i'm still not over this film


“Hippolyta, I love her as you do. But this is the only way to truly protect her.” Do not worry. Do not fear, Antiope wanted to tell her. This was hard for her sister, very hard. She dipped her head, sealing a wordless vow.
- excerpt from Nancy Holder, Wonder Woman: The Official Movie Novelization

the fact alison, rachel and helena all got detailed flashback episodes into their history just proves to me more and more how much of an outlier cosima’s episode was. what did we learn about her life other than the fact that she grew up on a boat and her parents “gene” and “sally” weren’t around much in her youth, but they definitely love her.

i know people are saying “just enjoy the last season” but it’s honestly such a disservice to cosima’s character that we should find out about her past this way. this character, by the way, who upfront told leekie “show, don’t tell” – and yet we, as an audience, are very clearly told about her backstory, as opposed to shown.

we were shown young helena. we were shown young rachel. we were shown alison with aynsley and chad again and we got to see her reaction to discovering she was a clone we got to see helena’s reaction to that too poor thing and yet all we get for cosima is an extended scene to something we saw in season 1. a scene that fic writers probably already had done justice to many times over. we didn’t need to be shown that. we needed to be shown cosima’s past. she grew up on boats? show us her mom teaching her how to tie knots. show us cosima having to resort to books (because wifi is spotty on a houseboat, i’d imagine) when her mom’s not around much. show us her other mom (because i love the “jean” not “gene” headcanon) teaching her how to change the oil or however boats work when they dock. show us the proof of their love that cosima says she believes in, show us why she believed in it. 

i mean, obviously this is all irrelevant now and there’s no point since the entire show is over this saturday D: but i will never get over how they tried to shoehorn cosima’s backstory in like that, when they gave actual backstories to alison, rachel and helena in the series.

Shipping classmates-imagine your OTP
  • so yesterday my class and me went on a schooltrip to Paris to go to some kind of museum about the french monarchie and what they did in their freetime. At one point of our vistit, the guide lead us into big and classy looking ballroom or something, dimmed the lights, started playing music and said we should get a partner and dance. And during that little ball i heard two of the boyd
  • s, who are like best friends, say to each other
  • Dudebro 1: Bro, should we dance?
  • Dudebro 2: Only if I get to dance with you, Bro
  • Dudebro 1: Of course, Bro. Anything for you!
  • Dudebro 1 & 2: start to slowdance to the music.
  • Me: -sees and films the whole thing- That's so cute! I can totally imagine my OTP doing that! But i still have no one to dance with.
  • In the end i just kept on watching these two guys and two girls slowdancing with each other in a #nohomo way and was lonly for the rest of the ball in the corner of losers, losing my shit over OTP-feels
  • book Hiccup: please for the love of Thor let me just have a boring day, I don't want adventures, I just want to sleep in for once in my miserable life.
  • film/series Hiccup: I haven't incited an incredibly dangerous situation in over 18 hours, this is ridiculous and I REFUSE to sit still, I am literally going to jump off of a cliff today, I will cause and solve so many problems for these dragons just you watch dad look i'm going to get struck by lightning it's gonna be GREAT

So I commissioned the absolutely wonderful @kinggalahad to draw some fluff of one of my OTPs. That was all the commission was and it turned out to be the most wonderful piece of Jethin fan art I’ve seen. I absolutely adore it and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world. Full credit to Andrew. Thank you so much! 

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kyungsoo’s teaser is so soft. it’s like having the warmest, most… fond dream.  it’s like not being able to believe what you are seeing; only silence in an open meadow as the wind blows warmly over your skin and the sun beats softly over your head. you spot do kyungsoo, quietly sitting in a patch of flowers. the angel rays shine over his head ever so gently and when he finally smiles at you after what seems like an eternity of staring at him, you couldn’t hear your heartbeat before, but suddenly your heartbeat is a hummingbird trapped in a cage. the dream ends too fast and although the smile felt like forever, it still wasn’t enough. it’s as if you could’ve dreamed him into life. his teaser was like a dream brought to life, it was so beautiful.

I finally watched the history boys. It was about 200% gayer than I anticipated. I’m still crying tbh. Posner broke my fucking heart. Also shout out to Dakin for finally allowing me to understand the subjunctive. Irwin! I can’t. Fuck. I’m not getting over this film for a very long time.

