that you hold most dear about this relationship, do not give up on them. 

Now if you want to discuss this or disagree with me, please go ahead but be respectful and don’t jump my throat. I am very fragile tonight and I don’t want to fight with anyone. :)