i'm still not over this film

I’m still not over louis filming his video in Doncaster, including all of his friends, people he had in his life since he was a kid! And (as it looks like for now) Bebe being completely fine with it, supporting his choice, travelling to donny herself to film the video, tagging herself in his home town, bringing her own friends too. This is going to be amazing, i can feel it! And I’m so pleased by what little we’ve seen (so far). I cant wait to hear the song and see the video ☺️

So I commissioned the absolutely wonderful @kinggalahad to draw some fluff of one of my OTPs. That was all the commission was and it turned out to be the most wonderful piece of Jethin fan art I’ve seen. I absolutely adore it and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world. Full credit to Andrew. Thank you so much! 

Tagging some people who might find this interesting @lilbasthet, @dwagunfwoo @probably-pride-related, @fxckyeahmarkashton, @sierra-cymraeg, @god-i-miss-disco, @mvran, @do-not-call-it-art. (I can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head. I know I’m forgetting someone!)

  • book Hiccup: please for the love of Thor let me just have a boring day, I don't want adventures, I just want to sleep in for once in my miserable life.
  • film/series Hiccup: I haven't incited an incredibly dangerous situation in over 18 hours, this is ridiculous and I REFUSE to sit still, I am literally going to jump off of a cliff today, I will cause and solve so many problems for these dragons just you watch dad look i'm going to get struck by lightning it's gonna be GREAT
KPOP Female Groups as Types of High School Students
  • GFRIEND: sophomore; gets straight A’s but people only remember that one time when they got a B-
  • PRISTIN: eighth grader with the abilities of a junior; first day of high school is next week; chill when you first meet them but LOUD once you become close to them, music students who's older brother is a theater student, always on the honor roll, looks up to their seniors and by seniors I mean any SM group
  • Red Velvet: Junior but everyone still thinks they are a sophomore; does everything so well that they get taken for granted, once the dean forgot to put their names back on the updated honor roll because they are NEVER NOT on the honor roll, are awkward, sometimes too serious, doesn’t eat in the lunchroom, teacher ignores them
  • Mamamoo: Junior; musical theater students who don’t know when to STAHP, people think they got held back but they didn’t, class clown
  • Twice: Sophomore; seems like a freshman but are more popular than college students, has a definite seat at every lunch table, are nice to everyone, are either unconditionally loved or hated, need to really bring up their grades
  • Black Pink: freshman; are very popular but they don’t hang out with anyone, which makes everyone think they are juniors, are rebels, have very strict parents
  • SNSD: just graduated college; was the biggest thing ever back in high school but they don’t visit, everyone looks up to them tho, don’t know whether or not to continue on to graduate school
  • EXID: seniors; got held back in the tenth grade but still loves high school, people only know them because they are cheerleaders but they actually get high af grades, people mistake them for theater students but are vocal students
  • Apink: college freshman; are SUPER nice and come back to visit the high school often, but when they do visit, no one cares
  • Sistar: also college freshman; everyone has a crush on them, gets average grades
  • f(x): college freshman; design student that the teacher just started paying attention to them a month before they graduated, is online way too much
  • Wonder Girls: graduate students; changed their major right at senior year of college and might transfer to another university
  • After School: college freshman (again lol); got the best grades ever and did all the extra credit in high school, was loved by everyone, skipped two grades, but something happened (no one knows what) and they left school for five months and got held back TWICE, now works at a Starbucks and no one knows it
  • WJSN: freshman; had no friends until second semester, grades also shot up second semester
  • I.O.I: freshman; knew they would transfer school after freshman year but are still in denial, made it on the honor roll
  • LOONA: seventh grader; preparing for applying to high school
  • 2NE1: were just about to start graduate school but didn’t because their parents didn’t wanna spend any more money on them
  • Lovelyz: Juniors; get good grades and has a few friends, other than that, are ignored or compared to their brother who is also in the school
  • Momoland: freshman; no one knows much about them but they seem nice
  • S.E.S: post doctorate degree but still looks like a high school student; professors at the state film school; once came back to their old high school and gave a lecture to the sophomores on how to persevere even after you turn 30 and have kids
  • The Ark: transferred schools in freshman year; would-be sophomore

