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Religious people have no home in your fandom, do they? I constantly feel ostracized by you fans for being Mormon. But I'm still a fan of yours. Where is my safe place within this fandom?

Considering I myself am religious, and have consciously made an effort to never make fun of a religion, I’m not sure what you might be referring to. It is possible to have a faith in a higher power and still be open to everyone and how they identify and/or live their life. As long as you, yourself, are open, accepting, willing to learn of other people’s experiences, and not judge others, I see no reason why others that follow me wouldn’t be just as accepting of you as well.


A project I was working on, and should probably get back to work on sometime (maybe).

She said-



chris made vik promise to take him for a ride asap (i will NEVER be over that pink car, it’s too much))

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I can't believe they never made a National Treasure 3. They completely set up for it by having Ben Gates look at page 47 of the President's Book. Am I never going to find out what page 47 says? It is rumored that it was supposed to be about the Fountain of Youth, but we can never be sure. Why would they set up for a third movie and then just never make it? How could they do this to their dedicated audience? It has been eight years since the second movie came out and this still haunts me.

I feel like one of the reasons why yoonseok have such a strong bond, is because whenever yoongi starts goofing around, like singing or dancing for example, the other members will usually just laugh at him or make old man jokes. But not hoseok, whenever yoongi starts goofing around, hoseok is right there being just as goofy with him. Not even hesitating when he sees him being a dork, just immediately joins him.

21. Staying cool during a heatwave (from this list)

It was well past thirty degrees out before Ladybug and Chat Noir finally stopped for a break in their weekly patrol.

“So, can we get an akuma that, like, turns off the sun or something next?” Chat groaned where he was sprawled out on the shady, lukewarm concrete under the rooftop overhang they’d discovered together. “Just for a day. One day.”

“But then we’d have to fight in the dark,” Ladybug mumbled back, trying not to whine as she leaned (melted) against the wall by his feet. “I hate fighting in the dark.”

Her eyes felt dry when she blinked and her tongue felt cool when she licked her lips and it was really much too hot out to be doing anything that didn’t involve copious amounts of cold water, but she and Chat had a duty to the city, so patrol they would, regardless of the danger of heatstroke.

Chat sighed gustily and flopped a hand in her general direction. “Imagine I just said something really great about holding your hand. It’s too hot to think up lines.”

Ladybug laughed through her groan despite herself. “It’s too hot for holding hands, too.”

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okay real question

human/AI differences aside, if SAM has enough control over Ryder’s body to stop their heart and restart it (read, control involuntary muscle movement in their body)….

do yall think he could just give Ryder a spontaneous orgasm

I know he’s still trying to figure out many aspects of humanity, like humor and our relationship with death, but how familiar is he with human sexuality huh

I’m just curious okay

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If you don't mind me asking, why are the nh!diamonds so small compared to the canon/show diamonds?? (sorry if this comes off as rude, I'm just really curious ^^;;)

It’s fine! This is a common question I see in the tags or reblogs but never really ends up in my inbox for some reason.

New Home was made back in October 2015 when all we saw of the Diamonds was this:

So I based my Yellow Diamond design on that. It is pretty clear that YD is way taller than Jasper but I couldn’t have her be that big.

I still made sure she was taller than Jasper because I wanted her to be cool and intimidating but she couldn’t be too tall because I wanted her to fit in a panel with Steven when the situation arose. You barely see her and Steven sharing a panel because officially he just barely reaches her thigh. Kinda like the show, their sizes change a bit depending on what’s happening in the comic and what I want to show.

Then The Answer aired and we saw Blue Diamond and I was like “wow, that’s big”

Of course, I couldn’t upsize my Yellow Diamond at that point, it would’ve been ridiculous for her to suddenly grow. Neither could I make Blue Diamond and White Diamond too much taller than Yellow because then they wouldn’t match….

I still kept her shorter than the other two for funsies haha.

So yeah, they’re all fun-sized because I needed them to be.

I just–

You can see the moment during his confession/plea when you can tell Benvolio starts to get uncomfortable with admitting how much he actually likes Rosaline, how much of a good person he thinks she is, because he defaults to sarcasm and jokes.

“One thing I’ve learned from being stuck with you”
And Rosaline rolls her eyes and her entire posture on the balcony changes. She starts to pull away, to close up again, because of course he would make some quip, why had she thought for even a minute that he was taking this seriously, why had she let herself believe that maybe he-

“What I’ve learned from spending time with you”
And her eyes flick back towards him and he takes the hint. He takes it and runs with it, really. He starts to expound on her, on what a good person she is; her decency and her honesty and he keeps it barely skimming the surface because going any deeper might scare her off again, but he can’t help but emphasize it - “which in this city is a rare thing indeed” - and you can hear the emotion and conviction in his voice.

He tells her openly and honestly what a good person he thinks she is, and then offers her a chance to come with him and solve this mystery that is driving their families even further apart; to maybe end this feud once and for all and save more people from suffering the fate that her family did, but most importantly, he leaves the final decision up to her. He makes his case and he’s desperate, but he leaves it at asking her one more time, and the last thing he says to her is her name. and i could make a completely separate ranting post about that  He ends with her name and leaves her free to decide for herself and I’m like 90% sure that’s why Ros agrees to come with him, because his being open and honest and vulnerable made her confront her own feelings towards him, and the freedom to make her own decision made her finally say yes.

