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I remember reading My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece while I was still in primary school and it /scarred me/ I swear there was a graphic scene involving a blowjob (that took place in front of a child... IN HIS OWN BEDROOM) I'm still not over it.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! That is very scarring!

I’ve got an anon or two who aren’t sure that restricting kids from reading certain books is a good idea. This is what I’m talking about. I agree that we do over-censor books (WTF, a lot of you couldn’t read Harry Potter!) but there are certain themes that kids shouldn’t be exposed to in that way!

At least let them learn about things like the above from a safe and compassionate source first. Think of it this way– you wouldn’t talk about a blow job with a 12-year-old, would you? Then why would you give them a book that does?

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I told my dad last night that I wanted to start writing stories within the horror genre because I'm very good at being very descriptive and graphic when it comes to writing. He sort of just shot me down and told me how he didn't like the huge turn I took when I started drawing creepy gory characters and stuff. when I got all upset he apologized but I still feel like he's disappointed in the work that I do. HALP ME GHOSTIE ;-;

HE’S A FUCKIN RUDE ASS BICH DON’T LISTEN TO HIM hell look at stephen king he’s a horror writer and he is so incredibly successull look at that wowwie zowwie

and even if you don’t make it to world-famous authorville, i can speak for the western vocaloid community, you’re 50 times more likely to get recognition if you’re a horror writer. i’m 95% sure the only reason i’m as popular as i am is because i primarily do the Creepy Edgy stuff. like it’s just a fact that a shit ton of people love horror and if you wanna go down the creative path it’s a great genre to get into if you wanna!!!

I bathe quite frequently, thank you very much.

Captain Swan bathing together (in Emma’s new place, by the water, with a view). A badly-needed good moment requested by tough-lass; thanks for the idea! <3

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The Journal || Phoebe and Al

Phoebe had paint on her cheeks and smeared on her pants. Somehow, it always ended up all over her when she worked on a painting. She was absolutely engrossed in her work. A wonderful commission from Albert Richardson. Before her gallery show, she had of course heard his name, but never knew how nice a guy he was until they met. They had talked for a while before he commissioned her for a painting. A lovely cityscape with a cafe in view. She was about halfway finished with it now. 

Since she had started, Al had visited her frequently, checking on the progress of the painting. During those visits they would talk, getting to know each other. Sometimes they would go out to dinner, sometimes she would cook, other times they would just have a couple of drinks. They quickly became friends from these visits. He was always so sweet to her and such a good friend. 

Though she didn’t see him as anything but a friend, she had still been having strange dreams about him lately. Graphic dreams. Sexual dreams. Sure, he was very good looking, but he was her friend. She tried to just laugh it off and move on, but the dreams were getting worse. To help her focus, and relieve some of the tension of the dreams, she had begun to write them in a journal. A journal she kept hidden.


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I saw the question for software within tablet art and I'm in the same situation. What tablet do you recommend I get as a beginner?

Some good graphics tablets you can check out depending on your price range / budget (webpages + store links included):

Graphire4: (old, but still a good starting point) $30-80 
Bamboo Fun
: (very reliable and comes in various sizes) $199
Cintiq 21UX: (not portable at all, but I use it daily at home) $1,999
Cintiq Companion: (highly portable and powerful)  $1,700 - 3,500

Other brands to check out (that I haven’t owned myself):

Intuos Pro (Reliable and Sturdy) (S) $274 (M) $384 (L) $549

Yiyinova (@Forosha swears by these) - (S) $299 (M) $499 (LG) $899

Surface Pro 3 (@Nackem uses one daily - highly portable) - (S) $949

Cintiq 13HD (@JohnnyUtahNG uses these daily for animation) $799 - 999

Am I the only one who thinks Twelve hasn’t changed that much between S8 and S9? I keep seeing these comments like, “He’s so much cooler now that he’s loosened up a bit,” and I can’t help but think, hasn’t he been cool since the first time we met him? 

Certainly, he has evolved. He has become a bit gentler, and has made an effort to understand humans a bit more (even if, admittedly, he finds every one except Clara to be idiotic). He knows who he is – more at peace with being not a good man or a bad one, but somewhere in between. A hybrid.

But beyond that, I can’t say I see a difference. He’s still honest, still awkward, still shockingly vulnerable and raw and real. Still weary, still the best mate of Clara Oswald. He may now have the guitar and the Ray-Bans, the plaid pants and graphic tees, but he has always been a rockstar to me. He’s exactly what he was meant to be  before he even showed up on our screens: 100% Rebel Time Lord.