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Something utterly hilarious to me is that you're a film major who criticizes the writing of Voltron yet people still come at you for your commentary on the poor writing, equating your criticism to only a ship. I'm? Yelling.

uglies: you don’t know how shows work they can’t cater to every-

my media student ass: are you done? like, is it over?

uglies: 17-19 is a perfectly acceptable age for a 25-year old to-

my 19-year old ass: are you done? like, is it over?

uglies: you keep calling keith light-skinned it’s so racist to asi-

my southeast asian ass: ARE YOU DONE? LIKE, IS IT OVER?


here you go, a full filmized clip!!!! anamorphic ratio, lens correction, color correction/grading/timing, film grain!!!!!!!! in video form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’ve been planning on making cinematic movie version fanedits of atla and korra, this is officially! my first! test run! and it looks soooooooooooo good, i have to do the full versions now that i know it’s possible and looks THIS GOOD

watch in 1080p and fullscreen, the beauty is in the details <33333

(see this post for comparison/process)

Lolll. When Caryl actually does go canon and it’s everything we’ve ever hoped for, people are still gonna find something to complain about and then ruin it for other people.

Don’t believe me? Just wait, it’ll happen, I promise.

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my friend's angry talking over and over again that the film industry lied to her because they made her think that sex with men was better than it actually is and i'm here still laughing


"I'm catching feelings." (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “Can u do an imagine where you are a fellow famous youtuber and when you and Ethan do a collab u find out u have feelings for each other and after filming he kisses you and you guys make out?”


Over the past few years, you had become pretty famous in the YouTube community. Within the past year or so, you started watching The Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson. You met them at Playlist Live last summer, and became fast friends. You had kept in touch, since they were still living in Jersey and you were out in California, and saw them at various YouTube events and conventions throughout the remainder of the year. Over that time, you got rather close to Ethan. Once you heard they were moving out to LA, you were super excited that you would finally be close to two of your best friends again. You helped get them settled in once they moved, since they were living in the same apartment complex as you.

You invited the twins over to film a collab with you and you were super excited. You were in your bedroom getting ready to film when the doorbell rang. You walked to the door to find Ethan standing there.

“Hey Eth.” You said hugging him.

“Hey (Y/N).” He said with a smile.

“Where’s Grayson?” You asked.

“He caught some kind of stomach bug. He’s been in and out of the bathroom all night, and most of this morning. So, it’s just me.” Ethan explained.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. But, I’m glad you still came.”

“Of course.” He said. You started setting up your camera and filming space, and started filming.

“What is up you guys, it’s (Y/N) here, back with another videooo. And today, I’m joined with one half of the Dolan Twins, Ethan.” You began.

“Hey guys.” Ethan said as he waved to the camera.

“Well, since Grayson is sick, and can’t join us, that kinda puts a damper in my challenge idea. So, since it’s just the two of us, I think we should do some YouTuber superlatives.” You said.

“What are superlatives?” Ethan asked.

“You know, those things in yearbooks that are like "most likely to” and “best dressed” and stuff like that.“ You explained.

"Ooh, okay.” Ethan nodded.

“So, let’s get started.” You said.

Some of the superlatives you had were things like “best smile,” “best dressed,” “most creative,” and a bunch of other things. You and Ethan went down the list, putting down the name of the YouTubers you thought best fit those categories.

“Alright, now that we’re done, let’s go down the list and read off who we chose.” Ethan said.

“First up, we have "Best Smile.” Ethan, who did you choose?“ You asked.

"I chose Andrea Russett.” He said.

“She does have a nice smile. I chose Tyler Oakley. I feel like he has a very contagious smile.” You said.

You continued going down the list, sharing your answers.

“Oh, this is a good one. "Most likely to make you pee from laughter.” Who’d you put down?“ You asked.

"I put Kian and Jc. They’re like, their own brand of funny. I love watching their videos.”

“Awe, I put them down too. I also put down Andrew Lowe. He’s very satirical, and I can always expect a good laugh with his videos.” You said.

“Next up, we have "most attractive” for both guys and girls,“ Ethan began, ”(Y/N), who were your choices?“ Ethan asked.

"For the guy, I put Jc Caylen. He was my favorite when O2L was still together. And for the girl, I put Andrea Russett.” You said.