KPOP Female Groups as Types of High School Students
  • GFRIEND: sophomore; gets straight A’s but people only remember that one time when they got a B-
  • PRISTIN: eighth grader with the abilities of a junior; first day of high school is next week; chill when you first meet them but LOUD once you become close to them, music students who's older brother is a theater student, always on the honor roll, looks up to their seniors and by seniors I mean any SM group
  • Red Velvet: Junior but everyone still thinks they are a sophomore; does everything so well that they get taken for granted, once the dean forgot to put their names back on the updated honor roll because they are NEVER NOT on the honor roll, are awkward, sometimes too serious, doesn’t eat in the lunchroom, teacher ignores them
  • Mamamoo: Junior; musical theater students who don’t know when to STAHP, people think they got held back but they didn’t, class clown
  • Twice: Sophomore; seems like a freshman but are more popular than college students, has a definite seat at every lunch table, are nice to everyone, are either unconditionally loved or hated, need to really bring up their grades
  • Black Pink: freshman; are very popular but they don’t hang out with anyone, which makes everyone think they are juniors, are rebels, have very strict parents
  • SNSD: just graduated college; was the biggest thing ever back in high school but they don’t visit, everyone looks up to them tho, don’t know whether or not to continue on to graduate school
  • EXID: seniors; got held back in the tenth grade but still loves high school, people only know them because they are cheerleaders but they actually get high af grades, people mistake them for theater students but are vocal students
  • Apink: college freshman; are SUPER nice and come back to visit the high school often, but when they do visit, no one cares
  • Sistar: also college freshman; everyone has a crush on them, gets average grades
  • f(x): college freshman; design student that the teacher just started paying attention to them a month before they graduated, is online way too much
  • Wonder Girls: graduate students; changed their major right at senior year of college and might transfer to another university
  • After School: college freshman (again lol); got the best grades ever and did all the extra credit in high school, was loved by everyone, skipped two grades, but something happened (no one knows what) and they left school for five months and got held back TWICE, now works at a Starbucks and no one knows it
  • WJSN: freshman; had no friends until second semester, grades also shot up second semester
  • I.O.I: freshman; knew they would transfer school after freshman year but are still in denial, made it on the honor roll
  • LOONA: seventh grader; preparing for applying to high school
  • 2NE1: were just about to start graduate school but didn’t because their parents didn’t wanna spend any more money on them
  • Lovelyz: Juniors; get good grades and has a few friends, other than that, are ignored or compared to their brother who is also in the school
  • Momoland: freshman; no one knows much about them but they seem nice
  • S.E.S: post doctorate degree but still looks like a high school student; professors at the state film school; once came back to their old high school and gave a lecture to the sophomores on how to persevere even after you turn 30 and have kids
  • The Ark: transferred schools in freshman year; would-be sophomore

Does anyone remember that short film where a guy gets bit by his zombie wife before killing her, and straps his baby daughter to his back and puts meat on a stick to keep his slowly converting zombie brain going forward and off his daughter until he can get her somewhere safe?

because I remember that short film.

I’m still not over it

I just saw Yerma and I’m still a little bit overwhelmed and dazed, but it was so … damn good. Billie was outstanding, and I say it genuinely and without second thought, regardless of whether I’ve liked her in Doctor Who or not––that was a whole other standard of acting. Such a shattering, deeply emotional and raw performance … chapeau bas. I was enchanted; I can hardly think of any other study of a character in theatre that I found so heart-wrenching.

And the play itself, so very tragic but so relevant all the same, with a lingering and almost palpable sense of not-yet-realised tragedy pervading the air, the characters, the eerie music and half-coarse, half-lyrical words. I didn’t expect to find it this relevant and thought-provoking, not from the standpoint of someone so far removed from the issue itself as I presently am. But it was fascinating and unsettling: a study of obsession, of blind, hopeless testing of the boundaries––how far can we push before something breaks? In the end it felt like a punch in the gut, and I think that’s a damn good impression for a tragic play to leave.

I love theatre. God, I love it. And I love the fact that I’m living in a time where I’m able to watch something I would not be able to afford to see in any other context, almost as acutely as though I were sitting in the front rows. Delightful.

  • Ali Plumb: I'm still giddy over Dunkirk.
  • Nick: Soooo good.
  • Ali Plumb: Harry Styles' magnum opus. I just can't believe- Look, this film is 2.5 hours of agony and yet, everyone's watching it. I gave it 5 stars, and Harry Styles is genuinely really good in it.
  • Nick: It deserves 5 stars! I predicted 5 stars, did I not???!!! Fifi, how much would you give it?
  • Fiona: Five! I wanted it to be longer.
  • Nick: Me too! That was the first time when I sat at a screening that Radio 1 made me go and see when I thought 'Wow. I hope this doesn't end.' Usually, I'm like 'Well, this is absolute garbage.' But this was really great! It was so so good!
Raise your hand if you're still emotionally distraught from the events of the movie and the deaths of the characters.

Because I’m still thinking over Caesar’s slow death and so many others + events in the film.

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I walked out of the theater wanting to go knock over a building or something and have been wide awake and slightly hyper ever since
It had its flaws like any movie, but I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it, and of the few DC films I’ve watched it was by far my favorite

P.S. She’s totally the Captain America of DC.

Filming the Alley Malec Scene
  • Matt: *giggling*
  • Directors: Matt, just start with the second line! We've been here for hours, we need to finish up!
  • Matt: *keeps giggling* you *giggles* expect *giggles* me to *giggles* say this? *giggles* without laughing?! *rofl*
  • Matt: "I can't think straight." THAT's CUZ YOU AIN'T STRAIGHT ALEC *pointing to himself, laughing slapping knee, bent over*
  • Directors: Harry a little help?
  • Harry: *shrugs* He got a point. *chuckling, sipping tea*
  • Directors: *throws hands up in the air* I'm done!
  • Matt: *still rofl-ing*