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Reasons Logan should replace The Dark Knight as the gold standard for superhero films
  • Hugh Jackman‘s final performance as Wolverine: Yes, Bale is really good so long as you get past the “WHERE ARE THEY?!“ voice, but Hugh is on a whole other level. This is his swan song and he gave it everything he has. It’s the best lead performance in any superhero film, as far as I’m concerned.
  • The feels: Remember how Rachel died in that film and the reaction from most of us was ‘oh shit, that happened‘. It was more shock than sadness, lbh. Meanwhile, this film packs so much emotional punch. And it’s the full range emotions as well. There are some surprisingly funny moments. But when it gets sad, it does not hold back.
  • It’s proud to be a comic book movie: While Nolan’s Batman films, TDK included, repress any hint of anything that would compromise his realistic version of Batman, Logan embraces the fact that it’s a comic book movie. A very different kind of comic book movie, but still a comic book movie. Complete with a kid killing grown men with claws, clones, and cyborg hands.
  • Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney aka X-23: Seriously, there is not a single film in existence that could not be improved by Laura Kinney.
  • Diversity: OK, the diversity in Logan is not, say, Moonlight levels. But of the three central characters, one is disabled physically and mentally, the other is Mexican. Plus, the story explores the themes of prejudice and racism that have always been a part of X-Men with mutants being referred to as ‘objects‘ and made to be ‘controlled.‘ The Dark Knight has one person of color. And he gets the least attention of the side characters. Everyone forgets that because Morgan Freeman can make five minutes feel as satisfying as a 30 minute scene.
  • A tightly put together story: I honestly can’t think of a single plot hole in Logan. Sure, the timeline was up in the air, but I was never questioning the characters decision making, or how the logistics of this post apocalyptic future worked. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight has a few plot holes. Like how did Bruce Wayne swim onto a plane from a boat filled with models without any of them saying anything to the news? How is Lau’s arrest even remotely legal? The Joker’s plan hinges a lot on coincidence and people acting and reacting exactly the way Joker wants. And the ending. Why did Batman have to take the blame? Blame the Joker. It is technically his fault, since he pushed Harvey over the edge. And if he says ‘Harvey did it‘, who the hell’s going to believe him?

There’s other little stuff as well. The action scenes are better overall, it never feels too long, it looks better. But most importantly, Logan was a step forward. The Dark Knight was a step forward as well, don’t get me wrong. But it came out 9 years ago. The superhero genre has made leaps and bounds in the time since then. And I want to see a sign that we’re moving forward with the genre, and not clinging to 2008.

It doesn’t even have to be Logan that gets to be the new benchmark of the genre. It could be another film that made a similar or larger impact on the genre (The Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman) or a film that’s just as good as The Dark Knight if not better. (Winter Soldier, Civil War, First Class, Days of Future Past, Spider-Man 2). Hell, I’ll take Deadpool or a DCEU movie. Just some indication that we’ve moved on from a film that’s actual impact has overshadowed the film itself.

I am by no means saying that Dark Knight is anything below great. But it’s been 9 years. We’ve had several other great superhero films since then. Some even better than The Dark Knight. Can we please just move on? Nolan has. The actors have. The genre has. DC… is getting there. Why can’t we?

We finally have a movie that seems destined to be the new gold standard for the rest of the genre. Let’s take this as an opportunity to move on and let the genre step out of the shadows of the Dark Knight.

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Sparkle tea. Did I do it right?

Let me translate that for you. 🙄

✨ = a blog rate &  ☕️ = shade someone

0/10 Magnificient, Enthralling, Creative. All things someone would say about your blog. over -90000 too hep 4 skool

@deelitefulsimmer won’t eat boxed chocolates unless they have a map - clearly she doesn’t respect that ‘life is like a box of chocolates…’ saying

@valhallansim says she doesn’t like My Little Pony but, probably has like 100 of them. THIS IS A CaLlOuT

@quiddity-jones gives people cookies but, secretly licks them first. She punched me in the face once, it was awesome 13/10.