Sprousehart Coachella 2017- Photoshoots
  • Photographer: your photo was great, Mr. Sprouse. Now could you call Ms. Reinhart? She's the next.
  • Cole: actually... could you call her for me instead? And could you give me the camera?
  • Photographer: what!?
  • Cole: relax. I'm a professional. And I'll be doing it for free.
  • Photographer: ... okay...
  • --------------------
  • Lili: *walks in and sees Cole* haven't you finished yours yet?
  • Cole: oh, you bet I have. *smirks*
  • Lili: then why are you still here?
  • Cole: for yours.
  • Lili: ... Do you think they're gonna let you stay?
  • Cole: I'm sure they will.
  • Lili: and why are you so confident, Mr. Sprouse? *smirks*
  • Cole: Because... *approaches her, taking her hand and kissing it* I'll be your photographer today, Ms. Reinhart.
  • Lili: oh, really? *chuckles, blushing*
  • Cole: yes. Now... smile for me.

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So I just saw your answer that had this "P.S. I am secretly hoping that Disney Channel shits upon my cynicism and at least acknowledges Carlos as gay, even if they don’t put him in a relationship with Jay." I just wonder why you think so strongly he is gay? I'm not saying it's wrong, because I like the idea of him and Jay but still; I just wonder why you are so sure he is? :))

It’s not that I’m “so sure” Carlos is gay, per se.

At the time I made that post, the canonical information about Carlos suggested that he might identify as queer. E.g. feeling pleased by Jay’s laugh in Isle of the Lost, reacting shyly and trustingly to Ben in Descendants, and then…well…basically everything that was Carlos and Jay’s interactions in Descendants. In all the canonical material, Carlos’s language and behavior was queer-coded. More specifically gay-coded, once one takes into account that he didn’t show similar (romantic?) interest in female-identified persons.

Since then, the source material has swerved away from the queer coding to some degree. There’s been some (rather lazy) attempts to show him being paired with Jane, such as in Return to the Isle of the Lost.

I don’t think at this point I could say Carlos is canonically gay. (Like I, humble Tumblr denizen, ever could homg.) But I will still hold out that I think his canonical presentation is queer, whether that means bi or ace or pan or something else altogether, even if that doesn’t get explicitly acknowledged by the source material at any point.

P.S. I am still secretly hoping that Disney Channel shits upon my cynicism and at least acknowledges Carlos as queer.

The Night We Met

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 4,665

Prompt/Summary‘The Night We Met’ by Lord Huron / Negan’s wife recalls when they first met.

Warnings: None.

Written For: Jessie’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge

Note: Set in my little pre-apocalypse AU that I love writing in, where everything is fluffy and nothing hurts, lol. The song that they dance to is the song that inspired this fic, and is linked above. I know the lyrics are kinda depressing and don’t really fit the tone of the fic, but whenever I listen to this song, all I can think of is how pretty it is. And of how much 13 Reasons Why wrecked my heart, but that’s not relevant here.

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shitty pixel gif of Bad uvu

Co-worker: “Why did you choose to work here instead of being a ‘real’ artist, surely you could have been really successful making your own stuff”

Bro I’m still a ‘real’ artist, only now I have access to new tools and materials and get to learn how to use them for free even if it’s to make someone else’s ideas. I don’t have the pressure of managing everything myself and I have a consistent work schedule.

I’m not really losing out here, my dude, my man, mate

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The Stan Frederick guy had another, earlier channel with almost all of his videos unwatchable. I was thinking of taking a look at his series but I'm not sure if I'd be missing anything by not seeing his older videos. Also, I'm curious why they're like that.

They’re like that because they’re probably not important or necessary to the story he’s telling now. His new stuff is pretty standalone and completely watchable without that old series. Evan doesn’t like those videos because they’re not very good and kind of a waste of time. I’ve seen them, and can confirm this. They’re just a thing he made when he was still learning, and I’m sure he would just like to forget about them. He’s definitely even more soured to it because, not too long ago an old friend of his associated with that project died, for real. He was going to make the original series available again, but after that news felt like it was inappropriate. I think he said something about that a week ago on Tumblr. My advice: Just don’t watch it. I understand curiosity, but usually that’s only worthwhile when what you’re watching is either good or in a creator’s good faith. That’s how I see it anyways.

Michael Jones on Ghosts
  • Gavin: The human brain likes to see...
  • Michael: People.
  • Gavin: Human shapes.
  • Michael: Humanoid things. Yes. It's why I totally believe that anyone ever that's like "Oh, I was in this fucking insane asylum that's supposed to be haunted and I went in there at night and I stayed in a cell, and I heard all this crazy shit", and I'm like, well, no shit. No shit you did. We're playing a fucking video game that we know isn't real and it's fake and made up and we're still shitting our pants. This is why I don't believe people when they're like "I saw a ghost!" I bet you thought you did.
  • Gavin: Yeah. I saw a ghost once, but I know I didn't.
  • Michael: You had the whole face... ghost face in the window? And I'm sure it was fucking terrifying. I'm not going to say that didn't happen, but I'm sure it was not a fucking face. Come at me ghosts! I'd love to meet a ghost. I'd love to meet a ghost that's like "Hey, fuckface. You're wrong. Boo." And then I'd be like, damn.

I want more info about the trio Joseph-Robert-Mary!!!!! Mary definitely knows her husband and Robert did it but she’s still bffs with Robert. What happened there? She’s aggressive when the player commits adultery (no duh, Joseph’s route made me feel like a scumbag). I want to know why are Rob and Mary so tight and what really went on with Joseph and Rob. And what does his tattoo mean, does Joseph have a similar one?? There’s intrigue in this damn game that needs to be answered!!!