“Solid choices.” Ethan laughed. “For mine, I put Connor Frant for the guy.” He said.

“Oh really?” You asked. He nodded.

“Here’s my justification. I’ve seen him at various events and whatnot. Like, at the Streamy awards, and Playlist, Vidcon, stuff like that, and I like his style. He dresses very well.” Ethan explained.

“Okay, I get you.” You nodded.

“And for the girl,” he paused, “I put (Y/N).” He said.

You sat there, staring at Ethan, not knowing what to say.

“Awe, you’re making me blush.” You said with a small smile.

“You are, hands down the prettiest girl on YouTube, if not the world.” He said. “I’m so glad that we’ve become friends, because yoh are literally the coolest girl I’ve ever met. I’ve found myself catching feelings for you. I really like you, (Y/N).”

“Ethan, that’s so sweet. I’m so glad we’ve become friends as well. I’ve, actually, been catching feelings as well. You’re so sweet, and I know that you’ll always be there for me. We’ve grown so much closer now that you’ve been out here in LA, and that makes me so happy.” You said.

You looked down at the floor and back up at Ethan. You both stared at each other, slowly leaning in. Before you knew it, your lips met. The kiss was everything you wanted it to be. It gave you butterflies, but you didn’t want it to end. You ran your fingers through his hair, and his arm made it’s way around your waist as he pulled you in close.

“We should’ve probably turned the camera off.” Ethan said when he pulled away.

“I can edit this out. Let’s finish the video though.” You said, kissing him again.

“Alright, well there you guys have it. Those were our YouTuber superlatives. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up. Also, we filmed a video over on Ethan and Grayson’s channel. Ethan, what did we do over there?”

“Yeah, we played the Song game. It was pretty fun.” Ethan said with a smile.

“Go click the link in the description and go and check that out. Also, be sure to go check out the Dolan Twins on all their social medias, and send Grayson some get well tweets. And, you might as well subscribe to them while you’re there. I hope you have an awesome day, and rest of your week, and I will see you beauties next Wednesday.” You said as you blew a kiss to the camera for your outro.

You got up to turn off the camera, and you turned around and smiled at Ethan.

“You wanna go get dinner? As an official first date?” You asked.

“I’d love that.” Ethan smiled. You both freshened up, and went out to your car and drove to a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner. It was nice to finally be able to be with Ethan like this, in more of a romantic setting, and not just a friendly thing. You were so glad that you finally owned up to your feelings, and you couldn’t wait to see where the future took yours and Ethan’s relationship.

When I still lived in New York, I went to a screening of Mr. Turner at the New York Film Festival. I was sitting in the lobby before the show, and I looked up and saw Ralph Fiennes standing over at the bar with a woman next to him. I never like approaching celebrities in public because it’s not like I ever have anything worthwhile to say and they probably just want to get on with their day without fans gushing at them, but I really love Ralph Fiennes, so I stood up and started slowly approaching, thinking that maybe I could just get a picture or something. So I was kinda hovering around him, not sure I could pluck up enough courage to actually approach, when the women standing next to him looked straight at me. Everything in her look told me that she saw right through me and knew exactly what I was doing, and I immediately lost all courage and fled. I hadn’t recognized the woman, but a while later I learned that Ralph Fiennes and Patti Smith were a couple, and I realized that it had been Patti Smith who had struck the fear of God into my soul that day.

It kind of pisses me off more than it should that the Dunkirk tag is just 98% about Harry

Like yes, it’s his first movie and yes, it’s a Christopher Nolan film, that’s a huge feat. But there’s other amazing actors in it too!!! AND IT TELLS AN AMAZINGLY TRAGIC STORY that we aren’t taught in school because the stupid American system only thinks D-Day is relevant when teaching about WWII & they barely even touch on WWI, if at all. I’m super excited to see Cillian and Tom work together again cuz they’re amazing on screen together. And they’re both in a war film together so hopefully they’ll still have some comedic relief parts, or just some really badass interaction like in Peaky Blinders.

I appreciate that Harry is drawing in younger viewers to the film, because then MAYBE they’ll learn some history whilst they’re just in the cinema to gush over a guy who’s got his first gig in a huge film