So today I was boarding my flight from Germany back to Newark and as I was walking to my seat I saw BURNIE! I literally paused and stared at him for like 15 seconds cause I couldn’t believe it lmao and then I looked over and saw GAVIN, ofc I didn’t say hello cause I’m too shy for that and I didn’t wanna disturb first class with my fangirling but wow still a cool experience lol


WELP! HERE’S THE END! Sorry if it seemed rushed…I know…and I mentioned it before and hhhnng I’m just gonna stop talking here.



(Yes, I know there would like 4 parts but part 3 was too short so I merged it ._.)

Little Jammy Hood - @blogthegreatrouge 

Error - @loverofpiggies 

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Goth - @nekophy (Wolf Design - @echoiart) (Aftertale - @loverofpiggies, Reapertale - @renrink

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So like… you know that fancy-Victorian-tailcoat lots-of-buttons all-black outfit people often draw Vetinari in?

my actual real life boyfriend has only gone and fucking bought it

this is both an enormous problem and the total opposite of one

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(idk if you're still doing this.) "Simon, you look ridiculous in that," Baz paused. "I love it."

Simon frowned. “I’m not supposed to look ridiculous. The shop assistant told me I looked sexy.”

“The shop assistant was also trying to sell you something, love.”

“So you don’t like the jeans?”

“No offense, but not even you are attractive enough for bright blue leopard print.”

“Oh.” Simon said. “Then I probably shouldn’t have bought them in green”

Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

when u and bae share the same kinks

The 5 OTPs Meme

I got tagged by the lovely @alwaysbesassy for the 5 OTPs meme a while ago and now that I have a life again I am finally able to write something.

Edit: The moment I posted this I saw that I was tagged by @pinkjasmink as well xD Thank you!

Warning! This post may contain Irony and Salt.

I did my best to gather my most beloved OTPs since I just have SO many.

1. Blondie and the Thug

I know their relationship is problematic and abusive. Just think about it: Blondie shoved the thugs face into mudwater and tricked him into joining the military and his cause even though the poor thing just wanted to kill him. :( Blondie is constantly manipulating the criminal since he obviously is just another weapon for that tall emotionless bastard. Even though this all is true and absolutely canon this manipulative relationship gives me life! Sorry not sorry.

2. Daddy and the Twink

Their father-son relationship is just so beautiful?! Daddy is constantly mentoring the twink and is always there for a good advice. I’m especially glad that the smol bean found his Daddy because he lost his mother at such a young age, never knew his father and got abandoned by his uncle. It’s good to know he found someone who will take care of him in every single position way he needs <3

3. Smol and Tol

BROTP No. 1! Their friendship gives me so many feels…I mean they’re so good friends Smol even borrows Tols clothes like real pals do. If this is no proof for their deep and manly friendship I don’t know either. I bet they are each other’s wingmen or something like that.

4. The Commander and the Captain

Another problematic ship of mine. I know I’m a bad person but I just can’t help it. I mean it’s absolutely clear that the Captain hates the Commander, he even threatens to break his legs and joined the army to get rid of him in the first place. There’s no trust or deep relationship in sight in a radius of about 1000km. But like the canon-ignoring fangirl I am I just ship these two so hard?! I will talk shit about every other ship that threatens my OTP!

5. Erwin and Levi

Now to my final and most beloved OTP: The Eruris <3 Those two have ruined my life but gave me so much in return that I don’t care. I don’t think that I will ever find another ship that I will love that much. The trust and deep bond those two share is just so good. And I still can not believe that they are as canon as they can be. They hurt so much but it’s worth it in the end. A ship with no regrets.

Did I forget any argument from Eruri-haters? I am actually not that big in shipping pairings very hard…I shipped EdWin in FMA and liked some other pairings but nothing too serious :) I actually don’t know who to tag…I might add someone later.

Me, last year: *was obsessed with the YoI fandom, its purity and perfection and basically just everything about it*

Me, now: Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking Killing Stalking-